Why Do My Converse Make Noise When I Walk?

There are several things that will make your Converse make a sound while you walk, I am sure you are not aware of why it makes noise and that is the reason you are here to get the solution, your Converse keeps on making noise while you walk if you don’t read through.

Large Converse most times will cause your Converse to make noise, there will be a space within your feet while it is in the Converse, so when you take a step. You likely get a pop sound from your Converse.

Why Do My Converse Make Noise When I Walk

Another thing to note, the white plastic piece which is on the top of the Converse, above your toe, this white plastic piece may be very inflexible, until it becomes worn in or made to be flexible, it can cause an annoying popping sound.

The way an individual walks is one of those important factors to look into right now, if you were not cautious of the way you walk, then you are going to hear an annoying sound from your Converse while you walk.

The nature of your Converse is also important to take note of, also a loose Converse will make noise.

What causes Converse to makes noise

You may be wondering how come I don’t know? Or how do these things lead to my Converse making annoying noise or even squeaking?

If you have a bigger Converse compare to the size of your feet, then you may likely hear a pop sound when you walk, if you do not fit that space with foam or clothe.

Why it makes noise is as a result of the air space, most likely to be hydrogen gas which will make a pop sound, provided it was not hydrogen sound, then it is a result of your feet reacting with the space within the Converse which contains air, once you move/ take a step then expect a sound. 

The white piece on the top of the shoe is a plastic that covers your toe, if this white plastic is not made to be flexible, you will continue to experience a pop or even irregular annoying sound.

Unfortunately, you may tend not to understand the techniques behind a plastic piece on the head of your Converse which makes your Converse make noises when you walk.

I guess I should make it practical here while I explain the reason the white plastic will make noise.

If you have ever held a curved plastic, I mean a plastic-like arc shape. I guess you should have played with it consciously or unconsciously. When you press the plastic then you will hear a sound while the plastic regains its initial shape.

Now, the pressing can be regarded as the way you walk while the plastic remains itself, so now when you walk with your Converse, this is one of the reasons you hear noise or pop sound from your Converse.

What if your Converse has a foam head and not a white plastic on the top of your feet, then this is where the nature of your Converse will come in.

You should know that different manufacturing company with a different material which was used in the production of your Converse.

If you are with a Converse that has foam at the top, then this may reduce the functionality of the white plastic, this is because the white plastic will be encompassed in the foam and make it almost invisible.

Now when you take a walk, there is a decrease in sound or no sound at all, a very cogent reason why you should check for the nature of your Converse before buying any Converse, the nature of what it was being made up with is very important.

A simple illustration is a Converse that has a white plastic piece at the front of the Converse, above the toe. This is a Converse that has no foam in it, so you are surely going to hear annoying sounds while you walk, as a result of the plastic.

On the other hand, a Converse that has foam at the top may likely have a white plastic piece, but this time not noticeable. The only reason you will not hear such an annoying sound is that the foam enveloped the plastic material and hereby absorbing the sounds emanating from your Converse while you walk.

The way you walk also truly matters, you have to be conscious of that, some material requires gentle handling while walking because the nature of the materials was not meant to be roughly handled. So you walk and minding the fact that you put your Converse on.

How to make Converse not squeak

Why Do My Converse Make Noise When I Walk?

Another thing you will hate is seeing your Converse squeaking, I guess you may still be able to contain the annoying sounds your Converse makes while being compared to wearing a peeling Converse.

So, how do you make your Converse not peel?

  • Cleaning your Converse with care
  • Avoid wearing it often
  • Do not soak your Converse in water
  • Make sure you are wearing quality Converse sneakers.

Cleaning your Converse with care

Wait a minute, how do you clean your Converse?

Maybe you use foam, brush, detergent…  You have to know this, if you are not cleaning with care, then you are likely to destroy your Converse by making it squeak easily and faster.

I use almost everything to clean my Converse, I use detergent and foam, sometimes when I feel I need intensive washing I use a brush, but a soft brush while I brush it gently.

Washing your Converse aggressively will weaken the leather surface, hereby losing the tight surface of your Converse and making it easier to peel.

This calls for gentle washing, yet you have to be mindful of the nature of what you use in washing your Converse, the nature of your brush is different from the nature of my brush, meanwhile, I have been buying my brush from the same manufacturing company, and for the past 8 years, it has not been brutal with my Converse.

