Are Vintage Foundry Shoes Good Quality?

Yes. Vintage Foundry shoes are excellent shoes. They are comfortable to your feet and the durability is top-notch, they are good quality and I can attest to this.

If you are looking for a shoe with high-quality leather that is long-lasting, then you should check out the Vintage Foundry shoes.

Vintage foundry as a brand has been in operation since the year 2014 and ever since has been creating beautiful and quality handcrafted shoes with various modern designs.

Are Vintage Foundry Shoes Good Quality

One thing common with Vintage foundry shoes is the great attention given to details on the shoe. The Vintage foundry brand pays attention to every single detail on their shoes and creates amazing shoes as a result of that.

Quality is also what you stand to get when you use Vintage foundry shoes. They manufacture their shoes using high-quality materials that are very much durable and comfortable as well.

And this is the major reason why Vintage foundry shoes are said to be of high quality. The materials use in making the shoe are awesome.

Vintage foundry as a brand wants to build a loyal image in the marketplace and that is one of the reasons why make you of the best materials in the production of their shoes.

They make use of high-quality material which will last for a long time after you purchase them and even with that…

…their footwears are still very comfortable giving you a wonderful experience while using them.

“But what exactly makes Vintage Foundry shoes good quality?”

This might be a question in your mind but no worries, I am here to provide you with the answers you are looking for.

What makes Vintage Foundry Shoes good quality?

  1. What they are made of
  2. Attention to detail
  3. The combination of tradition and modernity

What they are made of

The number one thing that makes Vintage foundry shoes to be of good quality is what they are made of and like I said before; the materials used in manufacturing them.

Vintage foundry shoes are made of high-quality materials and this is one thing that keeps people buying their shoes over and over again.

They love what they get from Vintage foundry shoes and this is a good sign for you because you can certainly trust Vintage foundry as a brand to provide you with the quality shoe you are looking for.

But what are the materials used in making Vintage Foundry Shoes?

I know you won’t really want to find out what materials are used in making Vintage foundry shoes that make them be of very high quality…

Well here they are:

The Upper

Are Vintage Foundry Shoes Good Quality

Vintage foundry shoes upper are made of 100% leather and you and I know that leather is raw animal hide.

It is said that the more the percentage of leather is used in making a shoe, the better the quality of that shoe will be.

And now Vintage foundry shoes are made of 100% of this leather we are talking about. No one needs to tell you again how the quality of Vintage foundry shoes is.

The use of leather in the making of a shoe makes that shoe to be of good quality and not just that…

It also makes the shoe breathable and this keeps your feet cool and safe while you use the shoe.

Leathers are also abrasion-resistant, that is the probability of the shoes made with leather, like Vintage foundry shoes, would tear or wear out is very much low.

Vintage foundry shoes don’t easily wear out because they are made of leather which is abrasion-resistant and that is because of the texture of leathers.

When looking for a quality shoe that can give you 100% safety while using them, you should consider using Vintage Foundry Shoes.

They provide you with a good shoe protection effect, and this is because of the high-quality leather used in making the shoes.

Vintage foundry shoes also do not have any chemical or plastic odor problem just the ways other shoes made of PU or microfiber have.

The Sole

Are Vintage Foundry Shoes Good Quality

Vintage foundry shoes sole are made of rubber lug sole. But what does the word “lug sole” means.

Lug sole is a type of sole that has heavily indented patterns which help with traction, slip-resistance, and balance.

The lug sole usually provides good footing in shoes, and you can see this type of soles in working shoes or boots.

This means that Vintage foundry shoes are made with a thick rubber sole and that should tell you of the quality of the soles of Vintage foundry shoes.

One thing common with all rubber soles is their unmatched wear resistance which other types of soles do not have.

So when you use Vintage foundry shoes, you can be sure of the fact that the sole won’t wear quickly.

And that leads us to other unique features of Vintage foundry shoe soles, they are durable. Since the sole doesn’t wear so quickly, that means it will last for a long period of time.

Vintage foundry shoe sole, been a rubber sole, have great contractions and this adds to the perfect stability that Vintage foundry shoe sole gives you when you use them.

The fact that Vintage foundry shoes are very stable is a result of the rubber sole used in the shoe.

They are also slip-resistant and this is made possible by the good traction that they provide you even on slippery floors. You are sure that you would slip off to the ground.

