Basketball Shoes vs Running Shoes: Comparison

The major difference between these two shoes is that basketball shoes are heavier and bulkier than running shoes which are lightweight.

Basketball Shoes vs Running Shoes

The Basketball shoes are designed for the purpose of safety while playing while the Running shoes are designed to help runners endure long-distance runs. Running shoes are flexible whereas Basketball shoes are stiff.

Let’s take a quick look at these shoes

Features of Basketball shoes

Basketball Shoes vs Running Shoes

  • Thinner rubber sole
  • Cushioning
  • Heavy
  • Shock absorption
  • Stability
  • Heel support
  • Stiff
  • Lacing fit
  • Removable insole

Basketball shoes feature cushioning which helps in absorbing shock. It has a thinner rubber sole, this is to make it lightweight for faster and better movement and also to provide excellent traction on the court.

Its upper part will keep your feet secure. It gives a snug-fitting to the feet. the shoe features a lacing system for a more secure fit. The shoe also has a removable insole which helps to provide good arch support.

Its midsole is designed to absorb force while you run or jump. It has a breathable mesh that will keep your fit feeling fresh and cool.

Its rubber sole helps to prevent slipping and falling on the glossy floors of the court, it also gives you good balance and grip. It has some amount of flexibility and cushion.

Good cushioning makes you feel very comfortable and lightweight. It gives stability that would help the player feel confident with every move.

A basketball shoe is designed with comfort, performance, and fashion in mind. It has a mid-top that allows for an increase in flexibility.

Some basketball shoes feature closures like zipper, strap, hook, and loop. It has a cushioning technology that gives extra cushioning which helps in enduring a lot of stress during the game.

Features of running shoe

Basketball Shoes vs Running Shoes

  • Heel counter
  • Toe box
  • Rubber sole
  • Lightweight
  • Flexibility
  • Shock absorption
  • Breathable mesh
  • Thick midsole

Running shoes features a breathable mesh upper and synthetic leather for durability.

It has a tongue, the tongue of a running shoe makes it very easy to take on and off. It has a heel counter, this stiff structure is located around the heel.

It helps to reduce Achilles tendon irritation, offers a secure heel fit, and gives an excellent cushioning. The toe box of a running shoe accommodates the toe by giving it enough room.

It has a thick layer of foam between the upper and the outsole which is called the midsole. The midsole provides cushioning as well as shock absorption.

Most running shoes feature the EVA midsole also called polyurethane – a foam-type compound.

Running shoes features an outsole which is a threaded layer of rubber. This outsole offers traction and durability.

The outsole has multidirectional flex grooves for enough flexibility as well as protection against elements like rocks. Running shoes are flexible, breathable, and offer cushioning and traction.

Comparison between Basketball Shoes and Running Shoes


Comparison Basketball shoes Running shoes
Weight Heavy Lightweight
Flexibility Stiff Flexible
Ankle support Full ankle support Slight elevation, no ankle support
Purpose Mainly for safety Mainly for endurance
Cushioning Shock absorbers and more cushioning  Best cushioning
Outsole Thinner rubber sole Hard rubber sole
Midsole Support and cushioning


Thick midsole for pronation control


Basketball shoes are usually heavy and flat. These shoes are flat underneath because players usually cut from side to side, they jump and they also need to land in a comfortable and stable position.

They are thicker and bulkier with a big platform heel. They are heavy so as to meet the demands of the intensive game. Its weight is gotten from its heavy sole and high tops.

Basketball shoes are heavy because they incorporate a whole lot of built-in cushioning which can give relief to the feet.

Due to their weight, Basketball shoes offer more support and protection, which helps to reduce the impact thereby reducing the risk of injuries and strains.

Running shoes are designed to be lightweight. They are made lightweight so as to help the athlete endure the long-distance run. Their lightweight gives room for flexible cushioning.

Due to their lightweight, these shoes offer less fatigue. Running shoes features a decrease in weight and an increase in cushioning.

It reduces fatigue and pains and as well makes you very comfortable and stable during long runs.


Running shoes are very flexible due to their lightweight. These shoes are expected to flex whenever the feet flex.

It is also expected that if you hold a running shoe firmly by its sole at the heel and bend the front upwards, it should flex at the football.

The feet flex upward while running, so it is expected that the running shoe should also flex with the feet.

Most running shoes are very flexible in the midfoot, this helps to provide support to the runner with every strike at the ball of the feet.

Basketball shoes are very stiff. These shoes will always be stiffer than running shoes due to all the movement involved in the game, the shoe needs to provide maximum support for the feet in a sideways direction.

These shoes are tight enough to provide support and loose enough to offer breathability to your feet. Their stiffness provides ankle support.

