13 Heely Protective Gear Set to Buy (in 2023)

Since Heelys came out in the year 2000, 4.5 million pairs of shoes have been sold. Everyone, both young and old, wears and moves around faster with them.

You have to learn how to use them though. And while doing so, you need protection in places like your knees, ankles, head, and elbows.

In this article, I’ll be showing you 10 Heely protective gear sets from different brands to buy for your sport.

Top 13 Heely protective gear you should have

Heely Protective Gear

  1. QLAEN Sports Protective Gear
  2. SKATEWIZ Skate Pads
  3. Skateboard Skate Scooter Bike Helmet
  4. Thousand Adult Bike Helmet
  5. JBM Adult/Child Guards
  6. BOSONER Wrist Guards
  7. NoCry Wrist Braces
  8. Everwell Protective Gear Set
  9. Junsen Wrist Guards
  10. Triple Eight THE Certified Sweatsaver Helmet
  11. Triple Eight Hired Hands Skateboarding
  12. Triple Eight Saver Series
  13. Retrospec Protective Gear

QLAEN Sports Protective Gear

Heely Protective Gear

Sliding down pavements in your Heelys is almost the same as doing so on a skateboard or roller skates.

You are exposed to the same types of hazards and injuries. Which is the reason why you need to protect your knees.

When you fall, one of the body parts that connect with concrete first is the knees. This protective knee pad is designed to protect your skin, clothes, and bones from injuries.

They come in a medium-size which fits most ankles. It is made of nylon, polypropylene which creates contact with hard surfaces, and foam which creates cushioning for your knee cap.

You can securely wrap it around your feet with the hook and loop closure. One of the reasons I recommend this brand is because it comes with an extra strap on both ends giving you a better grip, and securing more tightly around your ankles.

There’s no risk of the gear slipping off your leg. It is sold here for $19.59.


Heely Protective Gear

These are knee pads like no other you will find on the market. With the futuristic look and extra casing around the exterior, you are sure to shed your fear and withstand any falls you might experience.

When you are experienced or learning how to use Heelys, you are covered. Originally designed for skaters, these pads come with all the extra protection which is sure to keep your Heelying exercise super safe.

The pads are designed to flex with the movement of your entire knee joint system. It also comes with extra padding on the surrounding area of your knees to keep it securely on you with a snug fit.

The lightweight synthetic mesh material makes sure you don’t suffer from a lack of air around your knees.

It also features multilayered engineering protection. The ABS plastic outer shell prevents your knee from ever touching pavement, and the two layers of foam inside the pad give your knee protection from the impact by absorbing the shock.

The material is strong and made of polyester. Anyone can wear them, male and female. To purchase this protective gear for $34.99.

Skateboard Skate Scooter Bike Helmet

Heely Protective Gear

Heelying also requires that you protect your head from injuries. It is all so easy to assume that heelying is not as dangerous as skateboarding.

It can in fact be hazardous for beginners. With skateboarding you have to stand on a board with four tires, whereas Heelys have only one tire on the heel of each of your shoes. You could easily fall backward and hit your head on something solid.

This helmet is made of ABS and EPS materials. These materials are solid, they allow the helmet to resist impact, thereby protecting your head when you fall.

And you can trust that the construction of the helmet follows laid down regulations in the US.

The crank adjustment setting in the back of the helmet and the chin straps allow you to adjust the helmet to fit the particular size of your head.

The straps are also designed so that they don’t cause blisters on your skin and the chin pads are soft, protecting children’s sensitive skin.

And with one gesture you can fasten and release the strap button on this helmet. It also features 13 stylish vents for ventilation.

These vents cut down on sweating, keeping your head cool and comfortable. It also serves the function of aerodynamics.

And what’s more, this helmet comes in a variety of cool colors to choose from. There are black, blue, red, blue, and yellow helmet colors. This helmet sells for $30.99.

Thousand Adult Bike Helmet

Heely Protective Gear

Your Heely protective set is not complete without this helmet.

This is a functional and lightweight helmet designed not only to keep you safe but also allow you to look cool.

