Goat vs Stockx: Is It Better To Sell On GOAT or STOCKX?

Based on analysis and reviews selling on GOAT is better because you are allowed to sell used sneakers and also at a lower seller fee while STOCKX only focuses on new products.

Ultimately, GOAT and STOCKX offer services that put them high among buying and selling of sneakers and other goods.

Overall it’s a personal choice if you prefer GOAT or STOCKX based on price review, shipping options, etc.

Is It Better To Sell On GOAT or STOCKX

Advantages of selling on GOAT

  • Lower seller fees
  • Faster shipping
  • The reused sneaker can be sold
  • Can provide storage
  • The sneaker can be cleaned before delivery
  • The sneaker can be cosigned
  • Available option for fast shipping

Used sneakers can be sold

The advantage of selling used sneakers is one-way GOAT surpasses STOCKX as a better seller platform. New product sale is lucrative in its own right but having to sell used shoes is a sure way to become a quick seller.

You have fewer competitions when it comes to selling used products or having to decode the value of a resale for new hyped sneakers.

Lower seller fees

As a seller of mostly used goods, profit is your main goal. So driving down cost is something you will always look out for, and using the GOAT platform would have you selling on a lower seller fee compared to STOCKX with a 9% fee to 12% of the latter.

Storage inventory for your goods

One additional advantage is the ability of you to store your goods with GOAT in their storage facilities. For this to happen, sellers send their total inventory to GOAT for storage and safekeeping.

This guarantees that goods are delivered on time to potential customers once the purchase has been made. This option is suitable for those who have a large inventory and enough sale requests to warrant it.

Goat offers faster shipping

Buyers and customers all love quick doorstep delivery of their purchases, in this case, sneakers. Whether it’s a new or old product a fast shipping time is highly appreciated.

Both platforms offer a 6 – 10-day delivery plan for your purchased items but on the GOAT website, there is an ‘’instant ship’’ option.

This would require a small fee that many customers find very usable, with a 3-5 days delivery time the goods will be delivered to you directly from the GOAT storage facility.

GOAT can consign your sneakers

One popular benefit of selling on GOAT is that your sneakers can be consigned for sale. This increases your sale availability and chances.

GOAT is affiliated with Fight Club and both companies are practically the same. Your sneakers can be sold on consignment as one of the top brands in the world.

Sellers’ market

On the GOAT platform, you as a seller have the power to set your price. This is not the case on STOCKX where the customers are responsible for the setting of the prices.

Used shoes have great market options because many customers can’t afford a new pair of shoes or simply need to buy a good-conditioned pair that is a classic collection.

How does selling work on GOAT?

If you have an interesting sale on GOAT here are a few details you should take into considerations.

GOAT platform takes a bit of time to get you authorization as a seller, and you will need to pass their screening process to become a fully authorized seller. This can take some time for the profile to be verified so you have to be patient.

Once your profile has been activated you can now sell your items on the site. The label or product number for the sneakers would be provided along with various pictures to show its authenticity.

Also, a detailed description of the sneaker is needed to further the process of sale and an honest description is advised.

Selling on GOAT OR STOCKX is an experience many people get to do now, with online sale platforms on the rise and more people trusting to purchase or sell what they want online.

Both platforms are very good and offer great deals that are bound to fulfill your needs. They both have a different policy concerning their charges and method of buying or selling with similar qualities shared among them.

How does selling work on STOCKX

STOCKX website is easy to navigate and making your first sale of used goods is a simple task. You need to upload the item you have for sale and wait for a potential buyer to select the goods.

Work left for you is little and the website is well arranged. Buying and selling are done by anonymous individuals and you do not need to have an existing profile to sell. The company does all your listing.

Bids for your shoes or goods would be posted on the site for you to see, and any of the bids with the highest amount can be approved by you for sales.

You have the freedom to set any asking price of your choice for any product you put up and any customer interested can simply make purchases without having to bid for it with others.

Prices for items are easily listed on the site along with the product making it easier for customers and sellers.

This is another way STOCKX has made the selling process easier. Items would not have shipped to STOCKX for authentication unless the sale has been made.

All necessary information would be made available to you and once your product is deemed adequate and authentic it would be shipped to the buyer.

Your payment for the goods would be transferred to you in about 3 working days and the authentication process might be slow, so patience is advised.

Stocks now sells goods that include streetwear, luxury watches, and handbags. With their platform available on Android, iOS, or the worldwide web.

Any product purchased by a customer and found to be a counterfeit is returned to the seller and a refund is given to the buyer. STOCKX does not allow for the sale of preowned items like GOAT.

