Quoddy Maliseet vs Blucher: Which Is a Better Boat Shoe?

When looking for boat shoes, we tend to look for shoes that are non-slip, have great traction, and have soles made with rubber or other synthetic materials.

In this article, we’ll be looking at two brands of the best boat shoes which provide these features and more – the Quoddy Maliseet and blucher.

It’s a common dilemma for people not to be able to choose the best between these two shoes. Both Quoddy Maliseet and Quoddy Blucher are designed to be comfortable and versatile, perfect for both work and casual settings. 

The major difference between both shoes is that the toe on the Quoddy Blucher is squared while the Quoddy Maliseet is more rounded.

Quoddy Maliseet vs Blucher

In this article, we’ll be comparing these two boat shoes from Quoddy to decide which is the best for you!

Overview/first glance of each shoe

The initial glimpse at a pair of shoes should provide you with enough information to determine if they’re a suitable fit for you, taking into account the shoe’s entire look, feel, and style.

This provides you with an immediate assessment of the shoe, which is extremely essential.

Let’s see what our initial impressions of Quoddy Maliseet and Quoddy Blucher are:

Quoddy Maliseet

Quoddy Maliseet vs Blucher

  • Looks like a classic loafer
  • Quality and durable leather
  • Stylish and unique looking

My first impression of the Quoddy Maliseet is that it looks like a classic loafer. The upper is made of soft leather, with a perforated pattern on the sides, and a subtle Quoddy logo on the heel.

The sole is made from rubber and has more of an athletic shoe feel than a casual one.

The Quoddy Maliseet has been on my feet for about two weeks now, and I have to say that I really love them. They’re so comfortable and stylish that they’ve become my go-to shoe for any casual occasion.

These shoes run true to size and fit perfectly on my feet. There were no problems with sizing and they fit perfectly right out of the box!

The leather is high quality and durable. I am very impressed with how well they hold up over time.

I expected them to wear out quickly due to their lightweight, but they seem more durable than some other shoes that are much heavier.

They are also very stylish and unique-looking shoes, which makes them stand out from other brands of boat shoes that everyone else has in their closet.

 Quoddy Blucher

Quoddy Maliseet vs Blucher

  • Simple and clean look
  • Thick and durable leather
  • Has great interior lining
  • Full-grain oiled leather upper uppers

The first thing that drew me to these shoes was their looks. They’re simple and clean with just enough character to make them stand out from the crowd. The leather is thick and durable so it should last for years to come.

The quality of the leather is very good, the fit is spot on and the construction seems solid and well thought out. 

The sole is made from Vibram Cherrywood rubber which provides excellent traction and the heel has a metal plate embedded in it. The interior lining is nice with a small leather patch at the heel for added comfort.

The uppers are made from full-grain oiled leather with a layer of laces between two layers of leather on each side of the shoe.

There are no eyelets on this shoe, but instead, you will find four hooks at each end of the laces that lock into place when you tighten them up.

The laces also have metal tips on both ends that allow you to adjust how tight or loose they are around your ankle/leg.

Overall, I’d say that these are great-looking boat shoes that will work well with jeans or trousers for any occasion where you want to look sharp without breaking the bank.

Quoddy Maliseet vs Blucher: Let’s Compare

Feature Quoddy Maliseet Quoddy Blucher
Construction Hand welted and Blake-Rapid Good Year welted construction Goodyear welted construction
Stitching Traditional hand-sewn welt with a hand-sewn storm wel 8′ stitch machine sewn and handsewn sole
Leather Waxed leather Suede leather
Price $300 $250
Build quality The build quality of the Quoddy Maliseet is excellent. The leather is thick and substantial, yet supple, and the stitching is nice and tight The leather is thick and tough, yet supple and comfortable.  The stitching is sturdy and well attached to the leather 
Insole EVA foam Cushioned leather insole
Outsole Lugged rubber outsole with waffle tread pattern Fully lugged rubber outsole
Fit and sizing They also fit great and they run true to size They fit snugly and they run big
Style Casual, a bit rugged and durable than Blucher Stylish, simple, and clean

Quoddy Maliseet vs Blucher: Construction

The type of construction in the Quoddy Maliseet is a combination of hand welted and Blake-Rapid Good Year welted construction.

It is done on a saddle-stitched Goodyear welted shoe. The footbed of the shoe is made from a like-weight paper.

While the type of construction in the Quoddy Blucher is Goodyear welted construction. It is done on a Goodyear welted shoe. The Footbed of the shoe is made from leather material.

Quoddy Maliseet vs Blucher: Stitching

The Quoddy Maliseet uses the traditional hand-sewn welt with a hand-sewn storm welt.

Whereas, the Quoddy Blucher boot has two different types of stitching. There’s an 8-stitch machine sewn and a handsewn sole to give it some natural imperfections.

Quoddy Maliseet vs Blucher: Leather

The two different types of leather used in these two shoes reflect two different design philosophies. The Quoddy Maliseet features waxed leather which is more durable.

The Quoddy Blucher, however, features suede leather which is much more supple. This reflects the design philosophy of the company, which is to make a shoe that is both rugged and casual.

Quoddy Maliseet vs Blucher: Price

Quoddy Maliseet cost more than the Blucher.

Quoddy Maliseet vs Blucher: Build quality

The build quality of the Quoddy Maliseet is excellent. The leather is thick and substantial, yet supple, and the stitching is nice and tight.

