Timberland vs Blundstone: Which is Better?

Timberland is generally known to be a working boot that usually keeps the feet warm and dry. It consists of different kinds of boots for different purposes like a rugged work boot, fashionable boots, or hiking.

Timberland vs Blundstone

Blundstone is also a working boot with great quality and long-lasting features. This footwear is made for tough outdoor activities.

Timberland vs Blundstone

It is an all-season shoe that provides comfort and support. Due to the kind of materials, it is being made with, it is 100%water resistant.

It keeps the feet warm at all times, especially during long working days. Blundstone is not only for men but for women and kids too.

If you are the type that favors, comfort with style, and are not particularly concerned about how your boots turn out when it is time for some high-octane energy work, then Timberland is your choice.

However, if you are on the lookout for high-powered boots that provides better grip, less slip, more waterproof quality, and more functionality, then the Blundstone is your choice.


Why Blundstone is better than Timberland boots

  • The materials are tougher, more protective, and supportive
  • They prevent blisters
  • Blundstone shoes reduce fatigue and help prevent orthopedic problems
  • The boots provide warmth to the legs
  • It lasts longer than the Timberland boots
  • Prevents water for a longer period than the Timberland boots

Blundstone boots are made with materials that are not just tough ut protective and supportive. The materials are breathable and suitable for good foot health.

This can help prevent issues like blisters after long day of work. Its materials ensure that they get worn out beautifully.

It is manufactured to give the wearer a comfortable experience throughout the day. It comes in different ranges that ensure comfort for every activity.

The boot reduces fatigue at work and helps prevent orthopedic problems in the lower back, feet, and leg.

It is designed to give strong protection and support to the wearer with the inclusion of XRD Extreme Impact Protection Technology. The XRD inclusion helps to absorb close to 90% of the energy used in taking each step.

It is designed to keep the feet away from the heat in hot conditions and to give warmth whenever it is cold. It provides warmth for the wearer because it is also lined with Thinsulate.

It also has anti-bacterial such as linings and insole to keep the feet dry and breathable at all times. Its footbed can be replaced and washed as required by the wearer, it is made from soft polyurethane.

The footbed has a moisture-wicking system and includes a large pad of XRD underneath. This removable footbed is made of quality sheepskin fleece which gives warmth and of course comfort.

Blundstone is very easy to slide on and off, it has a thin and light-weight material which makes it outstanding and durable. It is the perfect footwear for a cold climate.

It is versatile and durable such that you can wear it every day and it would still last and be in great shape.

It is well made and built to last long and also water-resistant, it can be worn in winter as well as spring because it is 100% percent water-proof.

It prevents the entry or penetration of water due to its thick weatherproof leather. It is comfortable to wear all day long, this is why it is mostly worn by service industry workers.

Blundstone is usually recommended to individuals that want an all-season shoe that is comfy yet simple and stylish to add to their closet.

This is because it is indeed unique, simple, comfy, supportive, 100% waterproof, and rugged.

Blundstone is perfect for kids, teens, and first-time walkers. It does not have lace and this enables kids to be independent.


What are the similarities between Blundstone boots and Timberland boots

  • Both are great for outdoor activities
  • They are both unisex makes of the boots
  • They are both great water-resisting boots
  • They both possess universal appeal for hikers
  • Both shoes have excellent quality
  • Very durable boots
  • Possesses Anti-fatigue technology
  • They support the feet
  • They are all-season boots
  • Expensive

Both are great for outdoor activities

The materials made with both footwear are tough and as such make it good and comfortable for outdoor activities.

They are mostly used by an outdoor enthusiast, job site workers and so on that wants stylish pair of boots for their outdoor activities.

They are both unisex makes of the boots

They are not just for particular sex but for both males and females. They are even made for children as well. Timberland and Blundstone are made in different styles and sizes such that they fit everyone and anyone.

They look good on women as well as men and they are perfect on children.

They are both great water-resisting boots

Timberland’s waterproof properties are excellent and they become a part of the leather. It also has an internal waterproof and breathable membrane to keep the feet warm and dry.

Blundstone has thick weatherproof leather that restricts the entry of water, it is 100% waterproof and this is a great advantage on its side.

They both possess universal appeal for hikers

They both have general acceptability around the world. The wearer is happy with the footwear, this is because both offer durability and comfort to them at all times.

They are light, comfortable, and durable. Blundstone has a removable footbed that molds the feet slowly, making the boot comfier and comfier.

Both shoes have excellent quality

The footwear are made of tough and quality materials to enable them last longer. The materials are both supportive and protective to give warmth to the feet.

The materials are breathable and ensure good foot health. These materials help to reduce fatigue after a long day job. They also prevent blisters on the feet and orthopedic problems on the lower back, feet, and leg.

Very durable boots

Blundstone is known to have a thin and light-weight material which makes it outstanding and durable. This material adds to its last-longing feature which makes it outstanding.

Timberland and Blundstone have the feature of lasting long. Research has shown that Timberland can last for about 4 to 5 years before it starts to wear out. Also when it begins to wear out, it wears out beautifully.

Possesses Anti-fatigue technology

Both footwears help to reduce fatigue after a long day job. The inclusion of XRD Extreme Impact Protection Technology in Blundstone helps to provide support and protection to the feet.

