Clark vs Florsheim Dress Shoes: Which Is Better?

It feels delightful to attend outdoor events exclusively dressed in elegant shoes. Clark and Florsheim dress shoes are one of those shoes that will make you stand out.

The major difference is that Clark shoes are nice, their rubber soles provide great traction, but make them slightly less of an outdoor dress shoe.

Florsheim dress shoes on the other hand are designed with leather soles, neatly stitched, they give you a confident look during occasions.

Clark vs Florsheim Dress Shoes

As you read this article further, you will know which dress shoe is more appropriate for your events.

Overview/First Glance

Clark dress shoes

Clark dress shoes are made with incredible quality, versatility, and durability. They are available in a variety of colors and come in a range of sizes from size 7 all the way up to size 15.

The shoe’s wide variety makes it versatile as it can be worn with almost any outfit. The uppers are made from 100% full-grain leather which lasts for years without wearing out.

At first glance, you will know it is a premium standard dress shoe, it has a tender shoelace and a really nice identity line at the front with some detailed and even stitching.

It has a very formal look and the rubber sole which makes it lightweight.

The innersole consists of a built-in leather sole that absorbs moisture and provides breathability.

Florsheim dress shoes

Superior quality, stable and perfect fit are barely a few among many words to describe Florsheim dress shoes.

They are completely made from genuine cow leather (both the uppers and soles). This makes them durable and lasting even after prolonged usage.

The sole is stitched to the upper and a welt, this makes it impossible for water to penetrate the shoe and it also permits the shoe to be easily resoled.

They are made with a true size feature and this gives you a perfect fit for your feet. They come in different shapes and sizes to for any type of dressing.

At first glance, you will get an exciting feeling from the sleek and dashing leather used in making the upper. It has a closed lacing system and neat punctures designed to make it fashionable.

A welt runs through the sides of the sole which is stitched to the sole, the stitching seams can be seen from beneath the sole.

Clark vs Florsheim Dress Shoes: Comparison

Clark vs Florsheim Dress Shoes: Stitching

Clark shoes do not have their soles stitched to welt or their upper, this is because it uses a rubber sole.

The rubber sole is directly bonded to the insole on the top end of the shoe using very strong cement, this rubber soles give the shoe traction that is second to none.

Florsheim dress shoes are stitched using Goodyear stitching which enhances their longevity and durability.

A welt that runs 360° through the sole is stitched to the upper and padded insoles. This stitching makes it have a water-resistant feature that also helps to balance the body temperature

Clark vs Florsheim Dress Shoes: Leather

One of the reasons why Clark dress shoes do not wear out on time or even scratch when dashed on rough surfaces is because the top is made from full-grain leather.

The strength it exhibits makes the shoe last for a long period without wearing out, they are breathable to soak up moisture and prevent the moisture produced by your feet to cause odour.

The top of Florsheim dress shoes is made from genuine cow leather. They are waterproof and have the ability to last for years without wearing out this is why the soles are replaceable.

After a long time of wearing them, you may feel the need to change the style of the sole but the top remains as good as new.

Cow leather is breathable and gives a super dashing look when polished.

Clark vs Florsheim Dress Shoes: Price

Clark dress shoes are produced with great quality, at a relatively affordable cost within a range of $59 to $173. The rubber soles make it affordable.

Florsheim dress shoes are more like an investment because of their cost. They are worth $113 all the way up to $234.

A major determinant of its high price is the leather sole and good year welt stitching. You sure will get value for your purchase.

Clark vs Florsheim Dress Shoes: Build quality

Clark dress shoes are built with rubber soles which give them a high traction leather, you can wear them in wet and slippery environments which warrant you falling, they also give you a tenacious grip.

The soles are bounded using strong cement so that it doesn’t pull off easily.

The uppers are made from full-grain Leathers, this makes it super durable and gives it a better look with time.

It is expected that after wearing the shoe for a long time, it would have an old look, but they look even better because of the full-grain leather.

They are very comfortable, the inner soles are built with an Ortholite insole Which wicks out moisture and keeps the shoe breathable.

They are built with genuine cow leather which gives them an outstanding quality, the thickness of the cow leather makes it possible for it not to easily get scratched even if you dash your feet against tough surfaces.

The soles of these dress shoes are also made from leather and stitched to the upper end using a good year Welt stitching construction.

This makes it quite expensive because it takes a lot of quality materials to produce it, but you will surely get more value for your money.

They are built with a comfortable tech system that provides adequate cushioning and support, they also have removable ortholite insoles which makes it possible for you to wash them after they have been worn for a long time.

Clark vs Florsheim Dress Shoes: Insole

Clark dress shoes have inbuilt ortholite sole. This inbuilt ortholite sole gives the feet long-term comfort, manages moisture, and makes it breathable.

Florsheim dress shoes are made with removable ortholite insoles. These ortholite insoles are lined with leather which helps to reduce friction between the foot and the shoe.

Its breathable feature allows the flow of air as your weight compresses the shoe. This removable insole makes it possible for the innersole to be removed and washed after being worn for a long time.

Clark vs Florsheim Dress Shoes: Outsole

Clark dress shoes are made with thermoplastic rubber soles, which are not stitched but glued onto the insole and upper part of the shoe. It is less costly to build.

The rubber outsole has a lot of tenacious grips which makes it impossible for you to slip off on slippery surfaces.

This aggressive grip is made possible by its large surface area.

They cannot be resoled because of the direct bonding between the sole and top end of the shoe.

