Sebago Docksides vs Sperry Top Siders: Which Is Better?

“Sebago Docksides Vs Sperry Top Siders” has been a major argument on the internet as users of both brands claim that their favorite is the best.

On the other hand, newbies who are users of none, but are seeking answers to get the best boat shoes to do this research too just so they can get value for their money.

The major difference between Sebago Docksides and Sperry Top Siders is that Sebago boat shoes have a more ground feel, a modern fit, and use better material for lightweight while Sperry Docksides are more comfortable and with a better-cushioned insole.

Sebago Docksides vs Sperry Top Siders

Many users of both footwear have their preferences that resulted from how each brand has satisfied their personal needs. There have been different opinions on which among the two is the best.

Most of which are pretty subjective. However, in this article, I will analyze the features of each brand. I will also unveil their differences and similarities, and the functionality of each so it will become apparent to you which is best.

Which is better between Sebago Docksides and Sperry Top Siders

Sebago Docksides is better than Sperry Top Siders. However, we may also want to consider the fact that “better” is relative to every users’ preferences drawn from their satisfaction of having tried both, and how either Sebago Docksides or Sperry Top Siders met their personal/unique needs more.

But then, from a more logical analysis, regardless of what shoe met which need, It is safe to say that Sebago is better, and this is because it has a wider range of acceptance by users.

And like in every other case, popular demands and acceptability of a certain product, out of many of its kind, is an obvious proof of quality, and definitely the best – this is following the principle of criteria of valid inference and demonstration – logic.

Sebago Docksides became better than Sperry Top Siders, not because Sebago lost its value. It is only because, like many other inventions, inventions in their line of use that come after them, are a tad, or super better than the existing ones.

And this is practically seen in the case between these two shoes. However this is not to mean that Sebago Docksides do not have its shortcomings too, or areas where Sperry Top Siders suffice better. It is simply a case of popular demand drawn from an upgraded invention.

Why are Sebago Docksides better than Sperry Top Siders?

Sebago Docksides vs Sperry Top Siders

  • Sebago Docksides are closer to the ground and are more flexible
  • Sebago Docksides has more ground feel
  • Sebago Docksides has a more modern fit
  • Sebago Docksides uses better material
  • Sebago wins for better quality control

Sebago Docksides are closer to the ground and are more flexible

Both Sebago and Sperry are boat shoes. And it is only good that for every boat shoe to function properly, they should be flexible and should be close to the ground enough to serve the primary purpose for which they are made.

But when a supposed boat shoe becomes less sufficient enough in this regard, it loses a good amount of relevance. And this is the case with the Sperry Top Siders – hence, Sebago wins here.

Sebago Docksides has more ground feel

The Sebago Docksides also has a more ground feel than the Sperry Top Siders, especially the neoprene iteration of the Sebago. They are designed to be more comfortable for a relatively long time use during a sail than Sperry.

But quite fair to say that both can suffice for orthopedic needs. Even though they are not designed for all-day use, but to help with grip, balance, and support when sailing.

Sebago Docksides has a more modern fit and has better lightweight attributes

It is good that there is an upgrade in the scheme of things. Be it design or the general modus operandi of whatever.

This is usually done to better existing trends. And for this reason, the designers of Sebago have wittingly infused the modern fit that should help in lessening the hurdles the people get to face during their sailing hours.

Plus, no one wants to be saddled with the task of having to deal with weighty boat shoes. Sebago deals with this problem by making their boat shoes lighter in weight relative to their Sperry counterparts.

Sebago Docksides uses better material

It is no news that the extent of the general functionality and quality of every shoe, both in comfortability and longevity, has a direct proportionality to the quality of the material adopted for their design.

While Sperry Top Siders use a good material for its design, Sebago Docksides use a better one. The upper of Sperry Top Siders feature a medium quality of full-grain leather, whereas Sebago Docksides features a full-grain waxy pull-up leather upper. Perfect!

Sebago wins for better quality control

Both Sebago and Sperry are of American heritage and have their roots traceable to the US. Owners of both companies happen to be the same and based in Michigan, nonetheless, Wolverine Worldwide.

However, when it comes to the construction of other shoes, it is sourced overseas. Regardless of these facts, reviewers have proven that the quality control of Sebago supersedes that of Sperry, with a better mindful construction too.

NOTE: The better option here as explained is only the resolution of popular demand. So you should understand that while Sebago is the “best” here, it would be wise to understand both and know the extent of ground feel, flexibility, fit, and all about each shoe as it meets your personal need so that you can stick to what works for you.

