5 Best Shoes for Turbofire (in 2023)

Turbofire is a 90 day HIIT program that drives your body into intense training at a highly challenging pace. You must get the correct gear for your Turbofire workout to ensure maximum efficiency.

Getting the best shoes for these programs remains one of the most challenging tasks. However, if getting the best shoe for Turbofire looks like a herculean task, should you go barefooted?

I understand that there are a lot of alternatives running through your head after a futile process of trying to get the best shoe for Turbofire.

Top five shoes to wear for Turbofire

  1. Under Armour Men’s Training Cross-Trainer Shoe: Best lightweight shoe for turbofire
  2. PUMA Men’s Tazon 6 Fade Cross-Trainer Shoe: Best high energy shoe for turbofire
  3. Adidas Women’s X Cross Trainer: Best arch support shoe for turbofire
  4. Ryka Women’s Influence Cross Trainer: Best turbofire shoe for strength and endurance
  5. Under Armour Men’s Tribase Thrive Cross Trainer: Best traction shoe for turbofire

Although engaging in Turbofire without shoes looks like a better option, I will strongly advise against it.

Doing turbofire barefoot exposes your feet to a lot of risks. Because of the amount of pressure exerted during the process, you could feel pains around your feet. This pain could get extended to your knees.

There are chances that you will experience some level of carpet burn after several twists. You wouldn’t love such a scenario.

Nevertheless, getting the right shoes for Turbofire is where the big problem lies. Not all running shoes are good for Turbofire.

However, the best shoes for Turbofire are cross-trainers. The ergonomic design, pressure, and ability to absorb impact and handle all the side-to-side movement make them the best choice for Turbofire.

Under Armour Men’s Training Cross-Trainer Shoe

Best Shoes for Turbo Fire

Under Armour has maintained a notable stand for building notable shoes that withstand impact. The Under Armour Men’s Training Cross-Trainer shoe comes with an internal heel counter and TPU films.

This runs from the midfoot to the heel to achieve a locked-in and stable fitting. Its full rubber outsole charged cushioning midsole with compressed foam lightweight is a notable factor to consider when you are selecting good shoes for Turbofire.

This Under Armour has a lightweight and breathable frame that does not only allow your feet to multi-dimensional movements but also keeps it comfortable in them. Its lightweight frame makes it look like you are walking on water.

Under Armor is conversant with releasing sequel styles of shoes, coming in upgraded versions of the predecessor. However, Under Armour Men’s Training Cross-Trainer Shoe stands as a standalone product of excellence. Its adjustable straps make it easy to wear and move around.

There is no need to force them into your feet or experience pain around your toe region as long as you pick your size. The 3D silk-screen enhances its durability and adds to its level of protection.

Everyone wants to purchase durable shoes. You wouldn’t want to keep spending money always on shoe repairs. However, some parts of the shoe will start going weak after a few months of constant use.

You might consider going for non-white pairs as the white shoes tend to lose their color after a few months of constant use, without proper care.


  • Lightweight
  • Breathable
  • Durable
  • Traction
  • Comfort
  • Unisex
  • Non-Marking Soles


  • Not Waterproof
  • Might lose quality after constant use
  • The White color fades after constant use
  • Slightly bigger than actual size

Factors to consider before buying Under Armour Men’s Training Cross-Trainer Shoe to wear for Turbofire

Choice of Color

Because of the possibility of dealing with dirt, you should consider the color you wish to purchase. While the white shoes look attractive, they will lose their beauty over time.

You might not have enough shoe care skills to keep it glowing as it was during the initial purchase. Moreover, these are shoes that you are wearing for turbofire, and not just your party or walking shoes,


The Under Armour Men’s Training Cross-Trainer shoe might not pass a true-to-size shoe. However, this doesn’t mean that you should size up during purchase. The shoes provide a snug fit that perfectly wraps up your legs.


These are running shoes, so you shouldn’t expect them to act like one. The insoles are not as soft as they are in running shoes.

These shoes are specifically designed for Turbofire workouts and HIIT programs. They make it easier for you to achieve the side movement, and twists involved.

