Can You Sell Shoes On StockX Before You Have Them

Absolutely. You can sell shoes on StockX before you have them. I have sold brands of shoes like Supreme and Nike on StockX before physically having them on hand.

A lot of people do this, that is why you will sometimes see other people posting their items on StockX the very day it dropped.

There is nothing wrong with posting stuff for sale even if you do not physically have the items yet. But there is a big catch, once a sale has been made you need to ship the item to StockX within a certain number of days or you could be penalized.

However, this is no cause for alarm if you are guaranteed that you will have the shoes on hand within the given deadline so as to be able to ship the item to be authenticated.

What you need to know before selling your shoes on StockX

Take it from me, it is very easy to sell on StockX, but this only works if you know the right things to do and not to do.

From having your pair of sneakers in hand to shipping to the buyers down to making your money and as well as the setbacks, I will tell you everything you need to know before selling on StockX as well as my personal experiences.

Let me start by telling you what exactly is StockX.

What is StockX

StockX is a marketplace to buy and sell authentic sneakers, electronics, streetwear, collectibles, handbags, and watches.

When you think of StockX, just imagine the stock market because it functions basically like that. In StockX, you and I the seller will place what is called an ASK while buyers will place a BID.

So when a bid and ask are met, the sale is executed automatically.

Why don’t you just sell on eBay? Most people would ask. The reason I sell on StockX is that the sneakers are verified through a middle man that verifies that the product is indeed before selling it to the buyer.

This method makes it in such a way that you will not need to interact with the buyer thereby avoiding all the hassle of getting easily scammed.

Types of sneakers to sell/resell

The description of the sneakers should be very accurate as StockX generally only accept deadstock shoes so they need to be perfect .keep in mind that there are some repercussions if these conditions are not met for I have experienced this firsthand.

According to StockX, deadstock sneakers are brand new sneakers that have never been worn and this brings about authenticity because there are so many fake sneakers out there.

The sneakers have to be in perfect condition and whatever came in the original packaging should still be intact.

Additional items come included with most of the deadstock shoes like the shoelaces and if the sneakers do not show any sights of wear, StockX will accept sneakers that have already been laced up.

Another thing to note is that deadstock sneakers have to be shipped in their original shoe box as well as matching the size and model of shoes you are selling. Some Minor flaws are accepted by StockX

a. Flaws like minor discoloration on the sneakers that can not be controlled especially if the sneakers are over five years old and signs of aging should be expected.

b. The original shoebox which the sneakers will be packaged in can have small dents but anything that is more significant like tears will result in StockX rejecting the sneakers

Authentication process

This is where the middle man we talked about plays a major role. They are the ones that will authenticate the sneakers you send in before finally selling them off to the buyer.

When I was still getting into reselling shoes, There was a pair of shoes I wanted to resell but it had numbers scribbled with a sharpie on the shoe box, the scribble would not come off no matter what I tried.

On contacting StockX to know if I will be able to resell, the answer I received was unclear as they had to examine the box in person to give a straight answer.

I did not end up selling the shoes and this was because if they got rejected, a fifteen percent fee is charged with whatever the sale price of the shoes was plus additional money for shipping it back.

For someone who was just starting or someone who is not a shoe reseller, it just was not really worth the risk.

So, always make sure everything is in perfect condition before shipping to StockX for authentication.

Sending in fake sneakers or already used sneakers leads to repercussions because if it does not conform to their rules, they do not have any legal obligation to send the sneakers back to you.

Also, people that do not package shoes properly or ship them on time can be penalized by StockX.


it is important to note that when you are selling your sneakers, StockX charges you for things which include, a 9.5 to 10% fee of the price of the item.

The fee is called the transaction fee that StockX collects as their cut for essentially connecting the buyer and seller.

You are also required to pay a standard payment processing fee of three percent (this is if you are getting paid through PayPal or credit card because the transaction is not free). Lastly, StockX charges a flat rate for shipping.

I can understand that the fees may seem ridiculous because I think so too but there are some pros as to why StockX is a very good option

How to sell on StockX

This is as simple as placing an ASK, connecting with a buyer, or bidding and shipping the sneakers off. Below in detail, I will show you step by step how to properly sell on StockX

Step one

The first thing to do is to create your seller’s account. Just visit their website at to get started. Once you have successfully created an account, go to the sell tab to get started.

