Hey Dude vs Twisted X Shoes: Which is Better?

The features and functionality, fittings, and comfort thresholds of Hey Dude and Twisted X shoes will decide which one is recommended. The answer to the important question of “Which shoe is better?” will be the one that best meets the needs of the users.

The primary distinction between such shoes is that Hey Dudes are manufactured with Vegan-friendly components in addition to suede and leather.

Twisted X, on the other hand, has over 40 sandal models with more convenient footbeds, improved visual appeal, and EVA soles.

Hey Dude vs Twisted X

What Is the First Impression of Hey Dudes and Twisted X?

Any shoe from these brand names will most likely direct your attention to their streams upon first glance.

They are eye-catching and exude a quality that draws you in from a distance. This is one of the reasons why first-timers gravitate toward these shoes among pools of shoes from other manufacturers.

Hey Dude shoes

Hey Dude vs Twisted X

Hey Dudes offer a wide range of styles, trends, designs, and variations. This means that you have more options here.

First impressions of Hey Dudes? You’ll recognize the glossy types, the lovely colors, and the nice soles – all of which entice you to try it on.

Twisted X shoes

Hey Dude vs Twisted X

While Twisted X hasn’t released many shoe styles, the few that have are of high quality.

This is generally represented by the material used. It is frequently stated that quality tends to speak on its own – both in terms of customer experience and appearance.

This is correct, as Twisted X shoes are a perfect example of this submission.

History of Hey Dude Shoes

Hey Dude Shoes was founded in 2008 to provide stylish, long-lasting shoes. Hey Dude produces shoes concerning sustainable development, making them ideal for any healthy lifestyle.

For the price, you get high-quality, comfortable shoes.

While we’re in this Hey Dude shoe evaluation, let’s go over some preliminary pros and cons:


  • Pleasant footwear models for men, women, and children
  • The branding and shoe material are made from self-sustaining and sustainably sourced materials.
  • Quadpay was offered as an unconventional payment method.
  • Positive customer feedback
  • Shipping is free on orders of $100 or more


  • No international shipping

Customers appear to be pleased with the coziness and adaptability of Hey Dude Shoes! However, some people say they could benefit from better reliability and customer service.

History of Twisted X

Twisted X has been handcrafting boots for over ten years. Beginning as a company that sold cowboy boots, they expanded their operations line to include informal comfort footwear, work footwear, and outdoor footwear.

They currently have a clientele of men, women, and children.

Twisted X claims to make “the comfiest handcrafted footwear.” That may be true, but credit cannot be given until the brand has been thoroughly researched.

The boot features a steel toe to keep your toes safe while walking. While this boot meets all of the requirements for steel toe new entrant boots, it is lighter.

The boot also has all of the relative improvements to meet Twisted X comfort standards.

This contains an XSD insole board, a reinforced shank built into the shoe to enhance foot stability, and a padded collar. The boot also has a memory foam footbed and is SD molded.

The boot is available in various colors, ensuring that it will compliment almost any outfit. The footwear has an EVA midsole, making the boot lighter than other boots.


  • Informal pulls, work boots, and contemporary boots for men and women are available in various colors and patterns.
  • Many of the most common adult boots are also available in children’s sizes.
  • Many of the boots have molded memory foam footbeds that are moisture-wicking, antibacterial, and machine-washable.
  • Many of the boots feature an XSD insole board with an integrated composite shank for foot stability.
  • Professional ropers should wear Hooey boots.
  • The Men’s Lite Cowboy Lacer Workboot meets steel toe work boot requirements while weighing less.
  • The Men’s Top Hand Boot has a lightweight outsole and a mesh lining, suitable for daily wear.
  • Buckaroo shoes have butyl oiled leather outsoles for durability.


  • Some customers are dissatisfied with the quality, and numerous online reviews claim poor quality.

Comparison between Hey Dude and Twisted X Shoes

Let’s compare the attributes of Hey Dude and Twisted X.

