Luna vs Bedrock Sandals: Comparison

Sandals are easy slip-on footwears that give a simple and casual outlook. They are very light and comfy.

Sandals are made to meet the various needs of the wearer at any point in time and Luna and Bedrock are no exceptions. Though similar to each other, they also have their differences that make each sandal unique and desirable.

The major difference between them is that Bedrock sandals are simple and durable, long-lasting, and known mainly for outdoor activities while Luna sandal is a protective sandal that helps to protect the feet from foot problems and at the same time maintains its other features. 

Luna vs Bedrock Sandals

If you are looking for a nice and simple sandal for a vacation or one you can wear for camping or hiking, or you need a nice and strong pair for an adventure? then, Bedrock sandals are your go-to sandals.

Meanwhile, if you are looking for a comfortable and supportive sandal that gives optimum protection for your feet while walking or running, then a pair of Luna sandals is what you need.

Why Luna is better (My Opinion)

The feet are sensitive and have sensory feelings for any movement. All muscles and joints in the body are in one way or the other connected to the feet. In other words, whatever affects the feet affects the whole body.

Research has shown that people do not get their desired health potential because of dysfunctional feet. This is caused by poorly designed and overly protective shoes.

Do you know that the cause of knee injuries, back problems, and shin split is a result of heavy and overly padded footwear?

This is why Luna helps to protect the feet from these problems by being lightly weighted and having little padding on the sole. Luna makes sandals that give feet the freedom to get stronger and breathable each day.

Luna sandal offers good foot health and makes walking enjoyable and fun with each step. It is made of super quality materials which enables it to be strong and reliable when it is worn.

This sandal is super comfortable, light-weighted, durable, and simple. It is easy to slip on and pack when going for a trip or vacation.

It is an amazing pair for sweaty feet because there is enough room for air to touch the feet and keep them dry always. This sandal is best for running, hiking, and long walks.

Their firm strap system enables the feet to stay in place during movement. It is hard-wearing with a nylon lacing system and a stretchy pad at the back.

Luna is popularly known to be “a barefoot sandal.” A barefoot sandal is a sandal that has very little padding on the sole.

This type of sandals helps you to feel the ground while walking or running. It helps to avoid or prevent some common toe, foot, and leg problems. Luna is known to be a “barefoot sandal” because it possesses little padding and is lightweight.

It helps the feet to be free and at the same time firm. It improves balance, stabilizes movement, enables maximum foot health, and relieves foot pain.

Features of the Luna Sandals

Luna vs Bedrock Sandals

  • Ultra weight
  • No smell
  • Very comfy and durable
  • Easy to pack
  • Great for watersports
  • Long-lasting
  • Protects the feet


The weight of a Luna sandal is incredibly light. It weighs about 4.5 ounces. This feature makes it very comfy on the feet, it helps the wearer to walk smartly and make walking enjoyable.

It also provides maximum comfort to hikers and campers because wearing a Luna sandal feels like walking barefooted. Do you know that heavy footwear contributes to some common foot problems?

No smell

An interesting feature indeed, this sandal is odor resistant. With Luna sandals, the wearer does not have to worry about sweaty feet.

This is because it is open to the air and as such the feet are always dry and warm and this eventually prevents odor.

Very comfy and durable

This pair of sandals are very comfy and as well durable. It can last for quite some time before it begins to wear out. Its little padding enables it to be comfy and helps the wearer carry out activities effectively.

Easy to pack

Luna sandals can take only a little space in a backpack when going for a trip or vacation. Unlike boots that can take a lot of space, Luna sandals occupy very little room in the backpack.

Great for water sports

Luna sandals are excellent for playing watersports. You can try it out as one of yours for kayaking, rafting, and even swimming. The firm grip helps your feet stay in place as you ‘water’ along.

The strapping style keeps the feet firm and stable during movement in the water.


It is made from quality materials which enables it to last long.

Protects the feet

It protects the feet from foot problems. Research has shown that heavy and overly padded footwear contributes to shin splints, knee injuries, and back problems.

Being light in weight, Luna helps to protect the feet from common foot problems.

Features of Bedrock sandals

Luna vs Bedrock Sandals

  • It is good for outdoor adventures
  • It has a simple thing-styled strapping
  • Durable and comfortable
  • Strong footbed
  • Versatile
  • Long-Lasting

It is good for outdoor adventures

Bedrock sandals are made of strong and quality materials that make all outdoor adventures enjoyable, comfortable and fun.

It can be worn by campers and hikers, it is simple, light, and capable of handling anything in the environment. It is made to be able to withstand tough and rocky environments.

It has a simple thong-styled strapping

If you have worn a pair of Bedrock sandals before, you would know that this is a perfect way of describing this sandal.

This thong strapping style helps to give a firm grip to the feet when carrying out any outdoor activities. This design helps the feet to stay put and not to slip with any movement.

