Can You Wear Red Wings Iron Rangers In The Snow?

I have heard many people say Iron rangers have slippery soles in winter, and for someone who has fallen in love with their look, I’d love to get a new one for the winter seasons.

Choosing boots can be a little difficult because of the cost, and one may not always be able to get both actual winter boots and RW iron rangers.

Iron Rangers are actually not as good in the winter as a winter boot. Although they have their unique capabilities, they are not the kind of boots that spend any amount of time in inclement/snowy weather. In other words, you will need to use a different boot for snow.

Can You Wear Red Wings Iron Rangers In The Snow

This is just like saying that there is nothing as ideal as using the right boot for fishing, and the right one for hunting.

However, after examining the 8119 Oxblood Iron Rangers, I discovered that they have lugged soles, which is definitely worth considering for wearing in the snow as they would hold up much better than standard Iron Rangers for the winter.

The added plus to this iron rangers is that it is surprisingly soft and has supple leather on them.

If you make the right choice of pair, you will find a good RW boot that will keep your feet warm and dry during winter weather, and also provide excellent traction on icy and slick surfaces.

How can you prepare your red wings iron ranger to wear in the winter?

Among the many things people say about wearing red wings iron ranger during winter, most attention is on their traction. In most reviews, we learn that the soles turn into slippery sh*t when on ice.

Now, to prep your red wings iron ranger for winter wear, you can either get them resoled with grippy things, or you can wear little clip-on spikes. Without these, you can just walk very carefully and you will be fine.

How to care for your red wings iron rangers after wearing in snow

In as much as there are different views to wearing red wings boots during winter, customers love RW boots for countless reasons: not only are they tough, they are also durable, ruggedly handsome, and of course quality built.

Your red wings boot does a tough job by protecting your feet all day long, and they will need extra care and attention this cold season if you want it to keep doing a great job.

Here are some helpful tips on how to properly care for your Red Wings towards the winter and cold seasons.

Protect them if they are new

If you just bought them, you want to make sure you keep them looking clean and new, without waiting around for winter to hinder that.

Do this with a proper leather sealer, and make it a habitual thing to always clean your boots right after you take them off.

It is the littlest things like brushing dirt away with a soft-bristled brush and a little warm water that actually preserves most boots.

Proper storage

Another thing a fair number of RW boots owners tend to neglect is storing the pair properly. Your boots should be placed in a clean, dry storage area, such as a mudroom or a closet.

You want to keep them away from nearby furnaces, heaters, and radiators as these places can dry your boots too quickly and turn your leather into something else.

Give the right treatment to the right leather

Lastly and most importantly, you should know the leather type of your Red Wing boots. RW comes in a large variety of styles and I can not tell exactly which one yours is. They also take different shapes, styles, and designs, but quite similar functions and durability.

All the above care are generally applied for Red Wings boots, but each leather type may need a personal approach to proper winter boot care.

While all the leather types to make red wings are of top-quality materials, the products and cleaning agents you use of each of them may vary depending on the type of leather.

Since our main focus is Iron rangers, they are usually designed with oil-tanned leathers which we shall begin with.

How to care for Oil-tanned leather Redwings (Iron rangers)

  1. First of all, always make sure you brush extra dirt off your boots’ surfaces and remove salt lines as needed.
  2. You want to use a leather cleaner to wipe away any visible  stains and scuffs
  3. Allow the boots to dry in a cool, dry spot.
  4. Use original boot oil like this Leather Honey (like this one on Amazon) to rub your boots down. It allows your boots to last a lifetime.
  5. Then, you want to  add a little Leather Protector

As for smooth-finished leathers like the Beckman collection, it has a quite different maintenance approach. For these types of RW, it is referred to as the most cared for accordingly.

As usual, ensure you brush off excess salt and dirt with a bristle brush, Use a soft cloth and warm water to clean the boots. You should have a boot cream to condition your leather, and a thorough polish.

Of course, do not forget to apply a leather protector to see that your boots stay supple.

On the other hand, Suede or rough-out leathers like the Abilene and Mohave collection will require you to have a special brush and rubber cleaning bar to ensure proper care.

On these types of leathers, you should never use leather cleaners because they will soak in and stain your suede permanently.

For cleaning, all you need is rubber cleaning bars to erase dirt and scuffs, and then the specialized brush to remove loose fibers.

If your Redwings boots are made with suede leather, you want to be conscious of how you take it out into harsh weather as melted snow and ice can change the look and texture of the boot when soaked into the leather.

Another precaution about maintaining suede boots is that they should never be left in a plastic bag to dry.

How else can you wear RW iron rangers?

One other thing I like about Iron rangers is that they are known to be too casual, this is because one can style it in different ways to wear it almost anywhere (not to a red carpet event anyway)

Iron rangers with a neat and chipper suit

Of course, there is a wide line dividing the relationship between Iron rangers and suit family, but what can reunite them is the power of working colors.

Imagine turning up for the day at the office in a dark brown Iron Ranger with a grey suit, that will be a perfect match. The same thing as wearing a black boot works with a black suit.

When it comes to wearing iron rangers with a suit, things will turn out incredibly appealing when you know how to put colors together and explore new looks.

Iron Ranger with calm, plush chinos

If you are thinking of the perfect outdoor look to appear on, then try pairing a tailored chino with your iron ranger. You don’t need too many extras. Just a simple tee-shirt and belt in a similar color as your boots can make your outfit put together.

Pair iron rangers with a jean

This is the popular take and that is why it is coming as the last fashion idea. Many iron rangers fans pair their boot with jeans, In fact, the boot is best paired with jeans.

We recommend skinny jeans and straight-legged jeans. To ice, the cake with a little rugged feel put on a leather jacket!

Bottom line

Red Wing Iron Ranger is a kind of boot that other boots look up to.

Yes, I know that is not possible, but really it has a very reliable build-up. Only that some people say it developed slippery soles when on ice.

Nevertheless, almost all RW iron rangers particularly the 8119 Oxblood Iron Rangers have lugged soles, which is definitely worth considering for wearing in the snow as they would hold up much better than standard Iron Rangers for the winter.

This goes to say that if you make the right choice of pair, you will find good RW boots that will keep your feet warm and dry during winter weather, and also provide excellent traction on icy and slick surfaces.

Sure, there is nothing as ideal as wearing the actual winter boot for snow, but Red Wings Iron rangers do well to, provided you prep it and maintain it continually for long-lasting durability and functionality.

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