My 10 Favorite Brown Vans You Should Have In Your Closet

The love and attention given to Vans shoes can never be contained. From skaters to sneaker lovers, everyone who has a thing for footwear can not go wrong by choosing Vans styles – casual or skate styles.

Whether you are considering a pair of Vans shoes for the first time or trying to add more variety to your sneaker rack, the color of the footwear remains a focal point of consideration.

Vans shoes, across various styles, are presented in a wide range of color options. However, brown vans styles effortlessly stand out as they appear aesthetically pleasing, calm, and suitable for most outfit ideas.

Unfortunately, Brown pair of Vans shoes, especially for your favorite styles, are hard to find these days.

But not to worry, I have gathered the ten of my favorite available brown vans shoes, which I strongly believe is worth your consideration.

Detailed review of the 10 best brown Vans shoes

After extensive fieldwork on the testing of selected Vans shoes, I have found the following pairs of brown Vans shoes to be my favorite which I strongly believe would suit your taste and precious budget.

  1. Vans Men’s Van-0tuy187 Sneakers
  2. Vans Men’s Hi-top Trainers Sneaker
  3. Vans Alomar Leather Henna Men’s Shoes
  4. Vans 106 Mid, Unisex-Adults’ Hightop Trainers
  5. Vans Men’s Weather Khaki Espresso Casual
  6. Vans Unisex-Adult Rounded Brown Tips
  7. Vans Unisex Low Espresso Sneaker
  8. Vans Men’s Low-top Brown Black Trainers
  9. Vans Men’s Trainers Low Neck Brown Sneakers
  10. Vans Men’s Low-Top Khaki/Material Mix Sneakers

Vans Men’s Van-0tuy187 Low-top sneakers

Brown Vans

What is interesting about it?

Designed with a cool lace-Up closure, these Vans Vn-Otuy187 sneakers have a superb appearance that can go with almost any outfit. The Low-top sneaker is designed with high-quality fabric for its outer material.

It has a durable outsole that functions as the bottom of the shoe that comes in contact with the pavement. It is made of sulfur butadiene rubber, traditional gum rubber, and various other materials.

It is cool that the upper has been structured to be flexible, lightweight, durable, breathable, and ensure a secure fit.

Offering enough cushioning to the foot, the shoe features sock liners that separate the midsole from the sock to enhance support.


  • Great gift idea for the special Him
  • Fuzzy material for premium comfort
  • Low maintenance cost
  • Not extravagant – simple and classic.


  • Not versatile – works best for skating, longboard cruising, and walking only.

Vans Men’s Hi-top Trainers Sneaker

Brown Vans

What is interesting about it?

Aside from the aesthetics, what brought this gorgeous hightop vans sneaker to the list of best brown Vans pairs was how it worked remarkably well for certain foot pains like plantar fasciitis and bone spurs.

These pairs will easily become your go-to shoe for everything. They can be used in the gym, walking, and even standing for long periods. Durability, Fashion, and comfortability characterize the pair.

In addition, the shoe is water-resistant and features a reverse Waffle Outsole for increased traction. An EVA Midsole has been integrated into the shoe structure to ensure ultimate comfort.

This hightop is an inspiration from Vans Classic Sk8-Hi. It has the Vans signature side stripe, a round toe, and a padded collar for extra comfort.


  • Fashionable
  • Ideal for walking and standing for long hours
  • Recommended for those with specific feet pains
  • Different from regular vans of its class
  • Reasonably priced
  • Very grippy sole


  • Runs small. You may want to go for a few inches bigger.

Vans Alomar Leather Henna Shoes

Brown Vans

What is interesting about it?

Similar to the Vans Men’s Hi-top Trainers Sneaker, this Vans Alomar Leather VN0004OO8OD (Henna) Men’s Shoes is among the best Vans styles you can think of when brown is a priority in consideration.

The heel of this shoe measures approximately 1 inch” but surprisingly acts as an invisible height booster. While the upper is made of a hundred percent leather, the shoe is equally equipped with a leather sole to ensure durability.

It takes the style of a hightop van with enough ankle support and arch support. The lacing system is not just integrated for secured fit but also to improve the aesthetic appeal of the footwear, such that it has three extra lace holes.

Another plus of this brown pair that might pique your interest is how comfy it is right from the box; in other words, there is no need to break into the shoe. And it has a very grippy sole making it ideal for treading even on wet and slippery surfaces.


  • It needs no breaking in
  • Fashionable
  • Arch and ankle support
  • No need for cushioned inner insoles

Vans 106 Mid, Unisex-Adults’ Hightop Trainers

Brown Vans

What is interesting about it?

“Great trainers for a great price!” was the first thought that came to my mind when I came across these Vans trainers.

Aside from the brown color that makes the footwear design stand out, it also features a Vulcanized construction allowing the shoe to bend around your feet immediately.

It takes the style of Mid-tops that does not exceed higher than your ankle, making it a sure pick for skating or biking.

The iconic strap around the ankle carries the Vans logo at the side on a red tag, offering better support even though some see it as a feature that makes wearing pretty hard the first time.


  • Simple design
  • Quite affordable
  • Highly supportive


  • Not suitable for extreme weather conditions

Vans Men’s Weather Khaki Espresso Casual

Brown Vans

What is interesting about it?

Designed with a Suede and Textile upper, this brown casual Vans shoe features a foamed midsole and the classic vulcanized Vans waffle rubber sole. One can also spot the Vans ‘Off The Wall’ rubber patch on the heel.

