Can You Put Insoles in Crocs?

Oh! Yes, you can. As a matter of fact, having insoles in your Crocs makes you more comfortable whilst taking a walk as they literally support your feet.

I’ll subsequently use the word ‘orthotics’ sporadically to replace ‘insoles’. For a better understanding, simply note that insoles are orthotics as well.

Maybe not all insoles are orthotic, but certainly, orthotic insoles do exist.

Can You Put Insoles in Crocs?

Although some persons have these custom insoles and cannot put them in any shoes other than their sneakers, there are other insoles perfect for Crocs shoes that you can find around.

Meanwhile, there are custom-made orthotics that pass for similar shoes.

For instance, an orthotic made for running shoes will possibly fit in for hiking or walking shoes.

Do not be surprised that the same orthotic may not fit or may not be as effective in a lady’s pair of dress shoes, sandals, skis, or even skates.

Why exactly is there a need for insoles in Crocs?

One of the salient reasons you’ll need an insole is if your Crocs leave you uncomfortable.

Generally, insoles are specifically important for those persons who suffer foot problems in their daily lives.

No matter how comfortable your Crocs or shoes in general feel, they may not necessarily offer the adequate support that you require; hence, the insoles help cushion your feet as they were originally designed to minimize/curtail the amount of shock absorbed by your feet.

Helps to reduce foot pain and problems

Having the right and proper insoles for your feet and Crocs helps keep foot pain and problems at bay much longer. Do you now see the need?

It may surprise you to know that insoles help reduce back pain. If I would rightly guess the question running in your mind right now, it’ll be what do insoles with the feet have to do with back pain?

Well, it behooves me to apprise you that what you do with your feet does affect your back as these body parts are somehow connected.

If you lead a brisk and energetic lifestyle and eventually find yourself suffering backaches, you may need to look into orthotic insoles. Why not?

What about correcting foot deformities? Insoles suffice for the treatment of problems such as corns, Achilles heel pain, and toe pain amongst many others.

However, it is expedient that you get a Doctor’s report/opinion when it comes to deciding on which orthopedic insole will work best for your foot condition.

Insoles help to prolong the lifespan of Crocs

You’d as well need insoles for your Crocs because they do prolong the lifespan of this footwear.

Since these insoles were built to reduce the impact felt on your feet, they by implication, take the pressure off your Crocs shoes. This helps maintain the shape and design of your Crocs much longer.

Other reasons you’ll need insoles for your Crocs are; Helping the foot or ankle function well, providing support to the ankle, reducing the risks of further injuries, helping the footwear fit better (as in padding), etc.

It is important to note that an insole in Crocs is not a compulsory thing, but may be necessary for persons experiencing certain foot issues such as the ones I mentioned earlier.

In truth, persons who lead a relatively active lifestyle may be no stranger to foot problems.

When next you’ll be shopping for insoles, first-timers inclusive, make it a point of duty to do orthopedic insoles.

This is because orthopedic insoles correct certain foot disorders, the reason you needed insoles in the first place.

How can you put insoles in Crocs?

To put insoles in Crocs, the average person would think only of purchasing from the insole marketplace and then inserting them in their Crocs shoes. But what happens when you’re not buoyant enough?

You’ll simply cut costs or just make do with what you have. Now, how do you go about this? I’ll say improvising!

There are certain materials around you that you could make into what you want. In this case, insoles are what you want.

So, what materials can you effortlessly make into insoles?

See these amazing hacks I found out from Wikihow; they are just really amazing!

Cardboard insoles

If you have an existing insole in your sole you’ll like to change, after removing the insole, the next step is to shake off any dirt or surface grime in the Crocs

Place the old insole over cardboard (note that the cardboard has to be a thick one and have a cushioned feel; you could as well use an old carton in place of cardboard)

Trace the shape of the insole on the cardboard using a pencil. After this, you could retrace the shape with a marker to make the cutting easier

Cut out the newly shaped insoles through the lines. Do make use of scissors that are sharp enough to cut through a cardboard

Repeat the same process for the other leg. You could cut as much as you deem fit.

The essence of this is to help you pick a new one and then dry the one you’ve just used; this results in less moisture being trapped in the Crocs, thereby extending its lifespan, perhaps.

Yoga mat insoles

Like the previous process, trace your pair of Crocs onto the smooth side of a yoga or exercise mat, one that is no longer in use. To find one, you could visit a charity store for throwaway mats

Cut out the design you have traced. Trace the cut insole on the left piece of the mat again for the opposite foot and then cut out.

You could repeat this more times for each foot and then stack them with a hot glue gun.

Leave them to dry completely, you have your insoles!

Self-adhesive cork insoles

Purchase a roll of self-adhesive cork and then roll out a piece of the self-adhesive cork to the length of your Crocs.

Like the previous steps, trace the shape of your Crocs on the self-adhesive cork for both the right and left foot

Cut out the drawn shape. For thicker orthotics, cut out two or three layers for each foot and stack them afterward. You have your orthotics yet!

