Can You Wear Basketball Shoes For Badminton?

No! You should not make use of basketball shoes for badminton. What will happen in the long run is that you will end up causing injuries for yourself. Basketball shoes do not have the necessary features that enable you to use them for badminton.

Badminton shoes usually do not have a high ankle for you to be able to move flexibly, basketball shoes usually have a high ankle. For you to use any shoes for badminton, it is supposed to have low ankle and a specialized gum rubber honeycomb-like pattern that gives you enough grip while playing Badminton.

Can I Use Basketball Shoes For Badminton?

It will enable you not to fall or slip off while making quick movements on the court. Basketball shoes do not have this feature, meaning you cannot make use of them for badminton.

Do you need special shoes for badminton?

Yes! You need special shoes for badminton. If you are playing badminton on a wooden or synthetic court, what you need is badminton shoes that have gum rubber honeycomb-like rubber soles that help you to stay put and have a good grip while playing.

However, if you’re playing badminton on a concrete or cement floor, you can make use of any shoe that has a rubber sole. If you’re making use of special shoes for badminton, you’re going to so much enjoy it and you will not be prone to Injuries.

Making use of special shoes for badminton is the best way to go. As long as you’re playing it professionally on a wooden or synthetic court, you should use special shoes. Anyone you see who is still playing badminton on a concrete floor is likely an amateur and can make use of any shoe that has a rubber sole.

What shoes do you wear to play badminton?

Badminton shoes Special feature Rating
The Yonex men’s Eclipsion Badminton shoes Excellent grip and rubber Outsole 4/5
The Yonex Eclipsion Z wide badminton shoes Good grip, laced up closure 3/5
The Yonex power cushion badminton shoes Power Cushion, good grip & BOA fit system 4/5
Yonex Power Cushion Aerus 3 Solid fit, Excellent grip 5/5
Yonex Aerus 3 Badminton shoes Power Cushion & Excellent grip 3/5

The Yonex men’s Eclipsion Badminton shoes

Can I Use Basketball Shoes For Badminton?

The badminton shoes come with a rubber sole that is going to make you super comfortable while playing badminton. What this does it that it enables you to have a firm grip while you are playing badminton on a synthetic or wooden court.

The midsole has a high-power cushion that gives you comfort and helps to absorb shock when you land from a jump. As a professional badminton player, you should not go without purchasing one of this amazing special badminton shoe for maximum efficiency.


  • Rubber outsole
  • Midsole cushion
  • Improved fit
  • Good grip


  • Cannot be used for long on concrete

This shoe is best for playing badminton as a professional badminton player. If you want to migrate from just an amateur to a professional, you should get one of this badminton shoe.

Take note that you should not use this to play on a concrete floor, as a professional, you know what concrete floor can cause your badminton shoes. It will not be good at all.

The Yonex Eclipsion Z wide badminton shoes

Can I Use Basketball Shoes For Badminton?

When you wear this badminton shoes, you are going to feel extremely comfortable in it because it comes with a very good closure system. It also comes with a toughness light power cushion that helps in keeping you comfortable and safe while playing professional badminton.

The outsole of this badminton shoe is made of rubber, you can expect it to last well for you and it will enable you to have a good grip when you’re playing badminton with it. As a professional badminton player, this shoe is what you should go for.


  • Good cushion midsole
  • Laced up closure
  • Good Rubber outsole
  • Good grip

Aside from the fact that this shoe runs too small, you may not like to use it for your professional badminton games. However, if you want to get one for yourself, you should check properly to see if it’s your exact size. Once you have checked and it’s your size, you should go ahead to buy it. You will have no regrets.

The Yonex power cushion badminton shoes

 Can I Use Basketball Shoes For Badminton?

With the BOA fit system, you will be able to wear and take off this shoe easily. You will definitely like this feature, it will make you not have issues in putting off and on the badminton shoes. The upper is made of synthetic leather that enables it to last very long for you.

The midsole is made of synthetic resin, while the outsole is made of rubber. The rubber build will help you to remain stable and hold your grip while playing on a synthetic or wooden court. You will have no reason to fall or slip off.


  • Power cushion
  • Rubber outsole
  • BOA fit system
  • Good grip
  • Good shock absorber

The power cushion helps to keep your heel safe while playing Badminton. When you jump and land, you will not feel any pain on your heels because it has a very good powerful cushion and an excellent shock absorber system. You will enjoy making use of this badminton shoe.

You may not like the fact that it comes in just one color which is white, it does not come in other different colors.

Yonex Power Cushion Aerus 3

Can I Use Basketball Shoes For Badminton?

This is a very light shoe that weighs about 270 grams. Wearing it almost feels like you’re not wearing anything on your feet. This is actually a very good feeling be because it makes you feel so light.