S/n Features Sebago Docksides
 Sperry Top Siders
1 Flexibility Sebago Docksides has more flexibility than Sperry Top Siders Sperry Top Siders are a tad flexible but not as much as Sebago.
2 Ground feel Sebago has a more ground feel than Sperry, especially the neoprene iteration. Testers and users of both brands have confessed to having found Sebago with more ground feel than Sperry.
3 Fit and weight Sebago brand has the modern type of fitting which many people find cool. Even though the fit of Sperry is a tad outdated, people still find it cool
4 Material quality Both are made of leather. But the adopted leather for Sebago design beats that of Sperry. Sperry has quality leather, however, Sebago still wins.
5 Quality control The quality control of Sebago is top-notch While it is true that Sperry has good quality control, it is nothing close to Sebago.

Sebago Docksides Vs Sperry Top Siders: Differences

While there are easily noticeable similarities between shoes from both brands that bring them to an extent of conformity, there are also differences.

Segabo docksides’ flexibility allows for an easier break-in than Sperry top siders

You can always get a slippery Sebago boat shoe that will fit your feet perfectly whether you are having slender or wide feet. This is because of the good extent of flexibility that Sebago has.

But, this is not the case with Sperry Top Siders. Most people opt for breaking their boat shoes without good fitting. But breaking these shoes is pretty uncomfortable.

Besides, it takes time before these broken shoes stop being inconvenient by pinching your skin. Nonetheless, they become good in the long run. But which would you rather pick; one with good fitting on arrival or one that needs to be broken first?

Their appearances

There is a visible difference between Sperry Top Siders and Sebago Docksides viewing from a stylistic standpoint. Although both of them use leather, their designs differ – both in design and in color.

You can easily notice their differences in designs. It’s up to you to choose the one that suits you even though both have their soles made from rubber and leather.

(a). Design

Most Sperry boat shoes are designed to be loose in the heel area and narrow in the toe. Some users, in an effort to beat this, try to size up a bit just so they have a good space to accommodate their toe areas.

The Sebago design on the other hand fits well in both the toe and heel area, however, you need to further break to not be too hard on the foot.

(b). Style

You could easily tell both shoes apart from a distance as Sperry styles up its shoes with brighter pop colors whereas Sebago uses neutral colors – these are mostly taupe, gray, beige, cream, and a few others, most of which are mutated shades that comes off as though they lack color, but possess underlying hues that compliment secondary and primary colors.

Sperry construction leverages medium-quality full-grain leather while Sebago uses full-grain waxy pull-up leather

The constructions of both shoes are done with string materials. This is so they are able to withstand the hurdles that come with boating. But then, Sperry uses medium-quality full-grain leather, and Sebago uses full-grain waxy pull-up leather.

This simply translates to the fact that the leather used for the Sebago brands is of more quality than that used in Sperry. This construction, in turn, helps in making Sebago the ideal boating shoe with a good extent of durability.

Sebago Docksides are more comfortable than Sperry Top Siders

Sperry Top Siders are a bit closer to the ground. This makes some users feel comfortable and will vote Sebago for a better level of comfort over Sperry.

However, the design of Sperry holds the foot in so much tenderness during long for long-standing hours other users find this soothing and will vote Sperry as being more comfortable over Sebago. It is up to your unique need to find out which one works better for you.

Sperry Top Siders has a variety of shoe colors to Sebago Docksides

Indeed, both shoes were initially made for boating. But their use has long encroached the boating borders. They are now used for different purposes ranging from formal to informal.

Most people use them for different occasions because the shoes have different cool designs that are cool with a variety of outfits. Sperry beats Sebago in terms of colors in the Sebago Docksides vs Sperry Top Siders battle.

The Sperry brand has a relatively wider range of colors with regard to pop colors. Nonetheless, Sebago is bigger on neutral colors.

Sebago Docksides Vs Sperry Top Siders: Similarities

Sebago Docksides vs Sperry Top Siders
Sperry Top Siders Boat Shoes

Both brands are of the Wolverine Worldwide family

Sperry Top Siders and Sebago are both owned and managed by the same Wolverine Worldwide family. While the brands have some differences in their functionality and some of their outlook, they are brought to an extent under an extent of conformity.


Sebago and Sperry do not cost much. They are less pricey compared to other boating shoes. Sperry, which has been in existence 10 years ahead of Sebago, is more popular for being more affordable.

What happens is, the owner of both brands have been in the boating shoe business for quite a while to be able to beat down its price to gain more customers and not run at loss.

This is because its track record has created goodwill. But newer brands of boating shoes may not succeed if they take the same route of the “price-to-gain” strategy.


Both Sperry and Sebago are quite durable compared to other shoes designed by other manufacturers. Although it is inarguable that Sebago beats Sperry in lasting longer.

But when both shoes were placed side by side with other shoes and given to users to use and give feedback, their extent of durability beats many boat shoes.

Despite the slight difference between the quality of full-grain waxy pull-up leather and medium-quality full-grain leather, they are within the same range of durability.


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