Can You Wear Flip-Flops At EPCOT?

Yes, flip-flops can be worn to EPCOT as they do not have any restriction on the type of shoes you wear to the park.

A full day at the park usually involves lots of activities and covering long distances on your feet in order to locate a ride or attraction of your choice.

They are various choicees to choose from and all you have to do is ensure that you wear proper clothing and shoes too.

What rides accept flip-flops

Can You Wear Flip-Flops At EPCOT

Most rides at EPCOT accept flip-flops and have no problem with riders having them on when engaging with the various game rides. Acceptable flip flops should provide adequate arc support, and have excellent grip and traction.

Their straps should be able to withstand the strain and midsoles thick enough to absorb shock and reduce impact. There is a possibility of long queues being encountered at some game centers so make sure to wear flops that add significant support for our knees and back.

Frozen ever after

This ride is one of the most popular rides at EPCOT with it being revamped over the years. It’s a slow boat ride so you have no problem wearing flip flops as there is no fast or movement to pose a risk of falling off.

The boat ride takes you through the plot of frozen with some plot twist along the way. The ride is located in the world showcase arena.

Spaceship Earth

Spaceship earth is a lovely attraction with a history of the earth being the main theme. The ride is inside the giant geodesic sphere that stands like an icon in the theme park.

It’s a slow and dark ride that moves leisurely in the dome narrating the evolution of communication throughout history from the early Phoenician alphabet to the modern computer.

The ride is slow and takes about 15 minutes. You can wear flip-flops to this ride without any obstruction from the employees at EPCOT.


If you love the ocean then this is the ride for you. All you need to do is enjoy the view of a coral reef full of sea creatures like fishes, sea turtles, shark and so many thrive in a very vast aquarium.

There ride is perfect for flip-flops as no high intense movement or inversions are involved.

What rides do not accept flip-flops?

Not all rides accept flip flops, as their tour trams move too fast or have twists or turns that can cause them to fall off during the ride.

Some riders stow their flip flops on their seat and seat on them for safekeeping while others have designated spaces created beneath their seat they can safely keep their flip flops.

Soaring around the world

This epic ride takes you through the popular location on earth like the Taj Mahal and the great wall of china in the simulator.

The simulator merges with the projected images and its sharp movement gives a realistic feeling of soaring over the world.

Visitors are asked to stow away unsecured flip-flops in designated spots under your seat for safety.

Mission SPACE

All space lovers would find this ride extremely interesting and super fun, with a NASA-themed space flight simulator blasting out of the earth into the stratosphere.

The mission ride has two different types of experience with one mission taking you round earth orbit and the second taking you to mars.

The first mission that takes you into orbit is operated without a centrifuge while the mars mission spins you to G-force of about 2.5. any footwear like flip-flops or unsecured shoes that cannot withstand such forces is advised to be removed before attempting to enjoy the experience.

What type of flip flops are accepted at EPCOT?

Can You Wear Flip-Flops At EPCOT
Sanuk Flip-Flop

Epcot guides and employees advise visitors on proper footwear choices to wear at each attraction and game. Flip flops are welcome as long as they provide adequate protection and fit for your feet.

They are made from materials that are soft and increases support and comfort during your visitation. Types of flip flops accepted usually have sturdy materials used for their production and straps that won’t pull off once the stress is applied to them.

Leather flip flops

These flip flops are made from thick leather or synthetic leather materials that are sturdy and firm on the feet. Their soles have a unique tread pattern for increased traction and stability.

The midsole is thick to act as an adequate shock absorber and also support the arch of your feet giving you a significant increase in comfort. An example is highlighted below;

Rainbows flip flops

With over40 years in the footwear making industry. They are very durable with a very good slip-resistant sole; the footbed is also designed to resist slipperiness with the sole of your feet from sweat or wetness.

Their straps consist of leather material that hugs your feet and wide enough to fit properly, with a double-layered midsole that offers significant arch support better than most simple rubber flops.

Uniquely styled flip flops

This set of flip flops do not come in the conventional flip flops Y design (SEE HERE ON AMAZON). They can be made with any material durable enough to withstand regular and swift movement.

They are usually styled to have straps that either have an adjustment on them to enable them to fit or hug your feet properly.

These flip flops can either be individual brands alone or a different model production line from a known or popular brand. An example is mentioned below;


Sanuk flip flop (LIKE THIS ONE ON AMAZON) is definitely top of the list when it comes to unconventional styled flip flops. The lightly grooved footbed and insole feel like you are walking on a yoga mat.

This is because it is actually made from yoga material. the straps are weirdly intricate and firmly sticks to your feet. Their style is attractive and they come in variable colors for you to select from.

What type of flip flops not accepted at EPCOT?

Can You Wear Flip-Flops At EPCOT
Rubber Flip-Flop

Flip-flops brands and designs are so many in today’s market with different designs flooding the footwear industry.

They are different types of flip flops today that don’t follow the traditional rubber design but have found the means to change it into stylish and practical footwear.

The management at EPCOT allows most style and brand of flip flops except a few, listed below are types of flip flops not accepted or suitable for EPCOT theme park;

Rubber flip flops

Rubber flip flops are usually not accepted because of their too simple design and light rubber strap. Their midsoles are flat and can’t handle much impact pressure or support the natural arch of your feet.

This can put a strain on your feet causing you to experience foot fatigue leading to pain and lack of proper balance.

Havaianas women slim flip flops

They are Brazilian-made flip flops (LIKE THIS ONE ON AMAZON) with a thin rubber strap and classical Y design.

They are functional and have a basic simple design, but aren’t ideal for the rigors’ or long walks or climbing elevated platforms.

Preferably, they are more functional for going to the beach and walking on sand and light walks around.

Wedge flip flops

Flip flops made with wedge design are uncomfortable for long-distance walking or activities involving walking on steps and platforms with railings.

At Epcot, there is due to shuffling and bustling around you will need lightweight flip flops that don’t feel like a burden when you walk or tour the EPCOT theme park.

Wedge flip flops have very elevated heels and platforms, clearing as significant inches from the floor. This increases the risk of falling, foot sprain, and ankle injury therefore they are not ideal for the busy environment.

Wedge flip flops are suitable for light events or ceremonies.

Women wedge platform webbing flip flops

These flip flops (SEE HERE ON AMAZON) have a wide clearance e from the ground, with woven straps made from polyester.

Its design structure makes it suitable for lower back and knees support due to the raised heel and the footbed is slightly curved to snugly accept your feet.

Although these comfortable features are admirable they do not fit into the rhythm of activities involved at EPCOT.

A lot of people move about at EPCOT theme park and this increases the chance of bumping into someone. Wedge flip-flops increase the risk of falling due to their elevated platform.


EPCOT exists in Disney world and has a number of interesting theme game rides that thrill and fascinate visitors.

Make sure you arrive early to enjoy your favorite rides early and avoids long queues that go on all day.

Flip flops can be worn to most of the games at EPCOT, this is because most of its rides are slow-paced or water-based which puts less or little strain on your feet as you engage them.

Other intense rides that move fast or create high G forces aren’t suitable for flip flops, so be sure to wear the proper flip flops before going.

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