What Is A Shoe Lover Called?

A sneakerhead, shoe collector, calceophile, shoeaholic. These are a few terms that are used to describe people with a high-level love for shoes, or sometimes obsession.

Although some of the terms are a bit exaggerated, you get the point. In our daily lives, we all have material things we are partial and vain to, some more unnecessary than others and some more intense than others. Whatever it is, no judgments, just do you.

What Is A Shoe Lover Called

Are you wondering if your inclination towards shoes is a bit excessive? Well, I don’t know, I’m not a Psychologist. However here are a few signs that you love shoes more than most.

10 signs that show you love shoes

When you are always checking out shoes at events

Whenever you are out for a social event, family, or work-related. If you are introduced to new people, the first thing you take note of in the individual is the ssshoe the person is putting on, “what brand is this? where can I get a pair like these?” your mind wanders off in thought.

Your first impressions of people you meet are constantly based on what they have on, their Feet.

Even when you are having a conversation, your mind keeps darting back and forth to the Shoes.

When you are out taking a stroll, all you notice are the type of shoe people around you are wearing, you become borderline upset whenever you see a pair that is of poor taste. You make judgments, not the offensive kind, just the “you can do better”.

You may end up making new friends with a random stranger simply because the person wears a pair of shoes or a Brand you deeply admire.

You always go beyond your shoe budget

Whenever you are going through your finances for the week or month, you always make a separate and substantial budget for shoes.

You never know when you will find a great pair of sneakers you like, so I may as well have the money ready for when the time comes”, that becomes your slogan, the budget is often larger than it needs to be, you prioritize shoes over some other basic necessities and justify it by calling it an “investment”.

Even after making your “shoe budget”, which may end up being over 20% of your income, at the end of the Week or Month— you end up exceeding the said “budget” which is not a surprise because I’m certain this happens every month.

You own an obscene number of shoes

Your closet consists mainly of shoes. You own an obscene number of shoes, all kinds of shoes, and the most amazing part is that you can account for every single pair.

You have shoes from middle school in your closet, pairs you know will never ever fit no matter how hard you try, but you keep them around because, at a certain point in your life, they were the best pairs of shoes you owned.

You just keep storing the shoes even after they “go out of style” or out of size. At some point, your closet begins to look like a shoe store.

Whenever anyone brings up that you need to get rid of some pairs, you get territorial, like a Mother Hen who’s seen a Hawk circling nearby.

“If I can’t wear them, nobody else will. They will not know the Value and will Mal-handle my Treasures”, yeah, just calm down and arrange your closet. you may as well sell some of it off, that way you’re raising funds for new pairs of Shoes you will inevitably want to purchase in the future.

Newsletter Email Notifications

Your emails are riddled with constant spam of emails telling you about new shoe releases of your favorite brands, Sales at a store.

Everything is shoe-related, as long as it involves Shoes you do not own yet, you are down.

Whenever you surf the net, you always find yourself subscribing to unnecessary (well, maybe some are Valid) newsletters.

Have you seen how frequently marketers send email notifications? Then imagine being subscribed to multiple chains of newsletters, your inbox will be jammed, constantly, twenty-four hours.

But, you always find time to go through all the emails, one by one, you take your time and peruse through. For context, I don’t even read newsletters from my school which contains Vital information (well, I’m not an unserious student, the emails are just excessive).

If you go through all that for shoes, if this isn’t Love, then I don’t know what is.

A Pair for Every Event

You always have a pair you keep or save for every event across the year, even if you don’t own them yet, you have done the research and you are working towards getting the pair you have envisioned.

Every “milestone” deserves a new pair of shoes. So, whenever you start a new job, get a promotion, your birthday, or even if you are broken up with, you always ensure you commemorate the event with a new pair, because why not, right?

You even go as far as buying new pairs for your Ffriends’ birthdays. Not as a gift for them tough, they are yours.

The thought of getting new Shoes entices you, to be fair we all love to get new stuff, doesn’t even matter if we need it or not as long as it’s new, Count me in. So trust me, I understand.

At the end of the year, you end up with a dozen new Shoes you bought at every turn of the event, and you look at all the pairs with Joy and pride. Now it’s a new year, which means new Shoes.

Turn of the year, time to go it all over again.

Your phone is loaded with images of different shoes

All your devices are packed with screenshots and random images of different shoes that you have randomly saved.