Durable and comfortable

The materials are strong and repairable. It can last a reasonable period of time for the wearer. It is more durable, functional, and comfortable especially for traveling, long walks, boating, hiking, and camping.

The straps, toe loops, and quality footbeds also give ample support and comfort to the feet.

Strong footbed

The footbed is strong enough to protect the sole of your feet whenever you trudge along.


Bedrock is highly versatile, it serves a wide range of purposes and each of its purposes is carried out effectively with ample support. It can be worn in any weather condition and to any occasion.

It is good for heavy-duty, tough environments, traveling, and sporting.


The quality of the material used in producing Bedrock sandals enables it to last longer. It prides itself for its comfortability as well as its durability.

Similarities between Luna and Bedrock

Luna vs Bedrock Sandals
  • They are lightweight sandals
  • They are both comfortable and durable
  • They are great for sweaty feet
  • There are no sizes for kids
  • Both are made of quality materials
  • Firm straps
  • Great for outdoor activities
  • Good for sports
  • Simple and easy to clean
  • Both have great arch support


They both have lightweight which is a very good feature because lightweight footwear reduces foot problems and makes walking comfortable.

They are both comfy and durable

Their durability cannot be over-emphasized, their comfort is dependable. They can last for a reasonable amount of year and leave the wearer with no regret whatsoever.

The best for sweaty feet

Both sandals are the best pair for individuals with sweaty feet. They keep the feet dry because they are breathable and allow the feet to feel a good amount of air. It also helps avoid smelly feet.

No size for kids

Luna and Bedrock only have sandal sizes for men and women but none for kids. An example of Luna sandal is “Rip Curl women’s Luna sandal” for women.

Quality material

The materials add to the ultimate comfort and support which the sandals give every day to the wearer.

Top-quality materials are used to make them so that the sandals can withstand whatever environment they find themselves.

Firm strap

Bedrock and Luna sandals have different types of sandal strapping styles and systems. Both strapping styles are firm and keep the feet protected and ankles well secured.

Bedrock sandal has a thong-style strap system and Luna has a tech strap. The thong-style strap and Tech strap are both great and efficacious.

Great for outdoor activities

They are both amazing pairs to wear for outdoor adventure. They can be worn when going hiking or on a long walk. They can be worn for traveling or when going for a vacation and occupies only a little amount of space in your backpack.

Good for sports

They can also be worn for sport and even when going hiking or camping. This also includes water sport like boating. They keep the feet in place and firm when carrying out sporty activities.

Simple and easy to clean

Luna as well as Bedrock can be very easy to clean and keep clean. Dirt and stains can easily be removed with a brush or by washing and drying and your sandal will look as good as new. They can be worn to any occasion and in any weather condition. They are not “outfit selective”.

They are simple footwears that can be worn with casual outfits for people who like to dress simply.

Arch support

They both offer maximum arch support to the wearer’s feet. They help the feet stay healthy all the time.

Differences between Luna and Bedrock Sandals

Luna vs Bedrock Sandals
It has a sleek footbed Its footbed is made of granite grip material
It is made of  a rubber sole Thin and thick sole
It has a tech strap It has thong styled straps system

Bedrock has a thong-styled strapping system as opposed to the tech strap system in Luna Sandal

The rounded cord of the sandals runs between the toes of the wearer. The cord is very much comfortable. Whereas Luna sandals have a Tech Strap.

This Tech is known to be an add-on Velcro strap, it gives maximum protection to the feet, it also helps to keep the wearer’s heel and ankle secure.

The straps are made in an offset position to make the heel strike well on the footbed. It is very easy to adjust whenever the sandal is too tight or too loose.

Luna has a sleek footbed while Bedrock is made of granite grip material

Luna has a sleek footbed, it is lined waterproof synthetic leather with an additional deck pad the gives optimum comfort that the wearer needs to carry out activities. Meanwhile, Bedrock footbed is made from a material called Granite grip.

This material enables the sandals to provide ample support and super comfort to the feet.

The thickness of the Bedrock can enable you to take charge whenever you are around a rocky environment.

The sole is 9mm or 7mm thick. Its sole helps it to last for a reasonable period of time before it begins to wear out.

The sole gives the wearer an enjoyable experience during the period of the work and also helps to give comfort to the feet when walking on rough or rocky terrain.

Whereas Luna has a rubber sole This rubber sole is light and strong and it varies from one model to the other.


Shoes are a very important and inseparable part of our daily outlook. They give us the comfort we need and help us achieve our daily goals in good spirit.

Sandals are lightweight footwear, they are durable and comfy and help serve different purposes to different individuals.

The purchase of a sandal depends on the need or needs of the wearer. For instance, Chacos and Bedrock are purchased for their ability to withstand tough terrain during outdoor adventures and versatility, likewise, Luna is being purchased for its protective and supportive features.

Meanwhile, what makes Luna sandals quite different from other types of sandals is that it is super comfy, durable, long-lasting and above all, it gives arch support and protects the wearer’s feet from a foot problem.

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