Are Adidas Good For BMX?

Not all Adidas shoe designs are good for BMX. If you are considering buying an Adidas shoe for BMX, you need to be sure that the shoe is designed with essential features like grip, comfort, and all-around lightweight for riding on a BMX bike.

If you are just getting familiar with the BMX sport, you should understand that specialized cycling shoes aren’t that popular among BMX-ers.

After thorough research, I have observed that the shoes worn by most BMX bike riders are made by shoe brands like Vans, Etnies, DC, and Lotek. These shoe brands are really popular among BMX riders.

Are Adidas Good For BMX?

Adidas makes good shoes for sports, which I would say is also favored in the Bicycle Motocross business with their skateboarding lines.

I will be sharing with you what makes a good Adidas shoe for BMX and how you can choose the best one for you. As a bonus, I will also highlight 4 Adidas sneakers/shoes that work excellently for Bike Motocross.

What makes Adidas good for BMX?

Riding a BMX bike is skill-demanding. Most importantly, you will need extreme precision and control when riding such a bike and displaying your techniques. This is why you need to carefully choose the kind of BMX shoe you wear.

There are some Adidas shoe designs that will boost the pedal feel and improve the communication between you and your bike.

These excellent Adidas shoes are usually equipped with the following features:


Nearly every option for Adidas sports shoes on the market features a traditional lace-up design. Whether this is due to the shoe styling following the urban look or not, the laces make the shoe highly adjustable for different foot shapes.

Most Adidas also feature a slip-on design which can look great off the bike, but it means fine-tuning overall tension for a secure fit isn’t possible. Shoes with lace fasteners like most Adidas shoe designs are recommended for BMX-ers.


One of the ways you know a shoe is good and ideal for Bike Motocross is when it offers a pedal feel which maximizes overall bike control when showcasing tricky maneuvers.

Now, there are some Adidas shoe designs that are like traditional cycling shoes – only about sole stiffness for high levels of all-day pedaling efficiency.

But as you read on, I will be showing you some special Adidas shoes whose sole flexes and conforms around the pedal.

This takes us to the next technical factor to makes up a good Adidas shoe for bike motocross.


There are Adidas shoes with Slim soles. These are the best shots for BMX because they improve your control and pedal feel as the rider. Some of these selections will also feature thicker, more padded soles that will better absorb impacts from heavy landings.

The tread design is required to work well with the pedal pins when it comes to Bike motocross in order to give the rider a better grip and control.

Design and appearance

Have you ever tried to look up Adidas shoes for skateboarding? I know our focus here is Bike Motocross, however, Adidas shoe designs that are good for BMX usually integrate a skate shoe silhouette into their appearance.

When you see a thinner more compact Adidas shoe that is good for BMX, it will provide a greater pedal feel.

All in all, the two-in-one advantage is that choosing the right Adidas shoe that is good for BMX makes it possible to wear good-looking shoes both on and off the bike.

Are there special Adidas shoes for BMX?

Are Adidas Good For BMX?

It is not enough to share with you what makes a good Adidas shoe for BMX without actually showing you some of these special Adidas shoes.

I may have not gathered all of them here, because there are seemingly more than enough on the market. But these ones are not only Adidas sneakers/shoes that work excellently for BMS, they are examples of what popular freestyle cyclists wear today.

If I was to recommend an Adidas shoe for one who is into Bike motocross, our top picks will definitely be among any of these Adidas shoes:

The first one, which is actually my favorite is this Adidas Originals Men’s Seeley Sneaker. While the shoe is targeted at bringing total comfort and beyond to skateboarders, it features an abrasion-resistant synthetic suede upper that holds up to daily park sessions.

This is one feature you should look out for when choosing BMX shoes.

The Seeley sneaker from Adidas is also designed with a textile lining that keeps your feet comfortable on or off the bike.

And down to design and looks, this one has the Classic 3-Stripes and a linear Trefoil logo that shows the low-key Adidas style.

I will also recommend this amazing Adidas Originals Men’s Nizza Sneaker, It is one of the best Adidas shoe designs to consider when shopping for BMX shoes. It has a soft synthetic upper which is lightweight, and most significantly, a firm ground outsole.

That is, it is designed with a TPU-injected outsole for traction on firm ground (dry natural grass. Overall, it is a nice shoe. And many of its users give positive remarks on the fabric material. The only thing I can see there is that you really will need to break in these pairs.

