Are Men’s Crocs Wider Than Women’s

First off, there is really no such thing as Men’s crocs and Women’s crocs. While crocs are generally unisex, they are only named ‘men’s’ or ‘women’ s’ because some of the designs suits men more than women’s and vice versa.

This suitability can be a result of color, design, features, shape, or fit. Speaking about fit, it is widely believed that crocs for men are wider and chunkier than those that are worn by women, and this is true.

There are plenty of wide clogs to choose from which can also look good on women, but particularly, the ones named men’s crocs are more likely wider than that of their counterparts.

Are Men’s Crocs Wider Than Women’s

In a recent post where we discussed the difference between men’s and women’s crocs, it was established that Men’s Crocs are chunkier and wider while women’s Crocs are a little slimmer in design.

What makes them so? – (Explained)

The shape and fit options offered by the many types of crocs footwear, as we will see later on, is the focal point of distinction when it comes to sizes of men and women crocs.

Either Men or women crocs could be narrow size or wide, what matters is the fit that reflects the difference.

The main reasons why men crocs are seen to be wider than women’s is:

  1. Many of the designs that offer the roomiest fit, for example, the original style Classic Clog, features a heel-hugging back strap, making it more suitable for the shape of the average man’s feet while adding stability.
  2. You must have observed that many of the crocs under the wide fit category are labeled men’s crocs while a few others are named unisex. In those designers, the feet are prevented from meeting the sides due to the generous length.
  3. Crocs that suit men more are usually roomier across the top compared to that of the women’s crocs. This does not mean that both aren’t breathable. They both are.

It is for this reason that most of the crocs under the relaxed fit category of crocs lineup are ascribed to women because while there is a little room, it offers a more secure fit than the roomy styles of men’s crocs.

Sitting on the fence of it all is those under the standard fits of the product lineup and usually more suitable as unisex crocs. The heel in these rests securely.

Do men’s Crocs run big or small?

Are Men’s Crocs Wider Than Women’s

Generally speaking, Crocs run true to size, being men’s or women’s. However, there is a high probability that the sizing varies and this depends on the particular type of shoe you have chosen to buy.

Now that you know that there are high chances of having men’s crocs designed with wide feet in mind, such as this Crocs Bistro Clogs, you can expect them to run a little big.

Again, this is based on the design you are going for. While they all run true to size, you should care to read some reviews on the product you have in mind to see if those who have bought the shoe have complaints about it running big or small.

All and above, Men’s Crocs sizing and fit are expected to vary, and the outcome after purchase might appear a little big because of the diverse preference of their large number of customers.

It is not an awful situation if a croc you order runs a little small as there are approaches to make it fit perfectly. But when it runs big, you want to make sure the sizing isn’t enormously out of place such that you can’t comfortably wear it out.

Hence, you must know what to look out for when shopping for men’s crocs.

What to check before you buy your Crocs as a man

Normally, when you are considering crocs to buy, just as with any other type of shoe, you want to prioritize comfort.

It is a good thing that crocs are one of the best footwear that boasts of easy-to-wear design – So, it is not a difficult find. Related factors like colour, aesthetics, and overall appearance should also be considered.

But, one of the vital things, particularly about men’s crocs, to put in mind as you shop for one, is to be sure that the footwear will stand the test of time, and then it will fit your feet perfectly without any issues.

Relatively, this is determined by any of the three kinds of croc fit you have in mind to buy from, as mentioned earlier. They are:

  • Roomy fit
  • Standard fit
  • Relaxed fit

Many of the men’s crocs under the roomy fit feature a heel-hugging back strap for more stability. So when you wear these crocs, ensure your feet aren’t meeting the sides and your toes aren’t touching the front that much.

As for men’s crocs under the standard fits, you should expect a more snug fit than the roomy ones, but not tight.

Here, you want to check that your heel is resting securely and the shoe isn’t riding up and down.

Also, your fit should be well hugged by the slides, top, and arch area of the footwear as your toe keeps a reasonable distance from the front.

If you are purchasing the men’s crocs from an online store, it is quite impossible to be sure of these things.

So, I recommend you go through the crocs size chart and then match it with the information provided on the particular crocs you intend to buy so that you can be sure that everything related to sizing and fitting adds up.

What to check before you buy your Crocs as a woman

Are Men’s Crocs Wider Than Women’s

Except you have wide feet many of your preferred women’s croc footwear will fall under the relaxed fit category and there are certain things you need to be sure of when shopping for these women’s crocs.

First off, you should expect a little room, but ensure that it has a secure fit which is usually more than the roomy models.

You can determine if you prefer ones with laces or straps, the best choice should be one that ensures stability best as you walk. But I feel ones with straps are easier to wear and maintain than those with lace designs.

Also, make sure that there is a slight amount of room around the perimeter of the foot and the shoe walls don’t have to necessarily kiss the sides of your feet but this can happen occasionally as you use the crocs.

What is more essential is that you have a feel of the secure fit of the shoe and a relaxed one across the top of your foot.

Typical women’s crocs come in different shapes, designs and are manufactured for various specific seasons, events, or activities which determines what you should look out for. But focusing on the fitting and size is the crux of a comfortable experience in those shoes.

Again, you can always find the perfect women’s crocs size for you depending on what shoe you’re planning to buy.

How are Crocs supposed to fit when newly bought?

As mentioned earlier, crocs usually run true to size so you can expect them to fit as described.

However, there is a probability of experiencing otherwise especially when purchased online. In many cases, they end up appearing a little bit tight.

In such a situation, here is something you can do to loosen your crocs up from the box.

First, you can place them in the dryer with towels and then leave the warmth to diffuse uniformly for about 180 seconds.

Afterward, remove them from the dryer while they are still hot. At this point, the croc is flexible so you can put them. Remember to put on thick socks before doing so.

You can walk around the house 2ith them for some minutes as the temperature reduces. By doing this, the material of the crocs is stretched to fit your feet size comfortably.

If it appears to be too free, you can reverse the situation and make them contract by putting them back into the dryer and then leaving to cool.

There are many other ways people go about handling the situation of wrong fitting after buying a new croc shoe, but this is, by far, the safest and most effective, and can be done without the intervention of any shoe professional.


While there might not be what we call actual men’s and women’s crocs, it is a pure fact that some of the crocs are designed to suit men more than women and vice versa.

We have been able to establish the fact that, of a truth, men’s crocs can appear wider and chunkier compared to that of their counterparts.

The confusion around Crocs sizing has been out there for quite some time.

But from the above article, I strongly believe that you’ve grasped an idea of the question, “Are men’s crocs wider than women’s?”

All and above, different Crocs models have been designed for different fitting as they are meant for various seasons and activities; all these play a major role in the shape and size of a croc shoe.

Nevertheless, comfy and casual remain the two main points used to describe all crocs shoes – both for men and women alike.


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