Vintage Foundry Shoes Reviews (in 2023)

Identified for its handcrafted, tailor-made, and stitched with top Tier 1 premium quality materials, shoes from Vintage Foundry Co. have won the interest of many buyers online with its production line ranging from boots for men and women to sneakers, sandals, and casuals.

While this reputation precedes the shoe manufacturer, it is deemed necessary to know what others are saying about Vintage Foundry shoes in accounts of product delivery, functionality, affordability, durability, style, among others, especially if you are considering getting one for yourself.


I have my collection of Vintage foundry, mostly Combat & Motorcycle boots, and I have my opinion to tell regarding the performance of these shoes.

However, I realize that many buyers online put out contradicting information about these shoes.

Hence, in today’s post, I’ve decided to beam the focus light on Vintage foundry shoes, reviews, top-rated of its production as ranked by wearers, as well as recommendations.

Brief background on Vintage Foundry Shoes

Established in 2014, Vintage Foundry Co. prides itself as a footwear manufacturer for those “looking to elevate their wardrobe with statement shoes.”

Many of their products available for purchase in popular online stores feature vintage design elements with modern aesthetics.

Being boots, sneakers, sandals, slip-on, or casuals, these shoes usually get reviews from users with some around high quality, style, comfort, and durability.

According to the company, artisanal shoe-making techniques are used to design its shoes, blending modern style with a vintage feel to create bespoke shoes.

But do they measure up? Are Vintage foundry shoes worth the investment?

The good side of Vintage Foundry Shoes

Usually true to size

One thing I notice about each of every Vintage foundry shoe I’ve ordered online is that they are true to size. I can’t be sure of most of the women’s production line, but on average, it is usually ½ size larger than when you typically wear sneakers.

Although, some of the shoes made with cow leather might require some time to loosen up like the Oxford & Derbies, and so will feel tight initially. That is why it is ideal to select ½ size larger if you’re between size or have wide feet.

Appealing fashion style and design

It’s hard to find a vintage foundry shoe that won’t be suitable for most of your occasions. They can fit in for shopping, date, party, travel, outdoor, club, school, office, wedding, graduation, and even business meetings.

As you will see in many of the designs like the high-tops and low-top sneakers, they appear to be classic and interestingly versatile for all seasons with no external branding in the upper material.

Safe and durable construction

Depending on the particular line of production, most Vintage foundry shoes are designed with safety and durability in mind, especially when it comes to the sole ( 100% EVA outsole for slip-resistant) and ankle support.

As mentioned earlier, it is known for being handcrafted, tailor-made & stitched with top TIER 1 premium quality materials for longevity.


If you study all Vintage foundry boots, you will realize they are designed to protect and stabilize your mid-range ankle area from many activities (I admire the Co Milan and Jerry collection, in this regard).

The featuring hand-crafted vintage finished solid construction in their boots gives that freedom to move without an ounce of struggle.

The warranty and customer care

Some manufacturers do not readily offer Free Return labels and Free Exchanges. Not being a big deal, it is a plus that Vintage Foundry offers such with a 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee.

What are people saying about Vintage foundry shoes?

Generally speaking, Vintage foundry boots are considered to be of high quality and bespoke shoe construction. But, this is not to depute the fact that there are contrasting opinions from real users out there.

A look at various popular online shopping platforms, however, can give us a broader scope of what the majority of users are saying about the general performance of vintage foundry shoes.

For example, a glance at Amazon’s product rating shows that 95% of boots from Vintage foundry stores with recent reviews from verified purchases record an average of 4.3 out of 5 stars rating, with a mix of both positive and negative reviews – based on individual experience.

After combing through hundreds of reviews, I realized that many were open about how very comfortable, high quality, and durable the leather of Vintage foundry boots are, and even the negative reviews,  on average, seem not to contradict this.

In the same vein, the affordability of the average Vintage Foundry shoe was not put in a negative light.

However, a further delve into product delivery and customer service, particularly from buyers’ reviews on other platforms like the company’s social media page, the narrative was slightly different as the average review was frowning at the company’s ability to respond to defective products.

