10 Best Blue Jeans that Don’t Fade (in 2023)

I am sure we are all tired of letting go of our favorite jeans simply because they have Faded.

Fading has been one of the factors affecting the perfect relationship between people and blue jeans.

These days in the market, we are more scared of getting a jean for ourselves because we are not sure of what we are buying.

There are so many fakes today and then the use of cheap materials by manufacturers has made things worst that we do not know which one is the original and fake.

In this article, I will give you 10 blue jeans that will not Fade and are from trusted brands.

Let’s take a look at them!!

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Best Blue Jeans that Don’t Fade

Top 10 Blue Jeans That Don’t Fade

Men and Women Relaxed/Straight Leg Blue Jeans

Relax-fitting jeans are some of the most purchased jeans in the world and this is due to the fact that they offer you are well-deserved relaxation that you will definitely need after a hectic day at work.

No matter how much they cost, getting them is not the problem. The problem is the fact that we may end up spending a lot of money on relaxed jeans that are not worth the tag.

With that in mind, here are two brands that manufacture the best blue jeans that come with relaxed/straight leg fitting.

Men’s Relaxed Straight Leg Jean – Levi’s

Best Blue Jeans that Don’t Fade

The Levi’s blue relaxed/straight fitting jeans for men are made with 100% cotton fiber which makes them have a soft and skin-friendly interior that guarantees you long day wear.

The construction of these jeans makes your money a perfect investment, you can clearly see the golden-colored thread that is displayed around the inseam.

Mind you that this thread is not just for display, it is part of the mechanics behind the perfect construction of this piece.

This comes in form of Steel Blue Colour which is maintainable and does not fade due to the color’s originality as stated by the manufacturers.

Whenever you intend to wash these, make sure to turn them inside out and also dry them inside out. This will help retain the color and prevent fading.

Women’s Petite Straight Leg Jean – Lee

Best Blue Jeans that Don’t Fade

This relaxed-fitting jean for women is a product of LEE that can also be gotten on Amazon.

This blue jeans will not only go with heels but with flops which gives you the advantage in styling.

It carries 5 pockets for the front and back and is made with a zipper closure which covers privacy and convenience

It is made with 75% cotton which in a real sense is enough to keep you cool regardless of how many hours you must have had them on.

You don’t need to be worried about the fading possibility of this piece, the blue color you see is Serene which does not fade. The Manufacturers recommend Machine wash.

The construction of this piece is amazing, it is having a certain percentage of polyester and spandex which makes it stretch a bit to offer you a relaxed fit as the name implies.

The sizing for this is true to size and can be gotten on Amazon for just $27.

Men and Women Bootcut Blue Jeans

Do you love the way Bootcut jeans fit on people when you see them, why not get a pair for yourself?

Bootcut jeans are now fashionable these days and no longer limited for wear by safety workers who use boots and all.

Even young people can now style the Bootcut jeans and one important change that has occurred is that you don’t need to wear the Bootcut jeans with a boot.

Anyone who love the shape of these pants and the way they fit can now get a pair for him or herself and rock with any footwear of your choice.

You can even get a pair for someone to serve as a gift, I bet they will love these.

Do you wonder where you can get the right pair that does not Fade?

Not to worry, here are two brands that make the finest blue Bootcut jeans.

Men’s M4 Bootcut Jean – ARIAT

Best Blue Jeans that Don’t Fade

Ariat has produced one of the most iconic pairs of blue Bootcut jeans that do not Fade due to the permanent Colour, Scoundrel. That is made for heavy-duty.

They may look heavy but they are not. In fact, they weigh just 1 pound which is just enough for long day wear.

The coloring on these is not heavy at all which decreases the chances of them fading to zero.

The comfort it is bound to give is undoubted as it is made with 100% cotton.

This is a perfect one for you or your partner as they cost just around $60 – $ 116 on Amazon.

They also fit true to size.

Women’s Insta-Stretch Bootcut Jean – Wallflower

Best Blue Jeans that Don’t Fade

For the ladies here we have the super classic, stretchy Bootcut jeans from wall-flower.

This has a commendable construction; you can see how the inseam is layered upon with a double stitch format.

This is made with 78% cotton and spandex for the stretchy feature to be beneficial.

They go for just $25 – $70 on Amazon and exhibit an Anti-Fading feature. keep an eye out.

Men and women Skinny Fit Jeans

Skinny jeans have been in the spotlight for some time now. A lot of people love the way this fits on their body.

It is no longer news that most of the skinny jeans on the market these days are nothing to write home about.

Most times we end up spending a lot of money buying pairs that won’t last us long enough to enjoy the value of our money.

