Hush Puppies vs Dr. Scholl’s Work Shoes: Which Is Better?

If you desire to get casual shoes for work and all-day comfort, Hush Puppies and Dr. Scholl’s work shoes grant you this, they have a casual yet smart appearance.

Although they have similar construction, Hush Puppies work shoes are built with heavy rubber soles which makes them quite heavy for your feet’s movements.

Dr. Scholl’s work shoes on the other hand are made with very light rubber soles which enhances smart strides in your working environment.

Hush Puppies vs Dr. Scholl's


Hush Puppies working shoes

If you are a lover of comfortable yet casual work shoes, Hush Puppies work shoes (like this one on Amazon) are your best choice.

They are originally built to offer you great quality at an affordable price, and also provide you with a variety of casual styles outside the normal traditional work shoe styles.

They have an incredible comfort technology that provides your feet with the support and cushioning they require.

 Their rubber soles are built with non-slip rubber soles which gives you a tremendous grip in any type of terrain. They have breathable soles which wick out moisture and keep the foot cool and dry.

They are designed in a wide variety of styles which are casual and perfect for work some of their styles include: loafers, chukkas boots, oxfords, and high boots.

They are made from genuine leather and thus keep you rest assured that they will last you for a longer period of time.

Just like their slogan which propels their customers to live on the bright side of life, they gave a vast range of brightly colored work footwear.

Dr. Scholl’s work shoes

Dr. Scholl’s work shoes (like this one on Amazon) are modeled for people who desire to look sharp and feel comfortable at work.

They are made with high-quality leather which has an eco-friendly design with eco-conscious fabric lining in the interior part of the shoe, made with recycled water bottles to keep it super soft and comfortable.

It comes with a removable memory form which are anti-compression insoles, comfortable cushions in the heel, and mesh materials that provide ventilation for breathability.

The shoe’s midsoles reduce pressure, absorb extra shock, and allow your feet to flex in them comfortably.

The stable top sits on a durable outsole that is non-slip and oil resistant with the legendary comfort in mind. Its soles are non-marked, making it great for both solid floors and wood floors.

There is also a little heel at the back of the shoe to give you a superficial extra height.

Hush Puppies vs Dr. Scholl’s: Comparison

Hush Puppies vs Dr. Scholl’s: Stitching

Hush Puppies contrast stitching is employed in stitching the side attachments, a fabric lining, and the slip-on lace closure.

This type of stitching makes it hold the top of the shoe so it doesn’t fall off easily and also gives it a stylish appearance.

Dr. Scholl’s Working work shoes have topstitching, which gives it an exceptional subtle design.

This style of stitching gives the shoe a very detailed luxury look. They appear more expensive than the amount acquired.

Hush Puppies vs Dr. Scholl’s: Leather

The uppers of Hush Puppies working shoes are made from full-grain leather and the insoles are lined with leather.

The full-grain leather provides you with ultimate durability in that when they are expected to assume an old look after hundreds of wearing, they look even better.

They are tough and this makes it uneasy to peel off when mistakenly dashed against rough surfaces, the full-grain also gives them a waterproof feature to protect your feet on rainy days.

The covering of Dr. Scholl’s working shoes is made with real leather for supreme comfort and durable.

They give you an outstanding appearance when polished to compliment your outfit. They are waterproof to keep your feet safe from water and weigh lightly.

They are lined with a mesh lining which makes them breathable and keeps your feet cool and dry to prevent odor.

Hush Puppies vs Dr. Scholl’s: Price

Hush Puppies Working Shoes are neither one of the most expensive work shoes you will find in the market nor are they cheap.

The least price at which you can purchase Hush Puppies work shoe is $100.

Dr. Scholl’s Working Shoes offers very affordable and quality work shoes. The least price you can purchase these working shoes is $46.95.

Hush Puppies vs Dr. Scholl’s: Build Quality

Hush Puppies working shoes are built with full-grain leather for adequate quality, comfort, and convenience.

The outsoles are made with slip-resistant rubber to prevent slipping off on polished surfaces. They provide good balance and give you a smart, casual look.

A contrast stitching is used on the top of the shoe, this is to firmly hold the top tighter, giving it a luxury and detailed statement.

They have a wide versatile style with built-in nice curves and designs to fit any type of work outfit.

They are built with an elastic cap which allows you to stretch it enough to insert your leg.

They have bounce insoles made from bio-based materials, to provide energy reverse after every step and conserve cushioning for all-day comfort.

Dr. Scholl’s Working shoes leather top gives you lasting and cushioning features.

They are constructed with a comfort system to give your feet extraordinary comfort and support. The soles are made of rubber to give you an incredible incredible grip in any environment.

The soles make it impossible for water to penetrate into the shoe. They also give you a smart dashing look as you step out for work.

