Why Do My Crocs Smell So Bad?

The material that Crocs is made of disallows it from making air to pass in and out of the shoes, and when this happens, your feet perspires, causing your feet and your Crocs to smell. One of the ways to deal with these is wearing thick socks with your Crocs. But that doesn’t solve it all, does it?

Why Do My Crocs Smell So Bad?

When you wear your Crocs for too long, sweat, water moisture all mix together inside your shoes to give a bad smell. Also, wearing your Crocs to damp, wet, humid areas could trigger very smelly shoes.

Explaining the reasons why your Crocs may smell so bad

Presence of water moisture in your Crocs

In this case, you will experience a bad odor from your Crocs mostly because you don’t expose it to the fresh air so as to deodorize the unpleasant gas in it.

As mentioned earlier, when your feet is packed in a tight area that restricts airflow, it tends to perspire and when the perspiration is trapped, your feet starts to smell. This is the case when you realize your Crocs smells.

Exposure to dark and damp areas

Another important reason is where you wear your Crocs, is it on the muddy ground? unlike dust and sand, muds and splashes of dirty water will stick to your Crocs and retains its smells. Who else doesn’t know how dirty water or mud stinks?

What if you are not in these categories, you don’t wear it in a muddy area, and also you prevent moisture, well, there are more reasons to discover in this content.

This content is a solution to the bad odor emanating from your Crocs, I must confess, this smell sucks a lot. I guess I should share my experience with you, so you can know my Crocs were once like yours.

I hate bad odors; I have been a guy that observed proper hygiene, so why should my Crocs smell?

It was frustrating enough, I could remember I was with my girlfriend and she could perceive a bad odor proceeding from my Crocs where I placed it in the room. This made me feel like I was a dirty type, it almost ruin my relationship!

Made me feel different, some even thought I had body odor then, I had to wear quality perfumes to take this mess out of my way, but everything came back to normal after few minutes.

Like serious, this is one of the most awkward moments in my life, I guess I have been doing something, some unconscious act that has been making my Crocs smell so bad.

The funniest thing here is that most times I sit and try to figure out what is wrong, like where the smell is coming from; some of these unconscious acts flee through my mind. But guess what? I was still unconscious; I never knew this particular thing that flashed through my mind was the bad deal here.

On this page, I will be sharing with you how I found out, and what I did to stop my Crocs from smelling.

A friend of mine had about 4 Crocs and they did have a good smell, I decided to ask if he does anything to prevent his Crocs from smelling.

But this is what he said to me, “Ben, wash your Crocs regularly†I was so disappointed in that statement, this is what I do regularly; I do this more often since I realize my Crocs smells.

How to Stop Your Crocs from Smelling

Wash your Crocs from time to time

You wash your Crocs, yet it still smells awful, this isn’t funny I know feel right now I washed my Crocs frequently but I am still not getting it until I washed it with soap that smells good.

You have to know this, if you aim to make your Crocs smells great, then you need to mindful of the soap you use. I use the Zero Odor- Laundry Odor Eliminator & Deodorizer, this comes with a decent smell and also helps help eliminate tough odors and also deodorize your Crocs at the same time.

How do you wash your Crocs?

As recommended, the Zero odor soft detergent is a good detergent to make use of, yet how do you wash it?

Take note, you should be careful of the way you wash it, you wash it with a brush, gently, doing this with a brush will prevent it from becoming elastic.

This is an indication that not all kinds of brush will work, you need a soft brush, and it will serve well in other to prevent your Crocs from damages due to scratches.

I use the Premium Suede Brush Nubuck Cleaner because it is easy to use, very effective, and also affordable.

Keep it Dry

Whenever I was in a hurry, all I do is wash my Crocs and wear them; I was never the type that waits until it dries off. I thought I was on the right track until I found out!

Sometimes I go to the bathroom with my Crocs, take my bath with them, then dropped them somewhere close so I could remember to wear them whenever I am about to visit a friend.

Here is what you should know, whenever you wash your Crocs and ignore the drying process, water molecules in the feet space. I am sure you know the Crocs have a covered head, just like the structure of a half-sphere.

When this water particle stays long in there, it gets colored after reacting with the color of the Crocs, you are most likely not to see this process, it works together with the material of your Crocs and brings out a very disgusting smell.

Do you want to experiment with this? Wash your Crocs without drying, pick it up after some hours and smell it, let see if the odor is pleasant enough!

This also applies to when you use it in the bathroom. So what do you do?

The best thing to do is to lay your Crocs against the wall after washing or been used in the bathroom, by doing this, you make the water slope down and hereby get off your Crocs.

You can also sun dry it if you will be wearing it urgently, but there will be a problem if you are not careful while sun-drying your Crocs.

There is something sun-drying does to Crocs; it shrinks the size, to prevent shrinking you don’t have to leave it for long in the sun, be time cautious and also prevent regular sun-drying if you will love to maintain the size of your Crocs.

You can stuff newspaper in your Crocs

This is another trick I tried; I wanted to give it an odorless smell, so I thought of how neutral the scent of fresh paper smells like. In this case, I am referring to papers that have not been used before.

This is not important, you may decide not to try it, but it worked for me!

Use foot deodorants

I think you should get foot deodorants for anything you wear on your leg; you can make this your routine and see how pleasant it is.

