10 Best Shoes for Go-Karting (in 2023)

You might be asking, what’s the big deal? You can wear anything, right? Actually, wrong. Go-karting shoes or boots are specially designed thin to give you control over your kart in ways that other shoes will not allow.

They also help you when speeding and overtaking. Think of them as a device that helps your feet in reacting to all the motions of your go-kart.

Also, consider how you don’t have to worry about things like them getting ruined or worn easily because they are designed for the sport and so are inherently durable in their way.

If I have now convinced you, let us look at 10 of the best shoes for go-karting.

Top 1o favorite shoes for go-karting

Best Shoes for Go-Karting

Go-karting is becoming a hobby, a passion (what have you been doing with your life), you want the world to see your athletic side and you want to look athletic too.

Or you just want to complete and be safe. Either way, here are the best shoes for go-karting specially selected for their outstanding qualities.

  1. Alpinestars Men’s Motorcycle Shoe
  2. RaceQuip Race Shoe
  3. Simpson Racing Shoes
  4. Sparco SHOE RACE
  5. Alpinestars Men’s Motorcycle Shoe
  6. K1 RaceGear Shoes
  7. G-Force Racing Shoes
  8. PUMA Unisex Kart Cat X Sneaker
  9. OMP KS-3 Shoes
  10. HEROBIKER Motorcycle Boots

Alpinestars Men’s Motorcycle Shoe

Best Shoes for Go-Karting

Don’t let the name fool you. The ‎Alpinestars Cr-x Drystar Riding shoe model may have ‘motorcycle’ in the name but these riding shoes are well padded in the ankle with ankle disks and a layer of ankle protector.

They also have special reinforcement in the toe box and the heel to give support and ensure a good grip at all times.

With a removable yet soft footbed, the rubber design will ensure comfort as well as grip both on the inside and outside. The material is also breathable and lightweight, weighing 3 pounds.

It also has a thin material between the lining and the upper part of the shoe that keeps the shoe resistant and ready in all weather conditions.

The closure is lace with a hook and loops strap, the shoe has Nubuck microfibers that allow abrasion and resistance, two things that are handy when it comes to shoes.

If you are convinced but are not pleased with the color, many colors are available like black/gray, black/yellow, and black/red combos.

RaceQuip Race Shoe

Best Shoes for Go-Karting

These extraordinary shoes sport a suede outer material and the interior has well-padded ankles and a flex opening at the back. It allows for full foot extension and movement.

With arch support, thin soles, and a molded rubber sole, it provides heel support while driving.

It also has a  Pyrovatexflame retardant liner that makes it an ideal choice in any weather and resistant to the elements, lace closure, and an item weight of 3.5 pounds making it to the lightweight category.

The perks of these shoes have been in terms of sizing. For men, you are advised to subtract 1.5 from the women’s size you normally wear and find your size in the size chart.

For women, add 1.5 to the size you usually wear in the men’s size. Generally, consider the type of feet you have and the sizes available because you might get the right size and still have it tight or uncomfortable.

Again, the shoes only come in adult men’s sizes and run from 8 to 13. If you have big feet, please size up.

The big logo may also ruin the style of the shoes and they come in only black.

Simpson Racing Shoes

Best Shoes for Go-Karting

The Simpson is a very popular brand that has not let us down since they began production in 2009. These high top shoes are excellent for racing but not walking.

They are rated #57 in race apparel, are affordable and lightweight with an item weight of 2 pounds. However, the soles are not thin and slip-resistant.

Another perk is the shoes are not breathable but they make up for it in terms of comfort and quality.

They are soft though and they have great pedal feet. With great structure, the heel, arch, and toe box are in the right places and ensure comfort.

They come in black, red, and blue and for sizes, you will have to order a size half up or the whole size up. They are available from size 5 to 13, and also come in half sizes.

Still, you will have to try them on before buying to be sure that they are your size.


Best Shoes for Go-Karting

Sparco is another very popular brand known for its quality go-karting shoes. Produced in 2018, the shoes are comfortable and well padded.

They also have soft insoles and are great for racing, not for daily walking, because you can feel the pedals through the thin soles. The stitching and dyes are on point, the materials are durable and of great quality.

They gave excellent toe to heel feel and pedal response. This way you can make quick inputs on the pedal without restraint. They may not be great for all seasons but at least they are fire-resistant.

The sizes are men’s sizes, available from size 7 to 13 (half sizes included), in US measurement. They are also flexible and designed to allow increased mobility.

With all these qualities, the high-tops cover the ankles very well and it only weighs 2.44 pounds. They come in black, red and blue.

Alpinestars Men’s Motorcycle Shoe

Best Shoes for Go-Karting

Dear old Alpinestars, a brand you can trust. Ever since 2018, they give nothing but quality water-resistant shoes. Here that? You don’t have to worry about anything when it rains.

From the upper material down to heel and sole, every part is lightweight allowing for quick easy movement of the feet. The heel is also slip-resistant though, the ankle has a 3d guard that keeps both heel and ankle protected.