The soles of Florsheim dress shoes are made from pure leather constructed using Goodyear Welt stitches.

Here, the sole is not directly shown to the top of the material but on a welt which is fastened around the top end and further stitched to the sole.

The good year welt type of stitching does not make it flexible but tough to protect your feet from cold and rough terrains, this makes it possible for the soles to be replaced

Clark vs Florsheim Dress Shoes: Fitting and Sizing

The fitting and size of a shoe is a major determinant of purchasing a shoe or not. This is why Clark dress shoes are built in half sizes, to ensure that people whose feet hurt in whole size dress shoes get better comfort in the shoes they desire.

Clarks dress shoes are also true to size so you can purchase them this makes them not too tight and not too loose.

You can purchase them in sizes 7 up to 15, there are available sizes for children as well.

For the fitting, there’s a little bit of space to ensure that the back of your feet seats nicely. The shoe box grips your feet closely and not too tight and the heel is not too loose so you don’t get blisters.

For Florsheim dress shoes, Some men would prefer having a little space in their dress shoes so it doesn’t tighten their feet, while others feel that having some more space will give them a more loose-fitting and they prefer dress shoes that are true to their sizes.

Florsheim dress shoes are recognized for its true size. This feature makes the shoe your exact size without so much space and provides your feet with good balance.

They produce a wide range of sizes from size 15 down to size 6, this makes it possible for men with smaller foot sizes to be able to purchase the dress shoe design they desire.

They are not only restricted to adults as they also produce smaller sizes for kids.

Clark vs Florsheim Dress Shoes: Style

Clark dress shoes are produced in different sizes for certain kinds of dresses, events, and personalities. Some of their dress shoe styles include:

Citi Stride Top Back: This Clark dress shoe has the style of a Chelsea boot, it has a loop of fabric placed at the back of the heel to make it easy to put them on and take them off.

Boat shoes: Clark boat shoes were made to have a very casual style and can be with a pair of jeans, shorts, and even colorful chinos.

Loafers: Clark loafers were built with a very simple style, they can be used in both casual and formal outfits.

Florsheim dress shoes: if I only talk about the cap toe design of Florsheim dress shoes, I will limit you from knowing about the various styles they have. Here are a few amongst many styles of Florsheim dress shoes:

Captoe style: This style refers to horizontal stitching on the toolbox that runs from one end of the welt to the other. They are fashionable and can be worn for formal meetings and dates

Plain toe style: This style has no stitching running the toe box. They have a very simple but classic look and can be worn to the office and conference meetings because it has a more formal look.

Monk strap: The monk strap style is a traditionally designed shoe where a fitting strap is attached to a three-piece upper.

The toe boxes are made in a narrow style, this style makes it very versatile for so many events with an exception of formal events

Wingtip: They have an overlay of leather that has a W shape and are great for jeans, sports coats, and Blazers.

Pros of wearing Clarks Dress Shoes

  • Super durability. They are built with ultimate craftsmanship and the best of materials which makes them last for years
  • Ortholite sole. This helps soak up moisture from the feet to prevent odor and ensure breathability
  • Outstanding comfort. They have a truly exceptional cushioning technology that helps your feet in every endeavor.
  • They break in easily. From the box and you will not have to wear them a hundred times before they become comfortable.
  • Ultimate variety They have a wide range of variety in different shapes and sizes this is perfect for any lifestyle, preference, and look. They also have a collection for both adults and children.
  • Made with rubber soles. This gives you aggressive traction even on slippery grounds
  • Less expensive: You can purchase them without breaking the bank because they are they don’t cost much and you still get to enjoy great quality and value for your money
  • They are resistant to water This keeps your feet protected in rainy weather
  • They are made with full-grain leather which gives them good strength so that they don’t get a scratch when you hit your foot on your rough surface. It also makes its last longing without wearing out easily
  • They make premium and dashing fashion statements. This gives people an insight into your personality.

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Pros of wearing Florsheim Dress shoes

  • Made from genuine cow leather: This alone makes up 80% of the reasons why you will want to consider buying them. This makes it not easily affected by heat.
  • High resistance to water. Both the top and sole are built with a technology that doesn’t allow the inflow of water through them.
  • Has a good year welt construction: This makes it possible for it to be resolved.
  • Has a very classic and luxury style which makes it an outstanding dress shoe.
  • Made in true sizes to give you a perfect fit the back doesn’t rub against your heel which can cause blisters but your heel is placed perfectly without space at the back.
  • The quality of Florsheim shoes is second to none because they are made from top to bottom with leather this makes them not wear out after wearing them a hundred times and more
  • They are comfortable right from the box
  • The gas variety of styles and shapes make it possible for you to wear them with any outfit in your wardrobe

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Overall verdict

Both shoes are exquisite in accordance to their build up and worth trying out.

But you would want to consider the Florsheim dress instead of the Clark dress shoes, this is because of the sole’s construction.

Although the sole of Clark dress shoes gives better traction because it is made of rubber, it doesn’t last.

They are built with rubber soles to enable men to get classic shoes at a cheaper rate, the rubber sole is glued to the top end and insoles.

The sole will in no time falls apart and it also makes it impossible for it to be resoled.

The sole in Florsheim dress shoes is made with pure leather stitched with a good year welt, this gives it an unbeatable long-lasting feature.

A good year welt construction is used in stitching the sole to the top end of the shoe this makes it waterproof and you rest assured that it won’t fall apart easily. The more you use the leather sole, the more traction it gives you.


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