What Shoes Can You Wear To MEPs

MEPS is a place that needs serious attention whenever you want to go there. From my experience, it is not a place for anyone.

It is a place where you must be your best in every ramification. One of the important things which determine if you would even be allowed to proceed with your evaluation or not is how you look.

Your dressing is very important when it comes to your success at MEPS or not.

This article is focused on the types of shoes you can wear to work at MEPS. There are a few guidelines that would help you whenever you want to determine the types of shoes to wear to MEPS:

  • Don’t wear flip-flops to MEPS. Flip flops would get you disqualified immediately without any chance to try out.
  • Don’t wear slippers to MEPS. Just like flip-flops, you would get disqualified.
  • Don’t wear open-toed shoes. Shoes like sandals are not good and appropriate for MEPS.
  • Don’t wear heels to MEPS. It might be allowed, but for the sake of comfort and stability, it is better to stay away from wearing heels to MEPS.
  • Don’t wear shoes with heavy soles. It makes walking around stressful and uncomfortable. When you are uncomfortable, it might be hard for you to focus which might negatively affect your performance at MEPS.
  • Don’t wear crocs to MEPS. Crocs is a very good brand of comfortable shoes. However, from my experience, I have not seen anyone on crocs at MEPS. It is advisable to stay away from wearing crocs. Don’t risk wearing it.
  • Don’t wear shoes of many colors. I would recommend black, brown, navy and grey colors. Don’t wear shoes that have too many bright and flashy colors or designs. Keep the design simple and the color cool.

The guidelines above would help you in determining the types of shoes to choose from whenever you are going to MEPS.

There are varieties of shoes you can wear to MEPS that meet the criteria of an appropriate and suitable shoe to wear.

Let me also add that MEPS does not have certain names of shoes you have to wear in order to be given a chance.

The only criteria is to look presentable. Once what you are wearing is presentable and portrays you in a positive light, then you are good to go. This is why you must stay away from certain shoes.

To look presentable, you should try out the following categories of shoes;

These are the categories of shoes you should try out whenever you want to go for MEPS. With these shoes, you don’t need to be scared of not looking presentable at MEPS.

Let us discuss these types of shoes one by one with examples.

Sneakers to wear to MEPs

1 NEW BALANCE comfortable men’s sneaker Best overall sneaker for MEPs 5/5
2 SKECHERS bob women’s sneaker Best lightweight sneaker for MEPs 4/5
3 SUOKENI women’s sneaker Best affordable sneaker for MEPs 4/5

NEW BALANCE comfortable men’s sneaker

This is the best overall sneaker. From my experience with this sneaker, it is one of the most comfortable and durable sneakers for your feet. The NEW BALANCE comfortable men’s sneaker comes with a rubber sole which is flexible and comfortable to walk in.

The sole has a high traction feature which ensures stability while walking around. Furthermore, the NEW BALANCE comfortable men’s sneaker has a soft cushioned insole which allows your feet and toes to be comfortable.

Unlike other shoes with stiff soles, the NEW BALANCE comfortable men’s sneaker ensures comfort. It has a breathable feature that keeps your feet cool and dry at all times. Furthermore, it has an athletic look that features versatility and durability. I must also add that it is very affordable.

Wearing the NEW BALANCE comfortable men’s sneaker to MEPS is a good choice and decision. You should try this out.

SKECHERS bob women’s sneaker

This sneaker is simply lightweight. Wearing the SKECHERS bob women’s sneaker gives you the feeling of walking on air. This makes walking around a piece of cake.

Walking is very easy with this amazing sneaker. Moving from one point to another might be uncomfortable if you go with a heavy sneaker.

This is why the SKECHERS bob women’s sneaker is appropriate for you. It comes with a flexible and lightweight sole that provides comfort to your feet.

Furthermore, the sole is durable and slip-resistant which ensures that you are stable whenever you walking on the slippery floor’s surface (tiles, etc.).

The SKECHERS bob women’s sneaker has a soft insole for additional comfort. When it comes to walking around, this is the best sneakers to that effect.

It is also very affordable and it has a simple blend of white and black colors which is appropriate for MEPS.

SUOKENI women’s sneaker

With a ridiculously cheap price and amazing quality, the SUOKENI women’s sneaker is one of the best types of sneakers you can wear to MEPS.

It has a rubber sole that is slip-resistant and also lightweight. The rubber sole is durable and can last for years. The sole also enhances comfort and makes walking around very easy and comfortable.

The SUOKENI women’s sneaker is water-resistant which also makes it unique from other sneakers listed in this section. It comes in a simple look that is less offensive.

It has a full-coverage design which makes it unique. The full covering designs entirely wraps your feet for a more secured and compact fit.

It also protects your feet much more than other shoes would. With all of these amazing qualities and benefits, the SUOKENI women’s sneaker costs less than $30. Isn’t that wonderful?

