How to Prevent Tie Dye Crocs from Peeling

Ideally, Original tie-dye Crocs should not peel because the tie-dye design is not painted on, but actually incorporated into the shoe material. However, there are some models of Tie-dye Crocs that people have complained to peel off over time, a very good example is this Crocs Unisex Classic Tie Dye Clog.

How to Prevent Tie Dye Crocs from Peeling

Before we get into the details, see a quick grab of DIYs you can leverage to prevent your tie-dye Crocs from peeling:

  • Consider using shoe racks
  • Tie-dye crocs shouldn’t be exposed to direct sunlight
  • Tie-dye crocs shouldn’t be exposed to any heat sources
  • Clean the tie-dye Crocs regularly
  • Watch out for harmful substance used in cleaning your tie-dye Crocs
  • Air-dry your tie-dye Crocs properly before wearing

The tie-dye Crocs that peel may not be fake. There are of course some other reasons that can cause the tie-dye Crocs to peel. Sometimes, some of these tie-dyes are simply sprayed on and will not last a month, while some peel off simply due to poor maintenance and excessive exposure to heat.

Anyway, if you are that happy one who just got a wonderful pair of tie-dye Crocs and after you wore them once, the pastel tie-dye started peeling off, I have something special for you in this post.

I will not only be showing how to prevent your tie-dye Crocs from peeling, but I will also be showing you what you can do when your Crocs start to peel off in order to bring it back to its lost glory.

First of all, you want to know how these tie and dye Crocs get to peel. When you know what makes them peel and how they peel, it becomes easier to prevent them from peeling.

Ways to prevent tie-dye Crocs from peeling

How to Prevent Tie Dye Crocs from Peeling

Now, this is the main reason for writing this post.

While these tie-dye Crocs can be an essential part of your wardrobe, they have a unique and subtle way of showcasing your image. It is really not cool to wear around peeled tie-dye Crocs.

Preventing your tie-dye Crocs from peeling is one of the many steps in taking care of your Crocs. Either incorporated into the material or sprayed-on, tie-dye Crocs will only last if they are properly maintained.

So here are the five ways I recommend that can help you prevent your beautiful tie-dye Crocs from peeling.

Consider using shoe racks

How you store your tie-dye Crocs goes a long way in determining the longevity of the Crocs. It is not ideal to just throw your tie-dye Crocs in one big pile at the bottom of the closet. This is one of the things that can potentially cause the design to start peeling off.

Instead, you should invest in a shoe rack and use it to ensure your Crocs retain a nice solid form.

By so doing, the surface of the tie-dye Crocs shoe is kept safe such that there is no cracks and peeling. This YOUDESURE 10 Tiers Shoe Rack is an example of an ideal shoe tree of Crocs that I can always recommend.

Tie-dye Crocs shouldn’t be exposed to direct sunlight and heat sources

I have also discovered that when shoes are exposed to excessive sunlight, it only takes a matter of time before they begin to peel. And as for footwear like Crocs, it is no exception.

As a matter of fact, Crocs tend to stretch when exposed to direct sunlight and heat source as the material structure loosen. If it is a tie-dye Crocs, it begins to peel and this is a mistake many people make.

So, you want to ensure that your tie-dye Crocs are in a cool and dry place away from direct heat, especially when they are not in use.

Clean the tie-dye Crocs regularly, but…

As simple as it may sound, little things like cleaning also go a long way in preventing tie-dye Crocs from peeling. However, you need to be careful of the materials you use in cleaning it (More on this later)

By regularly cleaning your tie-dye Crocs, I do not mean you should begin scrubbing the shoes every evening.

Most times, it is the accumulated dirt and mud that makes these tie-dye Crocs break down since they damage the surface of the Crocs.

Be careful of the substance you use on the tie-dye Crocs

Still on the cleaning of the shoes, you should invest in the right Crocs cleaning product.

Needless to say, there are a lot of products in the market that contains harsh chemicals which can damage the surface of your tie-dye Crocs and cause them to start peeling.

