Basketball Shoes vs Badminton Shoes: Comparison

Basketball shoes and badminton shoes are both indoor sports shoes that are referred to as non-marking shoes, due to the fact that they leave no mark on the wooden or tiled floors of the court.

Now, while these shoes are both non-marking shoes, there are major differences between them that should be duly addressed.

The major difference between basketball shoes and badminton shoes is the thickness and design of the shoe soles.

Basketball shoes have a solid herringbone outline on their soles, allowing for better grip and motion control for the feet while badminton shoes usually have all-rubber soles or soles with cleat-like spikes and designs.

Basketball Shoes vs Badminton Shoes

When you carefully consider the features of these two kinds of sports shoes, it can be seen that basketball shoes have soles with better structure and better feet support for the players that wear them.

Shoes with proper grips on the soles are very much required in the world of sports today; and as such, basketball shoes have an obvious advantage over badminton shoes – the soles of basketball shoes have better grips than the soles underneath badminton shoes.

Players who have worn both basketball shoes and badminton shoes can easily tell the difference in the sole quality.

What are the similarities between basketball shoes and badminton shoes

As we just established, one of the similarities between basketball shoes and badminton shoes is the fact that they are both non-marking shoes that leave no marks on the courts that they are worn on.

Indoor sports players make use of non-marking shoes to play their games of tennis, badminton, basketball, handball, etc. because these shoes have a unique rubber-type sole material that does not leave marks on the floors like the other shoes worn outside do.

Non-marking shoes are also great for sports like basketball and badminton because they offer a lot of friction for the feet, as quick movements occur, and they give the players a smooth and flexible run on the court.

When you play indoor sports, you are encouraged to get non-marking shoes in order to get the best experience that you can as you play your game to win it.

Some of the similarities between basketball shoes and badminton shoes are:

  • Comfortable Insoles and Paddings
  • Good Grips
  • Great Feet Support
  • Ease And Flexibility During Gameplay

Comfortable Insoles and Paddings

The comfort of the players (and their feet – especially) during gameplay is one thing that should never be compromised when it comes to the execution of high-energy indoor sports like basketball and badminton.

Basketball shoes and badminton shoes have comfortable cushions and insoles that are designed to allow players to get all the comfort, flexibility, balance, and breathability that they need to be at the top of their game.

Nobody wants to run around the court in uncomfortable shoes that give the feet much discomfort; you could get serious injuries when you do this.

When your shoes are comfortable enough, your approach to the game at hand becomes more relaxed and intentional. Wearing bad shoes, with bad fits and improper comfort levels exposes players to potential injuries and a serious lack of inspiration on the court.

Basketball players and badminton players wear comfortable shoes with extra cushioning on the insoles. These kinds of shoes really suit the way they play and the action they perform.

Good grips  

Due to all the running around that is usually done on the courts, people that play basketball and/or badminton need to have shoes that grip their feet well enough at all times.

Your shoes have to be firm on and around your feet when you expend your energy moving through the plays on the court. Shoes that come off the back of your feet as you play just won’t do.

Great shoes that grip the feet appropriately are the kinds of shoes that basketball players and badminton players wear for their games. When players wear these types of shoes, they have little worries concerning the firmness of the footwear on their feet.

If you wear shoes that don’t grip your feet well, they might come off too easily as you play; and they might also cause you to have some dangerous injuries that could very well be avoided.

Great feet support

Supportive shoes are a welcome feature of the sports gears of players who play all kinds of sports all around the world today. Once your shoes support your feet greatly, enough for you to make your movements with relative ease and composure, they can be worn for playing basketball and/or badminton.

Basketball shoes and badminton shoes are very supportive because these shoes are meant to actually reduce the strain on the feet while the sports are being played actively.

Injuries are adequately avoided once you endeavor to always wear shoes with great feet support as you partake in sports like basketball or badminton.

Easy and flexible during gameplay 

Do your shoes let you move around the basketball court or the badminton court freely?

Does your pair of shoes give you the much-needed flexibility to quickly switch between plays as you enjoy yourself playing basketball or badminton?

