Do Calvin Klein Jeans Shrink?

Calvin Klein jeans usually shrink when washed with hot water or put inside a washing machine and a dryer. It is no doubt that all jeans made from natural fabrics, cotton, and fibers shrink.

The Calvin Klein jeans are made of spandex and elastane and these compositions cause them to shrink.

During the shrinking process, you will lose more of the colors in the fabric especially when it is washed at a higher temperature.

Calvin Klein jeans tend to conform to the body when it shrinks. It typically shrinks 6% to 9% after the first wash and continues stretching out during wear.

Major reasons why Calvin Klein jeans shrink?

Do Calvin Klein Jeans Shrink

Calvin Klein jeans like other brands of jeans are susceptible to shrinkage. This occurs typically when they are washed and dried in the dryer several times and this causes the fabric to contract and the jeans to become smaller.

Although in some cases the Calvin Klein jeans may still fit properly, the waistline becomes tighter due to the occurrence of shrinkage. 

The use of the dryer

One of the reasons why Calvin Klein shrinks is the dryer. Using the dryer to dry your jeans can shrink them up to 10%.

Every brand is different but generally, of all the methods used to dry jeans, the dryer appears to be the biggest risk when it comes to shrinking.

We all agree that air drying and line drying is time consuming especially if you’re pushed for time but the water from the jean when thrown into the dryer turns to steam and causes it to shrink. 

The amount of shrinking depends on the type of fabric used and some factors

  • Cotton: this shrinks between 4% to 10%
  • Temperature: the temperature of the dryer can affect how much your Calvin Klein jeans will shrink. 
  • Polyester: They cause the jean to shrink less than cotton does.
  • Elastane
  • Spandex


Washing and drying results in the shrinkage of jeans especially the Calvin Klein jeans.

The first wash causes most of the shrinkage that occurs and additional washing results in a progressive shrinkage.

Hot water

Washing them in hot water and drying them on high heat causes shrinkage of the fabric. During the process of production, fibers are made into yarn and the yarns are made into fabrics.

The fabric is held under tension which is why whenever the fabric comes in contact with hot water, the tension is released and it causes the dimension of the fabric to shrink. 

How do you fix a shrunk Calvin Klein jeans?

Calvin Klein jeans are made with high-quality fabric and good craftsmanship.

The good news is that Calvin Klein is naturally resistant to shrinking. It is incredibly strong and resilient to some shape changes, which is one of the reasons why they have become the world’s most popular style of jeans mostly common among both men and women.

However, certain types of Calvin Klein jeans such as those made with a combination of cotton and other fabrics will still shrink to some level when exposed to a very hot temperature. In the situation where you mistakenly shrink your jeans, you can usually fix them by following a few steps below.

  1. The first thing you have to do is to fill your bathtub with warm water and place a small amount of any kind of mild shampoo inside.
  2. Next, put your jeans down into the soapy water, leaving them inside for at least 15-25 minutes. After this amount of time has passed, remove the jeans and gently squeeze the excess water out.
  3. After squeezing the water and finding out that it is damp, you take your damp jeans and place them on a clean dry towel flat.
  4. The next thing is to roll up the towel with the jeans into any shape. The importance of this is to remove every additional moisture without having to dry them up completely.
  5. After which you go ahead and unroll the towel/jeans and re-roll It again. Do this four or six times and you’ll discover that the majority of the moisture has been removed.
  6. After unrolling the towel and jeans for the last time, you must keep the jeans laid out flat on the towel and pull them gently in opposite directions in an attempt to stretch them out well.
  7. Once you’ve stretched them out, you can decide to either hang them on a line or place them in front of a fan to dry off.

If you follow the aforementioned instructions step by step, there’s a guarantee that you can fix your shrunk jeans. In some cases, you can stretch the constricted fabric back out, but in some other cases, it isn’t a good option.

How to prevent Calvin Klein jeans from shrinking

Calvin Klein jeans shrink as a result of the fabric and materials constricting due to heat caused by the dryer or other source of heat. 

Spin dry

In cases where you have an important event and you need to dry your jeans without them shrinking with the dryer, you can opt for spin-drying.

This can be done by turning your jeans inside out with all zips open and bottoms closed at a low temperature. This method is a bit time-consuming but with this, you can prevent shrinkage.

You must wash less

The Calvin Klein jean doesn’t require you to wash them every day or after every wear.

Instead of that, you could try to spot the stains and dirt and only clean that spot (try not to let the stains in your jean sit for too long before you decide to clean them off)

This is advantageous to your jean as it prevents shrinkage from occurring and to you because instead of going through the stress of washing everywhere you can easily spot clean as it doesn’t require much work and stress.

Avoid hot temperature and ironing

Excessive heat can break the fibers in your jean and leads to shrinkage. To prevent this, you can dry your jeans in the dryer at a low temperature and you must not iron them, doing this can prevent shrinkage.

To prevent shrinkage you must always read the label on your jeans to see what the manufacturer recommends especially during the washing process. 

Always wash your jeans inside out and use lukewarm water to wash time you decide to wash your Calvin Klein jeans. 

You can hand wash your jean since it is safer and using a washing machine has a bigger risk as it causes your jean to be susceptible to shrinking.

Just use some laundry detergent with warm water and you don’t even have to scrub it, just gently massage it with your hands and rinse.

Get as many wears you can afford: taking care of your Calvin Klein jeans is very important for extending their life and preventing it from shrinkage.

You can achieve this by buying as many jeans as possible so you wouldn’t have to wear and wash the same jean thereby making them susceptible to shrinking.


Most jeans are susceptible to shrinkage and we have all experienced shrinkage in one way or the other especially when they are exposed to heat either from a very hot temperature or the dryer.

Calvin Klein jeans are not always stable due to the fibers and even when you buy from the same place, the wash, and dry method causes them to shrink.

So, it all depends on how you care for them, and how you also prevent the shrinkage from occurring depends on you.

Calvin Klein jeans tend to be made of 100% cotton and fiber so you should expect them to shrink however with the measures I stated above, you can prevent it from happening. 


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