Quoddy vs Sperry: Similarities & Differences

Both the Quoddy and Sperry brands make boat shoes and other amazing collections of shoes in the fashion industry.

Therefore, there is no doubt that they have made a name for themselves in the fashion industry.

However, there have been a lot of questions concerning how to identify the differences between both brands.

In addition to this, a lot of people need to know why Quoddy is different from Sperry and vice versa.

This is what we are going to explore in this article.

We will be looking at the differences and similarities between both brands of shoes.

You should bear in mind that the conclusion of this article is based on extensive research, personal experiences, and customer reviews. Therefore, you can trust everything you read in this article.

  • Are you ready to know the differences between both brands?
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Then patiently read through this article to get answers and clarity concerning Quoddy and Sperry brands of shoes.

Similarities between Quoddy and Sperry

Quoddy vs Sperry

This is the section where we are going to look at the similarities between both brands.

There is no doubt that Quoddy and Sperry share a lot of similarities. This is the reason for the various questions and indecisions when it comes to which brands to go for among the two.

Therefore, it is best to observe the similarities once again before talking about the differences between them.

Are you ready?

Let’s go!

  • They have a similar brand of products in boat shoes
  • Their external framework is similar
  • Sperry and Quoddy are both lightweight shoes
  • They both have similar designs
  • Similar outsole quality

They have a similar brand of products in boat shoes

Sperry is widely known as a brand that makes boat shoes. Although, this brand makes a lot of other shoes like sandals and slippers.

However, whenever the brand is mentioned, it is widely known as a boat shoe.

Some of you reading this article might probably not be aware of the various other products of this amazing brand. This is not peculiar to you.

Tons of people out there barely know any other product variant that comes from Sperry. The wide recognition that the Sperry brand has garnered for itself came from its boat shoes.

Therefore, when it comes to product notoriety, Sperry is widely known for its boat shoes.

Quoddy is also widely known for its boat shoes. This is exactly similar to Sperry. Quoddy is a brand that makes a lot of products like fashion and accessories, sandals, slippers, and others.

However, not many people know these other products. In the fashion world, Quoddy has generated fame around its boat shoes.

This is because its boat shoes are unique and up to the standard of people’s taste.

Whenever you hear the word sneakers, I am sure that popular names like Adidas, Puma, and Fila come to your mind. This is exactly how Quoddy and Sperry come to mind whenever you mention boat shoes.

Both brands have generated wide recognition around their boat shoes production.

This is the major similarity between both brands. Actually, the questions and conundrums around both brands is as a result of their similar patterns of boat shoes.

A lot of people don’t know which brand is the best. Not many people have issues with other products from each of these brands.

The major question in the heart of people is centered around the boat shoes that are made by each brand.

Their external framework is similar

If you take a closer look at the picture above, apart from the colors and a few changes in the design for trademark purposes, Sperry and Quoddy look alike.

Actually, I once made the mistake of purchasing Quoddy for Sperry. A friend of mine also mistakenly called my Quoddy boat shoe a Sperry boat shoe.

This is because of how closely alike they look. Without a proper and closer look, you might be tempted to assume that both boat shoes are made by the same brand.

However, there are some differences in the designs, which we are going to closely observe in the next section of this article.

However, when it comes to the external framework and design, Sperry and Quoddy look very much alike.

The lengths are similar. The upper designs have a 90% similarity. Therefore, except you pay close attention to detail, you might have difficulty picking out which shoe is Sperry and which shoe is Quoddy.

This is another similarity between both brands of boat shoes.

Sperry and Quoddy are both lightweight shoes

This is another aspect of both shoes that stands out.

I have used Sperry boat shoes for months and I can say that it is one of the lightweight shoes I enjoyed most.

The reason for this is because my feet are always relaxed whenever I wear my Sperry boat shoe.

Walking around in my Sperry boat shoes is always very comfortable for me because of how less heavy it is.

Unlike other heavy shoes that stress my feet muscles, the weight of Sperry boat shoes is light, and it keeps my feet muscles in a convenient state. Walking around is pretty easy with Sperry boat shoes.

Similarly, when I got a pair of Quoddy boat shoes, I noticed that same experience. I did not weigh both shoes on a scale.

However, from the way my feet felt relaxed in both shoes, I can tell that they are both lightweight shoes.

The difference in their weight will be insignificantly small – compared to other boat shoes that are way heavier.

Therefore, when it comes to weight, Sperry and Quoddy shoes are lightweight shoes.

They will give your feet muscles a comfortable experience – even if you are going to be standing or walking for long hours during the day.

They both have similar designs

When it comes to design and attractiveness, Sperry and Quoddy brands make single-colored shoes.

Therefore, don’t expect to get a multi-colored shoe from these brands. Their shoes always have a blend of 2-3 single colors like black, black, or white/cream colors.