While cases such as these can also be experienced when purchasing from other shoe brands, it is important to note that they were more of individual experiences than collective opinions.

Vintage foundry is popularly known for their collection of boots (Samuel, Thundra, Stone) than another line of shoe manufacturing given that their design makes them usable for work or as a casual shoe worn with jeans and a nice shirt, not to mention the universal colors used in design to make them adaptable to be worn as a dress boot also.

Top-rated Vintage foundry shoes online & Reviews

Vintage Foundry Stone

This Derby & Oxfords Chukka boot is among the fashionable shoes that have been designed for the weekender, sophisticated, and even to hit that one-time event.

The lining is made of 100% genuine leather, that prevents penetration of moisture, odor, and fungus while offering additional cushioning.


Made of 100% leather (suede) upper, this boot features a flat sole, platform & multicolor wedged heel of 1’ for good traction on slippery floors., and of course, a handcrafted with top TIER 1 durable premium quality materials


  • True to size
  • Aesthetically pleasing
  • Durable
  • Affordable


As with other Vintage foundry boots, this is NOT Washer/Dryer Safe. It is therefore required to hand wash and lay flat to air dry.

Vintage Foundry Knee-High Boot for women

Female VF fans looking for a  unique footwear style to set you apart, the Evelyn boot for Vintage foundry has what it takes.

Being a tall riding boot with soft suede uppers and a full panel of straps up the front, this boot has remained one of the most searched for by women.

The round cap toe design among other elements all equal to delivering the vintage Victorian look.


Being 50% Leather and 50% Rubber sole this boot is made of durable material and suitable for many activities & occasions.

It can be worn to a party, for travel, an outdoor event like hiking & camping, to school, work, and even office depending on your outfit.

The solid construction of round natural toe box & flexible sole also guarantees, not only comfort but also versatility of seasons as it can be used in summer, spring, fall & winter.


  • Ideal fashion style for women
  • Considerably a nice gift item
  • Durable construction
  • Super-versatile
  • Available in Brown/chocolate and Black./grey


  • Shoes of this design are picky in terms of suitable outfit choice

Vintage Foundry Fur-Lined Ankle-Boots

Still, under the Vintage Foundry Co. Jeanette Women’s Fashion, this Classy and Elegant Biker Rugged Side Zip-up Ankle-Boots has a Round-Toe design and chunky heels platform to deliver maximum comfort and style, along with Fur-Lined Soft Leather and Rubber Lug Sole.


Undoubtedly a fashionable and feminine boot for weekender bold fancy women, this shoe speaks elegance from zippers to fur faux lining.

It’s an any-time-any-day shoe and a mid-calf bootie made of 100% genuine cow leather upper.

To ensure maximum comfort, the lining features 80% premium textile & 20% rubber, while the almond round plain bump-toe offers flexibility in foot movement, along with the stacked heels.


  • Great comfort from the softness and fuzzy inside
  • Easy to break in without blisters
  • Ideal zipper location, and not fragile like many out there


  • If you have a very high instep, this shoe might not offer enough arch support which means you won’t be able to use them for long walks

Vintage Foundry Holland Men’s Derby Leather Shoe

Among many considerable options, it might interest you to know that his Holland would win the vote for an ideal lace-up shoe for going from work to play.

It features a hip and hybrid-style lace-up closure for a secure fit on your leg, plus a rich leather upper.


Featuring a flat rubber sole and durable tread, this leather shoe has a short stack heel at the back and soft leather lining for comfort with the Thermoplastic rubber (TPR).

This is a design that is suitable for many activities and occasions and every season including summer, spring, fall, and winter. The round natural toe box and flexible sole offers movement freedom and contribute to its solid construction.


  • Available in various bold colors
  • Reasonably priced
  • Durable
  • 100% Thermoplastic rubber (TPR) sole


  • No downside detected. A valid product so far

Vintage Foundry Freya Slip-On Sandal

In the casuals and sandals category, I can’t think of any more applauded collection than this particular Vintage Closed Toe, Pointed-Toe sandal that has a leather outsole.

These leather slides seem to be quality woven leather and generally true to size.


Being a  Limited Edited Vintage Classic, this Freya is 90% Leather, 10% Rubber sole, and made from premium quality materials.

