Yanko Shoes: 10 Things You Need To Know

Are you a fan of Yanko shoes too? Great!

What many people know about Yanko shoes is limited to the quality of the brand’s craftsmanship. It accounts for why some would love to buy from the brand.

Having worn Yanko shoes for about half a decade, with rigorous research on the unknown sides, I have expressed my findings, in the article below, on the things you need to know about the designer and the shoe boots they make.

10 interesting things about Yanko shoes

Yanko Shoes

Of course, the years of experience passed down through generations have made the brand recognized as a strong force in the leather manufacturing business.

However, there are other things you probably don’t know about the shoes and boots that they manufacture. Let’s begin with their reputable heritage.

1. The interesting history of Yanko Shoes

Yanko is an Australian shoe brand that has been in the industry for over 30 years. They are one of the most popular footwear brands in Australia, and they are also available in other countries like Singapore, Malaysia, and Indonesia.

John Yankoski founded Yanko Shoes in 1984. The company started with a small warehouse and a team of four employees. It has grown to be one of the largest footwear companies in Australia, with over 600 employees and five international offices.

The company produces shoes for men, women, and children in sizes 3 to 13.

2. The philosophy behind Yanko shoe designs

The mission of Yanko shoes is to produce quality and timeless designs that are customized for the needs of their clients without compromising on style.

The company’s philosophy revolves around high-quality footwear with a signature Yanko style and a timeless appeal.

The mission of Yanko shoes is to design and make stylish shoes that are both high-quality and affordable. They also want to exceed expectations in customer service.

Initially starting as a small business on the Gold Coast, Australia, they now sell more than 150 styles of footwear with prices that range between hundreds of dollars.

In 2016, Yanko Shoes expanded into the United States market after receiving requests from customers who buy their shoes online but live on the other side of the world – which proved difficult for them because international shipping rates were too expensive.

The company has allowed customers in the USA to shop online for shoes but not have them shipped.

3. Do all Yanko shoe styles feature eco-friendly materials?

Yanko shoes are eco-friendly by design. All our materials are 100% recycled, recyclable, and bio-degradable.

All of the Yanko styles are made from eco-friendly materials. The brand has a range of leathers to create our shoes, like goat leather, calfskin suede, buffalo leather, and crocodile-embossed calfskin lizard.

Yanko shoes is a footwear brand that is known for its eco-friendly materials. All of their shoes are made of the most sustainable and natural materials, including organic cotton, wool, Tencel, and other vegan alternatives.

4. Yanko source their leather and suede from French and British tanneries

Yanko shoes and boots are made in the firm and durable construction Goodyear Welted; occasionally, one of its subspecies is used, Storm Welted.

The brand sources its leather and the suede used for the upper from French and British tanneries. They are indeed high quality.

Full-grain calf leather is used in most cases, dyed on tanneries box calf or manually dyed crust.

As it should be for high-class shoes, the lining is also entirely made of leather. Much of this premium is seen in styles like the Yanko Wing Top Brown Grain Boot and even the Peny Loafer styles.

5. Yanko shoes are exclusively handmade.

The origin of Yanko shoes is not one to easily explain, as the brand has a strong-rooted history in shoe manufacturing. Many fashion pundits have their views on the country of origin, but Yanko continues to promote “Made in Spain”.

If you are going to buy any Yanko-made shoe, you’d want to know that all their styles are still exclusively handmade on the island of Mallorca, in Inca town.

In that town, the knowledge of veteran, exquisite leather craftsmen is highly regarded and concerned with a great consciousness of pure fashion.

This is the brand craftsmanship is nothing far from excellence.

6. Yanko shoes are poorly suited for a slippery surface

If you have closely examined Yanko shoes, you will realize that they feature Hybrid soles that are made of York leather and rubber.

Yanko models with these characteristics are thin, practical, and elegant. But the major flaw is that they are not best for slippery surfaces.

We can see the Yanko Brougue oxford brown scotch grain and even the double monk burgundy calfskin in this category. The same thing is seen in other designer shoes with similar strict-looking outsoles.

However, some Yanko shoe and boots models are made with fully rubber and fully leather soles. The rubber inserts are usually thick and feature a firm protector.

They account for the informal Yanko designs worn for casual occasions and do a good job on slippery roads.

7. The reason why Yanko shoes insist on shoe boxes instead of plastic bags

Plastic bags are inexpensive and easy to store. And when the product is delivered, it’s easier for the customer to carry them around.

Yanko shoes is a company that is committed to creating a sustainable shoe industry. In an effort to protect the environment and be environmentally conscious, they decided to stop using plastic bags as shoe packaging.

The company has replaced the traditional shoebox with an environmentally-friendly cardboard box that can be converted into various sizes of plastic containers. This way, the customer can use it again and again for other purposes like storing clothes or items in their home.

Yanko has been using shoe boxes in their shoe packaging, even though this is an unconventional way of packaging.

