Red Tape vs Adidas Running Shoes: Which Is Better

When it comes to getting the best running shoes in the world today, many people go for the Red Tape Running shoes and the Adidas Running Shoes.

The biggest difference between these shoes now is clearly the different high-performance levels that they portray.

The Red Tape running shoes are made with High-Quality PU Materials that encourage flexibility and speed to be sure, but the Adidas Running shoes have Continental Rubber Soles that give you Superior Traction.

Red Tape vs Adidas

It is no lie. In the world we live today, many paying customers prefer to purchase Adidas over Red Tape in a hurry. Adidas has better quality and bigger brand than Red Tape.

Find out more about these shoes now…

First impressions: Red Tape

Red Tape vs Adidas

  • Half-Air EVA Soles
  • Premium Mesh and PU Uppers
  • High-Quality PU Material
  • Memory Foam Insoles

I mean, compared to Adidas, you rarely hear people talk about the Red Tape Running Shoes, but these shoes are actually the bombs when you look at them critically.

Believe me…

Red Tapes are made with Half-Air EVA Soles that just get you relaxed and stable and still bouncing up to high speeds. With these kinds of runners on your feet, Usain Bolt might have some competition.

The Premium Mesh and High-Quality PU Uppers make these shoes to be some of the most comfortable wears that you can get for yourself today.

I really think Red Tapes are cool… You should check them out.

First impressions: Adidas running shoe

Red Tape vs Adidas

  • 100% Textile Synthetics
  • Continental Rubber Soles (For Superior Traction)
  • Comfy Knit Uppers
  • Highly-Flexible StretchWeb Outsoles



That’s the tweet.

I mean, that’s it. That’s the tweet. That’s the post. That’s the update. That’s all you really need to know before you get to experience some of the most finely-made running shoes that humans have ever been graced to wear.

You know… The Adidas Runners do not only give you that potential energy modulation (for ultimate bursts of speed), these shoes often come with Continental Rubber Soles.

Continental Rubber Soles!

With the Adidas Shoe Soles, you have the balance, traction, and flexibility to hit high running speeds with ease and comfort. You definitely want to run in a pair of good Adidas.

The Adidas Running shoes are top-ate and very well-fitted, I’m sure, for your fashion tastes and important running needs and wants today.

Buy Adidas!

Let’s get to the comparison between Red Tape and Adidas Running shoes

Features Red Tape
Sole Half-Air EVA Soles Continental Rubber Soles (For Superior Traction)
Durability In terms of durability, the Red Tape running shoes are not as durable and sturdy as the Adidas shoes today Adidas running shoes are quite durable, long-lasting, and cost-effective for the money you spend on them
Price Most Red Tape running shoes can be purchased at cost prices that range between $47.95 and $51.95 You can buy Adidas shoes for prices that range from $41.97 to $181.50
Insoles Memory Foam Insoles Removable Comfy Footbeds



Red Tape running shoes can really fit your feet well once you can get them in the proper size. Adidas running shoes have a much better fit than the Red Tape shoes that are manufactured today.



Red Tape shoes are really quite comfortable and trendy for you to wear today.


These Adidas running shoes are much more stylish than the Red Tape


Red Tape vs Adidas Running Shoes: Sole

Like we got earlier on, the Red Tape Running Shoes are made with Half-Air EVA Soles. These soles are really durable, lightweight, comfortable, and flexible.

You should see them…

Red Tape vs Adidas

On the other hand, the Adidas Running Shoes come with amazing Continental Rubber Soles that encourage Superior Traction and Stability, even at high speeds.

Red Tape vs Adidas

The Adidas Running shoes actually have better soles than the Red Tapes that are made today. If you need runners that have long-lasting soles, go for Adidas Running Shoes today.

Adidas got better running shoe soles than Red Tapes…

Red Tape vs Adidas Running Shoes: Durability

The thing is that Red Tapes are quite durable shoes that will surely last you actively for a long time, even when you use them all the time.

But the Adidas Running Shoes just have that very high durability levels that the Red Tape Runners have just not been up to.

Red Tapes can’t reach Adidas Durability at the moment. And that’s a fact.

The Adidas Running Shoes are more long-lasting, sturdy, and durable than the Red Tapes today…

Red Tape vs Adidas Running Shoes: Price

You can get your own pair of Red Tape Running Shoes for prices that range from between $47.95 to $51.95.

With this cost price range, you can confidently and conveniently shop for cool Red Tapes Runners today.

Adidas Runners shoes can be gotten for prices that range from $41.97 to $181.50. The quality that you get with Adidas justifies the price I know.

