How to Make Badminton Shoes Grip Better

Many badminton players have little to no information about the badminton shoe grip or how to make it better.

If you find yourself in this category, then keep reading and learn practically this vital topic.

Knowing how to improve your badminton shoe grip will help you in support, stability, and exerting all the energy and power in the right places during play.

Also, an improvement in badminton shoe grip will prevent you from getting injured by slippery during play and save you money on new shoes.

One of the essential methods to make badminton shoes grip better is using a pointed, sharp object with warm soapy water to clean the grip after regular use.

This procedure is effective because the major reason why badminton shoes lose grip is the effect of dirt that gets hooked in the grip.

Different ways to make Badminton shoes grip better

How to Make Badminton Shoes Grip Better

  • By keeping the badminton shoes sole clean always
  • By using a clean and smooth surface badminton court
  • By using the badminton shoe within the court premises only
  • By using glue water on the court floor
  • By using a damp towel to srub the soles of your shoes after each game
  • Ensure your badminton shoes are made of gum rubber
  • Your badminton shoes sole should be non-marking
  • Make the cleaning routine a habit

Keeping the sole clean

Dirt from the playfield find its way into the shoe grip and got trapped which cause less gripping of the shoe.

This can be eradicated by using a pointed mouth object to remove the trapped dirt and wash with warm soapy water, then a dry, clean towel can be used to dry the sole.

After the cleaning, the shoe grip will retain its traction and stickiness for further use.

Using a clean and smooth surface badminton court

Avoiding a rough surface court to use the badminton shoe will improve the grip, making the grip smoother and shinier than before. Synthetic surface improves the shoe grip because of its anti-slip properties and durability.

Meanwhile, on this type of surface, a good grip of the shoe is maintained compared to the wooden surface.

Using the badminton shoe within the court premises only

Utilizing the badminton shoe outside the badminton court will expose the grip to dirt and extreme surface and this decreases its tackiness.

Also, badminton shoes are for indoor games, and using them for other purposes like running, playing football, partying will reduce the shoe grip functions.

Using glue water on the court floor.

Do you ever marvel at what they adopt to clean the base of a badminton court? It’s called glue water. Some glue water and a mop are used on the court to improve the court texture.

Therefore, this type of floor makes the badminton shoe grip become better.

The glue water is not used in excess as it can cause black stains on the court.

Keeping a damp towel during the game

You can keep a damp towel with you during the game, scrub your shoe with it, and this will moist the soles and remove dirt from them.

A moist mat is also an alternative, sometimes referred to as a ‘traction board’ or ‘sticky mat,’ which comprises disposable sticky layers.

Also, the bases of the mat are made with modified, high-impact, Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene Terpolymer for stability.

The top sheet is kept used until all the adhesive is covered with dust and dirt. The top sheet of the mat is now removed to expose a different, tidy sheet.

Sole made of gum rubber

One of the way ways to make badminton shoe grip better is selecting a shoe sole made of gum rubber when purchasing one.

The badminton shoe grip should be made of gum rubber because of the quick modifications in the direction wanted in badminton, nice grip is one of the most significant qualities that a badminton shoe needs to have to respond to these rapid changes.

To attain this, the adequate material for your soles is gum rubber. Again, this would show up as a standard for all acceptable badminton shoes, but it is useful to keep it in mind.

Badminton corporations are always specializing in various shapes and modifications in the soles to improve shoe grip, but no matter what structure your grip has, make clear it is made of gum rubber.

Non-marking sole

When the sole of the badminton shoe is non-marking, this will make better the shoe grip and easy to clean.

However, It is one of the conditions to play in most indoor badminton courts with non-marking shoes, so make sure that the shoes you buy are non-marking.

The badminton game required changing of position from one side to side, so the non-marking shoes make it comfortable enough to balance while changing your position on the court.

Make the cleaning routine a habit

Making the badminton shoes grip better can be realized by adhering to the cleaning routine regularly for better results.

Badminton shoes are a financial investment. And, without adequate maintenance, they will not last long. Do not fail to handle the badminton shoes grip the very same way you look after badminton rackets. Stave off them from dirt and dust and they will last long.

One of the most significant elements to keep in mind for indoor court shoes is shoe grips which are disregarded by many players and specifically by middle gamers.

So, make the grip better by cleaning it regularly especially after use, playing on a smooth surface, and using it for indoor games only.

Why do badminton shoes lose their grip?

Majorly, badminton shoes lose their grip due to wear and tear especially when it’s turned into casual wear.

Meanwhile, keep in mind that the grip of badminton shoes are only designed for indoor use. This implies that wearing them outdoors will arise in rapid damage and indications of wear and tear, even though they will not inflict any pain on your feet.

Other explanations for losing the grip of badminton shoes are:

  • Wearing your badminton shoes on rough surfaces
  • Frequent exposure of your badminton shoes to heat
  • Long usage of your badminton shoes
  • Keeping the trapped dirt after use
  • Buying less quality badminton shoes

Wearing them on rough surfaces

Surfaces that are made up of tar or concrete will wear down the grip of a badminton shoe because the soles are less resistant to these surfaces.

Exposure to heat

If you expose your badminton shoes to heat will gradually melt the shoe grip and become useless to you on the court. So, keep or store your shoes in a cool environment after use.

