Dr. Scholl’s vs Sof Sole: Side By Side Comparison

The major difference between Dr. Scholl’s and Sof Sole is that Dr. Scholl’s does the major work of providing comfort, helping relieve fatigue, and most importantly, preventing body pain in the lower body.

While Sof Sole is primarily an athletic insole that provides relief from plantar fascia irritation.

Dr. Scholl's vs Sof Sole

Both are actually insoles that help to support the feet while you have your shoes on. But you notice that there is a bit of a difference between Dr. Scholl’s insole and what the Sof Sole insole does.

I will go deeper into the comparison of these two insoles, which will help you know which one is best for you and which one you should go for when you want to get one for yourself. 

Dr. Scholl’s insole review

Dr. Scholl's vs Sof Sole

Dr. Scholl’s company was founded in the year 1906. This company has been credited with having designed over a thousand foot-care products.

This brand originated in the United States, and it focuses on manufacturing footwear and also orthopedic footcare products.

Dr. Scholl’s is a brand that has stayed loyal all these years to making really good footcare products.

Dr. Scholl’s does a really great job when it comes to keeping your lower body well cushioned, especially in situations where you may be standing for too long.

This is made possible because it has an effective sole that works to relieve lower back pain and also helps to reduce foot or leg fatigue.

You do not get to see this feature in a lot of insoles out there. This one is really unique and it is able to provide you with the all-around comfort you need while making use of the insole.

Another good thing I like about this brand is that they make sure that equal weight is distributed around your feet.

This is made possible because of the shock guard technology, which works to balance and distribute equal weight around the shoe when you are walking.

You need this feature because it helps you stay comfortable all day long. 


  • It relieves lower back pain
  • Reduces leg fatigue.
  • Reduces foot fatigue.
  • Effective sole reasoning
  • Shock foam technology


  • It has a tight fit.

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Sof Sole review

Dr. Scholl's vs Sof Sole

Sof Sole is a worldwide recognized footwear accessories company that was founded in 1991.

Over the years, the Sof Sole company has grown to become a worldwide leader when it comes to athletic footwear accessories.

The Sof Sole company does not only make insoles; they also make socks and other shoe care products. You may begin to ask what exactly this insole has that makes it suitable to be used as an athletic insole.

That feature is known as the implus foam. This implus foam makes the insole ideal for any type of athletic activity like running, walking, cross training, or even for casual use.

If you are an athlete and you need an insole that will keep your feet comfortable all day long, you can always turn to Sof Sole insoles. They do the job perfectly for you without having regrets.

The company itself is aware that there are different types of feet, and because of this, some insoles tend to not fit some people.

That is why Sof Sole made their insoles have this feature, which is known as the contoured neutral arch. Even if you have flat feet or high arches, this insole suits you nonetheless because of this unique feature.

There are some pros and cons you should know about this brand as well. Take a look at these pros and cons:


  • It can be trimmed for a smooth fit.
  • It has the Implus foam feature. 
  • Neutral arch for wider foot acceptance


  • The material does not provide overall comfort.

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Comparing Dr. Scholl’s and Sof Sole

Comparison between different brands is what makes you know which exact brand you are going to go for.

For example, if you do not compare a particular brand to the other one, you may not know which one actually performs better or which one suits your exact needs.


Comfort is something you can not compromise on when you are looking for the best type of insole to get. Dr. Scholl’s insoles come with good comfort.

What makes this possible is the deep heel cup that they come with. What this heel cup does is provide you with the stability and comfort that you need while wearing your shoe.

Imagine when you have your shoes on, and the insole you have on has a heel cup that allows the heel to sink in comfortably.

Will you not feel good and comfortable in such a setting? You definitely will. When it comes to comfort, Dr. Scholl’s is one brand that does it really well and makes sure that whoever is making use of the insole is comfortable all day long.

The case is a bit different for Sof Sole; it does not have this deep heel cup that gives stability and comfort for you.

What it has instead is the contoured neutral arch, which makes it suitable and comfortable no matter the type of feet you have, be it flat feet or even high arches.

This feature is fair enough when it comes to providing comfort, but it is not as good as that of Dr. Scholl’s brand. 

Winner: Dr. Scholl’s


These two products are both insoles, and from the name you can see clearly that they are built to stay inside the shoe at all times, except in situations where you want to wash them.