I use the Libman Scrub Kit, and I will give you 3 outstanding reasons you should get this brush. You may not find these reasons in other brush that is why it is outstanding.

With years of experience, these are three important features that I observe, the Libman scrub kit is a multi-purpose brush that can be used to wash your Crocs also, not only Converse. it does the cleaning perfectly, you don’t have to put pressure while washing, some folks put pressure and end up peeling their Converse.

Last of which is its life span; no one needs to remind you that you need a brush that will last you for long.

Avoid wearing your Converse too often

Have anyone ever told you what happens when you wear your Converse often, I guess no one has ever made mention of that.

This is it…

When you wear your Converse often, it tends to peel. Why?

Generally, no matter how conscious you can be while walking, you fold your Converse in the process. I think an illustration will explain better.

I am Ben, I woke up very early in the morning to jog, I am set to start, but mind you, to take another leap further I need to do that on my toe, in that process my toe on the ground while the back of my feet in the air.

Your toe and the back feet are not balanced here, automatically folding your Converse, this also applicable while you take a walk.

Do not soak your Converse in water

Don’t try this friend, water and leather are not meant to stay together for long…

The way water will rust your ceiling fan when you use water to clean it; this is almost the same way water will make your Converse peel so easily.

To get a perfect wash, then use the Libman Scrub Kit, if you have a soap you use for this, you have to check well.

Some soap contains too much or low chemical content, which may not be perfect for cleaning.

In the case of too much chemical content, you are going to see your Converse peel off as time goes on when you use it. This is the reason I have been using the Zero Odor, apart from avoiding your Converse to peel, it gives it a nice odor. I am sure you want a nice odor!

Make sure you are wearing a quality Converse, a Converse that does not squeak easily.

Above all, you still need to check out for a perfect Converse, some Converse are easily prone to peeling in few times.

This is the reason you have to get the right information before you make any buying decision, not all that glitters will last for long. I hope you know that?

What sneakers don’t make noise?

Before publishing this content, I made sure I got the right information by interviewing customers who have Converse worn. I asked some important questions that will help you make a better buying decision.

Here are a few sneakers you should check out, they are the ones I can assure you of buying and not peeling easily, I use 2 of these- so be sure you are on the right track.

Converse Unisex-adult

This is a leather Converse that I have been using for close to 3 years now, its sole is made with a thick and durable rubber material which assures you that the feet are neither going to peel off.

It is a mid-top leather sneaker boot with a suede accent; it makes no noise while you take a walk, so you should know you have found some of the right Converse to go for.

It has an iconic design which you will love, perfectly going to fit.

Converse Unisex Chuck Taylor

If you will love to move without any sound, then this is one of the best Converse you should go for.

Its sole is made with thick and durable rubber; the sole is around 1 inch thick, this will make you feel the comfort it has come with.

It has one of those great designs, a stylish one that will suit your fashion spec.

Its leather material is fully padded, the foam in there help to absorb sounds which may emanate as a result of the way individual walk.

The leather is of good quality, very certain it is going to last you for long.

Soulsfeng Laceless Sneakers

This type is made with an anti-slip ripple rubber sole, a very thick and padded sole, it makes you stand firm, standing firm for long- no leg pains because the sole is fully padded.

Since it is padded, that you should be sure it is not going to make noise, this annoying noise sucks, and this is the reason most of these manufacturing companies make sure there is a feature/structure that can absorb sound.

It is made with a PU cushioning midsole which enables comfort and stability; it has a standard size for both adults and young.

It is also suitable for casual, outdoor, and even fashion or official occasions.

TRAVEL FOX Unisex 900 Nappa leather Round Toe

Very simple sneakers, but I must confess the lacing part of the Converse is what has made me purchase it.

The lacing steps are 10 steps, it ensures you tighten your Converse to your feet, no space for air, this is one of those reasons you will walk or run and not experiencing sounds.

The TRAVEL FOX unisex sneakers is one you will love to get, apart from these aforementioned, this sneaker has a simple structure, and yet so fashionable.


Why Do My Converse Make Noise When I Walk

My Converse made some annoying sounds 2 years ago; I had to make personal research just to prevent my sneakers from making noise and also peeling off.

So this article was published to help you get out of that mess, this remedy was gotten as a result of what I have practiced, which I can assure you of, and also personal research with past and recent Converse users.

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