Do Timberland Crease?

Yes, Timberland crease. Typically, Timberland shoes are made with leather and after a while, that leather has been used, it would begin to crease. The same goes for Timberland boots since they are made with Nubuck leather, they would begin to crease as time goes by.

Most people wear Timberland boots even when it is creasing because it is actually normal for a leather boot to crease but with time the creasing begins to get unbearable that you won’t be able to wear it out anymore.

Do Timberland Crease?

Timberland is bound to crease because of the material used to make it or how you maintain it. You do not need to toss your Timberland away because it is creasing, there are ways by which you can get rid of the creasing, and also stop your Timberland boots from creasing you have to take care of it.

I’d discuss all these in this article, but before that, let’s discuss why Timberland crease.

Why do Timberland crease?

A lot of people that have experienced their Timberland creasing, begin to ask questions on why the Timberland crease, and in this article, I’d be doing justice to this question.

Timberland can not just crease for no reason, there are reasons why they crease and I will list them below.

  1. The material.
  2. Improper maintenance.
  3. The fitting.

The material

Some Timberland boots are made of Nubuck leather while some are made with suede leather upper. Creasing happens in the Nubuck/suede leather because of the bending in the sole which is a result of when you walk.

To explain further, when walking, the leather tends to bend in the movement of your feet so that you can feel comfortable. If your Timberland boots do not bend when you walk, it would be so painful for you to walk in them and you would not enjoy wearing them.

When the soles bend continuously, the boots will begin to adapt to them which would cause the Timberland boots to crease. In most cases, Nubuck/suede leather of low quality is bound to crease more than Nubuck/suede leather of high quality.

Improper maintenance

If you do not take care of it, then it would crease and you would not like the looks of it. When you purchase your Timberland boots, purchase leather spray so you can use it to take care of your boots and prevent it from creasing.

In everything and anything you purchase, maintenance is very important. When you maintain your Timberland boots properly they would not crease.

When I say maintain I mean taking care of your Timberland boots. The Timberland is indeed bound to crease over time, but there are sprays you can use to take care of your Timberland after you purchase them.

Loose-fitting based on the large boot size

A lot of people tend to purchase shoes that are bigger than their legs because they do not want them to get too tight for time as time goes by.

This is something that you have done and something that I have done but little do you know that if the shoe doesn’t fit your leg perfectly the boots or shoes will crease.

When the shoe is too big there is a gap between your toes and the boots and it would reduce the foot’s strength to match the shoe or boot which would cause your boot to crease.

Do not buy boots that are not fitted because if the boot does not fit your feet, as you walk the sole will bend continuously and when the boots adapt to the bending, it will begin to crease.

How to get rid of creases on Timberland?

Do Timberland Crease?

Just like people say, before you can get the solution to your problem, you have to figure out where the problem is coming from or what the problem is. As of now, I’m sure you must have figured out why your Timberland crease. The next thing is the solution to the problem.

There are a few ways to get rid of creases on your Timberland and I’d list the steps to follow. Do not panic, I said a few and they are not difficult to follow.

Make use of a leather oil

When you purchase your Timberland and start wearing it out, and you notice that it is already creasing, purchase leather oil and get a dry cloth.

  • Put a drop of the oil you purchased on the creasing part.
  • Then use the dry cloth to massage the oil on the creasing part of the Timberland and as you are massaging with the dry cloth and oil also stretch out that part.
  • When the shoe has absorbed the oil, put the shoe on a shoe tree so it can stretch out completely before you make use of it the next time.

Make use of alcohol

I know how bad you will feel when you see that the Timberland boots you bought about a few weeks or months back are already creased and the looks of it are not bearable. Then you might choose to toss it away or choose to treat it.

You do not need to toss it away, the use of alcohol can help you get rid of the creasing and make your Timberland new. I’d list the pieces of equipment to use and the method to follow.

  • Spraying bottle
  • Rubbing alcohol
  • Dry cloth
  • Leather conditioner
  • Shoe tree or stretcher


  1. Fill the Spraying bottle with a half cup of water and half portion of the rubbing alcohol.
  2. Shake the solution and spray it on the creased part of the Timberland.
  3. Take your dry cloth or towel and massage the creased part.
  4. When you are done massaging, allow the solution to dry.
  5. Then treat every part of the boots with a leather conditioner and put it on a shoe stretcher to stretch it before your next outing.