The upper material is also comfortable and breathable, ensuring ventilation. They come in different colors like all black or the black/red/grey combo.

They are rated #2 in Men’s Motorcycle Protective Shoes 4.6 out of 5 stars on Amazon. The closure is dual-type: both Velcro and lace. Isn’t that great? If you like you can use them casually, either all-black or the black/red/grey combo.

They are that good and durable. Is it just me or are these the perfect pair? wait. Small hitch: they are quite narrow so you will have to size up.

If your feet are wide or big, I suggest you shop for them yourself. The sizes run from 6 to 13 and are available in half sizes too.

K1 RaceGear Shoes

Best Shoes for Go-Karting

Ladies and gentlemen, they have been in the business long enough and they know their stuff. I give, they give, the K1 RaceGear! A new edition of the RaceGear brand, they have 4.2 stars on Amazon.

With the combination of perforated leather, suede, and microfiber, these shoes provide comfort and are durable. The insoles are another source of comfort.

The perforated leather and mesh help for ventilation, making it breathable. They also come with molded rubber soles to protect the heel.

The sole is however lightweight, thin, and has great grip, as are the rest of the shoes, allowing for quick inputs on the pedal and throttle to boost speed as well and pedal response and control.

Rated #311 in Racing Apparel, these adult shoes are mid-tops with Velcro as the closure.

They are for all ages and affordable. They also run small though so you will have to go a size up by one or two.

They are known for their comfort, durability, thin sole, and the quality of shoes, weighing only 3 pounds.

Just like the picture above, that is the only design and color they come in.

G-Force Racing Shoes

Best Shoes for Go-Karting

Coming to you with padded ankles, rubber soles, fire retardant cotton, full leather construction, and much more, the ‎G-FORCE Racing Gear model puts your comfort in mind.

The fire retardant cotton will protect your feet in harsh weather and is ideal in any season. You are guaranteed arch support through soft insoles and well-padded ankles. They also ensure comfort whether you are riding or walking.

The soles also have a fantastic grip so you don’t have to worry about your feet slipping from the pedals. They are rated #277 in racing apparel and 4.6 stars on Amazon with 5 stars in quality of material and 4.1 in comfort and value of money.

They come in adult and youth sizes that run from 3 to 14 and are available in half sizes. The closure is the lace type.

PUMA Unisex Kart Cat X Sneaker

Best Shoes for Go-Karting

If you are looking for something stylish, just to achieve that go-karter, then this pair of Puma is a great choice.

The soles are made of rubber, the upper material is made of synthetic with great stitching details.

The rubber outsole ensures comfort and it is designed especially for go-karting and other motorsports.

In addition to that, they are not great for walking or for casual use. You don’t jog, exercise, or run on these, they are only for motorsports.

It has a lace-up as the closure and is available from size 4 to 14 in black/grey and white/grey color combo with half sizes available.

They are also narrow which will help to prevent your legs from balancing on the pedals or pressing the two pedals at the same time.

When choosing your size be careful so you don’t get the one that is too small or too big. You don’t want to deal with return policies and dates and all that hogwash.

Make use of the size chart (click the link below) and get your right size. It is best to try them on before purchasing them.

OMP KS-3 Shoes

Best Shoes for Go-Karting

They are unisex, they are lightweight, they are popular and a brand you can trust. I present to you OMP unisex go-karting shoes. Weighing only 0.7kg, the suede leather allows ventilation through the mesh.

The outsole is sturdy and elastic allowing free movement of the feet and comfort. The shoes not only have a lace closure but they come with pare laces the color of the shoes and are available in many colors.

They are rated 4.4 out of 5 stars on Amazon and are available from size 32 to 47. The Powersports Protective Gear is also padded.

That takes care of the inside while the high-tops take care of the ankles.

HEROBIKER Motorcycle Boots

Best Shoes for Go-Karting

With a rating of 4.3 out of 5 stars, the HEROBIKER brand is a good choice when it comes to go-karting shoes. With a breathable mesh lining, the feet are kept comfortable and dry during walks or races.

The rubber soles have great grip and are skid resistant allowing for free motions, flexible movement, and pedal control. They also come with the dual closure of hook and loop and laces ensuring that they are secured during the race.

The suede leather and BK mesh cloth are durable and wear-resistant. They are also flexible and ensure comfort.

Coming in sizes 6 to 10 (and half sizes), they are available in all black, black/pink, and black/purple.

What to consider when choosing your go-karting shoes

These essential factors can not be overemphasized. They will help you in choosing the right pair.

Remember they may just be shoes but they go a long way in your race as a go-karter.


This is the first factor. What use is there having a good-looking shoe that will chaff your feet or leave you with painful blisters?

No matter the style, type, or brand of shoes you pick, comfort is what makes them wearable.

A tight or bad fitting shoe will distract your mind from the race and all the advantages you get from a proper well-fitting pair of go-kart shoes will be lacking.

Be sure when choosing your pair to get the right size and consider other criteria. We don’t all have the Same feet and yours might have special conditions.