PUMA Men’s Tazon 6 Fade Cross-Trainer Shoe

Best Shoes for Turbo Fire

Let’s get this straight. Getting a good that blends quality, style and efficiency are hard to come by. The careful choice of design in Puma Tazon 6 adds to its modern style.

The Amazon PUMA Men’s Tazon 6 Fade comes with a sporty look, heel, and ankle support. It comes with a soft foam that allows you to partake in “pump-drive” exercise without feeling any pain.

The PUMA Men’s Tazon 6 Fade comes out as a successor to a lot of PUMA Men’s Tazon 5 products.

From the PUMA Tazon 5 Mesh which is a training shoe to the PUMA Men’s Tazon 5 cross-training shoe which has a breathable EcoOrtholite, the PUMA Men’s Tazon 6 stands out to fill up silent gaps.

The new release has a true-to-fit style, eliminating the case of narrow sizes in PUMA Tazon 5 cross-training.

It has a lace-up closure type that makes it easy to wear. A rubber sole material with a midfoot that ensures a perfect fit and great ground grip. Its high tensile mesh makes it easy to withstand extreme and high-energy workouts.

You shouldn’t have worries about the durability of the shoe except for unnoticed company fails. This may include glued outsoles or rip-offs as a result of hard usage.

These shoes are lightweight to a max weight of 2 pounds. Although they are narrow-shaped, this aids stability.


  • True to size
  • Memory foam
  • Stability
  • Multi-Purpose
  • Great fitting


  • No Arch Support
  • Not water resistant

What should you consider before buying PUMA Men’s Tazon 6 Fade Cross-Trainer Shoe for Turbofire?


Although we refer to these shoes as multipurpose shoes, they are specially built for workout and training activities.

They might look lightweight from the outside but are heavy when you wish to take them for runs. However, whichever function you wish to use them for, you are sure to get an excellent quality.

Zero discomforts, no blisters or pain, you have your feeling comfy during your workout sessions.

Arch support

Arch support remains one of the features that you should look for in shoes. It helps provide balance, support and impacts your posture during exercises.

This also helps in relieving your feet of the pain that might be accumulated from prolonged sessions.

Although the PUMA Men’s Tazon 6 Fade Cross-Trainer Shoe lacks arch support, it comes with a midfoot saddle that allows maximum fitting.

The enhancements are done with its memory foam make, it more comfortable to walk in.

Adidas Women’s X Cross Trainer

Best Shoes for Turbo Fire

Getting a good shoe for Turbofire is dependent on the arch support they provide. Turbofire is not restricted to men. Women also have the opportunity to work on their bodies.

However, just as you should know now, the shoes you choose play a huge role in your workout session. The Adidas Women’s X Cross Trainer comes with a removable insole, a rubber sole material, and a mesh outer material.

The Adidas Women’s X Cross-Trainer stands as one of the best female shoes for Turbofire because of its amazing arch support and a flexible frame that lets you twist your feet in different directions.

In place of the insole, you are free to customize the shoes by adding your orthotics. In the end, the grand picture is that the shoe offers flexibility and swift movement.

The style and fitting give your legs that stylish personalized look. It comes in a lightweight structure, with air vents that make it a suitable choice for mixed Cardio activities.

The Adidas Women’s X cross trainer serves as a standalone product and not as an upgraded release of older models. You don’t need to get scared about the quality of these shoes.

Adidas has put in its best to ensure that they last as long as you handle them with care.


  • Arch Support
  • True to Size


  • Might Run slightly big for some feet sizes

What should you consider before buying Adidas Women’s X cross trainer for Turbofire


It is inarguable that the Adidas Women’s X cross trainer runs true to size. However, there are chances that they might be slightly smaller than your size if your feet are too small.

There is no need to panic. The differences are usually not much. You can also choose to check your size with another Adidas shoe or confirm your size through a walk-in store before placing a purchase order.

Ryka Women’s Influence Cross Trainer

Best Shoes for Turbo Fire

Nothing beats a shoe that offers strength and endurance. Apart from the fashionable design of these shoes, there is a lot that meets the eye.

Ryka Women’s Influence cross trainer comes with a flex foil and direct fuse layers that provide support.