I am here to show you two brands that will give you nothing but the best and be rest assured of their construction because they do not fade.

Men’s Skinny Fit Jean – Levi’s

Best Blue Jeans that Don’t Fade

This is for men who love the feel of the fabric holding up their body. thanks to Levi’s, we now have a credible blue skinny fit jean that does not Fade.

This is made up of 98% cotton and 2% Elastane which makes it elastic enough to hold you tight as you want it.

You can decide to rock these with any footwear of your choice due to how tight the hem of the jean is.

Worried about fading?

Not to worry. This jean can be washed with the washing machine and this is from the manufacturers.

This is a guarantee that you won’t have them bleeding after washing and as you know, without bleeding there is no fading.

It goes for $27 on Amazon and also offers a true-to-size fitting.

Jennie Skinny Jean – True Religion

Best Blue Jeans that Don’t Fade

For those ladies who have made the skinny jeans the owner of their wardrobe, you need to add the True religion skinny jeans in there if you haven’t.

I am more perplexed by the color of these particular jeans.

Skylight colors like this are known to hardly Fade which just lets you enjoy the value of your money on and on.

For the tight-fitting, you should be amazed by the kind of material this is made of.

This is a whooping combination of cotton, rayon, spandex, and polyester.

It just got better from here I assure you.

Get a pair today on Amazon for just $51. I am sure you will want more after a trial must have convinced you.

Men and Women Cowboy Cut Jeans

The cowboy cut jeans are one of the fast-rising trendy wears in the world today, especially with the fact that a lot of people want to make that cowboy expression on ladies.

Not that cowboys get special treatment or anything just by the name, the appearance alone is something to gush about.

Take a look at the construction of the pants below, notice the way it looks free and spacious from the things until it gets to the calf.

Considering the fact that there are a lot of blue cowboy cut jeans out there that don’t live up to their expectations, I have decided to include these two supermodels.

Take a look!!

Premium Performance Cowboy Cut – Wrangler

Best Blue Jeans that Don’t Fade

Wrangler is known to be the best manufacturer of cowboy and girl’s cut jeans.

This is a premium performance cowboy cut jeans that come in stone wash color which does not Fade and I will tell you why.

The manufacturers made sure to make this pass-through necessary conditions that would determine their durability when it comes to fading even before they distribute it to their customers.

No sun or heavy wash will Fade this piece because it has been tested already.

Ultimate Performance Cowgirl Cut – Wrangler

Best Blue Jeans that Don’t Fade

As I said, the Wrangler is one of the most known manufacturers of cowboy and girls’ cut jeans.

These are also from the Stonewash line and It only makes sense that they have a pair for the men and women who also want to feel among.

With the wrangler ultimate performance cowgirl cut jeans, there is no limit to what you as a woman can do.

This is made with 77% of cotton fiber which is enough to keep the soft skin of any woman cool and itch-less.

Men and Women Shorts Jeans

Shorts play an important role in our lives. It is quite unfortunate that most people do not know the importance of having shorts in their wardrobe.

After a long day at the office or at work, the best clothes to put on in order to fully relax and recover your energy lost from work are shorts and nice simple polo or top, anyone of your choice.

It won’t be nice to get shorts that will Fade even before you enjoy the value of your money which is why I took the remedy to include some classic shorts that you can get on Amazon in order to have a full check of your money.

Men’s Loose Fit Shorts – Wrangler

Best Blue Jeans that Don’t Fade

The wrangler loose-fit shorts for men. This is an essential model that comes with a beautiful construction that is on display.

With a good look at the wrangler shorts, you will notice the way they are hemmed using double stitch.

With the wrangler, double stitching is a tradition in shows of good quality and credibility.

Most importantly, the materials used on this model are a sure guarantee of no fading. In fact, this is an Antique stone wash color.

These shorts also come in different sizes and are sure to offer a true-to-size fitting.

They go for $27 on Amazon, keep an eye out.

Mid-Rise Bermuda Shorts – Levi’s

Best Blue Jeans that Don’t Fade

When we talk of good manufacturers of denim jeans that do not Fade, it is important to mention Levi’s.

Apart from making many other jeans that do not fade and are of high quality, Levi’s still makes shorts that are credible and are extremely beautiful for ladies.

This waterless colored shorts that do not fade go for just $17 on Amazon which happens to be the cheapest and of top-quality that you can find anywhere else.

They offer a true-to-size fitting and also come in different sizes.

Keep an eye out!!


The jeans reviewed here are all made with materials, and also underwent processes that will make sure they do not Fade.

Frankly, you will not get jeans like these on any other platform only on Amazon where quality and credibility are ensured.


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