Why Do Converse Look Weird When You Wear?

Your Converse may look weird based on two reasons; they could be bigger than you or you may have combined them with the wrong outfit.

The word weird comes in many folds and for Converse users, weird simply means not appropriate.

In my terms, it could mean that they are a little too big or they are combined wrongly with an outfit.

I once bought a cool pair of Converse with my size number scribbled boldly on it. I felt disorientated when I put it on.

Not because of the design or color, no. I was just weird; maybe a little too big despite the fact that it is my size. I had only one solution; to wear it with bigger pants instead of skinnier ones.

Converse shoes are very comfortable and durable and one of the best fashion shoes out there. But when your shoes look a little bigger than your structure, it looks weird.

I later discovered that most users have this complaint too. Once you buy a pair of Chuck Taylors converse, it looks a little bigger than your actual size and makes you look like a clown.

Weird right? Converse shoes would not perform any form of miracles with your outfit and you’ll need to be very skeptical about what to wear with them.

Another solution I was able to deduce was to buy or order a pair one size lower than my feet size.

This is able to work well with any kind of pants or trousers I chose to wear for the day.

How to wear high-top Converse for ladies

Why Do Converse Look Weird

It becomes a little confusing when wearing the high-tops varieties of Chuck Taylors Converse as it doesn’t go too well with so many dress styles. Firstly I think high-tops go well with some stockings.

Wear some stockings

I know that will sound a little weirder than my first case but listen, stockings give your ankle some comfortable feel and protection as well.

The most important for me is the cute look especially if they are white, long, and folded down to just above the high-top level. Any color will do, depending on the shade of your outfit.

Wear with a skirt

Another simple piece of advice on how to wear high-tops Converse is with a skirt. I am not saying you should remove pants or jeans short from the equation.

Skirts just seem wonderfully blended with high-tops Converse and especially the ones that stay above the knees.

Also, add some touch of checkered patterns on your outfit either for the shirt or your bottoms.

I don’t know why this happens but checks really look awesome with Converse shoes no matter the color or style.

In other cases where you wish to wear longer bottoms like leggings, and sweat pants, the lengthy should still be much higher above both your knee and high-tops.

There should be a little space for your skin to be exposed down there so the style of the shoe and your bottoms are visible.

This outfit is perfect for a late-night party or for a trip to a casual restaurant. This time, no stockings!

For the denim lovers, yes, Converse high-tops look awesome with cropped jeans too with a little freedom in your heels as well.

This also shows off the style of the high-top style. Levis jeans are also great with high-tops especially when the base is folded twice or more.

It is one of the most relaxed outfits with Chuck Taylor’s Converse shoes. Also this time, no stockings!

How to wear low top Converse for ladies

Why Do Converse Look Weird?

It is easy to discover that low-top Converse shoes are way easier to select with your favorite outfits mainly because of the fact that it is just like any other shoes.

Your ankles are free and you could even display some really nice anklets.

You can wear with jeans

They are also great to wear with jeans especially during the fall season, unlike the high tops where you will have to crop and resize.

This is also the exact difference between wearing both styles is with the high tops. For the higher bottoms like skirts or Zafuls, the low tops are a great look blend, especially with H&Ms.

Then there are the skinny jeans. Just like the high-tops style, skinny jeans do not have to be re-sized or cropped all the way higher. Your ankles will still be visible along with that pretty anklet.

Image credit: http://www.pinterest.com

Low-top Converse always gives your dressing some kind of magical simplicity and plain tops are just the way to go.

Although some ladies prefer to still fold their skinny pants or jeans, they still look great and that is what low-tops can do.

High-top or platform converse are said to make your feet look much longer and that is without a doubt true.

But your low-tops can work some really good magic with simple outfits and works well with any type of top including oversized sweaters as much as the platforms.

You can also wear your low top Converse with long stockings

Another advantage of your low-tops is the freedom to wear with some really long stockings and this style coupled with low higher level bottoms is a great outfit for both outings and girl next door look.

Why Do Converse Look Weird?
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How to wear Converse for guys

First and foremost, guys prefer the platforms or high-top converse to low-top converses. 90% of guys do not wear low-top and this is a fact. This is mainly because the low-tops tend to expose the ankle.

Although, this style is simple and a great blend with shorts, it is still not as befitting as the platforms especially with stockings.

Wear with Cargo Pans and Button-Down Shirts

One very important outfit with Chuck Taylor’s Converse for men is the cargo pants and button-down shirt outfit.

I may not be a fashion icon but I know checks and Converse are born to be together. When your button-down shirts are of check design, the outfit comes out even more effectively especially with blue or black.

It is one of the most common styles because it is both dressed up and laid back at the same time. They go well with any shoes including Converse.

