North Face vs Timberland Hiking Boots: Which Is Better?

Timberland Hiking boots are not the only option for footwear when it comes to hiking.

They are not made flexible and strong enough to withstand the rigorous terrains such as the ones you are bound to encounter when hiking.

North Face hiking boots on the other hand couldn’t serve better in this aspect, in fact, this is one of the differences they share.

The fact is that one is better off being a hiking boot and the other is more fashionable compared to the other. The North Face Hiking Boot is equally durable as Timberland Hiking Boots.

North Face vs Timberland Hiking Boots

First glance

North Face Hiking Boots

  • Perfect display of synthetic material
  • Credible traction outer sole
  • Flexible shoelace for enhanced fitting
  • Ankle and toe protection
  • Padded heel

When you look up the North Face hiking boots and shoes in general, you will notice a perfect display of synthetic leather which helps with the shoes’ abrasion and water-resistant feature.

These shoes are made with some strong soles for the sole purpose of making them have a strong grip on the terrain you are hiking on.

They have padded soles that can be seen from the outside, this should boost your confidence in engaging rigorous terrains without fear of the unknown, the toe area is fully protected, and also the ankle in most models released recently.

Fitting is assured as they come with shoelaces to customize the fitting for you.

Timberland Hiking Boot

  • Rugged exterior
  • Well known Timberland sole
  • Perfect display of Nubuck Leather
  • Shoelace for customized fitting
  • Iron eyelets for durability

The Timberland boots are made classical and fashionable; they are more like a fashionable version of the North Face hiking boots.

The Timberland boots are made with the well-known Timberland sole which gives them just enough traction to walk on normal grounds and surroundings.

They also have flexible shoelaces for customized fitting, and also they come with iron eyelets for the durability of the fitting system.

The leather is of top quality, nubuck is considered one of the strongest leather materials and this is what Timberland uses for their upper.

Although there are a variety of leathers used by Timberland to make sure each shoe serves as supposed, nubuck is one of the most frequently used.

North Face vs Timberland Hiking Boots: Comparison

Here we will go ahead to compare both brands and hiking boots to choose which one is better and recommended above the other.

This comparison is done with the aim of defining individual characteristics or features, which is rather the right word to use, for each shoe and brand in general.

There are key factors that make up good and quality shoes, from the leather they were manufactured with to the things you stand to benefit when you wear them and also the price tag attached to each piece of footwear.

Comparison North Face Hiking Boots Timberland Hiking Boots
Stitching More Durable Less Durable
Leather Draw Draw
Price More Expensive Less Expensive
Build Quality Draw Draw
Insole Draw Draw
Outsole Draw Draw
Fit and Sizing Fits True to size Regular Size might feel tight Initially
Style Draw Draw

North Face vs Timberland Hiking Boots: Stitching

The stitching of the North Face hiking boot is uniquely done. Each stitch is made to be durable and stylish to ensure both durability and rugged looks.

These shoes are stitched using all-purpose nylon sewing thread, with caution to not damage the exterior of the North Face shoes and also ensure they are well stitched to ensure longevity.

Timberland boots are mostly glued, a single layer of glue is used in holding the whole shoe together.

This is done professionally; the only place you will see the stitching on the Timberland boots is on the exterior which doesn’t really have a special effect as the main factor holding the shoe together is the glue.


In this case, the North Face hiking boots are liable to last longer than the Timberland hiking boots.

In watery circumstances, the Timberland boots might fall apart since they are glued but the North Face hiking boots will remain standing since they are stitched to some extent.

North Face vs Timberland Hiking Boots: Leather

These North Face Hiking Boots are made with Full-grain leather material.

This is more like a combination, the upper is made with leather, breathable felted wool, and also calfskin to ensure longevity and of course breathability.

Timberland hiking boots are made with Nubuck leather, this is considered one of the greatest leathers which contributes to how durable and promising the Timberland boots are.

The process of acquiring the desired taste in the leather entirely is genuinely professional, it will interest you to know that the hides for the leather are gotten from cattle reared in the USA.

Winner: Both types of leather are strong and credible so this part of the comparison is a draw.

North Face vs Timberland Hiking Boots: Price

The North Face forecast that is equally a recommended hiking boot costs a Whooping price of $145.