It comes with all the accessories for both heelying and biking. But since my job here is concerned with safety when heelying, you can keep the bonuses for biking if you want.

This helmet features a pop lock that allows you to fasten your helmet with a chain. This function is great for circumstances where you need to take off your helmet for long periods in a public place, like meetings, or classes.

It has a Dial-Fit system in the back that allows you to tighten or loosen the strap allowing you to have a perfect fit.

There are three strips in the helmet that also allow air into the helmet to keep it cool around your head.

The straps on the leather are made of microfiber vegan leather straps that stay comfortable, and resist sweat.

You may wonder if this isn’t like overkill for Heelys. It isn’t. The truth is many accidents can be avoided if folks wore protective gear whenever they go heelying.

The brand named Thousand even has a provision for when an accident happens while using this helmet.

And some of the colors available are arctic grey, carbon black, coastal blue, daybreak red, rose gold, and more. This helmet sells for $89.

JBM Adult/Child Guards

Heely Protective Gear

As you may have noticed, knee and elbow pads are usually sold together, and from JBM comes this combination.

These pads feature tough plastic plates over soft EVA padding underneath. It comes with multiple adjustable elastic straps that allow users of different knee girths to wear them.

This gear is designed for everyone, young and old, men and women. And it doesn’t matter your level of mastery, you need the protection of knee and elbow pads.

Beginners especially benefit from the design of the knee pads which feature extra straps over the upper and lower areas of the ankles.

They can be worn with clothes on and without. What’s important is when you are heelying, you should have adequate protection.

BOSONER Wrist Guards

Heely Protective Gear

The question isn’t whether you will fall, it is when will it be. And you don’t have to experience injuries too. Bosoner comes with this wrist protective gear for heelying.

Of course, all other sports like skateboarding can use this gear too. If you are a beginner in heelying, don’t feel too comfortable without using one of these.

You may wonder why you need wrist protection.

You might want to catch yourself from falling, your wrist and palm will feel the impact. Besides, you may suffer scrapes too as you try to balance yourself on your first tries.

The front of the wrists features high impact density resistant ABS splints. It is made with cushion pads to minimize pain when you fall.

To avoid coming off easily because they are loose, the closure system is an easy-to-tie one. The open design on the back of the glove is breathable and comfortable.

This helps you feel cool and dry. It also features two Velcro straps on the palm and wrists for every fit. This wrist protective gear is sold for $12.99.

NoCry Wrist Braces

Heely Protective Gear

Appropriately named, these wrist braces are the real deal for Heelys. These pads are slim and fitted. Unlike some other brands that are heavy and bulky on you, these ones fit firmly around your wrists.

These pads use EVA to reduce the shock of impact on your palm and wrists, and for extra protection, a PP board split was added. These pads are so comfortable you can even sleep with them on.

They are designed to flex with the inside of your palm, and the curve of your wrists.

The adjustable hook and loop straps allow you to get the exact fit for your wrists.

The design also allows for a fast and easy slip-on. Nocry Wrist Braces cost $16.49.

Everwell Protective Gear Set

Heely Protective Gear

Here comes protective gear from Everwell. It features most of the protective gear you need for your Heelys; knee and elbow pads, and wrist guards.

It is designed with shock protection properties like the PP and breathable nylon sleeves. This material makes these pads some of the most durable ones you can get.

I got this gear for my kid sister some time ago. She had only the ankles and wrists pads on when she suddenly fell hard on the pavement as she was heelying.

The amazing thing was she didn’t even realize she had banged her elbow but I saw it happen. No scratches or pain. That’s how amazing these pads are.

Especially if you are purchasing this for your kids, make sure that they have the Velcro straps on properly before you let them out of your sight.

Wearing this you can feel the plastic very thick and tough, this inspires confidence in them. This gear costs $32.99

Junsen Wrist Guards

Heely Protective Gear

This hand gear was made for skaters. Like skaters, you need to protect your hands when you Heely.

The hands are needed for balance and protection when you fall. These hand pads protect your palm, the back of the hand, and the wrists.