At first glance, Yankos gives the impression that these shoes are naturally made from sustainable fibers like cotton or wool. However, when you visit the website, you find out that the shoes are made from synthetic fibers like polyester and acrylic.

Yanks appear to be a company that sells eco-friendly products based on sustainability and natural materials claims. However, their website does not mention sustainable or natural materials, so it is unclear what eco-friendliness is.

8. How does the sizing work for Yanko shoes?

This is a question that many customers ask before they buy shoes from a brand. Yanko Shoes have specially designed its products to suit its customer’s need.

Yanko Shoes have three main models for men and women: the Lumberjack, the Carpenter, and the Professional.

The Lumberjack has 14 different sizes for men and 12 for women. At the same time, the Carpenter has eight for men and ten for women. The Professional has only one size, which can work for male and female customers.

There are two to three types of configuration within each model in terms of style, width, and height.

The sizing is as follows:

  • Width – Narrow (N)
  • medium (M)  
  • wide (W) with half sizes in-between

Yanko Shoes is a shoe company that sits in the niche of men’s and women’s shoe sizing. They have different models for males and females in their inventory.

The sizing for Yanko Shoes involves measuring the length of your foot from heel to toe, then adding 3 inches to it. For example, if you have a foot that is 12 inches, you should order a size 15 from Yanko.

9. There is an element of similarity across all Yanko shoe styles

There is an extensive and diverse variety of Yanko shoe designs. However, many of the boots and shoes manufactured by this brand have a classic and conservative design in the English style.

This is a strong similarity across all styles that every Yanko fan or enthusiast can resonate with quickly.

However, we have seen some of the brand’s extraordinary shoes that beg to differ and are content with that of Italian masters.

For example, much glory is given to the brand’s Oxfords, Derby, Monks, and the Loafers of various kinds.

I also once came across their “lazy man’s shoes” while shopping, designed with elastic inserts.

10. You can recycle your old ‘dead’ footwear with Yanko Shoes!

Yanko Shoes is a footwear recycling company that turns old and dead shoes into new ones. They offer the best solution to your footwear problems by recycling your old shoes.

If you are not sure if you can recycle Yanko shoes, the answer is a “Yes” because they offer free shoe recycling.

Yanko shoe brand that does not give up on good shoes. The company values sustainability as much as they value style.

They are committed to creating shoes with longevity so you can wear them for years and years. And they are also committed to recycling old, worn-out, dead footwear into new ones so you can keep your favorite styles longer.

Yanko shoes should last for at least a year before you need to think about recycling them.

My favorite Yanko shoe designs models

Yanko Wingtip Brown Grain Boot

Yanko Shoes

This Yanko wingtip brown grain boot stands out in an area of classic and simplicity. It features a Brown Scotch Grain and sole made of both rubber and leather.

If you are looking for Yanko boots inspired by the Wingtip style, this is one model to turn to. It is made with the brand’s Goodyear Construction and will set you back at around $400.

Yanko Penny Loafer Dark Brown Calfskin

Yanko Shoes

The leather sole of this Penny loafer Yanko shoe is durable. Funnily, it became my favorite because of the Dark Brown Calfskin material, which happened to be very easy to maintain for me.

Easily pairable with most of my formal outfits, this Yanko penny loafer calfskin shoe is also manufactured with the brand’s Goodyear construction and won’t let you don’t as a loafer style. It should cost around $250 or a little more.

They also have the burgundy burnished calf of this design, but I prefer the dark brown calfskin—the latter appeals more to men who prefer subtle coloring for most suits color or neutral colored jeans.

Yanko Plan Cap Oxford Black Calfskin

Yanko Shoes

There is no way I’d talk about my favorite Yanko branded shoes without glorifying this Oxford-inspired model – the Plan cap black calfskin. It has a leather sole that will not become thin quickly and holds up pretty well.

The shoe has a very simple yet sleep aesthetics. Plus, the black color makes it neutral for any formal outfit idea. There are many Oxford-style shoes out there that you can choose from.

But every Yanko Fan would want to tap into the Goodyear construction of this black leather. Its affordability is also a huge plus – it won’t cost up to half a thousand grand, compared to many popular oxford styles.


I may not have as many personal experiences with the Yanko brand as some brand enthusiasts. Still, the few of their shoes I have in my wardrobe have won my heart to the extent that I chose to write this article on ten things I find interesting about Yanko shoes.

Even though you haven’t worn any of their pair, it is easy to judge that they are of good quality by looking at their image.

But I encourage you to try any of their models, perhaps from the collection of my favorites.

Since they are also available at retail price, Yanko shoes can also be placed in the category where we see the likes of Carmina and Meermin brands.

We have seen a lot about Yanko shoes, but the attribute that sticks out is that their shoes are as good as they look.

What do you think about Yanko shoes? I’d be in the comments.


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