Why Do Converse Make My Feet Look Long?

Converse creates this illusion of being very long at the feet when you stare straight down at the sneakers. You are the only one that thinks this way, no one else. This is nothing to worry about at all, as all shoes give this perception.

Also, Converse shoes have a pretty long “tongue” that reaches the ankle, creating the illusion that the leg is very long. The fact that they also come brightly with cool designs makes them look long on one’s feet.

The Chuck Taylor especially looks super narrow and long, that on first wear, you’d want to think your feet are long. But this is nothing to worry about, all converse are this way.

Why Do Converse Make My Feet Look Long

If you’re worried about a foot that looks long, stay away from white, neon, and light patterns. If you want to minimize the foot, stick your tongue out or put on your brown, black, gray, or dark purple shoes.

From my perspective, if you have small feet, the conversation will make your feet look small, but if you have big feet, your feet will look bigger than they already are. That’s all 🙂

PS: For people with small feet, their feet seem smaller. This is all from my best friend who uses converse and compares her to other people, hahaha.

Well, yes, they make your feet look fat. But most wear them with skinny jeans, which creates a sort of illusion that makes the feet look chunky because the jeans are tight, and they’re probably both flat and thin, from what you said. I hope this helps!

What to do when converse makes your feet look big?

So, I usually wear US 9. I bought Converse All-Star US 8.5. They are fine, but they seem to be longer than my feet (they make my feet longer). For example, I have a pair of 9.5 American vans, and they are larger than my usual number. But they seem to be shorter than my Converse.

I tried on a pair of Chuck Taylor US 8’s, and they were too tight for me. Converse shoes seem to be “long and tight,” and if I buy a comfortable pair (not too narrow), they will be longer than my foot. What do you think about that?

In my experience, the Converse tends to run both tight and half full in terms of length. It can be a complex combination, and the size can also be a slight mismatch between styles. If you have wide feet, you might be uncomfortable.

Some of the stiffness will wear off over time, and you might feel more comfortable after a bit of use. As a side note, the Converse design itself, especially the binding, seeks to lengthen the look of the foot.

So here are a few things you can consider to assist you in this situation

  • Use it with various insoles that can make the laces less tight.
  • Wearing more oversized pants helps! All I’m wearing are tight pants because I don’t want to have monster feet 🙁
  • Wear them with flat jeans (or shorts) as you should avoid jeans and pants with tapered legs. The tapered legs stick together for you and cause the eye to search less for the leg instead of more. Accordingly, the size of each leg is emphasized.
  • Wear jeans and loose pants. You might be concerned that a splayed leg at the bottom of the pants would add more weight and accentuation to the lower leg, and in a way, that estimate is correct. However, by putting more material on this part of the foot, you can balance the size of the foot with the size of the foot. The excess fabric in the pants fools the eye into expecting “more” on the lower leg so that your larger foot ultimately looks proportionate.
  • Avoid socks that highlight your calves. It means skipping shorts, hoodies, and miniskirts. When the fabric of your pants or skirt stops just above the calf, the bottom of the leg and the foot are highlighted. This accent usually makes your calves and feet appear more noticeable and more prominent.

Is there a Converse that is true to size?

In general, the Converse is larger than the average shoe. The brand claims the Converse is half the size on their website, but some people say it shrinks to its standard size, especially if you’re wearing a size larger, to begin with.

An efficient way to find your Converse size is to measure your feet manually. Stand on a piece of paper directly against the wall. Have someone mark the top of your top and the back of your heel, then measure the distance between those two points. This can be much more reliable than relying on sizes that may not be uniform for different brands.

I’m going to list some life-size converse that you can get on your own.

Converse Men’s One Star Suede Sneakers

The Chuck Taylor All-Star low-top sneaker is a trailblazer for casual style, sporting a classic canvas top and cult silhouette. This design has never been so soft and updated with a durable sole in soft and bold shades. The Ortolite padded sock takes comfort to the next level. Ortholite is a trademark of O2 Partner, LLC.


Converse Unisex-Adult Chuck Taylor All-Star High Top Sneaker

The iconic and timeless Chuck Taylor All-Star sneaker perfect in its simplicity since 1917. Lightweight and breathable canvas construction. The vulcanized rubber sole provides durable traction.

The OrthoLite cartridge cushions every step, and no one can ignore the incomparable patch on the ankle. Versatile, modern, and better every time you wear them. OrthoLite is a trademark of O2 Partners, LLC.


White lace-up sneakers Converse

The perfect converse with good fabric and synthetic.


Converse Chuck Taylor All-Star 2019

A Casual Legend from 57. The Chuck Taylor All-Star Low Top is a cult low-top sneaker. They offer you comfort like Ortholite socks and canvas. Understand. Some characteristics of this inverted shoe:

  •     Imported
  •     Rubber sole
  •     The tree measures approximately the lowest of the arcs
  •     Low-cut sneaker with a canvas upper
  •     Iconic silhouette
  •     Iconic silhouette
  •     Ortholite sock liner helps you feel comfortable.
  •     Diamond tread sole


Converse Street Canvas Mid Top men’s sneakers

Chuck Taylor All-Star with a classic and pointed silhouette. They are built of Canvas with a padded collar and tongue which aids comfortability. The inner elastic cushion allows for easy on and off. The rubber sole provides durable traction, while the EVA sole provides all-day step-by-step cushioning.

