15 Best Hey Dude Shoes Alternatives (in 2023)

Hey Dude shoes are footwear that has the perfect blend of comfort, style, and fit. The brand runs with a focus on making reliable yet stylish footwear.

They have a variety of trendy styles that consumers can get to choose from. These shoes are specially designed for outdoor geeks and adventurers. They are also very comfortable and fit adequately without squeezing your feet.

Hey Dude Shoes Alternatives

As much as the Hey Dude shoes come with their benefits and are quite popular, they also have some drawbacks. You might not get them in bright colors and they also could come off as expensive.

So, there are a couple of alternatives out there that could give you a comfortable and classy fit at lesser prices. We will be sharing with you some of the best alternatives that you can go for in their stead. Just follow through as we take you on an interesting journey.

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Hey Dude Alternatives Features
Bruno Marc Men’s Loafers Best Ultra-light hey dude alternatives
Adidas Women’s Pure-motion Running Shoes Best Hey Dude alternatives with extra cushioning
SeaVees Men’s Baja Slip-on Casual Sneakers Best comfortable alternative to Hey Dude shoes
Toms Women’s Paxton Mid Cut Slip-On Best Hey Dude alternatives for warmth
Crocs Men’s Santa Cruz Loafers Best non-marking Hey Dude shoe replacement

Review of the top 15 Hey Dude shoe alternatives

Here we would be looking at some of the best hey dude shoe alternatives that you can shop for online.

We would be discussing each alternative footwear, the similar features they share with the hey dude shoes, the edge they have over the hey dude shoes, and towards the end, there is a conclusion part.

So, let’s get right on with it.

Bruno Marc Men’s Loafers

Hey Dude Shoes Alternatives

This high-quality footwear brings you comfort at the snap of your fingers. They are a very fine blend between classy and simple. You can rock them with either casual or formal wear.

The Bruno Marc loafers fuse high-quality materials to make the footwear ultra-light and convenient. The strength of this footwear can be attributed to the fine stitching process of the upper canvas region.

They are just that perfect alternative to the Hey Dude Men’s Wally Loafers. Although both footwear shares a similar trait of being lightweight, some features of the Bruno Marc stand them apart from their Hey Dude counterparts.

You would be saving a few bucks when you opt for the Bruno Marc and they even offer better quality.

One other feature that gives the Bruno Marc an edge is the spacewalk tech feature that gives the insoles their cushioning and resilient character.

Adidas Women’s Pure-motion Adapt Running Shoes

Hey Dude Shoes Alternatives

These shoes are one of the most comfortable and stylish footwear for women. They are designed to give you holistic comfort with every step you take in them.

The upper region uses a mesh textile material that gives your feet an incredible cushioning and an ultra-soft feel. These lace-less Adidas shoes give you a sock-like experience for your feet.

The cushioned foam provides the necessary arch support for your feet to be as comfortable as they can get.

These shoes are a direct alternative to the Hey Dude Wendy Rodeo. Both shoes share similar traits of being lightweight and comfortable.

However, the Hey Dude Wendy Rodeo comes with laces whereas these Adidas running shoes are lace-less.

The cloud foam midsole of the Adidas running shoes is one peculiar feature that stands them apart from the Wendy Rodeo. The midsole helps for better cushioning and comfort.

SeaVees Men’s Baja Slip-on Casual Sneakers

Hey Dude Shoes Alternatives

The Baja footwear is an upgrade to the simple and utility beachside footwear of the 1960s. This footwear blends the comfort of a sneaker and the sophisticated feel of a more refined footwear preference.

The Baja design is inspired by the southern California surf culture. Time-honored methods such as the absence of synthetic rubber and the use of natural ones are incorporated in the design of these shoes to produce a soft, flexible, and long-lasting ride.

They are a better alternative to the Men’s Wally Sox shoes as they provide better comfort. The Baja shoes are made with a secret weapon of a contoured foamy footbed.

This provides comfort that makes the footwear wearable all day giving them an edge over the Wally Sox shoes. The Wally Sox footwear is not as durable as it could wear out in just a few months of usage.

They share similar traits with the Wally Sox though as you can wear both shoes on just about any kind of clothing pattern.

Toms Women’s Paxton Mid Cut Slip-On

Hey Dude Shoes Alternatives

The Toms Paxton slip-on is designed to give you all-around comfort and good traction. The material combination makes them footwear that no woman should miss out on.

The upper region of these shoes combines materials such as suede and faux shearling. The inner lining that the shoes come with ensures that your feet are very comfortable. The collar is made of a material that would not irritate your ankles.

They are that perfect alternative for the Hey Dude Women’s Britt shoes. Although they are very similar in that they come with faux lining that provides ideal warmth.

The Toms slip-on has an upper hand with the ortholite in-sole that they come with. The sole support your feet and can easily be replaced. So, the Toms are a better choice than the Britt shoes.

Crocs Men’s Santa Cruz Loafers

Hey Dude Shoes Alternatives

These slip-on loafers are shoes that you will love for just about any function or setting. From the casual days in the office to the easy-going strolls around the town, these loafers have you covered.