I know price is a very important factor.

However, I’ll still encourage you to get Adidas Runners over the Red Tapes; despite the costs…

Adidas is worth the price.

Red Tape vs Adidas Running Shoes: Insole

Red Tape Running Shoes are made with Memory Foam Insoles that will ensure that your feet are as cozy as can be while you perform the works with ease.

Red Tape vs Adidas

Your legs need to have the utmost level of comfort as you run.

That’s why the Adidas Runners have Removable Comfy Footbeds that help you to add and multiply the necessary level of comfort that you want for your running shoes.

Get the Adidas Comfort today. The Adidas Running Shoes are more comfortable for your running than the Red Tape Running Shoes.

Red Tape vs Adidas

Red Tape vs Adidas Running Shoes: Sizing/fit

Proper sizing options can be gotten with the Red Tape Running Shoes, therefore you can find yourself some comfortable Red Tape Fits.

As far as you get these shoes in the right sizes for your feet, you should have no problem whatsoever with being comfortable and well-fitted in them.

The same thing goes for the Adidas Running Shoes really.

Once you get these runners in the right size that is true to size, you will surely be able to conveniently enjoy your new pair of running shoes for a long time.

Red Tape vs Adidas Running Shoes: Style

Red Tape shoes are very fashionable, to be honest. These shoes have a killer feel to their design – when you wear them, you feel like you have already killed the fashion.

You already know what those three Adidas Stripes do for the high-fashion appeal right? You already know what Adidas fashion stands for, right?

Okay. Just checking…

The Adidas Running shoes are more stylish and fashionable than the Red Tape Running Shoes.

Reasons why you should buy Red Tape running shoes

Red Tapes are cool… And I love that name too: Red Tape. Sounds so classy and sophisticated, doesn’t it? I think you should just even buy the Red Tape running shoes just so you can say, “I have Red Tapes.”

People are now like… “What? Red Tapes. What are those?”

Runners, men…. I got runners.

And trust me, the Red Tapes are truly good runners.

These shoes are made with some of the best shoemaking materials in the industry today. And they are well-suited for your fashion tastes, I’m sure; these are really nice running shoes.

You should get the vibe you want with the Red Tape Running Shoes. I really think they’re cool, no matter.

Check some of the Red Tapes out

Reasons why you should buy Adidas running shoes

Adidas should be bought because they’re Adidas.


Let’s do that again.

Adidas Running Shoes should be bought right now because they are Adidas. Period.

Adidas Running Shoes have already made their mark on the hearts of millions of people worldwide because of the kind of quality and assurance that they possess.

When you have shoes like these on your feet, you can definitely run with joy and vigor.

Adidas is really cool.

I mean, honestly… What do you want from your running shoes?

Do you want comfort? Adidas got it.

Traction? Adidas Runners got that backed up.

Speed? High-Performance Levels? Take Adidas’ number and make an order right now.

Ring them up.

You can get all that you can possibly need and more, for your running shoes, when you choose to buy yourself a comfortable pair of Adidas today.

You can buy these cool Adidas Runners

Red Tape vs Adidas Running Shoes: Overall quality

You have to agree that the Red Tape shoes are really good running shoes, overall, and they have the quality and high-performance to back that.

However, when you look at things from a bigger perspective, you will see that the Adidas Runners clearly have the driving edge that makes them some of the very best running shoes in the world today.

So yeah… Overall, the Adidas Running Shoes are much better than the Red Tapes.

Parting words

I am of the opinion that you should get the Red Tape Running Shoes today. However,  before you do that, you should first definitely get yourself some Adidas kicks right now.

The Adidas Running Shoes are better than the Red Tapes Running Shoes.

Let that point sink in.

Your decision should be based on what is best for you. And that is why we are doing this right now. If you need to get the best runners for the field (between these two), get the Adidas Runners over the Red Tapes.

Red Tapes are really cool, no doubt, but the long-term value is actually in Adidas right now. You should take note of the fact that your top speeds can be duly boosted by most of the Adidas Running Shoes that are sold today.

You need to get the best value that gives you comfort, stability, functionality, style, and durability for the long run… Literally. And I’m telling you today, Adidas Runners are just perfect for the job.

The Adidas Running Shoes have power, speed, and traction that the Red Tape Runner cannot just match up to at the moment. The Red Tapes just don’t have the quality that Adidas has.

With the Adidas Runners, you can run your race with ease and comfort for a long while. Your stamina levels are easily increased when you get good running shoes like these…

The Adidas Running Shoes are just what you need…

Buy the Adidas Running Shoes over the Red Tapes today.

Happy Shopping!


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