Building your own orthotics this way not only saves your money but also helps recycle items around us that are no longer in use. Isn’t that beneficial to the ecosystem? Winks.

Really, it is the Cardboards for me. Lol.

Do Crocs make insoles?

Can You Put Insoles in Crocs?

Yes! They do. It is called the Crocs RX Silver Insole.

Made with Crostile Ag+, the Crocs RX Silver Insole works wonders for the feet if I may use that expression.

It not only leaves you comfy while you wear it, but it also comes with loads of other benefits! See the pros of this amazing product listed below:


  • It is antibacterial as well as antifungal
  • It is odor resistant
  • It keeps your feet healthy and of course, fresh!
  • It is the ideal choice of insoles for persons susceptible to foot infections
  • It is also the ideal insole for persons on the lookout for extra cushioning during sporting activities; whether or not you have foot issues
  • It provides you with extra cushioning to soften your steps and absorb shock
  • It relieves stress on your feet, knee hips as well as lower back
  • It does reduce muscle fatigue
  • Its circulation nubs help stimulate blood flow
  • It is suitable for use not just with Crocs, but with sneakers, casual shoes, dress shoes, and work boots as well
  • Its ventilation portals add breathability and help keep your feet cool and dry
  • It helps you stay longer on your feet

What other insoles can you put in Crocs?

Asides from the Crocs RX Silver Insole and hacks from Wikihow which I shared with you early on, here are a few other insoles you can try putting in your Crocs.

I strongly recommend that you use them if you’re budget restrained to get the Crocs RX Silver Insole.

Plantar Fasciitis Arch Support Insoles for Men & Women

This shoe insert is for both genders; men and women alike which provides arch support as well as keeping you comfortable whilst you wear them.


Insole type: Arch Support


Colour: Black

Material: Gel

Product Dimensions: 12.2 x 3.5 x 1.4 inches; 7.2 Ounces


  • It offers you with feet related pain relief
  • More energy; longer periods of standing
  • It helps you have a better posture
  • Greater mobility
  • With this product, there’s the absence of smell
  • Muscle fatigue relief
  • Joints relaxation
  • Spinal stress relief

You should PURCHASE yours already!

PCSsole Orthotic Arch Support Shoe Inserts

This particular insole for men and women provides arch support as it is stated in the name. It also relieves you (the wearer) from foot pain.

If it turns out too big after you’ve purchased it, you can always trim it to fit your shoe size. See all of the advantages attached with the wearing of this pair below.


Insole type: Arch Support

Brand: PCSsole

Colour: Red

Material: EVA Foam

Product Dimensions: 11.42 x 3.64 x 1.18 inches; 4.23 Ounces


  • It offers Arch support
  • It corrects body posture
  • It is an all-day comfort material
  • It fits most footwear
  • Ideal for sports, running, walking, hiking, exercise
  • Size selection and quality guarantee

Place an order through this link! – PURCHASE

What about Crocs with liners, can they be removed and replaced?

According to the Crocs official website, the liners in your Crocs are completely removable, making it easy to clean them when they get wet or dirty.

If it is possible to remove these liners, then it is utterly possible to replace them!

Meanwhile, you should never machine wash your liners as they are delicate and could eventually get stretched out or worn down.

Liners that are already stretched out will not properly fit back into your Crocs, thus, making them uncomfortable to wear.

How then do you remove your liners?

  • First, place the Crocs in front of you with the heels facing you. Tuck your finger under the liner of one of them at the point closest to you and flip it upwards so it turns inside out at the heel side only. Repeat the same for the other Croc.
  • Take your right Croc and place your left hand inside it with the palm facing you. Put your left thumb on the rivet as if you were trying to make a fingerprint. Press the rivet into the side of the shoe as hard as you can.
  • Use your right hand to pull the liner off of the rivet, in the same manner, you would if you were unbuttoning a shirt. It will take a bit of effort, especially the first time, so keep trying and don’t get frustrated. Once you have the liner off of the rivet, pull it out of the shoe by grasping the top of the liner and giving it a tug
  • Hand wash with mild soap in the sink.
  • Air dry and replace the liners into the shoe.

See How to remove liners from Crocs on YouTube.

Final thoughts

Insoles in Crocs as mentioned early on are to help you stay comfy as well as perform several other functions such as correcting foot deformities, helping the foot or ankle function well, providing support to the ankle, reducing the risks of further injuries, helping the footwear fit better (as in padding), etc.

I hope that you found this piece worthwhile and most importantly, helpful.

What personal experiences do you have with insoles is you care to share? What products (insoles) do you use?

I’d like to get answers to all of these questions in the comments section below as they will help in shaping my thoughts about the subject matter.

If you have any thoughts to share with me; suggestions, questions, etc, the comments box is open. I’d be awaiting your feedback in the comments.

Thanks for engaging!

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