Why am I explaining this? Design is not always a factor to consider when you want to pick one for yourself.

Do not get me wrong, having a good design is OK, but do not take it into too much consideration before you pick an insole for yourself. Dr. Scholl’s come with a pretty decent design which helps to keep the insole in shape.

But note that the insole will be inside your shoe most of the time, so the design will not be visible except when it is not in use.

The same thing is applicable to the Sof sole insole. The design is good enough for you, and it adds to the beauty of the insole. 

Winner: Tie


The durability of each of these insoles is something that you need to put into consideration at all times. It will not last long if the insoles are not durable enough.

The good thing is that Dr. Scholl’s has really good durability. With the effective toughness that it comes with, you should expect this insole to last all day long.

You can make use of this insole for a long time and it will last for as long as you want it to. The Soft Sole insole is also very durable for you. It is built specifically for athletics.

There is a high build quality that is known as the implus foam that adds to the strength of the insole.

Because of this strength, you can use this insole for other sports activities like running, walking, etc., and it will still be very durable for you all day long. 

Winner: Sof sole

Material quality

Dr. Scholl’s insoles contain latex. Latex is known to be a durable and flexible material that lasts for you.

It is flexible in the sense that if it undergoes some stretching, it still returns to its original shape because of how durable it is.

There is also a combination of gel and leather, which adds to the quality of the material build. The quality of the material used usually determines how well the insole will be.

Sof sole also has good quality material, which makes it last a long time for you.

Sof sole Insoles are made of gel. Gel material is known to be soft and is also lightweight, which allows you to carry it around comfortably without it being too heavy for you.

The combination of gel and leather is a really good one, and the good thing about it is that it will last comfortably for you all day long. 

Winner: Tie


When it comes to sizing, how your insoles fit means a whole lot. If the insoles end up not fitting you, then there is no need for them. Dr. Scholl’s insole has a tight fit.

What this means is that if you choose to wear a particular size of insole, it will end up being too small for you.

Because Dr. Scholl’s insole has a tight fit, you may have to choose a size that is slightly bigger than your actual size. This will help ensure that you pick the size that will fit you properly.

Sof soles are different from Dr. Scholl’s; they size you well when you wear them and you do not need to choose a size that is either big or small; all you need to do is to pick your exact size and it will fit you well.

The one that fits better and sizes you well tends to be the better one because it saves you the time and energy of having to either size up or down. This makes Sof Sole the better one in this category.

Winner: Sof sole


Sof sole is the more sturdy one. This is because it was built to handle more energy-intensive tasks like athletics, which require more energy-intensive activities like running, walking, etc.

The plus foam plays a huge role in the sturdiness of this insole. This is because it is a major feature of this insole.

With a feature like this, you can expect this insole to be solid and to be able to last a long time for you.

Dr. Scholl’s insole also has an effective sole though. This adds to the solidity of the insole and also makes it durable for you.

Winner: Tie

Value for money

When you buy Dr. Scholl’s insoles, they are really value for money. This means that whatever amount of money you are paying for the insoles, you will get back the value based on the functionality of the insole.

The same thing is applicable to the Sof Sole insole. It does not cost too much to purchase; it costs about $25, and for you to get such a durable insole for less than $30 is totally worth the money.

This is value for money, and it is a good investment for you. When next you want insoles that are so good and durable, you can always depend on either the Dr. Scholl’s or Sof Sole insoles. They are totally worth it and also value for money.

Winner: Tie

Final Verdict

Picking one from these two may be a bit difficult. This is because both perform similar functions.

But if I were to choose, I will definitely go for Dr. Scholl’s insole because I am not an athlete and I will not need what the Sof Sole insole offers, which is more suitable for athletes to prevent the risk of the plantar fascia.

Just like I usually advise in many of my reviews, you should always choose based on the one you need the most.

If you are an athlete, you can go for the Sof Sole insole because it has a special feature for athletes, but if you are not an athlete and all you want is just support on your lower body, Dr. Scholl’s is the one for you.


These two insoles are really good. They perform similar functions, but you can see that different technology is built into the insoles to perform these functions.

You should always be on the lookout for the one that suits you best and which one works best for what you need the most. When you do that, you will be able to make the right choice.


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