How to Use Heelys With 1 Wheel for Beginners

When you use your Heely shoes to glide around, it is called “Heelying” or simply skating. While you Heely, it is important for you to keep the balance of your feet stable so that you don’t fall over and sustain serious injuries.

The best way to learn how to use Heelys for daily use is to move from place to place like your Heelys are a pair of high heels (instead of sneakers with wheels). That means that you should walk with your toes first as you lean towards the front.

It is also useful for you to push yourself a bit forward as you start to Heely for the first time in a moment.

If you follow our instructions here, there is a small chance of you injuring yourself while you Heely around in your nice and comfortable Heely shoes.

How to Use Heelys With 1 Wheel for Beginners

How to Use Heelys With 1 Wheel for Beginners

To use your Heelys with 1 wheel properly, follow these useful steps:

  1. First of all, insert your wheels by setting and/or aligning them into the “wheel bracket” as efficiently as you can.
  2. To fully push the axles of the wheel into the “wheel bracket”, hit the wheels of the Heelys with the bottom of your fists firmly.
  3. Once you have done the last step well enough, take a look at the wheels and axles to make that they are well-seated in the bracket in a way that lets the wheels spin freely without falling out.
  4. Put on the Heelys and stomp down the wheels to make sure that they are very secure (you don’t want them falling off when you are Heelying – that could cause serious injuries).
  5. Once you have prepared the shoes, start to Heely with them on a smooth, flat surface with your feet as wide as your shoulders.
  6. To Heely, take a step forward with either foot and push your weight forward with your back foot.
  7. The toes of your front foot should be lifted up slightly so that only the wheels of the Heelys are touching the ground.
  8. Now, lift the toes of your back foot as well; by this time, you should be having a good time Heelying along the smooth ground.
  9. Stop the Heelying by lifting the toes of your two feet up so that your heels touch the floor and act as break-pads for you.
  10. Every time you Heely, you should make sure that your dominant foot is in front of your other foot at all times. If your feet are placed together while you Heely, you will most likely fall off.
  11. For more help, ask a friend or a family member to help you along till you get your balance on the new Heely shoes.
  12. If you find out that your Heelys do not fit you properly while you skate around in them, return them immediately in order to avoid any kinds of injuries and/or bruises in the future.

Getting to know your Heelys

There are two types of Heelys in the market today. They are:

  • One-Wheeled Heelys.
  • Two-Wheeled Heelys.

One wheeled Heelys

How to Use Heelys With 1 Wheel for Beginners

One-wheeled Heelys are actually the most common kinds of Heelys that you can see around the place at all times. These Heelys have a single wheel on each of the pairs of shoes that you purchase.

For people with a good sense of balance and awareness, the one-wheeled Heelys is a better fit for their activities because it makes them take turns faster and move quickly as they glide along.

Two-wheeled Heelys

How to Use Heelys With 1 Wheel for Beginners

Two-Wheeled Heelys have two detachable wheels that are attached to the backs of each shoe that you buy as a pair.

These kinds of Heelys are less common, but they are however much better for younger children and people who are just beginning to use Heelys.

Two-wheeled Heelys are well-balanced on the feet and more secure on the ground than one-wheeled Heelys are. The slight con to using two-wheeled Heelys is the fact that they are often much slower than one-wheeled Heelys.

Two-wheeled Heelys are also slower in taking on sharp turns on the road because they are heavier on the feet than the other kinds of Heelys in the market.

Another thing about this is that the two-wheeled model of Heelys doesn’t come in all the sizes and designs.

How to buy the right kind of Heelys

If you want to buy a nice pair of Heelys, you should carefully consider the benefits and features that are present in each of these shoes before you make a successful purchase.

Most of the time, buying Heelys should never be a problem for you once you have made the necessary preparations beforehand.

Some of the necessary considerations that you need to take into account before you buy a pair of Heelys are:

  • Sizing and Fit
  • Fashion and Style
  • Speed
  • Balance
  • Purchase of The Required Safety Gear

Sizing and fit

When buying Heelys, it is important for you to buy the Heelys that fit your feet perfectly enough to give you that extra comfort while you glide and slide around in these nice shoes.

We recommend that you go up in size when you want to purchase Heelys because this will give your feet the extra room that they need to breathe in and be comfortable while you skate.

If your Heelys don’t fit you well enough, you may very well get some injuries as you try to move around in them uncomfortably. The comfort and sizing of your Heely shoes is one of the most important considerations that you must keep in mind.