The XRD Technology absorbs 90% of the energy used in taking every step and this definitely reduces fatigue.

They support the feet

Timberland and Blundstone offer maximum support and comfort to the feet. They provide good balance and protection.

They both have a footbed that ensures a comfy experience throughout the day by the wearer.

Timberland also has firm arch support which helps the heel. It is good for individuals suffering from a heel spur. Blundstone is also good for the feet because it helps to prevent foot infections.

They are all-season boots

Timberland was designed in such a way that it can be used in any kind of weather. Blundstone too can be worn in all-season. It is also perfect for cold weather because it is capable of keeping the wearer’s feet dry and warm.

They are expensive boots

A pair of Blundstone costs $200 and a pair of Timberland costs higher. These footwears are quite expensive because of the materials put together to manufacture them.

The footbed, the anti-fatigue technology, the waterproof material, breathable membrane, moisture-wicking e.t.c all add up to make both the Timberland and the Blundstone pretty expensive.

But in as much as it is expensive, it is worth the price because it is comfortable and can be worn in any season for as long as possible.

Differences between Timberland and Blundstone Boots

Timberland vs Blundstone

Timberland Boots
Blundstone Boots
It is easy to get the size The size is confusing
It has a shoelace It has no shoelace
It has a padded collar No padded collar
It is made of rubber sole. It is made of hard sole
It also has accessories and apparel It has no apparel or accessories
It is a heavy boot It has a thin and lightweight boot
it easily gets dirty It does not get stained easily

Blundstone has confusing shoe size

Blundstone has a very confusing shoe size. Half of its size refers to width rather than length.

They are marked with Aussie sizing which is a full size bigger than standard US sizing, this makes it very confusing when buyer wants to order for it.

Even though it is a unique and spectacular kind of boots, its sizing makes it very difficult to purchase as it confuses the buyer.

Blundstone is easier to slip on and off

From the picture of both footwear above, it is obvious that Timberland has a shoelace, whereas Blundstone does not have it at all. This makes Blundstone boot very easy to slip on and off.

You do not need to struggle with the lace while rushing off to work or during hiking. It gives a kind of relief to know that you do not have any shoe lace to worry about throughout the day. It also gives kids a sense of independence.

This is because kids do not really need their parent’s assistance when they want to put on the Blundstone boot as it requires no serious procedure. But for Timberland, the lace is always an issue.

Getting your kids a pair of Blundstone is a great way to make them independent, you do not need to bother about tying the shoelace every now and then.

On the other hand, the shoelace on the Timberland is also a way to make it look fashionable and stylish.

Timberland is a heavier boot

Timberland is heavier boots than the Blundstones. Due to the kind of materials they are made with, they are heavy for the wearer. If you have ever held a pair with one hand you would know exactly what I am talking about.

They are heavy compared to Blundstone that has a thin and lightweight material. In Blundstone, the XRD Extreme Impact Protection Technology is included and this technology absorbs up 90% of the energy used in walking which helps to reduce fatigue while working.

This technology is not included in Timberland and this includes its materials makes it heavy for the wearer and tiring. Who would like to wear a heavy boot when going hiking?

Timberland also deals in clothes and accessories

Apart from boots, Timberland also deals with clothes and accessories. They have shoes, bags, and jewelry.  Whereas, Blundstone is focused on boots alone and how to give comfort, support, and protection to its wearer.

Timberland also deals with different kinds of boots for different purposes like rugged work boots, fashionable boots, or hiking. These boots come in different sizes and colors too.

Timberland is made of rubber sole while Blundstone is hard sole

Timberland is made of a rubber sole, meanwhile, Blundstone is made of hard sole for tough activities like hiking, site work, or any “high-energy” activity.

The hard sole makes it possible for the boot to stand any kind of season or activity. It can keep the feet warm and dry during winter and can be waterproof while it is snowing.

Timberland attracts dirt easily

Timberland easily attracts dirt because of its materials and colors whereas Blundstone does not.

From the picture of both footwears above, if oil is poured on Timberland, it would take a while to get it off, but if it is poured on the Blundstone boot it can easily be cleaned.

Timberland has padded collars

Unlike Blundstone, Timberland has a padded collar that gives it a unique design. It makes it look fashionable such that wherever you see a boot with the padded collar you can easily identify it as a Timberland boot.

It makes the wearer look unique and different from others. On the other hand, the uniqueness of the Blundstone boot lies in the fact that it has no shoelace, it is easy to slide on and off and it offers a great deal of protection and support to its wear.

Every footwear is unique in its own way and Timberland and Blundstone are no exceptions.


Timberland and Blundstone are both comfy, supportive, and above all long-lasting pairs of boots. Though very expensive to purchase, they can be worn all season and are worth the price.

They have similar features like footbeds, they are durable, anti-fatigue technology to reduce stress and so on. They are both made of quality materials which ensure that they serve the wearer for a very long time.

Blundstone boots and Timberland are for people who mostly engage in outdoor activities and need a simple, comfy, and stylish boot for a long day job.

So, if you are searching for a boot for hiking or fieldwork, you can get yourself a pair of Blundstone or a pair of Timberland.

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