Solovair vs Red Wing: Comparison

The major difference between Solovair and Red Wing is that the Solovair boots are not waterproof, rather they are water-resistant.

The Red Wing Boots on the other hand are Waterproof which leaves them lasting long as the case may be.

Solovair vs Red Wing

Let’s check out both shoes.

First Glance


  • 8 Eyelets
  • Protected toe box
  • Double stitch in a designed pattern
  • Goodyear welted construction
  • Black Hi-Shine Leather Upper
  • Synthetic and Leather Lining
  • Soft Suspension Classic sole
  • Grip tab
  • Water-Resistant
  • Made in England

This is one of the latest and most recommended boots made by the Solovair Manufacturers known as the NPS.

It is named Black Hi-Shine derby boot and as you can see it comes with 8 iron well blended eyelets to increase your chances of having a more secured and customized fit.

If you look at the upper well, you will notice the toe box looks thick, this is because of the toe support feature it has installed to protect your toes from injuries.

We will review more of its features as the article progresses.

Red Wing

  • Water Proof
  • Non-metallic toe
  • Anti-Electrical Hazard
  • Leather Upper
  • Direct Attach Construction type
  • TPU-PU Galaxy – Brown Outsole
  • Made in Cambodia

On the Red Wing Part, we have the King Toe that Water Proof Safety Boot. This stands as one of the most recommended Boots manufactured by the Red Wing Manufacturers.

It has the modern version of iron eyelets and it features a flexible shoelace. These is considered great safety shoes.

Solovair vs Red Wing: Comparison

The aim of this article is to compare both shoes and brands and in the end, we hope to select the better one between both brands and also help you also select the better one too based on your personal consideration.

I do hope we make the same choice for reals but then it’s all based on one’s requirements and considerations right.

We will be comparing some of the features that determine great shoes.

Let’s get down to comparison!!

  • Stitching
  • Leather
  • Price
  • Build Quality
  • Insole
  • Outsole
  • Fit and Sizing
  • Style

Solovair vs Red Wing: Stitching

The Solovair manufacturers have a unique way or method of which they stitch their footwear in general.

According to research, this method can be backdated to the seventeenth century, this is a type of stitching that starts from the upper part of the shoe down to the midsole area.

This stitch is done using a heavy thread and is done in a lock stitch form. This method holds the shoe together ensuring longevity.

Just like the Solovair, the red Wing also has a construction method that dates back to 1869.

Clearly displayed, the Red Wing Footwear features three rows of stitches that are iconic and ensure longevity for the footwear made by these manufacturers.

It should interest you to know that in the process of stitching these boots, as the thread goes through the leather been sewn, it is covered with wax which ensures durability with the Red Wing footwear.


The Red Wing has a more secure and longevity ensured stitching system and the people love the Red Wing more for this.

Solovair vs Red Wing: Leather

It will interest you to know that all of the footwear made by Solovair manufacturers NPS are made using Bovine leather, cowhide to be precise.

This type of leather is considered one of the strongest leathers in the world today with special consideration for its durability.

Most of the Red Wing shoes are made using Oil-Tanned-Leather. This also contributes to its special effect of being water-proof, this is because the oil serves as a preserving agent in ensuring that water does not damage the looks of the shoe.


Both shoes are made with credible leather which makes them long-lasting. However, the Leather used in manufacturing takes time to break in compared to the Bovine leather used for the Solovair.

Also, with special consideration to durability, the oil-tanned leather used for the Red Wing makes them waterproof which enhances their durability. The Red Wing has better leather than the Solovair.

Solovair vs Red Wing: Price

In this part of the article, we will be using single pairs for comparison. In the case of the Solovair, we will make reference to the Black Hi-Shine derby boot, you can get a pair of this for just $179 on their official store.

For the Red Wing shoes, we will be making reference to the King Toe that Water Proof Safety Boot which as the name entails is a safety boot and is also waterproof, unlike the Solovair’s product.

The price tag for the King Toe that Water Proof Safety Boot is $239.99.


The most expensive between the two is the King Toe that Water Proof Safety Boot, this might be because of the features it has in making it durable and quality footwear.

Solovair vs Red Wing: Build quality

The build quality of the Solovair shoes is quite unique in the sense that they have great arch support plus they come with foam under the footbed.

This is of good quality in consideration of the comfort of the wearer and this is judged from the reviews made by wearers.

One of the great things about the Red Wing is their sole, they have a credible sole that has recommended traction to ensure your safety.

The Red Wing shoes are made with unthinned skin which makes their shoes long-lasting.


The Build quality of both shoes is quite recommendable. This is for the fact that it is clearly factual that both brands invest time, money, and the application of great skills to make sure they give out their best to their customers.

Solovair vs Red Wing: Insole

Unfortunately, the Solovair boots do not come with removable insoles. They however have great arch support and they offer great heel support also.