Interesting features:

  •     Woven and synthetic
  •     Rubber sole
  •     Canvas
  •     Rubber sole
  •     Zipper with contrasting laces and metal eyelets for an optimal fit
  •     Exclusive Chuck Taylor All Star rubber cap, Converse All Star textured cap, and heel patch


Does Converse look bad on big feet?

No, Converse fit well on legs of all sizes, as long as you wear them correctly with the fitting pants and with confidence. From personal experience my feet look long but luckily since the ends of my pants were slack, they didn’t have a look as big as my pants would cover some of that.

They very well can! My homie is 13 feet tall and wore Converse sneakers every day. The best I can say is to use them with confidence! No matter what you look like, what people see is safe body language, not whether your clothes or shoes are good-looking.

If you don’t trust them with big feet, try more open-ended pants. If the pants run a little more than the shoe, it gives the illusion of smaller feet. Something that can help you show your confidence is if someone is commenting on your feet in these shoes, don’t justify your comment, say something to show that it doesn’t matter, like “well, I love them anyway, “and let it stay that way.

If they persist, it’s probably not because they look bad, perhaps because they want to criticize something.

Why does converse look like clown shoes?

Why Do Converse Make My Feet Look Long

It would depend on your size. If the size of your legs matches your height, it would be good, but if you are not too tall but have big feet, then yes. Converse makes the feet thinner and longer.

If you are wearing skinny jeans, I notice they look like giant clown shoes because the boy’s jeans fit his leg and ankle. So if you are wearing baggy jeans, they will look great.

No, they might want to stop appearing like clown shoes, but they also tend to have a trend. I could put it in white, black, gray, stay away from oranges, vegetables, and blue. In the experiment, you’re going to dress them up in jeans with a lighted-up two-tone, and who cares what people think? You might have just started a guy who doesn’t.

Why is converse so long?

Yes, the Converse size is different from other shoe brands. If you wear 8, you can buy 7; this is the right size for you. The official Converse website states that the medium sizes are larger than your usual shoes. They claim that if you were a size 11 male, you would be a size 10.5 Converse.

Conversions are performed by size. The best casual shoes ever! It is important to note that this is usually a men’s shoe. Therefore, if you buy your Chucks from a store that only wears them in men’s sizes, you will need to convert the women’s shoe size to the men’s one (for me, my men’s shoe size is smaller by 2 sizes).

The reverse is usually larger, so most of us are half the size or smaller than usual (I’m 10, but get size 9 the other way around). It could be the way they are made. In appearance, he has a smaller foot, more space, and narrower. Fortunately, if you choose UK sizes, they should match exactly.

Yes, at least in America and for Chuck Taylors. It may vary between half and the difference in actual size compared to many other shoes. Unfortunately, sometimes this medium size is large, the smallest size (one size smaller than standard size) looks too tight, and the larger one (half size smaller than standard size) seems too loose, not over the top but in the width of the shoe.

I usually go for a regular size tighter because the larger half of the size doesn’t look quite right. Due to the way the shoes are, they should offer two width options as some people have wider or narrower feet than others with the same foot size.

Each brand varies in size. Some are more universal than others. The reverse is usually larger, so most of us are half the size or smaller than usual (I’m 10, but get size 9 the other way around). It could be the way they are made. In appearance, he has a smaller foot, more space, and narrower. Fortunately, if you choose UK sizes, they should match exactly.

Why does converse break easily?

Converse get broken easily because of the way they were created. The process is called vulcanization, where the rubber sole and the canvas upper are separate pieces held together by a rubber band … called a “fox”… which spins around the sole line of the shoe.

Heat is used for welding the soles and handcuffs, then solder the handcuffs to the top of the canvas. If the procedure is carried out correctly and well, the soles remain welded … several times, this is not the case; the sole and the fox are separated from the movement of the feet when walking.

You will probably notice that the fox separates from the canvas at each point where the shoe is folded. This is almost impossible to avoid and is only one characteristic of the construction technique used.

The vans are built the same way and suffer from the same problems. This is a quality control issue. Vulcanization is a relatively inexpensive means of making skate shoes and sneakers.

In the case of sliding shoes, there appears to be some advantage instability over flexibility without compromising the user’s ability to “feel” the board underfoot.

This design hasn’t changed for a century. When it was first made, the rage was vulcanization, and a rubber sandwich sole was the latest development. Modern shoes don’t do this anymore; they are more often released as one.


Converse started making one of the first basketball shoes in 1917 and redesigned it in 1922 when Chuck Taylor asked the company to create a better shoe with more support and flexibility. After Converse added Taylor’s signature to the ankle patch, they became known as the Chuck Taylor All-Stars.

They have numerous colors to choose from that you are sure to find the one you like, from classic black to more appealing colors. Converse also offers more personalized options online, like customizing your pair based on color choices and even adding text to your shoes!

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