You can make use of this method and it would surely take away the crease but this has its side effect on the boots which is drying off the leather and making it more prone to creasing. So if you keep using this step it would dry the leather and make it more prone to creasing.

So, I wouldn’t advise you to make use of this step but if you are okay with it then you can go ahead and follow the steps.

Make use of iron to remove creases

This method might be a little stressful because of the iron you would be using and do not forget we are working on Nubuck leather but even as stressful as it might be, it would work so perfectly. You would be needing a few pieces of equipment before you begin the process.


  • Newspaper
  • Tape
  • Water
  • Towel
  • Iron


  1. Get the newspaper and cut it to the shape of your feet, use the tape to tape it so it would still retain the shape, and put it inside the Timberland.
  2. Dip the towel inside water, remove the laces of the boots, and put the wet towel on the creased part of the boots.
  3. Plug your iron into the socket and let it get hot. When it is already hot, start ironing the towel that is placed on the creased part of the Timberland. The steam coming out while ironing the towel will stretch out the nubuck leather.
  4. After ironing, do not remove the cloth or towel from the boot until it is cool, when it is cool, remove the cloth or towel and let the boot dry.
  5. Remove the newspaper from the boots and place the boots on a shoe stretcher to stretch before the next use.

Chase out Timberland creases by steaming

This method is another option that you can follow if you do not want to make use of the ironing process and it works perfectly. There is also equipment to use when you want to follow this step.


  • Newspaper
  • Dry cloth
  • Shoe stretch
  • Steamer


  1. Just like what you did during the ironing process, cut the newspaper to your feet size, tape it to maintain the size, and put it in the boots.
  2. Put off the laces before placing the dry cloth on the creased part of the boots.
  3. Plug the steamer till it is hot, place the steamer carefully on the cloth, and do not leave the cloth on one spot while using the steamer so that you will not apply too much heat on that part,
  4. When you are done, remove the newspaper and place it on a shoe stretcher to stretch.

How to take care of your Timberland shoes?

Do Timberland Crease?

Taking care of Timberland is very important for it to last longer. If you do not take care of your Timberland, not only will it not last long, it will crease. Who would purchase those expensive pairs of boots and not want them to last longer?

Of course, no one would want that so it is important to take care of your Timberland.  As I said earlier, Timberland is made with nubuck leather so cleaning or taking care of it would not be difficult to do.

Cleaning your Timberland boots is also part of taking care of it. To clean the boots you have to get a few pieces of equipment and I would list them below.

  1. Use Leather or boot brush- Boot cleaner scraper
  2. Boot Wipes
  3. Boot sauce leather cleaner
  4. Balm proofer water and stain repellent or you can purchase any one of your choice based on the fabric of your boots

The steps can be applied to any kind of leather but it is advisable to be sure of the kind of leather your Timberland is made with so you can know what product to purchase.

Take your time to follow the steps listed below:

Step 1: To ensure that you clean the entire boot, put off the laces.

Step 2: Make use of the leather brush (like this on Amazon)

To scrub away all the dirt in the Timberland. Do this step at least twice to be sure that there is no dirt in the boots.

Step 3: Make use of wipes to clean the outer part of the boots carefully.

Step 4: Make use of the boot sauce leather cleaner or any leather cleaner that is good for your boot fabric.

Step 5: Put the moisture on a sponge or the applicator included in the product and start scrubbing carefully.

Step 6: Purchase a leather brush and use it to buff your boots.

When you buff your Timberland it would keep it new at all times.

Step 7: Use Balm Powder

Use Balm proofer water and stain repellent or any stain remover that is good for your boot type and remove any stain that is on the boots with the product.

Step 8: Wash your lace

Take the lace you removed from your boots and wash them. After washing and drying them, re-lace your boots.


Timberland crease because of the material used to make it which is nubuck leather, how it is being maintained, and also the fitting.

It is normal for leather to crease after it has been worn for a long time but most shoes that are purchased in big size are bound to get creased because there is a space between the foot and the shoe which causes the upper part of the boot to bend in.

However, there are ways by which you can get rid of the crease and they are by ironing, steaming, the use of leather oil, and rubbing alcohol. You just need to get the equipment I mentioned in each step above and follow the methods.

Taking care of Timberland is very important so that it can last longer and so that it would not crease. Get the things I mentioned above and follow the steps above.

I hope everything I mentioned above works for you and I hope I have done justice to all the questions above. Let me know your thoughts in the comments below.


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