You can rest assured that this sneaker is accepted at MEPS while it makes you comfortable during the evaluation period and processes.


1 SKECHERS AVILLO loafers for men Best overall loafer for MEPs 5/5
2 SKECHERS women’s loafer Best comfortable loafer for MEPs 4/5

SKECHERS AVILLO loafers for men

This is an amazing loafer. It has a leather material that is easy to wash and also very durable. The leather material is very strong and is not subject to wear and tear.

I have been using the SKECHERS AVILLO loafers for men for 3 years and it still has the same strong look as it has when I bought it.

The SKECHERS AVILLO loafers for men comes with a durable sole quality which is lightweight and also very flexible. It comes in a cool color that is suitable and appropriate for MEPS.

The build quality is simple and professional enough to get you started with the evaluation process. It is also very affordable and cheap which makes it the best overall loafer.

The SKECHERS AVILLO loafers for men is for men alone and this makes it limited in its reach.

It has a soft molded footbed that absorbs your feet in a relaxed way. The footbed ensures you are comfortable even when standing or walking for long hours.

The SKECHERS AVILLO loafers for men has arch support which makes it suitable for those with flat feet as well. With the SKECHERS AVILLO loafers for men is suitable for both casual and corporate outfit.

Any outfit you choose goes well with this amazing loafer. With this loafer, you can be sure of a presentable look and a comfortable feel during the evaluation process at MEPS.

SKECHERS women’s loafer

This is a comfortable loafer with a soft cushioned insole that allows you to stand for hours without pain. Furthermore, it has a breathable mesh upper which keeps your feet cool and dry.

The rubber sole is lightweight and very soft which makes walking easier and comfortable.

it has a relaxed fit which creates more room for your feet and toes to rest without any tight feeling which might cause sores and pains after a long time. This loafer is comfortable and has a simple look which makes it one of the best loafers to wear to MEPS.

It also comes in navy color. Furthermore, it is affordable and costs as low as $36 to buy. The SKECHERS women’s loafer is not true to size.

It is advisable to order a size up whenever you are placing the order in order to achieve a perfect fit for your feet.


1 XPETI thermadoor waterproof boot Best overall boot for MEPs 5/5
2 EYUSHIJIA waterproof men’s hiking boot Best affordable boot for men 5/5
3 LUGZ women’s fashion boot Best affordable boot for women 4/5

 XPETI Thermator waterproof boot

This amazing boot is awesome. It has a waterproof mesh upper and a hydro shield membrane waterproof that keeps your feet dry even in hot seasons.

It also has a rubber sole which is durable and slip-resistant.

The XPETI Thermator waterproof boot has a camouflage color which is good for MEPS. It would simply mean that you are ready to take on the job.

The XPETI Thermador waterproof boot has enhanced arch support which takes away pressure from your ankles and arches.

The arch support also makes the XPETI thermator waterproof boot good enough for individuals with flat feet.

Furthermore, it is lightweight and makes walking around easier and comfortable. It comes with a perfect fit and does not need breaking-in for comfort.

It has a strong toe cap that protects your toes from impact. Most importantly, it is attractive and makes you look presentable whenever you appear for MEPS.

This is the best boot you can wear to MEPS. It is fairly expensive but delivers premium satisfaction.

EYUSHIJIA waterproof men’s hiking boots

This boot comes at an affordable price which makes it one of my best picks of boots suitable for MEPS. You don’t just need to go for the shoes that are suitable for MEPS. One of the other features you need to look at is cost-effectiveness.

You need to select a shoe that is cheap and affordable for you while it delivers amazing quality. The EYUSHIJIA waterproof men’s hiking boots is one of such boots. It is very affordable and can be purchased by all.

The EYUSHIJIA waterproof men’s hiking boots is very comfortable because of its fur lining which makes your feet cozy and warm. Furthermore, it has a padded tongue and collar. It also has a very soft midsole which is durable and also ensures ability when walking.

The rubber sole is of high traction and it is also impenetrable to sharp objects. It is made of quality leather material.

Whenever you want to clean the EYUSHIJIA waterproof men’s hiking boots, avoid using a hard brush to prevent damage to the leather quality.

It is not a durable as the XPETI thermator waterproof boot, but it lasts long with good use. Whenever you are going to MEPS, it is okay to wear the EYUSHIJIA waterproof men’s hiking boots.

LUGZ women’s fashion boots

This boot is almost lightweight than every other boot in this section. Furthermore, it comes at a fairly cheap price which makes it easily accessible by all.

It comes in black color and it is made of polishable leather material. It has an added padding on the inside for extra comfort.

It has a simple look that makes you look presentable at MEPS. This is one of the best shoes you can wear to MEPS as a female.

The rubber sole is slip-resistant and lightweight enough for your muscles to carry while walking around. It provides support to your ankles and arches.

For every female, this is the best affordable boots which is suitable for MEPS.

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