What You Need To Know About Buying On Crocs Website

A lot of folks today prefer to make purchases online. With the rise of e-commerce websites, most companies with products and services offer their products online.

This allows for them to reach out to potential customers all over the globe and in turn, enable anyone to access and make purchases too from any corner of the world.

This creates convenience for shopping and also increases sales for the company by allowing them to be accessible at all times.

Buying On Crocs Website

On the Crocs website, there are multiple payment options available for you to make your purchases, some of the accepted payment platforms include;

  • Credit cards; master card, visa card, and American express
  • PayPal

Do Crocs accept PayPal?

Yes, Crocs accept PayPal. To enable users and customers to make their purchases easily. Crocs company has implemented a wide range of payment options these includes;

  • Visa
  • MasterCard
  • American Express
  • Discover
  • JCB
  • Crocs Gift Cards
  • PayPal
  • Apple Pay

Refund policy; a complete refund of the cost of purchase and shipping fee would be paid back to the credit card account used to make the purchase.

This would take about ten working days from when the item has been received. Other refunds not pertaining returns also take bout ten working days to be processed.

The invoice is sent to your email and all transaction is done in a secure channel that protects your information.

Does Crocs have a warranty?

Yes, Crocs products have a 90-day warranty on all their goods. Products that have been paid for and shipped can be returned, with the full cost of items paid back excluding shipping cost.

This item must be unworn and unwashed and must be returned within 45 days of the original purchase. Any merchandise that has passed 45 business days would no longer be available for return.

Also, items that have been tagged ‘’final sale’’ do not qualify for return or exchange and can’t be subjected to price change. Items or products manufactured for unique events or occasions can’t be returned to the physical or online store unless they are damaged.

Does Crocs accept cryptocurrency payment?

No, Crocs do not accept any form of payment in cryptocurrency. Other rejected forms of payment include cashier’s check, money order, gift certificates, and other payment forms listed below;

  • Alipay
  • Amazon pay
  • Shop pay
  • Google pay

What does it mean when the Crocs line is paused?

Crocs launched a humanitarian program to assist health care professionals by giving one free pair of Crocs to every health care worker.

This year the program commenced from May 5th running for 5 days, this means 10,000 pairs of work Crocs would be given daily to health care professional who is our front line heroes to help the community.

This free Crocs initiative for health care workers and medical professionals allows them to select one free pair of work Crocs from either Crocs classic clogs or Crocs at work styles. The selected pair must be within the range of 39$ to 59.99$ in price.

These free pair of Crocs can be claimed on the Crocs website for those health care workers interested.

When the Crocs line is paused it means that the daily limit of giveaway Crocs has been reached and you should check back the following day to obtain yours.

The message dropped by the website reveals that they presently have about 400,000 people in line before you can get yours. You have to be patient and come back by noon the next day.

In order to qualify for these free pairs of Crocs you first have to work in the medical field, then submit your work email, your state, and facility name.

The waiting process is usually done online and you have to be ready when it’s your turn. Your credentials and details should be available at all times for immediate uploads.

The Crocs company has sent over 100,000 Crocs footwear to professionals in hospitals around the country to give relief to the feet of medical practitioners and also ease your mind so you have total wellbeing.

Can I exchange the Crocs I bought online in a store?

Crocs footwear purchased online cannot be returned in a store, only authorized outlets would collect a returned product. You first have to meet a customer care agent who then fills out your return order and processes it through to the appropriate channels.

A tracking order is generated and you would be given this to keep track of your goods at all times. You are also required to email the details of your return product to the help desk.

If you intend to do a refund or return an item, within 14 days of purchase and also ensure they have not been worn or washed.  The medium of purchase is some medium to be used in initiating a refund, be it at the closest store or on their website.

Does Crocs have a lifetime warranty?

Crocs do not have a lifetime warranty on their products. Their products promise to be free of any factory defects or damages during design for one year beginning from the day of initial purchase. However, they offer a limited warranty of 5 years with the first year as unlimited.

Presently the option of repairs for damaged shoes is not available but there exist discount substitute options for shoes returned under the warranty conditions.

To completely benefit from the warranty, you must fill out your original warranty card and submit it to the sales service center along with a copy of the purchase receipt. Any form filled without complete details would be void.

Also, take note that the warranty does not cover damages from improper use and abuse by the user. Normal tear and wear of the product

Returning online orders

If you have an item that you have purchased online and want to return it. Here are the steps you need to follow.

Be sure to have your order number and zip code handy.

  • State your reason for having the products returned
  • Select favorable shipping options
  1. Ups pre-paid label: A UPS prepaid label would be provided to you especially included with a packing slip.
  2. Select your own carrier: A packing slip would be provided for you if you prefer your own courier.
  • Return in-store: Find the closest crocs store and return in person. Here an authorized customer care agent fills out the return form and generates a tracking order for you to track your goods. Email correspondence is also necessary for confirmation of your returned item.
  • Confirm and print your Return slip

Be sure to have your tracking order number within reach and email customer service with this information. Items not successfully delivered won’t be covered by the company.

Tracking your product

Your product or goods can be tracked in two ways. First by logging into your profile on the website and navigating to the order history sections.

There a complete list of items, names, order numbers, and addresses would be displayed. By clicking on the order number you get access to the location of your goods as it comes to you.

Secondly, you can simply take your order number and name, and input them in the space provided on the website, to track products. It can be found at the bottom of the website as “order status”.

Delayed shipments

Purchase made online can take up to ten days before final delivery is made. This is due to the present health care guidelines and safety precautions. Normal operations would commence soon.

Changing your order

Once an order has been placed it cannot be changed except where applicable. The order should be canceled within thirty minutes of making the purchase and making a new one.

Canceling order

Any order can be canceled within thirty minutes of placing them. However, those made using Crocs gift cards cannot be canceled.

How long does it take for crocs order to process

It takes about 1 to 2 days from the day you ordered it for it to process and be shipped to you. However, you should consider the transit and delivery time alongside the order time which usually takes between 1 to 7 days after processing your order.

So, let’s say from 7-8 days from ordering to you receiving your Crocs order.

Some people who want to order their Crocs may think that it takes ages to process, but now that you know that it takes only about one to two days to process, you can go ahead to order yours and enjoy while you make use of it.

If you are looking for footwear that you can wear when you want to take your dog on a walk or when you are going to the beach, you can order a Crocs and just simply wait for about one to two days for your order to be processed.


Buying On Crocs Website

Crocs shoe companies take pride in assuring their customers have good access to their products and services. With a website that is easily navigated to browse a whole collection of goods and also make secure purchases.

They accept all credit cards such as master, visa, and payment platforms like PayPal and Apple pay. You can also make direct purchases from their physical store nationwide by simply walking in and making a purchase of your choice.

They have a good return and refund policy as long as you adhere to the terms and conditions. The goods must remain unworn and unwashed and delivered within 45 days of making the purchase.

Its guaranty also covers damaged goods or defective, products from the factory. However, they do not have a lifetime warranty, only a five-year limited warranty is available assuming that all conditions of return are met.

Paying with cryptocurrency is not available yet as an option. Also as health care professionals, you can take advantage of the free giveaway of a pair of work Crocs being distributed by the company.

This is an effort to give back to the community and assist our health practitioners in remaining healthy and fit for the job.

Crocs are widely popular shoes and have been chosen by many people around the world as a dependent footwear that offers comfort and protection.

I hope this answers all your questions. Cheers

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