The pads are lightweight and elastic so that they can flex with the movement of your wrists. They come in small, medium, and large sizes, whatever suits you.

The material used is sturdy, and provides the best wrist support. These wrist guards are designed for use by a wide range of sports including Heelys. They cost $9.99.

Triple Eight THE Certified Sweatsaver Helmet

Heely Protective Gear

This multisport helmet is recommended for Heelys as well. It is one of the first and only helmets to combine and integrate EPS foam, thick dual sensitive plush foam, and a sweat saver fabric.

Any action sports can use this helmet, even Heelys. One of the most amazing pros of this helmet is the sweat saver fabric in two different sizes in the helmet.

It is designed so that it can absorb sweat, and save the helmet from stinking which is something that usually happens with helmets.

The soft terry cloth liners in the helmet are attached with the help of velcro so that you can remove and wash them. I’ve seen no other helmet with this function.

The chin strap is adjustable with the help of a side release squeeze buckle. When it comes to comfort this helmet is one of the best for it.

And it doesn’t compromise this comfort with weight, something that other helmets do. This helmet provides you with the best of both worlds.

The shape of the helmet is unique and makes it possible to be used in more than one sport. So if you don’t only ride Heelys but also skate, then you have more reasons to buy this helmet.

It comes with a classic half shell shape, and vents in the front for ventilation. Air speeds through as you roll on your Heelys down the street.

You’ll love this helmet as they don’t look dorky like most bike helmets, they’re sleek looking and very functional.

And they come in different colors and shades; navy rubber, Pacific beach, red glossy, shaved ice, sunset, teal hologram, white rubber, and many other colors everyone can choose from.

Triple Eight Hired Hands Skateboarding Gloves

Heely Protective Gear

These are leather gloves designed to protect and provide support for the hands; the wrists, the knuckles, and the palms.

It comes with removable ABS splints on the top and bottom of the glove. This allows you to replace the parts when they wear out. It also comes with EVA shock absorbing foam layers that keep your body cushioned.

Some straps come off as they wear out but the straps and foam on this glove are double stitched to keep it on.

The glove also features neoprene support strap with adjustable hook and loop closures that allows you to get a secure fit.

You can have the gloves in different sizes, one for you and the kids. Enjoy safety with Heelys when you wear these gloves. Prices are $49.95.

Triple Eight Saver Series

Heely Protective Gear

You can never have too much protection on your knees and elbows. And most falls end up on the knees and elbows where you can suffer lasting injuries.

This is why I bring you one more protective gear for your knees and a little something for your wrists.

The three-pack consists of a pair for your elbows, knees, and wrists. One great thing about this product here is, that it comes in one size fits all.

With the wrist saver, you can fall and hit your hands on the floor and not feel pain or lasting injury. The shock-absorbing EVA foam between ABS splints makes sure of this.

The same thing goes for the elbow saver too, and the knee saver. You can get this triple 8s saver series for as from $34.34.

Retrospec Protective Gear

Heely Protective Gear

This gear consists of hand, knees, and wrists protective gear. They feature EVA foam, which is not too soft or hard. They are just the right measure for comfortable use.

To give you a proper fit each strap cokes with an elastic strap that moves with your body and Velcro to keep the strap on you.

The secret to enjoying Heelys safely is getting padded as possible. But you don’t have to appear dorky and bulky. This is why all the gear in this list are some of the best you can buy online.

This restrospec combines EVA foam and plastic expertly, providing you with premium padding. The fabric used are also breathable to allow ventilation to reach your skin.

Whether you are learning how to Heelys or you are an expert, do not underestimate having one of these sets.

The makers of retrospec believe in safety first. So how about gearing up and feeling confident in yourself. This pair costs $22.99.

Final thoughts

Heelys can be safe. The difference between escaping a serious injury and getting away without a scratch is slim. Make sure to have all your protective gear on when you Heelys.

Look out for features like EVA foam, plastic parts, and double stitches in the foam before purchasing a protective gear set.



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