Can You Return Vans Shoes Without The Tag?

Is it allowed to return shoes without tags? And if possible, what does the store do with the shoe that doesn’t have a tag?

So yes, you can return Vans shoes without the tag provided you are going to follow Vans’ latest return policy, as stated in their policy guidelines.

What you actually need to consider is the seller’s return policy. But to put your mind at rest, tags are not the issue, it is the wear that requires more attention.

Can You Return Vans Shoes Without The Tag

When you return a purchased shoe without tags, the tags can always be recreated.

But if you have worn the Vans shoes on any non-smooth, hard surface that has made wear show on the shoe will make it unsaleable and of course, not accepted by the store where you bought it from.

Returning of products is essentially a necessity in business, especially online purchases because, without these present, customers are likely not going to buy.

What is the latest Vans online policy for returning their products?

Remember it was earlier mentioned that what you actually need to consider is the seller’s return policy. And, while you can return Vans shoes without the tag, you want to make sure your return request is in line with Vans’ latest return policy.

Now, what are the latest Vans online policy for returning their product? Most especially shoes.

Now if you are making a return request to the VANS Retail Store, they gladly process your return for credit or exchange for products purchased from the official website – or at a Vans retail store provided it is within 60 days of receipt.

Their policy is that you should bring along the following while returning the product:

  1. Receipt or order number (you can find the order number in your order history at or in your shipping confirmation email.)
  2. Unworn/unwashed merchandise to return
  3. Original packaging
  4. Return Form (paperwork included with your order)

For the original packaging, it is normal to have tossed this in the trash can the moment you bought it, that is why I wrote an article recently on how to return Vans shoes if you do not have the original packaging which you will find HERE.

On the other hand, if your Return is only by US Postal Service.

Receipt or order number (you can find the order number in your order history at or in your shipping confirmation email.)

  1. The return policy is that you pack and seal the product securely in your original Vans box (if possible) or any cardboard shipping box
  2. Then, Write your name, return address, and order number on the return shipping label.
  3. You are to attach the prepaid US Postal Service return label to the outside of the return package
  4. The product will be  picked up by the US Postal Service at your mailbox or dropped off at the Post Office or FedEx Retail location
  5. Returns of this nature usually take 8-13 business days to be delivered

Note that for unworn merchandise within 30 business days to the original form of payment, there will be a full refund, excluding shipping charges.

In what other situations can you return your Vans shoes?

Can You Return Vans Shoes Without The Tag

There are almost as many reasons for people returning Vans shoes as there are Vans lovers. Apart from returning with or without the tags, here are the major reasons and situations where you can choose to return the shoes.

Wrong Vans shoe Size or Wrong Product Shipped

This happens mostly in online shopping. When you purchase Vans shoes online, you may have ordered an item that is either too large or too small.

In this case, you can choose to return the Vans shoes to exchange them for similar Vans shoes that fit properly.

If you changed your mind after the shoes are purchased

When you first saw the pictures of the Vans shoes online, you might have had an exciting desire to cart right away attitude which may eventually change to the opposite when the product finally arrives.

In this case, you can prefer to return the Vans shoes.

Vans shoes didn’t match the Website Or Catalog Description

A lot of skateboarders fall into the trap a lot when purchasing Vans shoes online. This is because a fair number of products out there do not have a detailed description of the shoes sold on websites.

When the shoe you bought arrives and then you see that it is totally different from the one you have seen on the website, you can choose to return it and get your refund.

Excessive Amount

I have personally been in this situation before when for shoes that were offered in bulks, I ordered more than they needed and had to return the purchase because of that.

This can also be a situation where you would want to return your Vans shoes.

Late Delivery of Shoes

If having to wait longer than anticipated for a shoe you ordered online gets under your skin as the buyer, you may want to ease your frustration by returning the product.

Especially when it arrived at the time you no longer need the shoes. For example, if you ordered a Vans shoe for a particular skating event, and it arrived pretty late after that day, you can return it under the virtue of late delivery.

If the shoe did not meet your expectations

Lastly, with so many options available online, it can be so daunting to gauge a Vans shoe by only seeing it online. Or maybe after wearing it once, you notice that the shoe does not work quite how you have expected it to work.

You can decide to return the Vans shoes since you don’t feel like you have received enough value.

All these situations should however be in line with the return policy of the store. They can also be prevented if there is a more detailed description of every product out there.

What Vans customer service business hours?

Vans customer service  hours of operation are:

 6 AM – 3:30 PM PST (Monday – Friday)
Call: (855) 909-8267
Text: (714) 598-1819

You can also live chat when available (the “Live Chat” button is at the top and right side of any page)

 Let me also note here that orders can only be returned to a Vans company-owned retail store, not through other retailers.

You can make use of the Store Locator to find the nearest Vans company-owned retail store around you.

FAQs on Vans shoes

Can you return any shoes if you took the tag off?

If you decide to return a shoe without the tag, or even after losing the receipt, you have to make sure that the product is in perfect condition.

By that, it means that there should be no wear and tear, wrinkles, or stretched-out areas). Especially for shoes, make sure that the items you’re returning show no signs of wear.

Can you return Vans shoes generally?

Of course, you can return your product and reorder. There are also many situations in which you can request for a return of already purchased Vans shoes which have been explained earlier.

Can I return Vans if I wore them once?

It has been mentioned earlier that for unworn merchandise within 30 business days to the original form of payment, there will be a full refund, excluding shipping charges.

Can I return shoes without the box?

According to Vans’ return policy, you must return the item with the original packaging. But there are some stores that do not capitalize on that. It depends on the item.

But they do frown at returned products without the original packaging. In addition, you will need the original receipt in this case.

How long do Vans shoes last?

Originally designed for skating, Vans shoes typically last about a year to two years.

Skating in them gradually becomes harder the more wear and tear your shoes. This can lead to a shorter lifespan too. If you are a non-skater and wearing Vans, this will be the least of your problem.


Buying shoes is one of the hugest investments for walkers and skaters, as a good pair of Vans shoes can cost $50 to $150.

For comfort and to prevent problems like blisters, you need the right Vans shoes that fit well. And If they don’t, you’ll want to return them or exchange them as soon as possible.

Now that you know the return policy of the Vans store, you can tell whether it is possible to return bought shoes with or without the tag.

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