Is Kickscrew Legit? (Find Out in 2023)

Many searchers have often asked this question, “is Kickscrew legit”, it is a good thing that people are curious about the legitimacy of the trade domains they want to buy from so as not to get ripped off by scammers of their hard-earned money.

But the truth is, Kickscrew is legit. Very legit.

It is just because of Kickscrew’s affiliation to China that prejudice is planted in the hearts of many.

This has made Kickscrew add seals/labels to their products, ones that have been authenticated by the store.

These seals and labels are somewhat similar to that of the OFF-WHITE brand.

Reasons why Kickscrew is legit

Running effectively for the past 11 years

I have done my research and have also confirmed that the online store operates on old domain registration, and has been running effectively for the past eleven years. And this is proof of authenticity.

Kickscrew is a valid online store. There are millions of customers that have confirmed this, and with these customers’ testimonies giving credence to the online store is far too huge to all be some kind of coincidence.

If you are searching for the right sneaker that will be perfect for you, then Kickscrew is home. Although getting the right sneaker is one hell of a huge task, a daunting chore at that.

Especially if you are looking for one that will perfectly fit you and still be comfortable. But then, customers have confirmed how Kickscrew has slashed down this hurdle to nothingness.

Kickscrew imports from licensed and trustworthy suppliers globally

Kickscrew makes importation only from suppliers that have been licensed and accredited globally.

I have run a background check on the social media pages of their website and have found out that they have an active following pool of users, and the pages are in perfect working conditions.

One core thing that backs up the authenticity of all valid websites is a working online presence. And Kickscrew has been great with this as millions of customers’ reviews and excellent ratings from satisfied users are seen flooding their page.

And just to make sure the site is safe, they made sure to secure the Google https protocol that guarantees safer browsing services.

A higher percentage of their orders usually come from Hong Kong. Though, at times, there can be delay, but they have proven to meet up demands as they deliver value, and customers mostly love their sent-out products.

They have a valid physical office

And to add, information that pertains to their website; like the contact address of the company, and the details of the contact are there for all to see.

Positive recommendations from customers

A confirmation has been made directly from Kickscrew’s main office that the site is safe and legit. Here is are a pool of customers’reviews that shows 71% of customers testifying to the excellence of the online store.

Shopping on Kickscrew is safe

It is very safe to shop on KicksCrew. If you have been examining and reading the reviews of customers published online, you will have no doubt doing your shopping there.

Besides, apart from their safe Google browsing services, they have over the years made improvements in different areas.

Though it is still inarguable that there are other not-so-good reviews about a minute amount of products from the online store, but then, their good name far outweighs the negatives by billions of margins.

Some YouTube reviews have also shed light on KicksCrew’s authenticity.

It is very much relatable and understandable when people start being skeptical and suspicious about awesome products that come too cheap as it will be far too good to be true.

This is because some fake sites have used that tactic to lure unsuspecting victims and dashed away with their funds. But that is not the case with KicksCrew.

Please understand that it is one among the few online stores that sell branded items at cheaper prices even though they are legit and has their name spelled in letters of authenticity.

What better way could be used to prove the legitimacy of a service provider if not what their customers say about them? Here are a few of the customers’ reviews.

“I just got my Nike in the mail, and this is my fourth purchase from the company. Everything with KicksCrew is totally on point. And they have awesome customer service reps. I am glad I chose this place.”

Another one reported

“The legitimacy of KicksCrew is 100%.”

Though, a certain customer was not cool with the $35 shipping rate. But he was made to understand that the charge came in that magnitude owing to the fact that it was an international shipping rate.

Most of the shoes got delivered in less than five days. They came in perfect conditions without the slightest spec of defect.

Some received their order on time and were glad their orders came on time and made an appreciation remark on the online store’s social media page.

Another customer talked about Kickscrew customers’ service in a good light. The company was helpful enough to some customers as they were able to cancel the pending orders and still get back their money.

And for the question “Is Kickscrew legit? “Is it real?” Yes, Kickscrew is apparently legit and real and in perfect condition. They couldn’t have been online for 11 years and bear the tag of inauthenticity.

They even have branded shoes, sneakers, and other footwear that have stood the test of time.

Are you curious about where Kickscrew is based?

KicksCrew is based in Asia, in Hong Kong precisely. It is one of the biggest consignment stores in Asia. They also have made expansion of their facilities globally.

The website is legit and even has products from credible websites like Amazon so that the best of choices to meet their numerous customers’ tastes are met.

Other information about Kickscrew

Their website type is an online store for sneakers.

Mode of payment on Kickscrew

They majorly make use of PayPal and cards.

Shipping on Kickscrew

They do not charge ridiculous amounts as others do. Only express and standard shipping charges apply.

Here is the Kickscrew company’s email address

Mode of Returns on Kickscrew

It takes only 7days of delivery. It doesn’t exceed.

This is the Kickscrew company’s address

Flat D, 13/F, Southeast Industrial Building, 611-619 Castle Park Road, Tsuen Wan, NT, Hong Kong.

Here is the Kickscrew company’s phone contact


There are other online stores that one could get footwear from, but I have often asked myself this question “Why should I patronize Kickscrew?”

Why you should buy from Kickscrew

I made my analysis and discovered why I and many others have stuck with them over a long while now. Here are some of the reasons.

At affordable prices, they offer me branded shoes

Plus a massive collection as well. Even though there are other stores, it is very rare to have one that meets your demand, and while at that, they do not sacrifice carrying affordability, durability, and comfort and delivering them to your doorstep.

They offer free shipping from time to time

For a while now, Kickscrew has been offering free shipping products. Though the free shipping is just for selected items, but then, how often does one get the privilege to be offered this gesture?

Rarely. With an offer as such, who would want to leave? Definitely not me.

KicksCrew off quick return and delivery

I have had my share of ill experiences in the past with other online stores that take forever to have ordered products delivered. But that is not the case with KicksCrew as their process is pretty swift.

All the products therein have complete details. Not a single one is missing so you are able to know exactly what you are ordering for. This way, what you order is what you get.

Their principles and mode of operation is not one that is hidden

It is all in the open so that you are able to know what exactly it is you are signing up for. There is no luring you just to themselves cunningly just so you’re not trapped to something you may end up not liking.

They make sure that your details are not compromised at the time when you use your card for payment. This way, their policies are transparent and they also have a highly secured payment gateway.

All of their social media accounts are active

They are on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, and Pinterest. This makes them easily accessible. And this way, you’re able to get updated on every event.

The store has been running for 11 years now

What else gives a customer the confidence to patronize any online store if not one that has stood the test of time?


It is a fact that an online store that has collections of branded items and luxuries is genuine. And to add, for a website that uses HTTPS and has been working for the past eleven years, nothing beats that.

You can check out the store information and the company as well, you can see them on their site. And the fact that most reviews on the website are positive ones speaks volumes.

Is KicksCrew legit? A big Yes!

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