You give your feet a nice scent and hereby influencing the scent of your Crocs, I use the best deodorant so you should understand when I tell you my Crocs don’t smell.

The AGEO DEO 24 feet spray has the best chemical constituent to make your feet and Crocs smell nice, even your shoes.

Unlike other deodorants, the AGEO DEO can smell nice hours 48 hours, and more.

Get more than one Crocs

My friend, whose Crocs never smell, has 4 Crocs, I got more beautiful Crocs, I was exchanging them, yet I never knew I was doing more good. This is how it works.

I washed some of my Crocs today, I sundry and stuff paper in them, and this may take me about 4 days before wearing.

This is because I circulate how I wear my Crocs since I had more than one Crocs, you should rest assured that after you have washed 1 out of maybe 3 Crocs you have, you wear it may be in the next 3 days, having more than one Crocs get other Crocs refreshed air because you don’t wear one always.

You may love to get other Crocs; you should get the Crocs Unisex-Adult Crocband Clog, this is one of my Crocs and of course the best of them. You should get it because it is lightweight, stylish and comfortable.

This will prevent your Crocs from smelling so bad!

How to get the smell out of fur-lined Crocs

The nature of materials sometimes is not always the same, In the case of the fur-lined Crocs, this method will help, and it is easier and so direct.

The fur-lined Crocs are a little bit stylish, these are Crocs decorated with furs in other to beautify them, it helps you keep your feet very warm even in cold weather, but the problem you may have with the fur-lined type is that it gets dirty and stinky most times.

Unlike most Crocs which are made with more rubber materials. You have to know, this is not like dishes where you can fix in a washer machine and let it do the whole work. When it stinks, all you have to do is to deodorize it by washing it yourself.

Here are steps to take:

Fill up a bucket by pouring cold water

Why cold water and not hot?

The cold water helps to maintain the color and texture of the fur, it makes it look brighter, to prevent the fur from being harm, then using cold water is recommended.

Add some detergent and put your Crocs in the foamy water

You must deal with a detergent that has a good and pleasant scent, apart from that, you need a detergent that will make cleaning easier. Zero odor soft detergent is what I use because it is one of those detergents that the necessary constitute, also affordable.

Make sure you rinse your Crocs and also dry them to prevent moist

You do not only need to stop at washing, you also need to rinse the foamy soap from your Crocs when you are done washing them.

How to get the smell out of lined Crocs

Similar to the ones you have been reading, but this is specifying on how to get the smell out of lined Crocs, I am sure you will want to know about anything thing that could make your Crocs smell nice.

You don’t have to go over the internet again seeking what you can see here without putting pressure on yourself. I will be guiding you; this is a step-by-step note on how to get rid of the bad smell you have been experiencing in your lined Crocs.

Step 1 – Pour detergent into a bowl of cold water

Pour one teaspoon of a Zero odor soft detergent and three inches of cold water into a washbasin, in replacing a dishwashing detergent, you could evenly replace It with one cap cup of a Zero odor soft detergent.

You can add more quantity of water and detergent if you feel more are needed

Step 2 – Wipe the Crocs with a soft cloth

While the Crocs is in soapy water, wipe the Crocs with a soft cloth in other to wash the dirt off your Crocs. Rinse your Crocs and with some cold water and let them dry in the air, you can also put them in a dryer in other to fasten the drying process.

Step 3 – Rub the liner together to get the dirt out

You should then rub the liner together in other to scrub the dirt out; you don’t have to be too rough in order to prevent damaging it.

How do I clean Crocs with fur that does not come out

When you try to clean your Crocs which have furs that don’t come out, then you have to get other applications to make things work.

There is no washing machine for Crocs, so you need to do it yourself!

Generally, it is important to get a good soap, and then you should understand you need to wash it 2-3 times, you don’t have to be harsh while brushing your Crocs.

How to keep Crocs from smelling

To keep your Crocs in good and pleasant smell, you have to note that being hygienic in most cases is not enough; you have to understand the nature of Crocs.

Here are few things you have to put in mind;

Wash with a detergent which has a good smell, this is very important, one of those things you have to put in mind in other to remove bad smell from your Crocs.

Not compulsory you get a detergent, you could get a bar soap, just make sure it foams and apply it on your Crocs, what you have to note is the smell. But I use detergent while washing my Crocs, maybe because it makes it faster while foaming.

The drying is very important, you need to make sure your Crocs are free from moisture before putting it on; I know you may likely not have that patience, you need to wear it urgently, yet you still want your Crocs to smell nice.

You could use a dryer for that; at least you can make it up to where you are going with your Crocs in time.


Generally, Crocs are made mostly with rubber material; I mean the major part, while some parts of Crocs were also made with furs, at least to style them.

It is so important to keep your Crocs away from moisture, make sure it is always dry, at times you work for long and you discover moisture on your feet, this is one way to keep your Crocs in bad smell if you don’t control this.

In my experience, avoid walking for so long, and if you decide to walk for long hours, make sure you wash it with a good soap immediately you are back.

Getting more than one Crocs will also help, have you been using just a single? Then get yourself another one, maybe two or even three! This will make you regulate the way you use them.

While using one, the others have been washed and dried. Those are ways you could beat the bad odor.

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