It also has very good ventilation which can help prevent your shoes from smelling due to wearing it for long periods. You will also like the very solid fit that this badminton shoe gives you.


  • Very lightweight
  • Comfortable
  • Solid fit
  • Breathable
  • Sheet power cushion

This is a lightweight badminton shoe that will serve you so well. As a professional, you are going to enjoy making use of it for your professional games. You should consider getting one for yourself.

Yonex Aerus 3 Badminton shoes

Can I Use Basketball Shoes For Badminton?

This shoe is very breathable and eye-catching. It comes with a splendid and stylish design that makes it look very attractive. It comes with a double Russel Mesh that is extra lightweight and also it is also durable.

It provides you with eight-time more air exchange for releasing moisture from the feet while playing badminton. The powerful cushion that this shoe comes with provides you with good lateral movements.

With the cushion, you can jump and still feel comfortable while you land, your heels will not feel hurt because of this Cushion.


  • Lightweight
  • Breathable mesh
  • Power cushion
  • Amazing design

The power cushion will provide you with maximum support when you are playing badminton, most especially when you are going to be jumping and landing on your foot. The cushion will make the landing smooth.

What should you consider before buying badminton shoes?

Before you buy badminton shoes there are important things that you need to consider before buying your badminton shoes so that you do not end up buying the wrong types of shoes that you may end up regretting and wasting your money. That is why I came up with this comprehensive buying guide that will help you select the kind of badminton shoes that you need to go for.

  • Power Cushion
  • Ergo shape
  • Double Russel Mesh
  • Fit
  • Traction & Grip
  • Lightweight

Power Cushion

Usually, while playing badminton, there is a high possibility that you will be moving in so many directions, it will also be jumping. While jumping, if your shoes do not have a good cushion, it could cause heel Injuries.

A good power cushion on your badminton shoes helps to prevent Injuries, and it makes you so comfortable. What the cushioning does is that it absorbs shock. With this, you will be comfortable and be confident as well, playing badminton.

Ergo shape

This has to do with how the shoes are shaped. The proper and the right shape enables you to feel more comfortable while wearing it. When your toes are well fit it helps you in making that sharper badminton movement effectively.

Once your forefoot area and toes are well seated in the badminton shoes, you are good to go.

Double Russel Mesh

When it comes to breathability, this is the best material build that you can find out there. You should make sure that your badminton shoe is made up of this Double Russel Mesh for maximum breathability.

This will prevent your shoes from getting too moist while you’re playing badminton. Your shoes need to be dry in order for you to feel extremely comfortable while playing badminton.


What is a badminton shoe if it does not fit you? It will not make any sense, this is an important thing you need to consider. You need to consider the fact that your badminton shoes.

Your badminton shoes need to be your size so you can move freely in them without obstruction. It should fit you well, that is why you need to try it on before you purchase it.

Traction and grip

While you’re playing badminton, you are going to be running around the court, and it is very important that your badminton shoes are not slippery, they need to have very good traction and grip.

It should have a specialized gum rubber honeycomb-like pattern that gives you a good grip and stability while you’re playing on the court. You should not compromise this at all.


While playing badminton with badminton shoes, it is highly important that your shoes are lightweight, the purpose is so that you can easily move around without having the feeling that you’re actually putting on something.

That is what lightweight shoes do for you. A badminton shoe of about 270 grams will make you feel like you are not even putting on anything. This is what ti should look out for.

Are badminton shoes worth it?

Badminton shoes are worth it, they are worth every penny. It saves you a whole lot of injury just by simply wearing badminton shoes.

If you plan to move from just an amateur badminton player to a more professional player, you should invest in a badminton shoe, it is worth your penny and you will have no cause to regret it at all. It will protect you from injury and improve your game in terms of quality and results.

What is the difference between normal shoes and badminton shoes? 

Feature Badminton shoes Normal shoes
Sole build Comes with a gum rubber honeycomb pattern for maximum grip Little or no grip at all
Weight They are usually lightweight Many are heavy
Shock absorber Has Power Cushion for shock absorber Power Cushion is not available
Breathability Comes with a Double Russel mesh for maximum breathability Little or no breathability feature

 Badminton shoes are very different from normal shoes in terms of the build quality and material. Badminton shoes have an entirely different kind of sole build quality, it has a gum rubber honeycomb-like pattern sole which makes you have a firm grip and stability while playing badminton.

This is something you will not find in normal shoes. Badminton shoes also have a powerful cushion which is a shock absorber to keep your heel safe while you are moving around the badminton court.


In conclusion, you cannot make use of basketball shoes for playing badminton. Just like I have emphasized earlier in this article, basketball shoes do not have the special features needed to play badminton.

These features are the gum rubber honeycomb-like pattern sole, the double Russel Mesh build material for maximum breathability, and also the proper ergo shape which will give your toes the proper balance and comfort it needs while playing badminton.

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