Their versatile styles make them possible to pair with almost any outfit.

They are built with extremely durable and quality materials and are sold at relatively cheaper prices, to enable people get long-lasting and good-quality work shoes at less expensive prices.

Their insoles and midsoles are topnotch. They have removable memory foam insoles that are lined with Dri-Lex.

They wick out moisture from your feet and keep them dry, they are washable after many wears. The midsoles are made with rubber, to absorb shock.

Dr. Scholl’s working shoes are true to size, to give you a flawless fit.

Hush Puppies vs Dr. Scholl’s: Outsoles

Hush Puppies work shoes are made with rubber soles, which give you a tough grip so you don’t easily slide in muddy or slippery environments. They are glued to the top end using powerful cement.

Although they feel a bit heavy at first, they will be comfortable after a while.

Dr. Scholl’s Work Shoes are made with slip-resistant and oil-resistant rubber soles. They give you a very good balance and keep you on your feet even in slippery environments.

 They are attached to the top end using very strong adhesives so it does not pull out easily.

They are water-resistant and keep your feet protected from water penetration. These non-marked soles make it possible for you to walk on wooden and white tiles without leaving a scratch on them.

Hush Puppies vs Dr. Scholl’s: Insoles

Hush Puppies Work Shoes are made with a bounce bio-based insole, this is to help maintain your energy as you walk. They mold your feet perfectly and enable your feet to be comfortable after the first try.

This breathable insole makes it possible for your feet to be nicely seated in a shoe because it wicks away every moisture and gives you supreme comfort.

Dr. Scholl’s work shoes have removable memory foam insoles, they have an anti-compressing feature with super cushioning effects.

They are breathable and this helps to keep the feet out of moisture. They are also replaceable, this makes them easy to be replaced or even washed after wearing them for a long period of time.

Hush Puppies vs Dr. Scholl’s: Fitting and size

Wearing work shoes that are too tight will keep you uncomfortable all day and is definitely not worth buying.

Hush Puppies work shoes are true to size, this means that they are your exact foot length and width. This gives you a dashing and perfect suit.

If you were half sizes, let’s say 11½ you should buy a size 12 so that you don’t compress your feet, it still promises to give you a nice fit.

They have a wide fit, which makes them super comfortable for work as they will allow you to walk around flawlessly.

Dr. Scholl’s work shoes are true to size to give you a comfortable fit in that even if you have a pair of no-show socks, you rest assured that your feet won’t hurt.

The shoe is sized to be your exact foot size so that there is no space behind, and four heels don’t get to rub on the back of the shoe as the friction between them can cause blisters.

Hush Puppies vs Dr. Scholl’s: Style

Hush Puppies

Hush Puppies work shoes are designed in various casual styles, in order to fit different environments.

They offer a variety of casual shoe styles for both men and women, which includes: loafers, sandals, boots, and wedges.

Bailey Slip-on

It is a slip-on shoe designed for women and had a casual shoe style. They are built with rubber soles, which makes them flexible and gives you very strong traction so you don’t easily slip off on any surface.

They offer a range of beautiful colors from which you can choose which can be paired with jeans, a skirt, and a shirt for work.

Hush Puppies health sneakers

This work shoe has a lace-up design and a casual feminine style. They offer a wide range of attractive colors to suit your outfit. It is built with a non-slip rubber sole to withstand any terrain, and give you smart walk steps.

Expert PT lace-up

This work shoe is made with a lace-up style which is most suitable for a casual outfit.  It is made from leather and this gives it a premium appearance.

They are available in black, dark brown, and Navy colors to suit the color of your outfit. The soles are made from a mixture of leather and rubber which keeps them super durable.

Dr. Scholl’s work shoes

Are you looking for a brand with stylish work shoes that still offers comfort and support to your feet?

Then you should consider one among the stylish Dr. Scholl’s work shoe, they have a wide variety of styles which makes them versatile for any type of outfit.

Madison Slip-On Sneakers

These work sneakers are built with a very simple but formal style, it has a slip-on closure, made with leather.

Its nice curves and design give it an executive look, they can be worn for formal events and also outdoor events.

All Lace-up sneakers

Just like the name, this Dr. Scholl’s work shoe has a lace-up style, they have a plain and simple appearance. They will be your best choice when going casual as they perfectly fit ripped jeans.

Final Verdict

Both shoes are great for comfort and balance during work.

You would want to consider Dr. Scholl’s work shoes instead of Hush Puppies’ work shoes because it has a lighter sole which provides better balance.

Hush Puppies work shoes have heavy outsoles which will make you somewhat uncomfortable because of their weight.

Dr. Scholl’s work shoes also have non-marked soles which makes them great for wooden and white tiles. They won’t leave your shoe prints in your working environment.


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