Superthotics vs Walkfit Insoles: Comparison

The major difference between SuperThotics and WalkFit brands of orthotic shoe insoles is that WalkFit are semi-rigid insoles made from the combination of a layer of soft materials (gel or rubber) and plastic, that’s why they offer both comfort and support in preventing and managing most foot problems.

Superthotics vs Walkfit

As opposed to WalkFit, SuperThotics are rigid insoles made from carbon fiber or rigid plastic, hence may feel very uncomfortable upon first use. But they offer more support to the arches than WalkFit insoles.

However, there are other differences between these two orthotics insoles, despite the fact that they are specifically made for people with several biomechanical problems.

So, at the end of this article, you will get to know the different features each shoe insert has over the other to help you decide on which is best for relieving you from the constant foot and body pains you feel.

What are SuperThotics?

Superthotics vs Walkfit

SuperThotics are doctor-invented and custom-made orthotics. They help to correct the abnormal foot position and reduce stress on the feet while walking.

This is made possible by its unique interchangeably biodynamic balance inserts that work to keep the arches from collapsing and at the same time correct the angle at which the foot strikes the ground.

They are made from highly durable plastic polymer all around, but the heel cup is made of Thermoplastic Elastomer (TPE), which ultimately supports the arches during prolonged walking or running without compromising comfort, stability, and fit.

SuperThotics have proven to be effective at treating overpronation, oversupination, and plantar fasciitis as they distribute the body’s weight consistently around the feet to help improve posture.

It also features a metatarsal pad that helps in alleviating the ball of foot pains. And they mostly benefit athletes because of the great cushioning and all-in-one arch support the insoles provide.


  • The durable arch support reduces, improves balance, and makes exercising and walking much easier
  • It acts as both insoles and orthotics, providing you with the relief you need from pains
  • It has a biomechanical shape
  • SuperThotics are the best supportive insole within budget, as they are less pricey than most orthopedic shoe inserts
  • It fits right into most regular shoes
  • SuperThotics last longer than most insoles which makes them the top choice for people that want something more permanent
  • The insoles are capable of absorbing shock while walking on hard surfaces
  • These orthotics insoles provide you with the supportive arches that your feet need to help correct their position and reduce stress coming to your feet
  • SuperThotics insoles are size-specific
  • They fit perfectly in most shoes and boots


  • They feel very uncomfortable upon first use
  • The insoles have a painful break-in process
  • The insoles retain foot odors if not properly washed

What is WalkFit?

Superthotics vs Walkfit

WalkFit, are custom-size shoe inserts that come in 3 interchangeably arch inserts and it works by alleviating foot pains as it spreads the pressure all over your feet.

They help to realign the ankle bones of the foot to a normal position. This is made possible through its special gel heel cup that acts as a shock absorber to reduce pains off sore spots.

It has an odor control feature which is seen as pores that help to keep insoles smell-free anytime, anywhere.

Walkfit insoles are a combination of plastic and gel, thus they offer a balance between optimum comfort and support.

Also, the arch support feature fits your foot exactly in the middle of your arch, giving you the optimum relief you desire during the day.

WalkFit also features a metatarsal pad that provides that extra metatarsal and longitudinal support and cushioning that your feet need all the time.


  • The insert features metatarsal support for the ball of the foot, hence redistributing the weight of the foot
  • It gives you full arch support with its generous heel cup
  • The bio-gel heel cup has a cushioning gel pad that acts as an extra shock absorber
  • It comes in 3 different levels of inserts (low, mid, and high) which caters uniquely to various leg needs and types
  • Offers extra padding under the ball of the foot, which is a common pressure point under the foot
  • They are affordable orthotic insoles for shoes
  • Walkfit insoles are made of both hard and soft plastic, which provides support and comfort for your feet
  • They are not just shoe insoles but also orthotics as they relieve you of various ailments pains
  • The heel cup not only absorbs shocks but also provides hips stability as well
  • The Walkfit insoles feature a lot of pores for active ventilation, and this helps to evaporate foot sweat


  • Walkfit insoles don’t come in the same length
  • Provides limited support to the mid-portion of your arch
  • Not so effective for people with heel pain, big toe joint pain, or back pain
  • Do not fit in dress shoes or sandals
  • Takes about 2 weeks before one can start wearing Walkfit insoles comfortably
  • They don’t cover under the toes but only the heels and arches
  • They don’t come in youth sizes but only in adult sizes

In what ways are Superthotics and WalkFit similar? 

Superthotics and WalkFit are similar in the following ways:

  • They both act as insoles and orthotics
  • Both are custom-made shoe insoles
  • Both insoles feature a bio-heel cup

They both act as insoles and orthotics

Having a job that requires one to stand for 8-10 hours will eventually make one end up experiencing constant foot, heel, joint, hip, and back pains.

As such, one would arguably agree that using customized shoe insoles proves to be a better relief option for such a lifestyle.

Orthotics generally work by restoring the natural position of your feet, caused by improper foot movements, and insoles help to cushion the effect of walking.

Both SuperThotics and WalkFit help to relieve most of the pains you feel not only around your foot but your body while walking or standing. Hence they act as insoles and orthotics at the same time.