Usage time

Even the best organic rubber badminton shoe wear out after some time. So, your badminton shoes will need to be replaced after some time, even if you don’t put them on always.

The grip should be your guide. When the grip loses its functions due to long usage, your shoes are done. Regardless of how much you bought them or how much you like them, once the grip is gone, it’s time to replace them.

Keeping the trapped dirt after use

The badminton shoes lose grip because of the dirt that gets trapped in the grip. If you clean it after use, you will be able to improve the grip.

Cleaning with warm soapy water and using a sharp object to remove the dirt will prevent the shoe from from from losing its grip.

Less quality badminton shoes

Badminton shoes that are less in quality will automatically have less quality grip, and such grip will lose their function in due time.

Other less quality sole materials are also prone to aging processes. For example, the plasticizers contained in the rubber slowly diffuse out of the material. This also results in the soles losing elasticity and becoming tough and frail.

Ethylene-vinyl acetate, which is well-known in the sports shoe industry, is not liable to hydrolysis, but it does illustrate one disadvantage: it diminishes more quickly when subjected to constant work like walking and running, and so it no longer returns to its original shape and this cause losing the shoe grip.

Badminton shoes that have a good grip

Badminton shoes are modeled for the distinct movements in badminton games.

When you’re bouncing around or sprinting from courtside to courtside, your badminton shoes need to possess a good grip to optimize your game and prevent you from injury resulting in a broken shoe or even a broken ankle. Badminton shoes help relieve these problems when playing.

However, to know why you need specific badminton shoes and what to look for, here are different badminton shoes with the good grip you should look for:

Li Ling Badminton shoes

How to Make Badminton Shoes Grip Better

A Li-Ning Saga is a great option for professional players, as they’re super light and have additional layers at the front to protect the lifespan of the shoe.

The multiflex grip integrates a different patch of rubber that allows for rapid and circular movements, making it a great choice for comfort and direction. It also has an x pattern that further conserves the heel and is adjustable.


  • Flexible sole
  • Adjustable
  • Extra toe protection


  • Not great if prone to overpronation

Yonex Power Cushion

How to Make Badminton Shoes Grip Better

Yonex power cushion shoes have a good grip which enhances firmness on the court. The power cushion range is a super safe choice and empowers better stability than its forerunners.

It offers great impact-absorbing power. It is lightweight and helps reduce stress on the legs and knees.


  • Lasting
  • Soft
  • Protective


  • Only available in blue and black

Yonex Aerus Z Shoe

How to Make Badminton Shoes Grip Better

What makes this shoe the badminton shoe Yonex has ever developed is its good grip and light. If powering around the court is your style, then these shoes are excellent to assist produce fast outcome power.

The Aerus boasts an excess layer of PU film that earns the shoe resilient to pressure and is always powerful.


  • Super light
  • Durable
  • Quick


  • Not as much safety for ankles as bigger shoes

Babolat Badminton shoe

How to Make Badminton Shoes Grip Better

The Babolat Shadow is a special court shoe modeled for professional players. It provides absolute support and injury prevention with its good grip.

It offers an unusual grip that is 3 dimensional that can withstand jumps and turns as well and reacts well to immediate actions throughout the court.


  • Outstanding grip
  • Support
  • Strong


  • Can be a little slim

Adidas Men’s Barricade shoe

How to Make Badminton Shoes Grip Better

The Adidas Essence will help enhance skillfulness and offers good grip support with improved cushioning. They’re convenient and the high excellence outsoles are impervious and tough.

The rubber outsole establishes a tremendous grip for indoor courts without endangering the floors. The medium width implies that they fit securely on larger feet.


  • Affordable
  • Light
  • Protects indoor courts


  • Slight cushioning than most court shoes.

Python Wide-Width Indoor shoe

How to Make Badminton Shoes Grip Better

For the broad feet group, the Python Wide is an extraordinary solution. Meanwhile, it has a broad pattern and is surprisingly lightweight with a good grip to give shock absorption as well as stability on the court.

The shoe shapes to the foot adequately, giving excellent assistance to the ankle, lessening the chance of injury.


  • A comfortable wide foot option
  • Shock absorption
  • Good support


  • Sizing is not constantly that detailed

Head Revolt Men’s Indoor Court shoe

How to Make Badminton Shoes Grip Better

The Head Revolt is a strong choice of shoe. Although more stiffness than some, this shoe has a big stability frame design that provides stability consistently.

There is a coating of TPU on the toe, which lengthens the lifespan of the shoe and develops a low-down feel. Ideal if you find that connection with the ground assists control with its suitable grip.


  • Strong
  • Low to the ground
  • Long-lasting


  • Slightly stiffer than most

Mizuno Men’s Light Mid-Indoor Court Shoe

How to Make Badminton Shoes Grip Better

The Mizuno lighting is modeled for fast players provenance their skills. The outer net establishes regulated cushioning and makes it firm whilst conserving the levity of the foot. It features an unusual ventilation system for shoes.

It assists in lessening warmness build-up during practices or games, keeping feet cool, nice and comfortable. Good grip to enhance stability on the badminton court.


  • Cool
  • Cushioning
  • Stability


  • The toe box is quite large and slightly rigid

So, presently you are clued-up on why you need good grip badminton shoes, what to prioritize in your scale of preference for badminton shoes.

It’s time to choose the shoes with a nice grip and come out on the court and accomplish what you love best.


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