Even beyond Crocs, products like turpentine, spirit, and other abrasive liquids are dangerous for shoe surfaces.

Proper drying before wearing

It is so ridiculous how people device means of making Crocs shoes dry in seconds. After a very good wash or clean, allow the Crocs to dry in the proper space away from direct sunlight.

Sometimes, the interior of the Crocs may be dry, but you have to make sure it is completely dry before wearing.

These five tips I have just shared with you will go a long way in ensuring that the present tie-dye Crocs you are using will last for a very long time without peeling.

How do tie-dye crocs peel?

The common way some tie-dye Crocs peel is that after a while of wearing the Crocs and exposing it to factors that make it peel, chips of paint starts coming off.

There are often two variants when you see tie-dye Crocs that peel off. It is either they are made with fabric dye which will not stick to the foam rubber material of the Crocs or the tie-dye design is made with spray paint which often eventually crack and break over a period of time.

Just like the way other kinds of footwear peel, sprayed-on tie-dye Crocs do not just peel of at an instance. The designs that peel off usually wear off gradually as you use them.

This is not against the fact that Crocs footwear is a convenient and comfortable brand of foam rubber shoes.

However, when it comes to the painting and customizing aspect of Crocs, one must be very careful with how he/she makes buying decisions.

This is why you should not be entirely allured with the beauty of a particular tie-dye Crocs without considering the originality of the design.

The tie-dye Crocs may be very beautiful, but the quality may not be able to compete with its beauty. And, another thing about tie-dye Crocs peeling off is that the more you wear it after discovering the chips of paint coming off, you run the risk of making the tie-dye chip even more.

Indeed, the durability of the material used in producing a particular tie-dye Crocs is a critical factor in determining their longevity.

But this awareness is never coming too late, even though you have bought the tie-dye Crocs and have seen that it is peeling off already.

I will show you how to prevent tie-dye Crocs from peeling and what you can do when you see that your tie-dye Crocs are peeling.

Are there Tie Dye Crocs that do not peel?

Of course, there are!

If you could remember when I started this post, I mentioned that ideally, original tie-dye Crocs should not peel because the tie-dye design is not painted on, but actually incorporated into the shoe material.

You are still feeling skeptical about it? These two Crocs I am about to show you will win all the arguments.

  • First, is this amazing Crocs  Classic Marbled Tie Dye Clog


This new marbled Croslite material does not only create a colorful effect that is completely unique but also provides durability and longevity in its design.

The tie-dye design of this marbled tie dye clog is actually incorporated with the Crocs material. It is not sprayed on.

It is a Crocs design that will look good on just anyone, male and female, young and old. The Crocs Men’s and Women’s Classic Marbled Tie Dye Clog is also known for its iconic comfort. These clogs are flexible and made of Croslite material.

In addition to all these, it features a pivoting heel strap that gives you a secure fit and trendy look. I particularly love this original tie-dye Crocs because they do not peel off and they are incredibly lightweight and fun to wear.

And of course, the Crocs clogs can be customized to your personal flair with Jibbitz charms.

  • Another tie and dye crocs that do not peel which I know of is this Crocs Men’s and Women’s Classic Tie Dye Lined Clog


This is a very great comfy Crocs that you will enjoy wearing around the house. And, it is known and bought for its authentic dye.

In other words, it will not peel off like other ones. This Crocs Men’s and Women’s Classic Tie Dye Lined Clog stands out by offering you’re a secure fleece. The best part is that it doesn’t slide when you take them off or put them on.

Only that the patterns aren’t identical, but that should not be a problem since you get the quality you pay for.


There is so much to be said when it comes to the peeling of tie and dye Crocs.

But I am quite positive that the little we have been able to look into in this post has enlightened you on how you can prevent your tie-dye Crocs from peeling.

It is one thing to invest in beautiful, quality Crocs and it is another thing to ensure that they are well protected and maintained.

I am sure that you do not want to create an ample collection of tie-dye Crocs only for them to start peeling. With this post, I hope you are now able to tackle the possibility of Crocs shoes peeling and preventing cracks, scratches, and fading color.

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