How Long Do Fuzzy Crocs Last?

How long any material lasts, apart from product quantity, also boils down to usage – the care with which they are handled.

Fuzzy Crocs, if used properly, can last for as long as five years.

This is because they are very comfortable and functional. They can easily be cleaned. Water has little or no negative effect on them as they are waterproof.

Though they offer not so very high-level protection their durability cannot be overemphasized.

Great for both outdoor and indoor use. The tender fuzzy liner increases its comfort and cushion and keeps a wonderful feeling going all day.

For the sake of keeping them clean, another question pops in; How do you get the smell out of fuzzy Crocs? Can you wash fuzzy Crocs?

This article will give these detailed explanations that are sure to satisfy the curiosities in the mind of potential customers and users.

Can you wash fuzzy Crocs?

How Long Do Fuzzy Crocs Last

The answer is a big yes!

The linings are not removable for line and other styles with fuzz.

It is for this reason that it is recommended to just clean with mild soap and warm water to remove debris, stains, and dirt. And thereafter, it should be allowed to completely air dry.

Fuzzy Crocs are odor-resistant shoes that made their way into the fashion limelight not quite long ago.

Originally, traditional Crocs are made from closed-cell resins which is easily exposed to damage by some cleaners and rough cleaning methods.

However, you can wash these original Crocs and fuzzy Crocs with little or no damage by using gentle detergent, and also, by avoiding heat.

The newer styles normally made from leather require just some gentle wiping.

For leather fuzzy Crocs style, you should use a slightly damp rag or a soft sponge and gently clean.

If your Crocs are the type that is made with napa leather, use a damp rag to remove the dust, followed by a cotton brush to apply natural waxy shoe cream. Do so in a spiral manner as you apply slowly.

Patent leather crocs can be wiped with professional products specifically made for patent leather, or a clean damp cloth.

How to wash fuzzy Crocs: Step by Step

First off, you must know that fuzzy crocs are not machine-washable. So it is a completely bad idea to throw them into a washer.

The recommendations made by crocs’ own website is the use of mild soap and cold water for both the liner and the shoe.

But here is a step-by-step guide on how to do it.

  • Rinse first with regular water
  • Pour a small amount of mild soap into a bucket of warm water
  • Dip your Crocs into the soapy mixture
  • Scrub thoroughly

Rinse first with regular water

This will help to remove the first layer of dirt and allows for narrowing down of the part that needs to be scrubbed.

Pour small amounts of mild soap into a big bowl or bucket of warm water

The warm water will help in breaking down dirt while the mild soap is not to have harsh chemicals damage your Crocs.

If your Crocs are really dirty, then add a little bleach to the water.

Dip your Crocs into the soapy mixture

This will allow it to soak and loosen the grip the dirt holds on your Crocs. After which you scrub thoroughly and rinse afterward and finish up with air drying.

How to ensure your fuzzy Crocs are kept clean and fresh

How Long Do Fuzzy Crocs Last

But then, here is a step-by-step guide that will help in no small way to making sure that your fuzzy crocs are kept fresh.

  • Get a good cleaning area
  • Pre-rinse your Crocs
  • Make a magic eraser
  • Add cleaning agents to a bucket of water
  • Use the magic eraser to scrub inside out
  • Rinse
  • Air-dry

Get a good cleaning area

It is down to choice to want to clean your crocs in either a tub, sink, or just any suitable open space. You should consider your convenience during this process too.

Pre-rinse your crocs

There’s a need to rinse your crocks first to reduce as much dirt as possible. Use cold water. And if it is a fur-lined crocs, do well to remove the fur first.

Make a magic eraser

You will make and use a magic eraser to thoroughly scrub the inside, outside, and all around. The ground dirt will take a little more time, but it’s definitely going to come out.

Addition of cleaning agent(s)

It is either you are adding the soap to the water in the bucket, basin, or bucket, or directly to the crocks.

It has proven more effective when one adds the regular natural dish detergent soap or the regular dawn.

Clean the holes

Crocks have numerous holes and you are sure to find dirt in them, and sometimes, sticky substances. It is essential that you take note of this and pay attention to cleaning the hole.

Clean the inside and sole.

It is pivotal to note that the inside of the crocks sometimes serves as a home for both dirt and germs and bacteria that emanate from the surroundings and feet.

Rinse Finally

Once the scrubbing is completely done and you’re satisfied, flush with plenty of water.

Air dry

Make sure to air dry away from direct sunlight when the washing process is complete.


Never use cream, liquid, or paste shoe polish. And this is because the construction of the fuzzy crocs is made with closed-cell resins.

And these products are not going to get absorbed into the patent material which is non-porous.

Never use detergents like borax, Ajax, or comet. Also, avoid chemicals like polish remover as these chemicals will discolor the crocs.

How do you get the smell out of fuzzy Crocs?

A common thing observed with crocs is that it allows for your feet to “breathe.”

Is that supposed to leave you crocs out of the league of shoes that develop the distinctive stink? You can only wish.

Feet that sweat is sure to leave some lasting impression on any kind of shoe. Even crocs. Luckily enough, cleaning is relatively easy with this type of shoe.

You would want to assume that your crocs are made of rubber, while that may be somewhat true—technically, crocs are made of something called Croslite.

The company describes it as a close cell material; it’s neither plastic nor rubber. But the shoes made from it can be maintained the same way as shoes that are made of rubber.

The cleaning process of crocs starts by using a hard brush to remove all dirt that has gone caked-on.

This is then followed by a few squirts of liquid soap into a bucket of lukewarm water. Thereafter, you dip a cloth, one that is so into the water which then you use to scrub your crocs clean.

You can alternatively make this soap-water solution in large quantities, and allow the crocs to soak for some minutes and follow it up with a second scrub and finally rinse the shoes under cool water.

Oftentimes, an ordinary soak in soapy water will not deodorize really smelly crocs.

Do not make the mistake of washing in the dishwasher. But the company that produces it seems fit to be washed in a washing machine on the gentle side.

Just wash the shoes alone with mild detergent.

Avoid putting crocs in the dryer to avoid getting shrink by heat—instead, air dry it.

They will dry more quickly under the sun, but it is safer to air dry. They could possibly get warped by heat if forgotten outdoors.

Cleaning fuzzy Crocs removes dirt but doesn’t put an end to its smell. If your crocs emit a bad smell, it is going to take more than just soap and water to get the job done.

Baking soda is a good absorbent of odor.

Sprinkle baking soda over the footbed of your smelly crocs, leave it to sit until dawn, then when you’re ready to wear your crocs, just brush it off. Here you have your crocs, odor-free.

Can fuzzy crocs be blown?

Yes, fuzzy crocs can be blown.

Use water to dampen a soft cloth. Spray the fur with water in an effort to fluff it and go on to blow the fur dry.

You should set the blow dryer on the “cool” or “air” setting and make sure not to use heat. This will restore both the shape and the softness.

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