Fashion and style 

Heelys are also cool sneakers that can be worn around normally enough when you have mastered how to use them. When buying new pairs of these shoes, you should try as much as possible to get the Heelys pair that fit your style and personality.

Apart from the fashion of the shoes, you need to decide on the particular style and design of Heelys that would benefit you the most. Do you want to purchase buy the one-wheeled Heelys or the two-wheeled Heelys at this time?

If you are a beginner, or if you are getting these shoes for a young child, it is mostly safe for you to buy Heelys that have two wheels at the back of the heels because these ones have more balance.

If you are experienced with the use of Heelys however, you should go ahead and buy the one-wheeled Heely shoes for your everyday use. These Heelys are often much faster than the two-wheeled Heelys (and they are also quicker to control).


Do you want your Heelys to go very fast as you zip through in them? Then you should probably go for the one-wheeled Heelys that are more suitable for speeding and tight-corner controls.

When looking for the best kinds of speed levels in the Heelys that you skate in, you should note that all Heelys are generally rated to be able to go about 10 miles per hour as you wear them.

The one-wheeled Heelys are faster than the two-heeled Heelys so you should buy these ones if you are more experienced with using Heely shoes for your daily activities.

Please note that your safety should be your paramount concern when you use these shoes.


Proper balance can be achieved on your feet as you either walk or skate in these Heely shoes. To be on the safe side, however, if you are new to the use of Heelys, you should buy two-wheeled Heely shoes that are more balanced and fixed on the ground.

The balance gotten from your Heelys can be maximized once you get the proper fit of the right pair of Heelys for your feet.

Please don’t go buying Heelys that throw you off your balance and make you very uncomfortable – this is not advisable.

Purchase of the required safety gear

Safety gear like helmets, shin guards, elbow guards, braces, etc. are very important for you to buy along with the purchase of your brand new Heely shoes.

Heelys are shoes that are prone to cause you to slip and/or fall as you use them so you must be very careful and cautious on the road.

Always use your Heelys with the recommended safety gear or you run the risk of injuring yourself seriously and ruining your shoes in the process.

FAQs on Heelys

How to Use Heelys With 1 Wheel for Beginners

Can you wear Heelys without the wheels?

You can definitely wear your Heelys without the wheels if you wish to do so.

When you order a pair of Heelys, your shoes will come with a set of detachable wheels, heel plugs, and a Plug Removal Kit (apart from the Classic X2/Snazzy X2 Models which don’t come with heel plugs or a plug removal kit).

The wheels on the Heelys are detachable wheels that can easier be taken out of the shoes whenever the wearer feels like walking “normally” as opposed to gliding around.

In fact, when you need to walk for a long distance, you should take the wheels of your Heelys so that your steps are surer and less stressful.

Once you take the wheels out of the Heelys, you can convert these shoes to normal sneakers when you place a cover over the hole that would be left by the wheel under the shoe soles.

However, you need to realize that you will get used to the wheels on the Heelys the more you walk around in them.

You can take the wheels out of your Heelys by doing the following:

  • Hold the shoe in an upside-down position and make sure that the sole and wheel are facing away from you.
  • Position your two thumbs (one placed over the other) against the side of the wheel that is closest to you.
  • Use your thumbs to push out the wheels from the sides (Axles are pressure-fitted in the axle arms so it may be a bit difficult to take off the wheels at first).
  • (If the wheels don’t come off, flip the shoes to the other side and repeat the same process again.)
  • For better removal of the wheels next time, use some lubricant to grease up the wheels so that they are not too rigid in their “brackets”.
  • Don’t use the heel plug tool to take out the wheels because that could permanently damage the wheels (The wheels are meant to be removed by hand).

Can you wear Heelys at Seaworld?

For most public places that have a lot of people around, it is not safe for you to wear Heelys because they can easily be out of control as soon as a finger snap.

At Seaworld, it is not advisable for thrill-seekers to wear their Heelys for any reason.

If you want to put on your Heelys at Seaworld, you should take off the wheels from under the sneakers so that you don’t get prohibited from going on certain rides or participating in certain activities.

In most schools and public places, there are actually signs and symbols that have been set up to show the banning of Heelys shoes that are considered to be very dangerous for kids and some inexperienced adults to wear.

If you don’t have any experience in Heelying, you shouldn’t even consider wearing these Heelys to Seaworld because the risk of you injuring yourself and ruining your shoes is very high if you do so.

Seaworld does not allow the use of Heelys in their premises except if the wheels are removed from the shoes.