Whenever you are going through your social media, viewing statuses, scrolling your timeline, each time you see a pair of shoe you admire, you quickly make a screenshot or save the image “for future shopping” you tell yourself.

Even weirder, the Shoes are not “just shoes” but Shoes worn on feet, when other people see the pictures without context, it seems you have a foot fetish or something.

You end up not using most of them, and can’t delete them either because “you never know”.

Now all your devices are slowly but surely running out of memory space because you adamantly keep images of shoes you are never going to get but instead somehow manage to keep adding more every day.

I don’t know who needs to hear this, but, Delete those photos.

Modified Walking Step

The way you walk has been altered and modified in a way that is most convenient for the “well-being” of your shoes and this is beginning to affect your posture.

Because you want to avoid creasing your shoes or getting your sneakers dirty, you end up walking in a strange manner.

That is almost like you are walking on your toes, you would probably just hover across the air to your destination if you could, but since you can’t you adjust your walk accordingly.

Eventually, depending on the “style or mode of walking” you adapt to, it may end up affecting your general posture.

But anything for the drip, am I right? Well, in your defense, you paid a lot of money and should take care of the Shoes, however, not at the risk of your health.

There are other less extreme ways to maintain your shoes Chief!

You are the “Shoe guy” of the Group

You are considered to “Shoe Guy” of your group of friends or your clique. Whenever your friends want to buy a new pair of shoes, they always come to you for advice because you always know what’s trendy and the shoes that are most ideal for a particular outfit and/or event.

You end up coming along because you know all the stores that sell authentic shoes. Since you are a regular, you also get a great deal for your friends.

Not coming to you and purchasing a subpar pair of Shoes often leads to ridicule and roasting, so they have to seek your opinion because you unarguably have the best taste. A feat that has been earned and you take pride in.

Whenever your friends want to go out or have events to attend, they always come to borrow Shoes from you, since your collection is so vast you own a pair they need.

Obsessive Compulsive Shopping

 You search the internet daily for the best deals you can find on shoes you want.

You spend so much time online that you don’t even notice the flow of time around you and end up losing sleep.

You’re always online, logged in to multiple different shopping sites, perusing their dossier of Shoes.

At the end of a session your Cart is filled with multiple Shoes at the Carts are all filled across all the sites you are logged in to.

You discover sites nobody has ever heard of in your search, and even dabble into the dark web. You may even end up being played by scammers, to be honest, it’s super easy getting tricked online.

No matter the amount of time you decide to spend on your indulgence, always look out for red flags.

Don’t get scammed because you desperately want an awesome Sneaker you have been admiring and you find a pair at a cheap price.

Whenever you hear about a new Sneaker release, to ensure you are one of the first to get a pair, you don’t mind camping out for days in front of the Store waiting to get you a pair.

No judgments though. Do what makes you happy, don’t let it affect your life though.

You are obsessed with full pictures

Whenever you take photos with your friends, you always insist that the person taking the pictures make full pictures (photos of your whole body) to include your awesome shoes, because why not?

If the pictures don’t include your Shoes or aren’t flattering enough to your Shoes, you become upset and insist the picture is taken again.

You are unsatisfied until you have your way or your Shoes have it’s way, I don’t even know which.

At the end of the day, you end up taking pictures of just your Shoes on your feet. At least it’s impossible to mess those up.


You are on Footted reading this…

I’m sure you went through the whole list thinking to yourself “I feel attacked”, don’t fret, Shoes are awesome.

You constantly check for the latest Shoe trend and tips.

If you are reading this, you are a guaranteed Lover of Shoes. Keep it up.


What Is A Shoe Lover Called

The signs listed above are not necessarily bad or anything, they are stated to let you know the level at which you are when it comes to “loving shoes”, and to enlighten you of the fact that Love can become an obsession without you noticing.

Albeit, obsessions are not always bad.

When you let it rule you, and you become impulsive and too indulgent bordering addiction, then you need to fall back.

 We all have things we love, and although it may become a borderline obsession, the most important thing is to have a handle on it.

Set boundaries for yourself, budget, learn to give some of the shoes away, or even sell them whenever they begin to take too much space.

As long as you don’t let your Love for Shoes affect your life by allowing it to hinder your daily activity or lead you into debt, you should be fine.

Besides, what is not to love about Shoes? They keep your feet warm, protect you while you walk. A great pair of shoes paired with the right outfit will have you turning heads.

Get that pair you’ve been admiring, you have earned it!

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