The answers to the questions above determine if your shoes are fit to be worn for the games or not. Basketball shoes and badminton shoes are both known to make it easy for players to be at their best always.

These sports shoes have to be flexible in order to give team players many options and unrestricted movement on the go. You should never wear shoes that feel too restrictive on your feet when you want to play basketball or badminton.

Differences between basketball and badminton shoes

Basketball Shoes vs Badminton Shoes
Nike Basketball shoes

We have seen some of the similarities there are between basketball shoes and badminton shoes; now, let us check out some of the things that truly differentiate these sports shoes from each other.

It is important for you to keep these differences in mind,  because they will help you to make informed decisions, in the future, when you have to make purchases concerning these two awesome sports shoes.

The differences between Basketball shoes and Badminton shoes are:

  • Design of The Shoe Soles
  • Height of The Shoe Heel
  • The comfort of the Shoes
  • Shoe Grips
1 Design of The Shoe Soles Basketball shoes feature a herringbone design on their soles; these soles often have much better grips than badminton shoes. Badminton shoes have all – rubber soles or soles that are spiky in nature, like football cleats.


Badminton shoe soles are known to have less grips than basketball shoes.

2 Height of The Shoe Heel Basketball shoes have taller heels than badminton shoes – this lets basketball players jump higher during games. Badminton shoes have heels that are lower than those of basketball shoes.
3 Comfort of The Shoes Basketball shoes are more comfortable to wear than badminton shoes because of the extra paddings that they mostly possess in the shoes’ heel area and ball of the foot area.


The extra comfort of basketball shoes is to protect players when they jump up and down on hardwood surfaces and other court types.


While badminton shoes provide enough comfort for players, they are still less comfortable than basketball shoes.
 4 Shoe Grips Basketball shoes generally have better shoe grips and arch support than badminton shoes. Badminton shoes have less grips and arch support than basketball shoes.

Design of The Shoe Soles 

The design of the shoe soles is the major thing that differentiates basketball shoes from badminton shoes today. Basketball shoes have soles with this great herringbone outline that allows players to get more grips and balance from the shoes that they wear.

These basketball shoe soles are also known to often be more durable than badminton shoe soles.

Badminton shoes have soles that are made totally from rubber materials that permit free movement, but not much grip. These soles could also have spikes underneath them (like the ones that are found on football cleats).

Height of the shoe heel

Basketball shoes have taller heels than badminton shoes because this feature actually allows basketball players to easily jump as high as they can whenever they play.

Badminton shoes have lower heels than basketball shoes since jumping high is not really a requirement for the game of badminton. Badminton players can easily do well with shoes that have low heel areas.

Comfort of the shoes

Basketball shoes are more comfortable than badminton shoes.

When you consider the paddings and cushions that have been placed in the heel area and ball of the foot area of basketball shoes, you will easily see how much more comfortable these shoes are, when they are compared to badminton shoes.

Basketball shoes have these types of comfort cushioning systems in place in order to protect the feet of the players that do a lot of jumping and hopping on the hardwood surfaces of the ball court.

These comfort systems also protect the feet when players play on other court types.

Badminton shoes have less comfort structures in place than basketball shoes, but they can still be used to play comfortably on most court surfaces around the world today.

Shoe grips

Basketball shoes have more grips and arch support than badminton shoes.

When you look at this difference critically, you will understand that because basketball is a much more physical sport than badminton, certain factors (like the grips of the shoes) have to be improved for the benefit of the basketball players.

Due to these factors, basketball shoes are often more supportive on the feet than badminton shoes.

Why this comparison between basketball and badminton shoes?

basketball vs badminton shoes
Nivia Super Court Badminton Shoe

This article was actually crafted for the benefit of those people who are in a fix concerning the kind of shoes they should purchase for the indoor sports that they want to partake in.

Since the game of basketball and badminton often look similar in some respects, people wonder if they can use their shoes interchangeably to good effect.