Skating with Heelys is very dangerous in these kinds of places; in fact, if you simply just walk around with Heelys, you could be escorted out of Seaworld quickly. 

Are Heelys banned at Disney World

Heelys are banned at DisneyWorld so you should not consider wearing these sneakers to the theme park if you wish to be allowed to have a good time.

It is pretty dangerous for you to wear these Heelys (one-wheeled or two-wheeled) at DisneyWorld due to how crowded and busy they are during the operative hours of this wonderful place.

You are much better off wearing a pair of really comfortable and functional shoes that keep you well on your feet throughout the day since you would be on your feet for most of the time.

When you wear Heelys in places like DisneyWorld, the great risks that are attached are not only attached to you in this instance, they are also attached to the several other people that would be using the park with you as well.

DisneyWorld has banned the use of Heelys because of all the injuries that have been incurred by customers and all the complaints that have come from people who don’t really see these shoes as safe footwear for places as crowded as DisneyWorld.

Don’t consider wearing your pair of Heelys to DisneyWorld – they are banned and you won’t be let into the premises if you are sporting a pair with the wheels in.

Are Heelys safe for 7-year-olds?

Heelys are safe shoes for children when you follow all the safety precautions that have been outlined already in this article.

For 7-year-olds, you should get a pair of Heelys that fit them perfectly so that they get to glide around in their shoes in a safe manner.

At this age, children should not use Heelys without close supervision from their parents at all times. Any child, regardless of their age, that wears and skates around with Heelys without protective gear on is at great risk of severe injuries when they fall.

To be on the safe side, your 7-year-olds should only wear Heelys that have two wheels at the bottom of the shoes.

Two-wheeled Heelys are often safer than their one-wheeled counterpart so you should get these ones for children till they are able to control their Heelying better.

Heelys would be safe for 7-year-olds if you make sure that they wear proper protective gear with it as they skate around. The best kinds of Heelys for 7-year-old kids to Heely in are the two-wheeled Heely shoes.

If your kids don’t follow the safety requirements, there might be serious injuries involved in that situation.

Are Heelys safe for 5-year-olds?

Heelys are definitely not safe for your 5-year-olds to wear around without any supervision from the guardians of the children.

For most of the time, these kids are too young to handle all the complexities that are involved with operating these shoes safely.

5-year-olds should not be allowed to wear Heelys with the wheels in if you really desire for them to be safe with you as they grow up.

Major injuries are very inevitable while you use these wheeled shoes, and so, your children’s development might be stunted due to these injuries.

To keep your kids safe, you should never let your 5-year-old children put on Heelys because they are not really secure when they do so. 5-year-olds are often too young to walk and glide smoothly on Heely shoes so you shouldn’t buy these for them.

If you really want your 5-year-old to put on a pair of Heelys though, you should purchase a pair of two-wheeled Heelys that can give them more balance and stability as they Heely around.

Also, make sure that you monitor them all the times they wear these shoes because the risk of them getting injured is very high. They must be wearing protective gear at all times they wear Heely shoes.

Are Heelys safe for 10-year-olds?

Heelys are safe for 10-year-olds once you meet all the safety requirements that have been set out by the company that makes these shoes.

Once the safety methods are duly followed, your 10-year-olds are mature and responsible enough to operate these shoes nicely.

Although the monitoring procedures would be less, you still need to check on your 10-year-olds as they use the Heelys to move around the place.

Once you get some protective gear for 10-year-olds, they are perfectly able to ride either the one-wheeled Heelys or the balanced two-wheeled Heelys with experience.

Are Heelys safe for 8-year-olds?

Most of the head injuries and other kinds of injuries associated with the use of Heelys in children happened to children that were 9 years of age.

8-year-olds using Heely shoes should be monitored as closely as 7-year-olds and 5-year-olds that use these shoes.

Don’t allow your kids to ever use Heelys without the protective gear that ensures that they are a bit protected while they move around the place in the shoes.

At 8 years of age, Heelys are not the safest shoes for your kids, but they can be used if they are careful enough.

The best way to ensure the safety of your 8-year-old kid while they use Heelys is to get them the two-wheeled Heelys that give them more balance and stability.

Ensure to also buy enough of the protective material that your kids need to stay safe and sound as they go about in their Heelys.

The best way to keep your 8-year-olds safe while they use their Heelys (if they must use Heelys) is to buy protective gear along with these shoes so that your kids can use them in a way that is safe and cool.

Some of the best Heelys for you to buy today is the following:

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