Puma Super Liga vs Adidas Samba: Which Is Better?

The major difference between the Puma Super Liga and Adidas Samba is that the Puma Super Liga features a leather and suede upper while the Adidas Samba features a full-grain leather upper.

Puma Super Liga vs Adidas Samba

The Adidas Samba is best for playing soccer as it is a sporty shoe while Puma is good for indoor soccer and other casual activities as it is a versatile shoe.

Let’s take a look at these shoes.

Puma Super Liga Review

  • Rubber sole
  • Lace-up
  • Leather
  • Low-top
  • Versatile
  • Fashionable
  • Lightweight

This shoe is made of 100% leather. It has a rubber sole which is quite durable and as well lace-up closure for a proper fit.

It features a round toe and a padded tongue and cuff. It also features a leather and suede upper. It has a textile insole inside the shoe.

It has arch support for your feet. It is very flexible with a suede overlay. It has plenty of detailed stitching around it.

It has a T-toe construction. The inner lining is padded leather and a comfortable footbed.

Adidas Samba Review

  • Non-marking gum rubber sole
  • EVA midsole
  • Full-grain leather upper
  • Suede overlay
  • Lightweight
  • Durability

This shoe features a full-grain leather upper which makes the shoe lightweight and as well durable. It is made of a non-marking gum rubber outsole which helps to offer an excellent grip on different indoor surfaces.

This shoe also has an EVA midsole that helps to provide comfort for the feet. It has a suede overlay that helps for abrasion resistance and also for maximum protection.

It features a T-toe design alongside two layers of Adituff toe reinforcement which helps for durability and flick. It has a locked-in fit, a molded sockliner, and signature tongue wings for stability.

Puma Super Liga vs Adidas Samba: Comparison

These shoes will be compared based on the following technical features;

  • Outsole
  • Upper
  • For soccer
  • Size and fit
  • Break-in
  • Midsole
Features Puma Super Liga Adidas Samba
Outsole  Rubber sole Non-marking gum rubber outsole
Upper Leather and suede upper Full-grain leather upper with suede overlay
For soccer Good for indoor soccer and other activities Way better for soccer
Size and fit It runs a bit small It fits true to size
Break-in Takes time to break-in It needs little time to break-in
Midsole EVA midsole Foam midsole


Puma Super Liga has a rubber sole for better grip and reliable traction. It is slip-resistant and protects your feet against abrasion.

Rubber soles are flexible and very comfortable to wear too. It offers more shock absorption and prevents you from falling.

Rubber soles are very durable and can be worn in any type of weather condition. The sole features a honeycomb design.

Addidas Samba features an innovative gum rubber sole. This sole is non-marking as it offers maximum traction and allows you to train on ice comfortably.

The gum sole can be differentiated by its tan color, it is also softer than other sneakers and can as well provide a good grip.

Gum rubber soles provide extreme durability and resilience as well as a bouncy cushion. It offers the best traction and grip for any kind of surface at all.


Puma Super Liga has a Leather and suede upper. It features a leather upper alongside an overlay of tonal suede.

A leather upper has a smooth texture, it is strong and durable as it is made from the outermost skin of animals while the suede upper is a high-quality leather that is made from the underside of animal hide.

It has a smooth and soft surface and is also more durable than normal leather. These two are used to make the upper part of the Puma Super Liga.

Adidas Samba’s upper part is made of leather. This type of leather is full-grain leather. Its full-grain leather is merged with suede overlays.

This upper is gotten from pigskin suede and kangaroo leather. The upper is strong, durable, and supportive.

Its kangaroo leather is one of the strongest types of leather due to the unique structure of the skin’s collagen fibers. It is also very flexible.

For soccer

Puma Super Liga is good for indoor soccer though it is versatile as it can also be worn for work and as a casual everyday shoe. It is a fashionable shoe with a modern design.

It is a stylish sneaker, so you can wear it for other casual outings apart from using it to play soccer. The sneaker combines sport, fashion, and lifestyle.

Adidas Samba is way better for soccer as it is a sporty shoe. This is the best shoe for an indoor soccer game as it is the most popular indoor soccer shoe ever known.

This shoe has dominated indoor soccer for so many years. It has a leather upper and a lightweight EVA midsole which offers better performance on indoor surfaces.

It also provides traction on frozen surfaces. It is known to be a “football shoe”. It makes playing soccer quite interesting and gives a good performance.

Size and fit

Puma Super Liga runs a bit small, though they are nearly true to size. It is recommended to size up to about half a size.

It can be pretty tight so to get a perfect fit, you should order half size larger than your normal size. If you need to get a Puma Super Liga sneaker and need a perfect fit, you should size up to get a perfect sizing and fit.

Adidas Samba fits true to size. For Adidas Samba, you can order your normal size and still get a perfect fit.

Though, if you have wide feet, you should try to size up while if you have a narrow fit, you should go a size down.


Puma Super Liga needs a break-in process. It takes some time to break in. This sneaker is very comfortable after the break-in process.

It is advised to wear this sneaker often to speed up the break-in process.

Adidas Samba needs little time to break-in. It feels comfortable and flexible for the first few times. This sneaker takes a couple of days to break in and get a comfortable fit.

Once you break in your Adidas Samba, the upper of the sneaker becomes pretty soft and also extremely comfortable. If you wear this sneaker often, the break-in will be shorter.


Puma Super Liga incorporates an EVA midsole. This midsole is lightweight and very comfortable. The midsole gives a better response to activities all day long.

An EVA midsole is known to be the most common cushioning material used in making sports shoes.

The midsole of Puma Super Liga adds cushioning and more shock absorption to the feet while you walk.

Adidas Samba features a foam midsole. This foam midsole helps to cushion every step you take.

This midsole offers Superior cushioning to your feet while you walk, it makes you comfortable such that you would not want to take this sneaker off. It has a pretty rough texture.

Foam midsole is known to provide great shock absorption while you walk. The midsole of the Adidas Samba offers maximum support and protection.

Why you should buy Puma Super Liga

You should get a pair of Puma Super Liga because the shoe is versatile and it is made of simple classic style. It is stylish and comfortable.

This shoe is also lightweight and perfect for everyday sport. It is a durable sneaker as the leather is quality. It has a sporty look and a traditional lace-up for a perfect fit.

Puma Super Liga to buy

Why you should buy Adidas Samba

You should buy Adidas Samba because it is lightweight and would last pretty long.

It is perfect for indoor games and soccer as it is known to be a sporty shoe. The shoe has a good grip on indoor surfaces. It is built specifically to offer traction on slippery grounds.

It gives a perfect fit for playing on hardwood or artificial turf. This sneaker is still in style as it maintains its fashionable look.

Adidas Samba to buy


The overall best sneaker for this article is the Adidas Samba.

The Adidas Samba is the best because it takes little time to break in this sneaker. It features a non-marking gum rubber sole which is the best sole for sports shoes.

If you need a sporty shoe that is durable and comfortable, the Adidas Samba is the best as it is way better for sports and will not let you down.


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