What more do you need for your Zumba class apart from these shoes. They include a dual-density foam midsole that absorbs high impact. Everything that a lady needs for her high-energy turbo fire sessions is embedded in this shoe.

These shoes also have a high impact N-gage EVA energy return that ensures shape retention even after impact or intense pressure. This includes maintaining the cushioning effect at all times.

Its lace-up closure type makes it easy to wear. You shouldn’t experience any problem tying those laces. These are specially designed for women to demonstrate their strength, power and build muscles.

Ryka Women’s influence cross trainer’s lightweight and overall structure make it a perfect choice for HIIT, endurance, and multiple strength sessions. There are zero chances of them slipping off during plank jacks or mountain climbers.

The slight raise around the ankle provides support for side lunge exercises. Twists are usually a big problem in selecting a good turbofire shoe.

With the Ryka women cross trainers, you can easily take your favorite twist and pivoting moves. You shouldn’t have any problem with Samurai twists and Curtsy lunges.


  • Removable Insole
  • True to size
  • Lightweight
  • Durable


  • Not Water Resistant

What should you consider before buying Ryka Women’s influence cross trainer for Turbofire


Aerobic shoes are measured by the presence of a toe box, outsole, foam, insole, the structure of the uppers, etc.

The goal of an aerobic shoe is to provide great cushioning, shock and impact absorption, heel and arch support.

Ryka fits the perfect definition of an aerobic shoe. This has made it a favorite choice for a lot of Zumba lovers and Turbofire enthusiasts.


Stiff shoes don’t make great choices for Turbofire. With the design of the Ryka Women’s influence cross trainer, you cannot experience any pressure from the top to the bottom of your feet.

From engaging in calf raises, squats, or deadlifts, you find your toes moving back and forth at ease.

Under Armour Men’s Thrive Tribase Cross Trainer

Best Shoes for Turbo Fire

Innovative shoes are gradually taking the front row as desired shoes for Turbofire. Under Armour Men’s Thrive Tribase Cross Trainer comes with a lightweight mesh upper that supports breathability.

It also includes a UA tribase in its full-rubber outsole. While the full-rubber outsole works at attaining a high level of durability, the UA tribase ensures traction. Its firm sole, great fitting, and comfortability make it a great option for Turbofire.

This 100% synthetic shoe helps achieve flexibility. This promotes the natural rotation and movement of your feet while maintaining a strong ground grip. Its rubber outsole helps achieve abrasion resistance.

With its full-length Micro G foam on its midsole, your feet enjoy the cushioning effect that comes with the shoes. At a weight of 9.75 oz, these shoes pass as lightweight shoes.

With an offset of 2mm, your body is pulled into a natural position allowing you to work on your lower body easily. This low to ground shoe build provides superb balance and power transfer.

This includes the even distribution of energy. There is also a padded collar construction for added comfort.


  • Innovative
  • Traction
  • Lightweight
  • Balance


  • Sole might look a bit spongy

What should you consider before buying this shoe from Turbofire


The truth is, most users don’t understand the concept of offset and the role they play in shoes. Your shoe offset is referred to as the distance between the heel area and the forefoot.

This greatly determines the cushioning effect and balance of the shoe. As common as this may look, your shoe’s offset affects the natural movement of your body; the lower the offset, the better.

You must ensure that the difference between the heel distance and forefoot length is not much. This will allow an even distribution of weight.

Tribase Technology

Under Armour rolled out a new technology known as the Tribase Technology. This technology draws a balance between traction and your feet’ performance.

This promotes natural movement and all-around flexibility. This is an essential feature especially when you are involved in gym sessions that require jumps.

While you are considering the shaft height of the shoe, the Tribase technology is a cool feature to look out for.


Engaging in hard training and workout sessions like Turbofire will require a lot of input and energy. You must get the right gear to achieve the right impact on the desired parts of your body.

You must take out time to make the right choices. You must know how to personalize your market decisions. The support you wish to attain from the shoes, level of flexibility should match your needs.

Your budget will also determine which shoes are for you. While I wouldn’t advise breaking a bank to get a pair of shoes, I will advise that you go for high-quality shoes than inferior ones.

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