Although the price for this totally depends on the store you are getting yours, the pricing may be different with different stores.

The Timberland Mt. Maddsen hiking boots cost just $115 at the Timberland official store.

The price may differ if you try to get a pair from another store so you should keep an eye out.


Timberland is considered the less expensive in this aspect of the comparison.

North Face vs Timberland Hiking Boots: Build Quality

North Face hiking boots are waterproof shoes that provide strong and high-quality grip to the ground or rather terrain you are walking on.

Regardless of the kind of soul you are on, they are made strong enough to give you a balanced approach whenever you engage in terrains that are even unequal physically.

The design is comfortable and will keep your foot warm and protected from cold and also rigid terrains.

Timberland are also waterproof hiking boots with a quality outsole that will give you the right amount of balance you deserve even walking on uneven terrains.

Winner: Draw

North Face vs Timberland Hiking Boots: Insole

North Face hiking boots have ergonomic and well-cushioned insoles that are very comfortable and come recommended for hiking.

They are supportive and ideal for long-distance hiking they last long and will last longer if you get two to shuffle with.

Timberland hiking boots are keeping it comfortable with their respective customers with the production of their Pro insoles.

This insole is trimmed to make up a perfect fit for your foot. They offer an anti-fatigue feature and are carefully engineered to offer comfort and enhance your performance.

They are removable and replaceable in a situation whereby you need to change them to a more comforting one.


Since most insoles from hiking boots are removable, you can easily replace your inserts with a medically fit one if the need arises, so you can enjoy full-scale comfortability and support from your boots.

North Face vs Timberland Hiking Boots: Outsole

The outsole of the North Face hiking boot is made to withstand rough terrains so that even when you walk on uneven ground you won’t feel any change.

They are however not only made to offer balance on uneven ground, but they also are strong and have anti-slip feature which adds to your protection from whenever you walk on slippery grounds too.

The outsole is built with the heart of an adventurer.

Timberland soles are made of molded rubber that is injected with the aim of making the normal synthetic rubber you know into a hybrid for enhanced durability, maximum grip, and also longevity.

They are waterproof and have strong traction as supposed for hiking boots.

The outsole gives a strong grip to any kind of terrain you walk on, your adventure just got better.

Winner: Draw

North Face vs Timberland Hiking Boots: Fit and sizing

The North Face boots normally fit true to size, it is appropriate to take on your normal size in order to have a normal fit, the shoelace enables a customized fitting.

If you want a roomy fit, you can take up a size up since they come with shoelaces you can adjust the fitting around the ankle to a suitable and fitting one.

Timberland fits bigger than most of your average fitting shoes, at first they feel tight but with time they will be soft and flexible which will turn them into a perfect fit and in some cases a half size bigger than your regular fit.

They are capable of stretching with regular use.


Regular hiking boots are expected to fit normal, and also expected to have a snug fit around the ankle and the heel side, this is to ensure a firmer grip to the wearer for when you engage in uneven terrain.

North Face vs Timberland Hiking Boots: Style

Shoes from the North Face are unique, comfortable to rock, and also protective to some models extent.

To consider their hiking boots, you can rock them for minor adventures not necessarily hiking, they are versatile and can equally be worn for running.

Timberland is an essential wear when we talk about styling, you can easily look sleek with no effort at all if you can style your Timberland with a pair of skinny jeans and a top.

You won’t look any less sleek and updated with fashion.

The Timberland hiking boots are versatile and as fashionable as any of the footwear produced by Timberland manufacturers.

They are sleek, quality and durable, and above all extremely versatile.

Winner: Draw

Take Away

My takeaway today will be the North Face hiking boots, if I am to select one based on using it solely for hiking purpose.

Timberland is a popular brand that makes them more fashionable than most footwear so I would consider taking one for the fact that I can use them for other adventures not necessarily hiking.

For hiking, the best in this comparison is the North Face hiking boots. They are good quality, strong and durable and to some extent, they are versatile too.

You can own a couple of the North Face hiking boots for hiking purposes and then own the Timberland boots for other activities as the case may be.

You can equally use Timberland hiking boots for hiking, the fact is, however, they won’t last long with regular use.


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