The Nizza sneaker fits well, it is pretty comfortable, and of course, recommended as shoes for BMX.

Speaking of special Adidas shoes for BMX, I must not fail to mention this special Adidas Unisex-Adult Gazelle Advantage. Remember I told you that most skilled freestyle cyclists use pure skate shoes than specialized cycling shoes.

This Adidas Skateboarding Gazelle Advantage can meet the demands of anything you do while riding your BMX bike.

The shoe features a higher foxing tape and a Geoflex outsole for an elevated grip. I also like that this shoe offers a comfortable fit, thanks to the molded ADIPRENE sock-liner.

It is double-layered toe extends its durability. It has a lace-style closure and leather and synthetic upper.

What to look out for when buying shoes for BMX

Like I mentioned earlier, specialized cycling shoes are not popular among BMX-ers. Whichever shoe you are considering to use for riding your BMX bike, there are certain features to look out for.

Also, there are thousands of shoes out there that could make you choose the wrong type eventually.

So, I have dedicated this section of this post to briefly outline the key factors you should always look out for when choosing or buying shoes for Bike Motocross.


The very first thing I would recommend that you strongly consider when buying a shoe for Bike Motocross is durability.

The durability of the right BMX shoe has to do with the materials(Ideally natural or synthetic leather), the stitching (which should be heavy-duty), quality lacing, and lace loops.


Comfort is another huge area of consideration when buying a shoe for Bike motocross, just as with other sports. A less comfortable shoe can easily distract you from your bike and affect your performance especially when you begin to sense that your feet feel uncomfortable.

While it is believed that you don’t get to know how truly comfortable a shoe is until you wear it, there are ways you can ensure you are getting a comfortable shoe for Bicycle Motocross.

It is advised to get a shoe that is your perfect size, for BMX. If you are buying the shoe online, you can ensure this by measuring your foot size and finding the right size for you from the sizing chart.

In addition, go for shoes that come with sufficient padding placed around the collar and tongue as this will make your feet feel stable and comfy.

Still, on the comfort of the shoe, you want to make sure that it features a cushioned sole to absorb shock and keep your feet comfortable for long hours.

Do not leave out the breathability aspect of the shoe, as well. It is important that there is free airflow around your feet while you ride so as to prevent your feet from getting sweaty.

If you frown at smelly shoes, then consider the breathability of your shoe before buying.


The very reason why you want to know the features to look out for when buying shoes for BMX is because it helps increase your foot-to-pedal power transfer efficiency.

In connection, the right shoe that works excellently for Bicycle Motocross will have high traction to enable it to excellently stick to your bike pedals for a smoother and faster riding experience.

So to ensure that the shoe you are picking has high traction, check the outsole and lookout for a more detailed tread pattern because that’s why actually determine more traction.

I recommend you go for shoes with the herringbone pattern. They stick to pedals so well.


Lastly, you can not do well on a BMX bike with a shoe that weighs you down. The design of the shoe you are picking for BMX should be incredibly lightweight. That said, it is often advised to pick shoes with a rubber outsole.

Most lightweight shoes are usually made with light leather, canvas, or fabric uppers.

In other words, if you are looking out for a lightweight shoe for BMX, focus more on the material used to construct the shoe.

Wrapping up

Are Adidas Good For BMX?

With all the things we have been able to decipher in this post, I hope you now know what kind of Adidas shoes are good for Bicycle Motocross.

Ultimately, it is important that you pay attention to the kind of shoe you are wearing for BMX. Although there are no specifically designed shoes for BMXers, most popular freestyle cyclists use pure skate shoes.

Another hack I would like to share with you is to consider flicking through the reviews that pop up when you visit major shopping websites

Most of those reviews expose you to issues such as poor quality, when shoes aren’t suitable for those with wide or flat feet, and how they compare to the buyer’s old shoes.

Besides knowing what Adidas shoe designs are good for BMX and the reviews on a shopping website, I hope you now know the key things to look out for when choosing any shoe for Bicycle Motocross.

If any part of this post resonates with what you have in mind, feel free to share in the comment section.

Also, I have been able to mention some really cool Adidas that work excellently well for BMX bikes. If you think there are any other designs I did not mention, you can share in the comment section as well.

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