Both are custom-made shoe insoles

What this means is that they are made to suit each individual needs by complimenting different shoe sizes while at the same time helping manage specific foot disorders such as fallen ankles or flat arches.

So, they are shoe-specific and come in various size options for both men and women alike.

Both insoles feature a bio-heel cup

The bio-heel cup on SuperThortics is blue-colored while that in WalkFit is ash-colored but they both function as shock absorbers and excellent cushioning systems for the heel of the feet while walking.

When do you use SuperThotics?

You can use SuperThotics if you want a permanent and enduring relief from constant overpronation, oversupination, plantar fasciitis, and fallen arch. All of which commonly arise from pressure at one point of the feet.

Although they are made from hard plastics, this is what actually makes them durable and effective at counteracting fatigue which could occur from prolonged walking or running without having an effect on your overall gait pattern.

SuperThotics not only help to reduce the pain but also improve posture and absorbs shock when walking on hard surfaces such as cemented roads or pavements.

Also, if you are involved in exercises like running marathons and other high-impact activities, then you would need SuperThotics as it provides that additional cushioning required by your feet.

So, if you need an insole that will last long for you, amidst slowly alleviating your pains then SuperThotics are your best option.

When do you use WalkFit?

You can use Walkfit in any loose-fitting shoes if you recently had foot surgery or you have symptoms of flat feet, arthritis, and tendonitis.

They help to reduce the strain occurring on the lower limbs by alleviating the pressure from tender spots of the foot.

WalkFit shoe inserts are soft and rigid at the same time and this ensures that you don’t feel the extra pain walking on them.

WalkFit offers quick and temporary relief from pains as it features a gel insole with different arch inserts which makes it possible for you to comfortably walk on your feet without being conscious of your foot pain.

These inserts are designed to be worn with most shoe types as they come in about 11 different sizes for both men and women.

So, if what you need is a shoe insole that is not too soft or too hard, and offers quick relief from your feet pains, then WalkFit is your best option as they are equipped with a rubber or gel material that supports your weight, amidst

What are the differences between Superthotics and Walkfit?

The other major differences between a Superthotics and Walkfit are as follows:


Although, WalkFit Insoles offer great comfort and can assist a flat-footed person with overpronation (low arch) and underpronation (high arch) to walk well.

But it offers a lesser cushioning because their material is too soft as opposed to SuperThotics and this isn’t enough to entirely treat the biomechanical problems. So, WalkFit provides a temporary relief option for such pains.

However, Superthotics works by permanently relieving these biomechanical problems through its different levels of arch support.

But you will need to get used to them, starting with the low arch for some hours each day, and then gradually wearing them for longer before you move to higher arch levels as it suits you.


SuperThotics shoe insoles are not always comfortable upon first use because the material used is rigid plastic or carbon fiber and most times it doesn’t conform well to most skin types.

And the implication of this is that your feet might sweat excessively and this could be discomforting on feet from wearing them too long. But it also gives the perfect fit as it comes in 3 different patented arch inserts.

However, WalkFit insoles offer you both comfort and support as its upper gel material features an array of pores that helps evaporate sweats from your feet!

It features 3 sets of customizable arch inserts (low, medium, or high) for you to choose which feels perfect on you.

Apart from that, they are more comfortable at first use than SuperThotics, especially if you are not used to wearing orthotics. 

Quality & durability

The Walkfit Orthotics are made with high-quality copolymer resin (thermoplastic rubber) which makes them so easily washable and comfortable to wear.

But the gel portion present at the heel makes these insoles prone to premature cracking upon subsequent use.

Also, WalkFit’s natural curve or arch quickly flattens out as the gel portion weakens making your heel sink into the crevice where the gel is. So, WalkFit insoles don’t last quite long.

However, SuperThotics insoles are highly durable because they are made from high-tech polymer, so they are hard plastic all around, with only the heel area being a gel.

This feature alone is a guarantee that it will last a lifetime. Although, they do offer a refund if you are not satisfied with how it works.


SuperThortics are a bit more expensive than Walkfit, this is due to its high-quality plastic material and special ingredient employed in designing it as it offers a more advanced and extra support system not only to the arch but heel as well.

SuperThortics sell at $45 while WalkFit is sold at $34.


Most biomedical concerns such as joints, foot, and back pains originate from improper foot movements, posture, and one’s lifestyle.

This post highlighted the two different orthotic shoe insoles by showing you their pros and cons and why one may function better than the other in solving a particular foot or back problem.

As explained earlier, SuperThotics works better at providing comfort for individuals with high, fallen, little, or flat arches, hence it helps alleviate heel pain with its rigid arch support system.

WalkFit is better suited for individuals with a ball of foot pain, such as bunions, and foot inflammation that needs an insole that is comfortably soft and not too hard as it secures the feet from shock and pressure while walking.

So, whether you want an insert that could help you stand for a long period of time in your daily walking shoes, then Walkfit orthotics are the insoles for you or you need long-lasting insoles, SuperThotics are designed to be more durable.

Now you know which orthotic insoles are best for alleviating your different mechanical body pains.


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