Now, while it is important for you to keep in mind that non-marking shoes are the best kinds of footwear for playing indoor sports, you should also consider the fact that non-marking shoes come in different sizes, shapes, designs, and brands.

If you don’t get the correct shoes for playing either basketball or badminton, you will not have a good time on the court.

Are you wondering if you can use your badminton shoes to play basketball? The answer to that question is No. You can’t use badminton shoes to play basketball because these shoes don’t have the proper structure, design, and comfort systems in place for basketball.

Basketball shoes are often more comfortable, durable, height-enhancing, and flexible than badminton shoes. Therefore, if you try to wear a pair of badminton shoes to play basketball, you might end up with disastrous results.

Can you use basketball shoes to play badminton? Yes, you can. Basketball shoes can comfortably be used to play badminton because they are fitting and well-structured for the sport, as it is played on all kinds of court surfaces.

The size, construction, flexibility, balance, and grips of basketball shoes make them ideal choices for players who want to engage in the game of badminton today.

Some of the main reasons why basketball shoes fit well in the badminton scene are:

  • Basketball shoes are more comfortable than badminton shoes (due to their insoles, remember?).
  • The structure of basketball shoes gives the feet more flexibility and ease when moving around on the badminton court.
  • You can be sure of quicker movements when you wear basketball shoes.
  • Basketball shoes provide more grips and balance for the feet.
  • Your feet breathe better in basketball shoes because they actually have more space in the toe area as well as the heel area.
  • Basketball shoes are extra supportive enough to help you avoid unnecessary injuries on the badminton court.

Brands that produce Badminton and Basketball shoes

As you can expect, there are brands out there that engage in the production, sales, and distribution of badminton shoes and basketball shoes.

These brands are notable sportswear brands that usually only make some of the best gear that you can get today for your games.

When you are looking for high-quality sports footwear today, it is important for you to duly look through the catalog of these brands as much as you possibly can.

These brands that produce both badminton shoes and basketball shoes are industry giants that can be trusted to give you the proper fits that improve your gameplay and sportsmanship.

Patronizing any of these mentioned brands will never be a waste of time for you.

4 notable brands that produce both basketball shoes and badminton shoes are:

  • Nike
  • Adidas
  • Puma
  • Asics


Nike needs no introduction to you today as you must already know who they are. This brand is one that is concerned with the production of quality sports gear for people all around the world.

As it is, most people have already seen (and probably already purchased) some of the masterpiece basketball shoes that Nike has created for players on the court; however, not many people know that Nike also makes great badminton shoes too.

When you consider the product quality assurance that is attached to the Nike brand image, you should surely already know that nothing less than the best should be expected from Nike’s badminton shoes.

When you shop for Nike shoes, you can confidently get the basketball shoes or badminton shoes that you need for your games today. Nike is one of the best brands to get your sports gear.


Adidas is a German multinational brand that is great for its awesome designs and minimalist feel when it comes to the utilization of fashion styles.

You can get both basketball shoes and badminton shoes from the Adidas company today – depending on what you want. Adidas shoes have breathable synthetic or mesh outer layers that protect your feet assuredly as you play.

You might need to consider buying Adidas shoes whenever you want to play badminton and/or basketball. The shoes produced by Adidas are vibrant, remarkable, and very fashionable too.


Puma is another name that comes around when you mention top brands that produce both basketball shoes and badminton shoes.

Puma shoes have a sturdy nature that often makes them last longer on the feet of wearers worldwide – no matter how they are worn.

You can easily get your comfortable sports shoes for basketball and badminton with Puma if you shop right. The colors and designs of the Puma shoes are classy and sporty enough to suit your style and gameplay needs appropriately.


ASICS is a Japanese multinational that is known to produce a lot of great sports footwear that suitably serve the needs of professional sportsmen in leagues and sports all over today’s world.

Coincidently, this distinguished brand produces both basketball shoes and badminton shoes. These shoes have a comfortable fit for players of all sizes, and they come in designs that can easily blend into several fashion styles today.

Check out some of these top basketball and Badminton shoes for you

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