Why Do My Dr Scholl’s Have A Plastic Disk In The Heel Of The Shoe

You must have noticed a plastics disk in the heel of your shoe and you keep wondering, what the heck is this for, why do my Dr. Scholl’s have a plastic disk in the heel of the shoe?

Well, I just the way you are surprised about Dr. Scholl having a plastic disk in the heel of the shoe, I was also wondering some years ago.

Interestingly enough, the plastic disk in Dr. Scholl’s heel has it important, it is not just there for fashion’s sake.

Here are the reasons you find a plastic disk in all Dr. Scholl’s brands

Why Do My Dr Scholl's Have A Plastic Disk In The Heel Of The Shoe

To reduce foot pain in the heel

This disk avoids pains while you walk or run for a very long time, unlike some other shoes you have used whose disk may not be thermoplastic or not even thick as that of Dr. Scholls’ type.

Imagine putting on a shoe whose nature is just iron or thermoset, Dr. Scholl’s plastic disk is thermoplastic. This means it is a rubber-like object, thermoplastic is sometimes referred to as thermoplastic.

One of the benefits of having a thermoplastic disk beneath your Dr. Scholl’s shoes is the ability to stretch it to a moderate elongation and after the stretch, returning to its initial size and shape.

The thermoplastic is thick, this makes it very convenient for you whenever you walk with it, it serves as an intermediary between your feet a stronger part of your shoe.

To help in Preventing Wart

Wart is a skin infection, it is a small bump on the skin, it is rough and may be fleshy. In most cases, it does not show any symptoms, except when you find it on the bottom of your feet where it is always very painful.

Recall, Dr. Scholl’s is a footwear brand; it is orthopedic footwear care that helps prevent you from getting wart on your feet. This is possible because Dr. Scholl’s thermoplastic disk is being made to produce salicylic acid while being used.

It is important you know how salicylic helps prevent you from getting infected with Wart, in the case where you have been infected with Wart already, the thermoplastic disk is being out of material that is made to produce salicylic acid.

While you walk, it has the nature of salicylic acid and this will help you remove the wart, this works by exfoliating the skin cells, and making sure no traces of wart is seen.

Apart from exfoliating the skin cell, to prevent you from getting contact with warts, the disk is not also impotent when it comes to preventing, because it triggers the surface of your feet to build a healthy skin cell in that area.

Helps in preventing corns

The plastic sole protects your feet against foot corn.

Corn is another skin infection; it is peculiarly shaped in form of dead skin, occurring on the foot’s surface – either on the palm or feet.

Most time corns are being produced on your feet as a result of the hard and dead skin layer which were built up over time, the hard skin is composing of skin cell called keratinocytes.

These cells are present throughout the entire epidemic layer of human being skin.

Corn on feet is mostly caused by friction and pressure which is gotten as a result of footwears lacking proper foot support- the plastic disk.

Sometimes, you are prone to get infected with corn when you walk in an abnormal pattern or engage yourself in sport with an annoying shoe. This is not applicable most times, but to an extent, you can get corn by doing this

If you will love to prevent a small area of thickened skin-corns which is most times found over a toe joint, then getting a shoe that has a thermoplastic disk is the best buying decision as of now.

Help pregnant ladies look smart

What nature of shoes should a pregnant lady wear? Something that will just fit her and make her look smart?

More factors are important while picking a shoe for a pregnant lady, aside from getting a shoe that will make them look smart.

They don’t just wear shoes anyhow, the more reason pregnant ladies should not wear shoes is the fact that most shoe brands do not put them in consideration.

There is always a solution to problems when it comes to Dr. Scholl’s foot care brand, the shoe has the perfect features for pregnant ladies, the fact that its sides are padded with the thermoplastic disk has made it very suitable for pregnant ladies.

It is also made in a way that gives comfort…

You have to note that the more the pregnancy grows, some ladies experience swollen legs, some may not like it, while to some people’s nature, it is unavoidable and may be painful.

The only way to make your feet look good again is by using Dr. Scholl’s Custom Fit Orthotic insertit is a plastic disk that doubles your comfort, this is a clinically proven pain relief on your feet.

One of the major functions of Dr. Scholl’s custom-fit orthotic insert is to help you stand on something more convenient to walk on.

If you have other shoes apart from Dr. Scholl’s brand, getting the orthotic insert is a supplement to your hard nature shoe.

It serves as a shield from harmful substances

You can now walk and prevent being injured by harmful objects you step on daily.

My feet hurt severally as a result of dangerous objects I have accidentally stepped on, I don’t wear Dr. Scholl’s shoe most times even though I have two. I wear thin shoes like the ones being used to fight karat whenever I am out every morning to jog.

But to some extent, I felt I can’t take this any longer, this pain was unbearable, even the fact that I have a thicker foot could not ease the pain either heal the injury quickly.

You think you don’t walk in a dangerous area, don’t be surprised when you get hurt while using shoes that do not have a thick thermoplastic disk as a result of friction, this disk is dense and at the same time is made with a plastic rubber material.

Slight friction with other shoe brands may get your feet hurt, although the nature of your feet also matters a lot- either you have a thick or soft surface. Yet it is better to get a shoe that will safeguard your feet, regardless of the nature of your feet

To prevent the passage of water into the shoes

Dr. Scholl’s shoe brand has two plastics disks, there is one which is right beneath the shoe, the two both serve the same function when it comes to preventing the passage of water.

The shoe is not meant to be walked on water, just to be sure you are not getting the information wrong, but when your shoe gets in contact with dirty water and stays for some days, it begins to bring out some unpleasant smell.

To avoid this smell you will have to go the extra mile to wash your shoe thoroughly with a detergent, imagine you do not get a good detergent that can make it sparkle again and also give it a nice scent, then you may eventually hate yourself for making your shoe get in close contact with the street water.

There is only a remedy, the remedy to cleaning your shoe perfectly comes in only if you can get a perfect detergent for your bad odor shoe. I know how messed up it will be, this is the reason you should get the Zero Odor detergent.

The detergent is being produced with chemical material that gives a perfect wash, and also giving the best scent, at least your shoe can glitters again after having a touch of dirty water.

To avoid a shoe coming in close contact with water, then getting Dr. Scholl’s shoe for men or rather the one for women on Amazon is the best solution for you.

You can also save some money by getting a shoe bag cleaning kit; it is an all-in-one product that includes 4 wash bags, 3 shoe brushes, and 2 pairs of shoe trees. Now you can have everything in one spot after getting a good detergent- Zero Odor Detergent.

Comfortable while walking

Of course, what do you get from a brand whose shoe has a thick rubber layer for your feet; you get utmost comfort from it. I have used several shoes and I can tell the difference.

Using Dr. Scholl’s brand is one of the best sets of shoes I have used, the edges are made in a way that enables users to feel comfortable enough to wear the shoes for a long time.


Why Do My Dr Scholl's Have A Plastic Disk In The Heel Of The Shoe

In case you have a beautiful shoe already, getting Dr. Scholl’s brand is not too much for you, because you get to use it and utilize the benefit it has to give over other shoe brands.

The benefits you get involve getting a long-lasting shoe, I have been using my Dr. Scholl’s shoe for 2 years before publishing this content and it still looks like a new shoe.

Also, Dr. Scholl’s shoes are one of the cheapest and quality shoes, you don’t have to pump so much money on shoes, you should be able to consider other bills.

Getting Dr. Scholl’s shoe will save your pocket some cash and help you have personal savings.

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