As with many of its types, it is a perfect catch for many outdoor occasions and indoor activities.

Although it doesn’t have many claps and laurels like many VF boots and sneakers, the Slide Mule Sandal has what it takes to be enlisted as one of the top-rated in the company’s production line as far as casual footwear manufacturing is concerned.


  • Easy to wear and take off
  • Versatile and comfortable
  • Stylish design for women


  • No secured fit

Vintage foundry Hybrid trek sneakers

It would have been easier to compare the soles of these with that of Chuck Taylor but slightly thicker. Why? It is a perfect production line from Vintage Foundry, probably the only, that you can rely on as you go hiking or outdoor adventure.

Being very comfortable and lightweight, these hybrid trek sneakers offer great ankle support and the right pairs for treading on grass, and even stony sidewalks given that the grip is good on dry platforms.

In addition, it has an appealing look and quality body design of which many consider to be worth the price.


I certainly can not imagine wearing any other type of VF shoes for any outdoor adventure like disc golf other than these trek sneakers.

With the fashion style and design, and also sporting a suede profile and a classic lace up front, this sneaker is a great fit for your next excursion.

Thanks to the hardware eyelets and eco rubber soles that contribute to the solid body design together with the upper material which is made of 80% Leather, 20% Textile, Outsole: Recycled Rubber, and 100% Soft Textile as lining.

The shoe might not have so much versatility but they look great and appear to be the right one to make the highest climb or cover the longest distance on foot.


  • True to size
  • Comfortable and lightweight
  • Ideal footwear Christmas gift for him
  • Travel friendly


  • Soles are on the thin side which makes the shoe is less suitable against sharp rocks
  • Lace too long
  • Not advisable to tread on wet floors  or glossy concrete to avoid accidental slip

Now, there are many other variations of vintage foundry shoes. As mentioned earlier, the production line spans from boots to sneakers, casuals and sandals, and even slip-on. Many of these shoes are not as popular as their boots.

Should I buy shoes from the Vintage Foundry brand?

In one of my random surf on a men’s fashion community online, I noticed quite several questions being posed around the demand for guidance in choosing to purchase a new pair of shoes from Vintage Foundry among other brands.

People in this situation usually want to know whether their shoes are of high quality and measure up with the price, whether they are comfortable and durable as well.

This is entirely expected because there is not enough info about them out there. (what propelled me to pour my knowledge through this article.)

Well, getting to choose for you whether or not to give Vintage foundry shoes a shot isn’t going to be straightforward since it has a lot to do with what you want.

When it comes to shirts and pants, I can’t say much as I have limited experience with Vintage Foundry wears (Although, I heard they fall apart too soon.) but for their shoes, give it to them! Recommend.

My first two pairs of Vintage Foundry shoes were purchased after a recommendation, and I can remember replacing the soles after a long time of usage to tell how much I loved them.

Apart from the bespoke comfortable shoes, what have placed Vintage foundry at the forefront of footwear manufacturing is their unique Style and solid body construction of the shoe.

If you have always regretted times that you purchased shoes for their seemingly “cool” patterns or details and ended up disappointed, Vintage foundry is worth the shot to change the narrative.  Fundamentals like fit and versatility are what you will become used to afterward.

Wrapping up

On this vintage foundry shoe review, we have been able to touch on the brand identity behind Vintage foundry as a shoe manufacturing company, the unique features in their different line of shoe production, some of the top-rated vintage foundry shoes out there, and the decision-making angle to buying Vintage foundry shoes.

While opening the curtain of this post, I mentioned that VF is known for its handcrafted, tailor-made, and stitched with top Tier 1 premium quality materials.

Being handmade shows that the brand probably spends a lot on labor in contrast to competitors who produce machine-made shoes with materials that suck.

The only pitfall, which is considered to a great extent, is that many Vintage foundry shoes aren’t washer or dryer Safe. For them to last long, they need to be hand washed and laid flat to air dry

Notwithstanding, in the end, my stiff recommendation would be that handmade leather shoes are the most suitable option, even though they might appear quite pricey. And, Vintage Foundry is a sure plug for such.


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