Step two

Next, you will be required to choose the product, sneakers come with codes or numbers that you can type but if you do not know this you can simply type in the name of the shoe.

For example: if I’m selling a Jordan, I’ll just type it in and then select the particular Jordan brand I will be selling.

When you do this, the product pictures will come out along with the specifications of the sneakers. Select whatever size you have.

Step three

To sell, you have two options; to immediately sell it for the highest bid or you can place an ask. To place an ask, the amount you put in has to be lower than the current ask so that your ask will show up.

Once everything is set up, click on review ask and the post. if you do this, the first time I did this I entered a bidding war with another seller and managed to outbid and sell the sneakers at a reasonable price.

All you have to do now is be patient and wait so your item gets sold. the second your item gets sold, you will receive an email.

Step four

You have sold your sneakers, now it is time to package and ship. Here are some things to note when packing the shoe box.

Use insulation’s so the packaging does not get damaged in transit. I usually recycle bubble wraps from the previous packaging.

Be sure to adhere to the instructions by printing the packing slip and putting it inside the packaging box and go to the UPS (you can simply go on google and search the nearest UPS location around me)to ship.

Voila, you are almost done. Now all that remains is the authentication, shipping to the buyer before you finally get paid.

How long does it take to sell shoes on StockX

StockX should complete all orders and make a sale within 7 business days. Sometimes, deliveries drag into weekends, and shipping sneakers is usually dependent on how fast the seller can respond to sending the product in for authentication.

The company tries all it can to ensure it makes sales sooner than the projected 7 days.

There are some factors that play a role in how long it will take to sell your shoes in StockX

  • Did you sell immediately or did you place an ask?. If you sold immediately then you can be matched with a buyer within a short time whereas if you placed an ask, it might take a couple of days depending on how you bid. At this moment all you have to do is wait
  • You have two full business days to package and ship the item after it has been sold (do this within the time range to avoid the cancellation of the sale and being fined)
  • The shipping might take from a couple of days to one week to get to the authentication center. The authentication according to StockX can be done in under 24hours.
  • It took a couple of days to one week before it finally reached the seller. So roughly two and a half weeks from start to finish to selling a shoe on StockX.

Hopefully, that shed some insight on what to expect in regards to timeline as a seller

Is StockX safe to sell?

StockX is safe and secure. What the website basically does is acting as a middle man that connects the buyers with the sellers.

Their authentication is 99.9 percent and they always authenticate all the products before it is shipped to the buyer.

This way you do not have to worry about scammers or fake items.

What happens if you sell used shoes on StockX

It will not pass the authentication process. StockX is extremely picky when it comes to the type of shoes they ship. As stated by their website, they only sell deadstock shoes which are shoes that are brand new and have never been worn.

There was a time my new shoe got rejected after going through authentication because of a tiny dent on the bottom that was hardly noticeable, they stated that it showed signs of tread wear. Another similar case occurred with my friend whose shoebox has a dent, it got sent back to him.

Trying to sell used shoes on StockX can lead to serious repercussions. The shoes will definitely be rejected as StockX has a 99.9% in authentication.

When the shoes are rejected, you will be charged fifteen percent of the sale price of the shoes along with an additional charge for shipping them back.

Do not try to sell used shoes because it is not worth it and will not pass authentication. Apart from sending the shoes back, I have already mentioned before that StockX has no legal obligations to send the sneakers back to you.

So, make sure you do not try to sell used shoes and when you are selling shoes on StockX, always do a thorough check of the shoes as well as the shoebox before sending them in.

If you still want to sell an already used shoe or StockX rejected your brand new shoes, you can as well go ahead and resist those shoes on websites like or

These platforms allow you to list shoes to sell that are not brand new

In Conclusion

Stockx is a pretty good website when it comes to reselling shoes and you can sell shoes on StockX before you physically have them but as I said before to keep in mind that you need to ship the shoes out within two days after it is sold.

In this article, I shared some of my personal experiences with StockX as well as tips on how to successfully sell while avoiding being rejected during authentication.

So whether you just entered newly into the show reselling business or you have been gifted a pair of brand new shoes that were not in your size range at all, StockX is the website to go to.

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