If you prioritize heat transfer when picking shoes, you won’t go wrong with this one. The material used to make the upper of this footwear is indispensable for the cold season and ensures breathability.

In connection to this, owners of this casual style are guaranteed softness and lightness that can easily adapt to any foot shape.


  • Portable
  • The fashionable layering of different brown shades
  • Quality cushioning in the interior
  • Ideal for cold weathers
  • Casual design for any social activity
  • Available in other color types

Vans Unisex-Adult Rounded Brown Tips

Brown Vans

What is interesting about it?

If you are the low-top type but looking for a pair of brown Vans, this Vans Unisex rounded tips design will suit you.

The unique color details set it apart from every other type of brown van, given that it showcases a Check-layer coloring detail.

But the presentation of the low-top vans is not limited to brown, as there are other varieties like Black/Orange, Grey/purple, and even coffee/Khaki.

The shoe has a better grip system and does a good job of handling liquids and oil. You can feel safe in these shoes if you work in areas usually wet or slippery.


  • Unique brown coloring detail
  • Slip-resistant
  • Available in various colors
  • Easy to wear and take off
  • Affordable
  • Unisex


  • You might see the need to get cushioning insoles.

Vans Unisex Low Espresso Sneaker

Brown Vans

What is interesting about it?

The overall design of this Vans pair is synonymous is smart and casual. Wearing these kicks has a special cooling effect, particularly with the attractive brown color.

It doubles as a goto shoe for occasions as it handles water for a rainy day and features a thick, durable sole for any terrain.

It takes the low-top lace-up profile, equipped with sturdy canvas uppers and lace overlay. It flaunts a textile upper, textile lining, and synthetic sole.

I like that they look rugged and reasonably flat, making them ideal for a gym shoe.


  • Very versatile
  • Water-resistant
  • Elegant low top
  • Thick, durable sole


  • They fit a little large.

Vans Men’s Low-top Brown Black Trainers

Brown Vans

What is interesting about it?

The next pair on this review is these awesome hightop vans shoes that usually attract tons of compliments, even after years of usage.

The gum rubber sole coupled with the cushioned insole contributes to its overall comfort and steadiness.

They are indeed lovely trainers and run true to size. You can also consider this as a present for your son or brother. I like that the shoes are well made and fit like a glove around your feet.

The footwear also features an SPD cleat fitting that makes it ideal for cycling and other activities that require the right foot fitting.


  • Available in various colors
  • Ankle and arch support
  • Right cushioning
  • SPD cleats fitting


  • Not as breathable as other styles reviewed above

Vans Men’s Trainers Low Neck Brown Sneakers

Brown Vans

What is interesting about it?

This is another option you don’t want to go past, especially if you love casuals. It is a good substitute for Vans Authentic as it features a two-tone canvas upper with stitch detailing and a textured rubber toe cap.

While the latter ensures good abrasion resistance, the shoe also boasts of a chunky rubber midsole.

The shoe also guarantees maximum grip with the classic Vans waffle rubber outsole, supported by a cushioned footbed for improved comfort.

If you like your footwear to be simplistic style and reputation, this is a sure bet. Given that the finish on the uppers is rigid, the shoe might not appear impressive so many. But over time, it softens and becomes more enjoyable.


  • Durable
  • Stylish yet simple
  • Enough cushioning and steadiness
  • Brand’s reputation
  • Secured fit
  • Abrasion resistance


  • Needs time to break-in
  • Brown color not potent enough, IMO
  • Not ideal for sports trainer shoe

 Vans Men’s Low-Top Khaki/Material Mix Sneakers

Brown Vans

What is interesting about it? 

Vans will always be vans. This everyday shoe style retains the durability of typical Vans low tops and their casualty. The shoe is extremely comfortable and does not take long to break in.

It is produced with Canvas of high quality that is pretty heavy but breathable and comfortable. I also like that the shoe features leather accents, which gives the overall appearance a nice touch.

They have a lacing system for a secured fit despite running a little bit, especially those with small feet. However, the laces would be better in harmonious color with the brown Khaki color of the shoe.

Please note that these shoes are picky when it comes to choosing outfits; this is mainly due to the beige being much brighter than what is shown in the image.

This loophole is compensated with the availability of other color options and affordable prices.


  • Other colors available
  • Affordable


  • Runs large
  • Selective with outfit ideas

FAQs on Brown Vans

Are brown Vans true to size?

In my experience wearing Vans shoes, they usually fit just a little tighter, compared to most other types of casual sneakers. However, I order my normal sizing for Vans shoes, and I’ve never had a problem.

So, what is my advice? When buying these Vans brown shoes, I suggest you order with your normal sizing, unless you prefer shoes with a loose fit or there are indications that the footwear runs small or large.

But, generally speaking, brown vans are usually true to size.

Do brown Vans fit wide feet?

The size fit of vans shoes, and all the consideration it entails, also apply to brown Vans shoes. Only the colors make the difference. In other words, Vans shoes, irrespective of the color, have a dependable, snug design.

But, if you have a wide foot, I’d recommend that you buy one size larger to make up with the width.


Globally recognized for its classic side stripe and dependability, Vans shoes are remarkable, particularly for the “Off the Wall” sport.

Also, some of its shoe styles go better with any outfit than others. An example is a pair of brown Vans shoes.

There you go; ten of my favorite brown Vans shoes, one or two of which must have piqued your interest.

An interesting similarity among these lineups in the above review is that there is a shoe for you no matter your style. I hope this guide has made searching for the best Brown Vans shoes for you easier.


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