Their insoles are constructed with the shoes I guess that is a standard for their products.

The Red Wing shoes come with standard and very comfortable insoles, the insoles made by the Red Wing is as quality as any of their product.


The fact is both shoes have insoles that meet up to provide you with the kind of support you need. But in a case whereby you need more than what they are offering that’s where we might have a little problem.

According to the manufacturers, Solovair only has insoles for customers who are in-between shoe sizes.

While the Red Wing, on the other hand, has a line of insoles for all pairs all to boost and enhance your comfortability.

Solovair vs Red Wing: Outsole

The outsoles of most of the Solovair shoes are made with PVC. These kinds of soles are a bit rigid, this means that they might take a longer time to break in for a more flexible use compared to other shoes.

Nevertheless, PVC soles are soft and they also offer credible arch support to the leg and also protect the wearer from slippery environs.

The soles of the Red Wing boots are made with tanned oil, kind of a mixture rather. The process leaves Hides soaked in wooden drums that are filled with tree oil, dyes, and also tanning agents.

This process makes the sole of the Red Wing shoes strong and chewy as I like to call it, also known as Chew Gum sole.


Both shoes have something in common with regards to their soles. The fact that you can be able to re-sole your boots once the sole gets worn out makes them have a common similarity.

However, the Solovair boot has a sole that is more stable compared to the Red Wing. PVC is considered one of the credible soles, they have great flexibility and are known and loved for their oil resistance feature also.

In this part of the article, comfort and stability are what we use to crown Solovair the best with the outsole.

Solovair vs Red Wing: Fit and Sizing

I believe you should order your normal size that is if you are using a US size chart as a reference, this will be your regular size and you won’t have any issues with the sizing as the case may be.

However, you should be cautious of the one you will get on a Brannock device in a shoe store as that one might be half a size smaller than your regular size and also half a size bigger than your foot as the case may be.

For the Red Wing shoes, you are advised to order a half size down from your regular wear.

This is because the Red Wing shoes or the boots most especially to be precise fits half a size bigger than your regular fit.

Solovair vs Red Wing: Style

Solovair are made with unique Styles that come in a variety of colors. They have a number of eyelets that are in place to ensure a tighter and customized fit when necessary.

One of their iconic features is the grey stitching that can be seen around the sole. They have pull tabs for easy on and off, the Solovair logo can be seen on the underside of the sole.

They are very versatile and would go with any form of dressing if you have the right pair.

The Red Wing shoes are very versatile and they come highly recommended right from time. They are also made in a variety of colors and will complete any look you imagine in mind.

They are sturdy and classic and they feature a flexible shoelace that also completes the sleek look they display.

The Red Wing Logo can be seen in most cases on the tongue and the side of the footwear to signify quality and originality.

Pros and Cons of Solovair shoes

In this part of the article, we will review the Pros and cons of one of the Solovair Footwears.

Pros of Solovair shoes

  • Water-Resistant
  • Eight Eye-Lets for Customised fit
  • Shiny Bovine Leather
  • Traction Lug Sole
  • They have Arch Support

Cons of Solovair shoes

  • They are not Water Proof
  • They do not have removable insoles
  • You will have to purchase the care kits separately

These are known pros and cons of the Solovair Rub Off Derby Boot, one of the iconic footwear manufactured by Solovair.

It has arch support even though it doesn’t come with removable insoles, there is a chance that the insoles might not work out for you long enough but then I believe there is a way you can actually fix your own insoles.

They have a very comfortable interior and the PVC Outsole is credible and soft just as we discussed on the part of the outsole.

Pros and Cons of Red Wing

In this part of the article, we will select one out of the Footwears made by the Red Wings manufacturers and review its pros and cons.

Pros of Red Wing Shoes

  • Nitrile Cork Sole
  • They are Water-proof
  • They have great arch support
  • They have customized insoles
  • Oil-tanned-leather

Cons of Red Wing Shoe

  • They are expensive
  • They do not come with a care kit
  • Half a size larger

This is the Red Wing Ranger Boot; it has a nitrile cork sole which is a rubber sole that has an exceptionally low profile, this is a composite rubber sole that carries your weight and still serves without any side effects.

The Red Wing shoes have their oil-tanned leather to beautify them and then to talk about the comfort they offer is on another level since they have their insoles that are well cushioned with the aim of providing credible comfort and support to even people who have problems walling in boots.

Solovair vs Red Wing: Overall Verdict

This is the part where we all select the one we prefer based on all the reviews made on both shoes.

For me, the Red Wings are a bit too expensive for shoes that do not come with any care kits, if that is the case I would just go for the Solovair and get myself a kit with the change remaining.

But then the Red Wing shoes have something that the Solovair does not have and that is the ability to be waterproof.

With the Red Wing, there is no limit to what you can do, you will be fearless!!


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