These brands do not make some of the most attractive shoes in the fashion industry. If you need to get an attractive shoe, then Sperry and Quoddy is not just the best place for you.

Although the designs are amazing and fashionable, the exotic and elegance are not flashy enough compared to other brands of shoes.

This is one of the trademarks of both brands. Therefore, you should know what to expect from these brands. They don’t make attractive shoes.

Similar outsole quality

Both brands have strong outsoles that can stand the test of time and usage. The rubber outsoles of Sperry and Quoddy are also water-resistant. Therefore, stability is ensured as you walk along slippery floor surfaces.

Furthermore, the outsoles have a little bit of cushioning, which will give you a soft pump as you walk around in both brands of shoes.

They have amazing outsoles. From my experience, I can give a guarantee when it comes to their outsoles.

If you want to differentiate between these brands by the outsoles, you might be more confused about which brand to select.

There are clear factors that will give you a direction, and we will get there in a minute.

From all of these similarities, you can clearly see for yourself that the questions in your heart and a lot of people’s hearts concerning both brands are justifiable.

No one will be able to tell the difference between both shoes easily. However, I have spotted out some differences that can give you a clear direction as regards which brand to go for depending on your need.

Let us look at the differences between both brands. This is where you will be able to know which brand to buy or not.

Differences between Quoddy and Sperry

Quoddy vs Sperry
Quoddy vs Sperry

In this section, I will give you the major differences between both brands. This will help you to make your buying judgment easily and without stress.

However, let me also say that both brands are good for you. You are going to enjoy both brands.

Therefore, the discrepancies are not to rate one brand over another. They are simply to help you make a sound buying judgment depending on your need.

S/no  Product differences
Sperry Quoddy
1 Affordability Sperry is cheaper than Quoddy Quoddy makes more expensive shoes than Sperry
2 Comfort Sperry does not break in easily. Therefore, you might experience a long time of discomfort at the initial stage Quoddy breaks in easily than Sperry
3 Sizing It has a normal and larger size depending on the width of your feet It is best to size down in Quoddy
4 Material quality Sperry is made of a stiffer material than Quoddy Quoddy is made of more elastic material than Sperry
5 Durability It has a tough build, which makes it last longer It is great in quality but does not last as long as Sperry
6 Outsole pattern Sperry has a higher heel than Quoddy Quoddy has flat outsoles

Sperry is more affordable

This is the first difference between both brands.

If you need to get a cheaper boat shoe between Sperry and Quoddy, then Sperry is the best for you.

Sperry makes cheaper shoes than Quoddy. From the reviews we got from users of both brands, it can be inferred and ascertained that Sperry is more economical and cost-friendly than Quoddy.

Therefore, if you need a cheap boat shoe, sperry is your pick.

Quoddy is a more comfortable shoe

When it comes to comfort, one of the major defining factors is the ability of the leather material to break in quickly and easily.

Therefore, if you need a shoe that breaks in quickly, then the Quoddy brand is the best pick.

Sperry will eventually break in, but it takes longer than Quoddy, which means you will experience a bit of discomfort much longer than you will experience with Quoddy.

Sperry is true to size but Quoddy is a bit tighter

If you want to enjoy your Sperry shoe, it is appropriate to size up or get your normal size – depending on the width of your feet.

However, if you want to enjoy your Quoddy, it is advisable to size down. This is because of the break-in process of Quoddy and how it creates enough space for your feet to breathe.

Ordering for your normal size will create too much space in your shoe.

Sperry has a stiffer material make up than Quoddy shoes

The material quality of both brands is top-notch. However, there are slight differences between them.

Sperry has a stiffer material than Quoddy. This is why it takes a longer time for it to break in.

However, the material of Quoddy expands quickly. Therefore, within days of light-wear, your Quoddy shoe will have broken in properly.

This is also the reason why you should size down whenever you want to buy Quoddy shoes.

Sperry shoes are more durable

Sperry has a rugged build than Quoddy. Therefore, even though it is cheaper and might give a longer discomfort period at the initial stage, you can be assured of its durability.

Quoddy is a great shoe. However, it will not survive for long under much-wearing pressure or under harsh usage conditions.

If you are looking for a stronger choice, then Sperry is the best pick.

Different outsole patterns

Let us look at the picture once more.

Quoddy vs Sperry
Quoddy vs Sperry

If you pay close attention to both shoes, you will observe that there is a slight difference in their outsole pattern.

Quoddy has flat outsoles while Sperry has a heel height at the heel region.

Therefore, it is expected to have a little height when you wear Sperry than Quoddy.

Furthermore, the heel height will serve as arch support to push up your heel from the floor surface and its impact from walking.

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From what we have seen, I am sure your questions have been answered. Therefore, use the information you have gotten to make the best buying decision between both brands.

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