Similarities between GOAT and STOCKX

Brand diversity

They are several places to sell used or new products and these platforms are a good place to start. A major advantage of the online sneaker resale platform is that many different brands can be found on them.

This benefits both the seller and buyers. Online platforms eliminate the need for physical stores, this gives them access to a lot of sellers with different products and goods removing the restrictions created by a physical store.

Because sellers in online sale platforms don’t need to stock their shoes in one place, only needing to make them available during authorization from the company or seller platforms gives them a wide range of brands to choose from.

Authentication process

Once your product is available for delivery or has been selected for purchase GOAT and stock platform have them undergo an authorization process to confirm the details or matching conditions of your sneakers.

Because sneakers and other accessories can be sold on these platforms, various authentication processes are installed to ensure goods sold are of the highest quality and absolutely authentic.

This is to build a lasting trust between the customers and their platforms allowing only products from trusted sellers to pass through their ranks. The company inspects every detail described in the product description from the size, color, and conditions of the shoes.

They have trained workers who scrutinize every aspect including stitching, texture, materials, labels packaging, etc. to make sure all sneakers are exactly as advertised to their customers.

Free shipping

As consolidation for transporting your sneaker for authentication, GOAT, and STOCKX provides free shipping. The customer in this case bears the cost of transportation and you have no fear of losing money.

Payment is usually made immediately after authentication is approved.

Differences between STOCKX and GOAT

Items sold

Unlike GOAT where you can sell used sneakers, STOCKX only approves of the sale of new unworn products.

So sellers have to ensure any item put up for sale has not been previously owned or worn by anyone in the past.

A complete description of the product should tally with the inspection and authentication results if you want your goods to be sold.

Bulk shipping

STOCKX offers the option of bulk shipping. Although they both have a free shipping policy for authenticated goods, only STOCKX is willing to have bulk shipments done.

This is very helpful when you have a large inventory and have to create space, saving you from the delay of having to go often to ship items.

The difference in seller’s fee

Both companies charge a fee for helping you sell a product. For GOAT there is a 9.5% charge for any transactions plus a 5$ fee.

While stocks charge a 9.5% plus 3% transaction fee totaling 12.5% then additional shipping is 14$.

Basically, if you are to sell 1000$ goods on stocks you pay about 140$ when compared to the 129$ of GOAT.


STOCKX allows bidding for placed items. This increases competition and can drive up the price of items listed. GOAT however does not create opportunities for bidding to take place.

Stock exchange sales analytics

STOCKX is famous for adopting the stock exchange design style and tool on its website. This tool can be used by both sellers and buyers to gauge what is the top rate for a particular sale.

This acts as a guide that can assist in buying goods also on other platforms s the tool is usually accurate. It follows the market trends and uses sales analytics to make informed decisions.

When to sell on STOCKX vs GOAT

Since we have discussed a little about their differences and similarities you should be able to decide the best time to sell.

A perfect time to engage in sales on STOCKX is when you are money-pressed and quick cash is needed or you want to wait for an increase in value of a particular product to occur so you can make a good profit margin.

When to sell on GOAT VS STOCKX

Selling on GOAT is ideal because you don’t have to sell a new product. You can sell a hyped product on GOAT, when new goods are available there is a high volume of competition on STOCKX for even a lesser fee because they have lower transaction fees.

Pros and cons of selling on STOCKX


  • You can bid for items
  • Asking price is set
  • The stock market tool shows product performance
  • Large brand diversity
  • Other products can be sold as well
  • Detailed product description
  • The app is available for use


  • Distracting user interface
  • No used option for sneakers
  • Long shipping time
  • No returns

Pros and cons of selling on GOAT


  • Simple user interface
  • Wide range of brands
  • Can buy used or new sneakers
  • Informative product description
  • App available
  • Return option available


  • No bidding option
  • Expensive price


In conclusion of this analysis, you can say that GOAT provides more reasons for selling sneakers on their platforms.

These factors that inform this decision includes the lower seller fee, faster shipping, and less competition. With all this, I hope you and make an informed decision when planning next to sell a used or new product.

Online markets have made it easy for the shoe industry to reach its customers. Now both sellers and buyers can meet and connect on platforms that is all about their shared love for sneakers.

These platforms are safe and completely inspect shoes from sellers to be sure they meet all the required expectations and also if they have used shoes, every detail given about the conditions of the shoes should be correct.

I hope this informs you of your decision as you sell your sneakers today.

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