Also, many basketball players believe that having their shoes tight will give them better performance and a higher jump.

Ankle support

The basketball game involves quick jumping, sprinting, and changes in directions and as such, these shoes incorporate ankle protection, they feature a high ankle collar which would help protect your feet and ankle while you play.

They protect your ankle while you jump so as not to twist your ankle. They also provide support for the ankle joint through the use of the higher tops.

Running shoes have no ankle support because you would not need to change directions or make quick turns.

They feature a slight elevation under the heel which is built into the midsole to help your forward motion and a low cut at the ankle for better flexibility.

Though some running shoes may have built-in support for the ankles and feet, these types of running shoes are recommended for runners who need good stability for their ankle and gait.


Basketball shoes are designed mainly for the safety of the player. Basketball players run in a zigzag motion and also jump a lot, these shoes will keep their ankles and feet safe throughout the game.

They help to keep you safe during the short bursts of speed and quick changes in direction.

Running shoes are designed to endure long-distance runs. Runners usually run in a straight line, these shoes will help the runner endure the long-distance exercise without pain.


Due to the amount of stress incurred by the feet while running, these shoes incorporate lots of cushioning.

Also, some runners are heel strikers so the shoes need more cushioning around the heel area all the way to the forefoot. Running shoes are designed to cushion and stabilize your feet during long runs.

The shoe offers all the cushioning and shock absorption you would need while running on the hard ground. They are designed to keep you comfortable and stable even during the longest runs.

Running shoes incorporates more cushioning in the heel and forefoot, this would make runners more comfortable.

Basketball shoes are designed to help to absorb shock and provide ankle stability. They provide more cushioning for jumping high and a good grip for a quick change in turns.

They have a lot of cushioning even though they are stiff. They offer impact protection with every jump and sprint. These shoes tend to offer good support and cushion throughout the game.

Cushioning to an extent helps to reduce the risk of injuries and severe spinal shock. These shoes also reduce the risk of ankle injuries as they would protect your ankle properly.


Basketball shoe soles are thin and soft. They are non-slip and are made to withstand and grip hardwood floors. The basketball shoe sole is made of rubber and it is moderately flat.

The rubber soles will help protect the feet from landing after a high jump and from other fluid movements. It features patterns that help to improve traction and stability.

It is made of a thinner rubber to aid faster movement around the court. It is also durable and it provides optimum shock absorption for better performance. The sole offers support and protection.

Do you know that you can actually resole your basketball shoe sole? You can get it resoled by a good repair service that specializes in sports shoes. You can have your shoe re-stitched or patched.

The outsole of the running shoe is very grippy and hard. This is to enable it to endure the hard surface of the road.

The sole is sturdy with added traction to avoid slipping and falling. The sole is also very flexible, rugged, and allows natural heelstrike.

The outsole of the running shoe consists of the midsole and the sole which are glued together. You can as well get it resoled when it begins to wear out.


Basketball shoe midsole is designed to help to absorb the forces of quick jumping and sprinting.

The cushioning of a basketball shoe is found in its midsole and this is what helps for high-performance. The midsole offers support and comfort to the feet.

A running shoe midsole features pronation control and cushioning technology. It helps to absorb shock and provide stability. Running shoes are known to have a thick midsole.

Why basketball shoes are important?

A basketball shoe will give you good support and flexibility, this is because the players have to always jump and sprint. It will stabilize your movement and help you move laterally

These shoes offer safety and performance. It is perfect for all kinds of sports and can as well be worn as a casual shoe. The shock absorption of this shoe helps to protect your feet.

These shoes are comfortable and also breathable. Basketball shoes will also give you good ankle support. This shoe helps to prevent foot injuries during games.

It is a comfortable and fashionable shoe. You should buy basketball shoes because it can withstand the pressure of jumping and sprinting even at a high speed.

The Best Basketball shoes to buy

Why running shoes are important?

Running shoes helps to increase performance, and make training safe and as comfortable as possible.

This shoe provides shock absorption, cushioning, and breathability while letting the runner maintain stability.

Running shoes have flared heels which provides extra stability for runners while they strike their feet on the ground.

This shoe can also help to correct overpronation. Due to the fact that runners strike their feet all the time on the ground, running shoes help to give more cushioning to the heel and forefoot.

The Best Running Shoes to buy


The overall best shoe for this article is the Running shoe.

This is because the running shoe is more flexible and lightweight than the Basketball shoe which is heavy and so stiff.

They can be worn for long-distance runs and incorporate a lot of cushioning.

My favorite running shoe is the Adidas running shoe, you can get this shoe and other brands like Under Armour, Nike, New Balance, and many others at an affordable price.


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