I love the outfit personally because I could wear it to virtually anywhere and on any occasion. The cargo pants can also be folded or resized, both look equally awesome.

Wear with Jeans and Hoodies

Another look that is perfect to style with Converse is jeans and hoodies. This is a very casual outfit and the Converse makes it even simpler especially when they blend with the color of the top.

I like to add some creativity to my outfit and when I tried this life hack, it was cooler than amazing!

I wrapped my socks into a double layer and wore a pair of cropped pants so the base is exposed. On top is a white t-shirt and a loose-knit sweater.

This look is like runway material and very attractive to me. It doesn’t work well for all shoes but my Converse, both low top and high-tops, crowns it all perfectly.

Who says Converse cannot be worn with some khaki shorts? This look is one of the most simple you can have with Converse shows, especially with the low-tops.

Just add an oversized shirt or jacket and you are set for a great summer day.

Can you wear Converse on skinny jeans?

Yes, you can wear some nice skinny jeans on your Converse shoes and the result is always the same; cool and casual.

There are sometimes they can be worn for a more dressy outlook which is good news for serious-minded dressers.

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The lacing of your Converse shoes is even more important to this than you imagine.

You want your laces to go in from the top of the holes so it comes to outsmart and fashionable rather than through underneath.

The next thing you have to do is unlace the first one or two holes from your calf depending on your foot’s size. This is mainly because you need the tongue of your Converse out and on display.

Another thing to put imp consideration is your socks. Your socks should be as long as possible so as to give your feet some real cushion because your jeans are going to be hugging your legs all day.

Now tie the loosened laces under the tongue and tuck them inside the shoe when you are done. This style is very conservative with the high-tops.

For the low-top Converse, the outlook is always simple and for me, the best combination with the skinny jeans.

They also go well with any kind of tops, from t-shirts to oversized shirts, sweaters, button-downs, sleeveless, and even, turtlenecks with coats and jackets.

Here is where your low-top Converse shows shine brightly for men. Just makes sure there is some sort of color blend with your outfit and it might just be one of the best dress codes you have discovered.

What not to wear your Converse with/on?

We have been talking about what and what goes perfectly with Converse shoes all day.

There are some times where you have to look at an outfit with your Converse and shake your head; no that just isn’t right.

Sometimes, Converse becomes very boring and not just ideal when you wear them with the worst combinations. Let’s look at some of the worst ways to wear your Converse shoes and ruin everything.

Do not wear with boring outfits

The first thing that easily comes to mind is wearing it with some boring set of clothes and colors.

Like I clearly mentioned earlier, Converse shoes would never do some magic for your outfit unless you make this so.

Yes, it is nice to dress simple and in an attempt to not look loud, you wear boring and boring bottoms with even more boring colors and the whole outfit is ruined because of the mere presence of the Converse.

It makes things worse instead of better.

The step to solving this is quite simple; either use a pair of bright color Converse or a bright top. DO not mix both with dull colors. Never!

Image Credit: https://thestyletti.com/womens-converse/

Do not mix your Converse with colors that are too bright

The next DON’T is an alternate to the first I mentioned. Mixing bright colors for both your cloth pieces and your Chucks also ruins a lot.

The key here is balancing your clothes and your shoes in terms of style and colors.

I did mention earlier that check shirts are an amazing blend with Converse shoes.

I didn’t mean they should be worn with checkered converse. Just imagine the combination. Yuck!

Image Credit: https://thestyletti.com/womens-converse/

Another issue is very common and most people do it. If you do, please stop.

Nobody will walk up to you and tell you that you aren’t doing it right but they definitely notice that fail.

Do not loosen your laces on your canvas because you are of comfort. It is better you don’t wear them in the first place if you can’t improvise.

For me, the selling point of Converse shoes is the laces. I have outlined so many ways to achieve both comfort and style with converse shoes in this article.

Some people don’t even wear the laces and it looks like you are heading for the farm!

Everyone loves long baggy jeans because you know it’s cute. But wearing them on Converse shoes is downright frustrating and a crime.

This combination is very tricky but can easily be transformed into something really nice.

Why Do Converse Look Weird?

Image Credit: https://thestyletti.com/womens-converse/

Try cropping both ends by resizing your saggy jeans a little higher so the Converse can be displayed. This works well with high-tops.

Then get yourself a crop top and you look ready for the runway.

My final thoughts

So the fact that your Converse looks weird might not just be because it looks too big, or the sole is deformed, or it has become too old.

There is also the issue of matching it with the wrong outfits.

Everything becomes a little shoehorned and all the blame is on your poor shoes instead of your weird dress sense.

Lest I forget, wearing Crocs shoes with long flowing dresses. This outlook is controversial but a topic for another day if you ask me.

It definitely doesn’t sit well with me but does it with you? Think about it.

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