It fuses a croslite material sole and a canvas material for the upper region to give you lightweight footwear that offers you the comfort that you desire.

These loafers are super-gripping and non-marking making them the perfect wear for casual and professional settings.

The Crocs Loafers are a direct alternative to the Hey Dude Wally Sox footwear. Both footwear are designed to offer you comfort, quality, and style.

However, the croslite material used in making the Crocs Loafers stands them apart from their Hey Dude counterpart.

The croslite material almost makes the Crocs immune to odor. So, you are most likely certain to avoid smelly feet issues with this footwear.

You can visit the link below to order a pair of the Crocs Loafers.

Roxy Minnow Slip-on Sneaker

Hey Dude Shoes Alternatives

These classic slip-on footwears are the perfect fit for that classy lady. The shoe is made of synthetic cloth that makes them soft and breathable. This material is also responsible for the lightweight nature of this footwear.

It also comes with a memory foam insole that keeps your feet in great condition throughout the day. These loafers will surely become an asset for any woman.

The Hey Dude alternative of these shoes is the Mikka Hawk Ash. Just as the Roxy Sneakers, the Mikka Hawk also features a memory foam that gives you maximum comfort and prevents odors no matter how long you are in these shoes.

The very nice cushion of the Roxy footwear gives them that slight edge over their counterpart.

Olukai Men’s Moloa Shoes

Hey Dude Shoes Alternatives

These 100% leather shoes are masters in causal versatility. They fuse a dapper Moloa men’s slip-on shoe with an antiqued waxed leather, a perfect laid-back fit for a casual walk around the town or a board room meeting.

The Moloa shoes come with a unique drop-in heel design for both shoes and slide functionality. The heel can be folded down to give you that slip-on convenience.

The waxed leather in the upper region, the soft, moisture absorbing lining, and the panels make for an extra comfortable and personalized fit.

The Olukai shoes are also a direct replacement for the Hey Dude Wally Sox Ash footwear. Both shoes share some traits as they ensure that your feet are as comfortable as possible so that you won’t have issues.

The Olukai shoes come with some pluses though. The dual-density footbed that has gel inserted in between helps to ensure sustained comfort and the right amount of cushioning.

The footbed cover that supports your feet can also be removed and washed.

Jabasic Women’s Penny Loafers

Hey Dude Shoes Alternatives

These versatile and casual loafers can be your go-to buddy as they can be worn whether you are taking a walk, driving, or even having a hang-out.

The slip-on design that the shoes were made with ensures that you can wear them and pull them off easily.

They come with a midsole that guarantees support for your feet, heel, and arch. The Jabasic loafers also help you protect against smelly feet.

Their direct Hey Dude counterpart will be the Women’s, Wendy Stretch. Even though they both come with that slip-on feature that makes life easy for you, the Jabasic still stands tall.

The leather rubber bottom with grooves that ensures you don’t slip is one of the many features that give the Jabasic loafers that edge.

So, just click on the link below to grab your pair of Jabasic footwear.

ECCO Women’s Soft Woven Slip-on Sneaker

Hey Dude Shoes Alternatives

The ECCO slip-on sneaker makes for a stylish addition to any woman’s wardrobe. The woven front detailing and the lightweight style make for an incredible cushioning in the sole that gives you support all day long.

No matter the width of your feet, you are sure to have a great experience with this footwear. The footwear comes in highly recommended because of its water-resistant feature.

The footwear also has one stellar ability to dry quickly. So, you could take them for a spin in the wash and be rest assured that in no time at all, they will be dry.

The innovative ECCO FLUID FORM direct comfort technology is one of the reasons why this footwear has an upper hand over their alternative Hey Dude Wendy Rodeo.

This technology helps to provide comfort for all kinds of feet, even those with feet issues. Although Wendy Rodeo shares some similar traits with this footwear in that it is also lightweight and the footwear fits uniformly, it still does not match up to this ECCO slip-on.

The ECCO slip-on is a favorite pick any day anytime.

Foevtrue Men’s Casual Slip-on Loafers

Hey Dude Shoes Alternatives

The low chukka style of the Foevtrue slip-on loafers gives it that perfect elegance to suit any man’s taste. They can be your go-to for your sporting activities, office wear, driving, or any other outdoor activity.

The construction of these shoes features the non-slip soles exclusive to the Foevtrue shoes. The sole comes with a flex and fold pattern that enhances the comfort of your feet as you walk.

The ultra-light rubber used in making the soles makes the shoe wearable on any surface at all. You can take a chance at this shoe and be sure you won’t regret it.

Their direct alternative for the Hey Dude footwear is the Men’s Wally Woven Loafer. The Wall loafers also come with that flex and fold system that ensures that your feet are always comfortable.

However, the upper hand of the Foevtrue shoes is the fact that they come with a memory foam that gives you the required cushion.