Keep in mind that all other factors add up to comfort. That’s how important it is.


Any shoe you plan to wear when you go-karting has to be lightweight. When driving your go-kart a lot of fast motions are involved for not just your go-kart but for you too.

You will be pedaling, which is a lot of energy going to the legs and feet. If you are wearing something heavy you will tire out fast. It will definitely be a burden for you instead of helping you out.

That’s why lightweight shoes are the best option. They do the function of covering and protecting your feet and are lightweight so they don’t task your feet even more.

The shoes must be lightweight or made of lightweight materials. Lightweight shoes will give you an edge over the other racers in terms of speed and less load to carry.

Excellent Grip

A substitute for non-slip shoes seems ideal but don’t they go against the lightweight rule? Shoes with grip are a necessity.

They help keep your leg in the pedal with ease you don’t have to worry or apply too much effort making sure your feet aren’t slipping off the pedal.

Apart from the pedal, you are out in the open, and since you don’t control the elements, if it rains you will have a hard time with your shoes even when you are not pedaling.

Then again if you are using a go-kart with an engine, what happens if you have an oil spill? I guess I have made my case.

Get shoes that have soles with great grip. So while your soles are thin let them have a good grip too.


Have you ever been out in the sun so much that your feet are sweating and then your socks get soaked and then your shoes so soon you hear all those irritating squishy noises firm your feet and socks rubbing against your wet shoes?

Been there! And it is not good or desirable. Your shoes need to be breathable meaning air can get into them. If you are worried about the rain, they may get soaked but they will get out quickly. There’s a win in all places.

Breathable shoes also add to your comfort. The fact that race is the only thing in your mind will help you focus and win but when you are worrying about other minor things like how quickly your feet are getting soaked in sweat, how uncomfortable you are, and what foot disease the doctor will prescribe you with, your concentration is….not so much.

Get shoes that are made with breathable material, thank me when you win the race.

Durable materials

Or materials that won’t wear out easily. You don’t want to buy new shoes after two races, just get durable ones that will be able to stand the heat, friction, and anything that go-kart racing will throw at you.

Also in an endurance race that you have to go more than 100 laps, you will need anti-fatigue shoes that ease the fatigue from your feet and prevent blisters and injuries. These are important.

You won’t see the good in them now until much later when your feet will thank you and you don’t have to buy new shoes.

Thin and soft soles

The soles of any go-karting shoes you want to buy should be thin and soft. Well, not so thin that they tear with a bit of friction but thin enough to do their job well.

The soft soles are also important because you can feel the pedals through them and you won’t crease easily or make it is difficult to move your feet inside and around.

If you can wiggle your feet, the whole feet and the soles and heels bend easily enough then the shoes have soft soles.

Frequently asked questions (FAQs) on go-karting shoes 

What are the best brands to buy go-karting shoes from?

With a lot of research and time as a go-karter, I can tell you that Sparco and Alpinestars won’t let down. They are durable, sturdy, and lightweight. You can also go for Simpson. They are good too.

What type of closure is best for go-karting shoes?

Two types of closure come with go-karting shoes: lace closure and Velcro closure. If you choose the lace closure, make sure you tie them well before the start of a race. You don’t want them undone every few minutes.

If you go for the Velcro closure, get the ones that have hooks that make them secure so they don’t loosen during the race. You also have the option of dual closure: both the lace and Velcro. If you can manage that, then it’s ok.

What type of fabric are go-kart shoes made of?

Go-kart shoes are made with different materials, some even more than one. The most common are suede, leather, and microfiber. Some combine all three to give it a stylish look but they all have their strengths and weaknesses.

Leather shoes are highly abrasive-resistant and will make you quality shoes anytime any day but you have to keep them dry because water kills leather and they are expensive.

Perforated leather is used if you want the shoes to be breathable. Suede shoes are elegant, abrasive-resistant, and not as expensive as leather. And microfiber shoes are fire-resistant. The material is used everywhere to make all kinds of shoes.

High-tops or mid-tops go-karting shoes?

It is recommended by any expert go-karters that you get hightops with ankle protection. They will cover your ankles well and prevent bruising, injuries, and exposure to the elements.

The ankle protection should be functional too so you don’t get sore or swollen ankles are racing. You can also wear ankle-length socks too.

My shoes have great grip and are slip-resistant but I find it difficult to use them on the pedals. What should I do?

Here is what you consider if you have got shoes with all the following qualities: how wide is it? It is a tip that some racers don’t know that makes go-karting and applying your feet on the pedal strenuous.

If you have narrow shoes, it will be easy on the pedal and won’t be stressful compared to wide shoes.

What is the price range for go-karting shoes?

You can find them between $60 to $200 depending on the style, quality, and brand of the shoes you want to buy.

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From all you have learned I am sure you have found the one. By that, I don’t mean just one foot.

I hope you have found that special pair that highlights our go-karting skills and makes go-karting fun. Well since you are ready, let the race begin!

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