The sole has an appropriate amount of flex and bounce, allowing you to move around in it without feeling like your feet are trapped in a cast.

While The build quality of the blucher is great too. The leather is thick and tough, yet supple and comfortable. It’s definitely not a thin, flimsy leather like many shoes today.

The stitching is sturdy and well attached to the leather without any loose threads or sloppy ends sticking out.

Quoddy Maliseet vs Blucher: Insole

The insoles of the Maliseet are EVA foam. Very durable and much more supportive than the insole of the Blucher which is cushioned leather.

Quoddy Maliseet vs Blucher: Outsole

The outsole of a Quoddy Maliseet boot has a lugged rubber outsole with a waffle tread pattern.

The rubber outsole of the Maliseet shoe is about 2 inches in height and has some extended traction to offer more grip when crossing the wet ground.

The outsole of a Quoddy Blucher has a fully lugged rubber outsole. The Blucher outsole is designed for more comfort and durability

Quoddy Maliseet vs Blucher: Fit and sizing

The Quoddy Maliseet runs true to size, however, the Blucher runs a little big.

Quoddy Maliseet vs Blucher: Style

The Quoddy Maliseet is a very casual shoe that’s a little bit more rugged and durable than the Quoddy Blucher.

The sole is thicker and the leather is heavier. It has a Vibram lug sole, which means it’s going to be more durable than the Blucher.

The stitching on the upper is more decorative, so it’s a little bit more dressy looking than the Quoddy Blucher.

The leather is also a bit thicker, so it won’t scuff as easily as the Quoddy Blucher, which has thinner leather and softer suede.

Pros and Cons of Quoddy Maliseet

Pros of Quoddy Maliseet

Quoddy Maliseet shoes are made from hand-sewn leather, which makes them very comfortable and durable.

They are also made from high-quality leather and have a rubber sole so that you can walk in them for years to come.

Quoddy Maliseets come in different colors, so you can choose a pair that matches your style. You can also get them in a variety of sizes and widths to ensure that they fit perfectly.

The biggest advantage of Quoddy Maliseets is their durability. They last for years without breaking down or looking worn out.

This means that you don’t have to buy new shoes as often as someone who wears other types of shoes would have to do.

Another advantage is that they are very comfortable. They are designed with comfort in mind and they include features such as padded insoles and padded collars around the ankles, which make them feel like slippers on your feet at all times.

The sole is thick and soft, and the upper is very flexible. The leather is very soft and supple, so it won’t rub against your skin like some other shoes do.

They’re waterproof!

The leather upper is waterproofed using a wax-based coating that keeps water out while still allowing airflow through the shoes. This keeps your feet dry and cool in all types of weather conditions!

The design is very attractive, simple, and stylish.

Cons of Quoddy Maliseet 

  1. The sole is very stiff, which makes it feel a little clunky when walking around.
  2. The leather upper on the Maliseet shoe will stretch out over time and this will make it difficult for you to keep your shoes fitting properly.

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Pros and cons of Quoddy Blucher

Pros of Quoddy Blucher

  1. Versatility

The Quoddy Blucher is a versatile shoe that can be worn with casual or business attire.

It looks great with jeans and a t-shirt, but it also works well with slacks and a dress shirt for more formal occasions.

  1. Comfort

The Quoddy Blucher is made from high-quality leather, so it is comfortable to wear all day long.

It also has a cushioned footbed that provides additional comfort, which makes this shoe ideal for those who spend long hours walking on hard surfaces at work.

The rubber sole also contributes to the comfort of these shoes, as it absorbs shock and reduces stress on your ankles and knees when you walk around all day long.

  1. Style

These shoes are available in a wide variety of styles and colors so that you can find one that suits your needs best.

You can buy them in brown, black, or grey suede leather or suede leather with contrast stitching in either black or brown threading depending on whether you want something classic or something more modern looking for your outfit.

  1. Goodyear welt construction for durability and flexibility
  2. Double leather outsole for good traction and durability
  3. Vegetable-tanned leather upper with a waxed finish for water resistance
  4. Classic moccasin construction, great for comfort and durability.

Cons of Quoddy Blucher

The Quoddy Blucher has some downsides, however.

  1. It’s not the best choice for hikers or anyone who spends a lot of time on their feet; the sole doesn’t provide much cushioning or arch support. The shoe isn’t very breathable either, so it can get hot in warm weather.
  2. The Quoddy Blucher also takes longer than average to break in. If you’re looking for an everyday shoe that will last for years, this might not be your best option because it can take up to three months before this pair becomes comfortable enough for everyday wear.


After looking at the comparison above, here’s my final verdict.

The Quoddy Maliseet is a better version of the Quoddy Blucher. It has a waterproofing treatment on the inside, which makes it much more durable.

The Quoddy Blucher is great for casual wear, but if you’re looking for a more durable shoe, go with the Maliseet.

The Quoddy Maliseet is better than the Quoddy Blucher because it has a more comfortable fit.

The shoes are made from Horween leather that is durable, but also soft and flexible.

These shoes are meant to be worn for a long time and last for many years. The soles of the shoes are made from Vibram rubber soles, which provide superior traction on wet surfaces.

These two styles have different purposes: the Maliseet are constructed for comfort and durability while the Blucher is meant for style and fashion.


We’ve finally come to the end of the long comparison between these two most popular hiking boots brands.

I’ve come to a conclusion that the Quoddy Maliseet is better than the Quoddy blucher because it has a more comfortable fit, it’s more durable and flexible.


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