Firelli Women’s Casual Slip-on Canvas Loafers

Hey Dude Shoes Alternatives

The Firelli slip-on helps you to stay light on your feet all season long, no matter what the occasion is. These shoes deliver great quality at pocket-friendly prices.

The construction process used in designing them is of the highest quality and they are very comfortable to walk in.

These very versatile slip-ons can be worn anywhere, whether you are walking, hiking, traveling, or hanging out. The canvas fabric up the top of this footwear is easy to clean and also, ensures that your feet are comfortable all day long.

The Firelli slip-on loafers are a direct alternative to the Hey Dude Wendy Mix. Both footwears are slip-on although the Wendy Mix comes with laces. Both footwears ensure that the outcome of their design and production process is that you have a comfortable fit.

They both incorporate that lightweight attribute in their design, making each footwear comfortable for any occasion. What gives the Firelli slip-on loafers an edge is that extra bit of cushioning in the footbed.

It ensures that the comfortability you experience in the footwear is unmatched.

Starmerx Women’s Canvas Loafers

Hey Dude Shoes Alternatives

The high-quality build that the Starmerx loafers come with makes perfect for any occasion. They feature a durable canvas and an EVA outsole that makes for smooth and comfortable footwear.

The outsole ensures that you do not have issues with slipping no matter the surface you wear them on. They have a lace-up design that makes them easily adjustable whenever you have discomfort in your feet.

The Hey Dude Women’s Wendy shoes will come to mind when you talk about a direct alternative. They both come with that lace-up design and a generous fit that ensures that your feet are as comfortable as possible.

The fashionable look of the Starmerx makes them stand tall over their Hey Dude counterpart.

Walk Hero Men’s Lace-Up Loafers

Hey Dude Shoes Alternatives

These footwears stand out for the exceptional arch support that they provide. The designs incorporated in the footwear have been carefully selected to prevent feet problems.

They come with deep heel cups that help in the alignment of the heels, hips, and ankles. They also ensure that proper feet alignment is in place to take care of any foot and back pain.

The rubber outsoles of the Walk Hero loafers ensure that you have the right bit of traction no matter what terrain it is.

The Hey Dude alternative of these shoes is the Men’s Wally Stretch Loafer shoes. The Wally Stretch shoes share some similar traits with the Walk Hero Loafers.

They both have made comfort and class a top priority and you can spot that in the quality of both shoes. However, the Walk Hero shoes are a better alternative.

Alongside the several health issues that the footwear helps to curb, they also come with an anti-skid outsole.

This outsole helps the footwear have a firm grip on any terrain whatsoever making sure that you don’t fall or trip. The Walk Hero also comes in more recommended than the Wally Stretch shoes.

VJH Confort Women’s Casual Loafers

Hey Dude Shoes Alternatives

These loafers come with a low heel platform design that makes them very comfortable. They are versatile as they can be worn with any piece of clothing.

The elastic panels and the slip-on design of the VJH loafers ensure that you can adjust them to any desired fit.

Their insoles are very comfortable and breathable making sure that you are comfortable all-day no matter your posture.

The Women’s Karina shoes are their Hey Dude alternative. They both share an iconic comfort design. Both footwear ensures that no matter the activity you are doing, your feet will not be a hindrance to your productivity.

Some features place the VJH loafers above their Hey Dude counterpart. One of which is the ortholite foam cushion that they come with. This cushion helps to massage your feet as you take on every step.

The VJH loafers also have a textured design at their bottom to ensure that you do not slip wearing them. So, the VJH is an automatic pick anytime any day.

Fran Willor Men’s Slip-On Loafers

Hey Dude Shoes Alternatives

These loafers help to make your casual outfits come alive. They fuse a lightweight design, a durable upper canvas region, and a soft lining to give you walking on the cloud-like experience.

The EVA soles help to provide comfort for your feet all day long. Your feet are more stable on the ground no matter what terrain it is as the FW loafers give you the right bit of balance.

They also allow you to appear in style as you can match up different clothes as you desire.

The Hey Dude alternative of this footwear is the Men’s Paul Shoes. The elastic laces and lightweight footwear are features that both types of shoes share.

They also share the EVA ultra-outsole that allows for better traction no matter what terrain it is. However, what stands the FW slip-on loafers apart is the classy look that it adds to the other features.

They can be worn on just about anything without you being classified as a fashion mis-hit.


The Hey Dude shoes have some great product collections up their sleeves and that has made them quite popular. However, we have been able to see that several other products can offer you the benefits of this footwear and even more.

We have carefully selected men’s and women’s footwear that can offer you the amazing qualities you are on the lookout for. We have pointed out the alternatives to the Hey Dude shoes and we have also shown you why they are better alternatives.

Some of the footwear offer better quality in terms of comfort, support, style, or class. We have shown you some of the features that these alternatives share with the Hey Dude footwear.

The product links have also been attached so you don’t hesitate in making your purchase. So, take a look at every product and pay attention to the details that accompany them.

Feel free to make use of every bit of information and make a good purchase decision. You don’t necessarily need a Hey Dude footwear to look great, there are loads of alternatives out there that could take their place.


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