Features Hey Dude shoes
Twisted X
Sole Producers can make Hey Dudes shoes from a variety of materials, which include: PET fibers Twisted X is made of synthetic fabric or leather, and the sole is only made of rubber
Stability The upper is marginally higher, and the new heel lock fastening provides your feet with the necessary stability without sacrificing the iconic HEY DUDE nice vibe. Twisted X has merged an EVA midsole, incorporated CellStretch convenience technology, and a nylon/glass fabric spindle for stability.
Durability These Hey Dude shoes for Men have been exclusively adapted for quality, comfort, fashion, and all-around use. They are very durable. They can hold on for a long time, especially the Twisted X Moccasins.
Size In the case of Hey Dude shoes, the size range can be extended to 5 to 10, which may not achieve customer satisfaction who require sizes larger than 10. They range from 6 to 12 for men Twisted X shoes range from 3.5 to a whopping 16, while women’s sizes range from 5 to 13
Fit They are very comfy, but they do not have much arch support. They are thin on the inside and made of man-made materials, giving the impression that you are wearing a sock with spongy soles.
Price Most customers agree that Hey Dude Shoes are inexpensive compared to other high-comfort shoes, costing between $45 and $80 per pair They’re not bad boots, but they’re overpriced – they’re $50 too expensive on any given look for the quality and materials used, with a price tag of between $135 and $150
Fashion Quality This sneaker has a lively ring of colors on the upper lip as an extra touch Handwoven in authentic full-grain leather and breathable garment
Overall quality Most buyers seem pleased with the quality of their shoes, but some complain that they wear out faster than expected. Even after weeks of being used, the boots still look brand new. The outer sole will last a long time.

Hey Dude vs Twisted X: Materials

The leather used for the styling of all footwear is a huge indicator of the quality of the shoe.

The procedures for acquiring leather vary. As a result, it is only natural that the quality of each type fluctuates. Some are naturally derived from animal skin, while others are synthesized.

Hey Dude vs Twisted X: Durability

The efficiency of each portion used in each particular shoe model determines the durability of each shoe.

Although components and soles are principal determinants, the footbed also plays a role. Other parts rarely play an important role.

Hey Dude shoes are more durable than Twisted X shoes. This is due to their components and sole material.

Hey Dude outperforms Twisted X in this category because they use high-quality leather in their shoe design. They are typically tough and rigid in order to withstand the harshest of conditions.

Durability in the Twisted X shoe brand isn’t a joke. With awesome insoles and steel-toed construction, Twisted X has carved a name for itself as one of the most durable shoes currently on the market.

Hey Dude vs Twisted X: Shoe-Toe

As one might expect, there are some significant distinctions between the two types of footwear.

Steel toe shoes help shield your toes, but composite toe shoes provide extra protection against electrical discharge. Both provide foot coverage against impact, compaction, and perforation hazards, but they are used in different circumstances.

Hey Dude brand of shoes uses a steel toe with a small range of their products. They weigh a lot lighter than footwear using composite toe construction.

Twisted X does have steel-toed boots and a wide variety of styles from which to choose.

Combat boots, western boots, work boots, informal boots, and even their renowned Moc drives with a steel cap are available.

However, in this category, Twisted X wins, due to the superiority in their steel-toed shoes.

Hey Dude vs. Twisted X: All-round Quality

Hey Dude comfortable components will allow you to wear them for an extended period of time without developing blisters.

You can wear these shoes as casual shoes or as running shoes. The shoes’ hard rubber soles will provide you with a lot of protection and support.

The padded insole keeps your feet from becoming tired too quickly. The shoes’ comfy canvas and fabric will allow your legs to move freely.

After learning about the individual functionalities of the boots, we are not astounded that roughly 80% of customer reviews prefer Twisted X boots.

Examiners agreed on the boots’ durability, with many still choosing to wear their 1st pair from the label a few years down the line.

Hey Dude vs Twisted X: Which is Better?

Hey Dude Shoes provides a low-cost alternative to ensure that blisters and bruises are a thing of the past. Their sneakers are not only buffered with memory foam and flex innovation, but they are also quite fashionable to wear.

When compared to more expensive brands like Nike and Adidas, Hey Dude Shoes teaches us that price does not always equal quality.

Customers can browse their collection without emptying their savings accounts to buy a shoe they like.

Twisted X takes first place in overall quality. This is because it outperforms Hey Dudes in leather and sole quality – the two most important determinants of footwear durability and overall quality.

Furthermore, the best cowhide so far is full-grain. It is strong and tough because of the procedures it goes through before it is acquired.

As this is the most popular leather type used in Twisted X shoe design, it stands to reason that Twisted X shoes should be of higher overall quality.


Making a sensible and proper choice on what shoe to get must come from a mind that understands the disparities between them – both in terms of functionality and style.

While this is not an easy task, obeying this guide will provide you with a clear picture of the best place to spend your money.


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