With Vintage foundry shoes, breaking into the shoe is a very fast process also and this is because of the rubber sole which can easily adjust and is also bendable.

Attention to details

Are Vintage Foundry Shoes Good Quality

The production process of every Vintage foundry shoe is one that is done in a unique way and this is something that speaks well of Vintage foundry as a brand.

There is always close attention made toward every single detail on the shoe. Right from the uppers to the soles, they are all made perfectly.

Vintage foundry shoes are shoes that come in various designs even up to the Vintage foundry boots.

The design on every one of them are all made firmly together and this improves the quality of the shoe.

The leather and the sole are joined together perfectly and well arranged to provide you with the optimum comfort that you deserve.

And they are well shaped to fit your feet and this is one of the reasons why Vintage foundry shoes are true to size.

Since they are true to size, when you are making an order for any Vintage foundry shoe always go for your usual shoe size and you stand to get a shoe that is perfectly fitted and comfortable to use.

Great attention is also given in the process of making the soles of Vintage foundry shoes in order to produce a high-quality rubber sole.

To identify any shoe that has a quality rubber sole, you just have to check the traction or let me say, contraction you get from the shoe.

Because Vintage foundry shoes are made with concentrated attention to every detail, the traction they provide is very much stable.

The soles are also waterproof and the means you can wear Vintage foundry shoes and also their boots during the rainy season or should I say winter and spring.

Even when it comes to putting the upper together with the sole, great attention is given to details in other to have a firm joint between the both of them.

The soles and the uppers of Vintage foundry shoes are put together using a strong gum which holds the two parts of the shoe perfectly well improving the shoe’s quality.

The attention that is given to details in the production of Vintage foundry shoes is one thing that is unique to the brand’s image in the marketplace.

If you are in need of a shoe that has a unique quality and has well-designed makeup that is packed up in a special way, then Vintage foundry shoe is the best option for you.

Their shoes and Boot are all manufactured with enough attention to detail.

The combination of tradition and modernity

One unique feature that all Vintage foundry shoes have in their outlook is the special combination of the past traditional shoe designs and modern shoe looks.

This combination also adds to the quality of Vintage foundry shoes because the design of a shoe plays a major role in the quality of the shoe.

The traditional design of Vintage foundry shoes can be linked to traditional craftsmanship which has been in existence for over 100 years now.

The creative Director Marc Scepi’s family had the handcrafted designs of the quality shoes and wanted to build a company in honor of a member of the family who was Scepi’s grandfather.

He was an Italian shoemaker and had passed on this craft down in the family line. The quality of the shoes been produced is one thing that was a major concern to the craftsmen.

Vintage foundry in the year 2014, adopted this craft design and blended it to fit into the modern shoe we have now.

But the major thing that we are concerned about from this link to the traditional craftsmanship is the quality of the shoes produced by Vintage foundry as a result of this link.

Vintage foundry shoes took the qualitative attributes of the traditional handcraft shoes and this is one reason why vintage foundry shoes are known to have good quality.

These quality traditional craft shoes were uniquely designed to fit in and also match the modern fashion style that we have even in this 21st century.

The shoes from Vintage foundry are also designed to be memorable and totally comfortable and can be used with office wear and also casual ones. Whichever way you like it.

Been a result of the traditional craft, Vintage foundry shoes are made with quality materials just as the handcraft men used quality materials in the making of their shoes.

The leather used in the process of making the uppers are of a very high quality so also is the rubber that is used in making the soles.

The soles are made with a rubber lug sole and like I said earlier, when a shoe is made of rubber lug sole it means that it is made of a very thick rubber material.

And the fact that they are thick also makes the soles of Vintage Foundry Shoes have a longer lifespan.

My Final Remark on this

The question on if Vintage Foundry Shoes are of good quality is what I have taken my time to give you an answer to and…

…the answer to your question is; Yes!

Vintage foundry shoes are of good quality and I am not the only one saying this; the reviews from happy customers also say the same thing which is…

“Vintage Foundry Shoes are of high quality”.

And this tells you that Vintage foundry shoes are truly of good quality and going through this content, you can boldly see reasons why Vintage foundry shoes are said to be of high quality.

There isn’t anything that should stop you from buying a shoe or even a boot from ┬áVintage Foundry brand any time from now since you now know what you stand to gain when you do so. And if you have one now; that good.

And am glad to tell you that you wouldn’t regret ever purchase a Vintage Foundry Shoe in any way.

Because the quality of what you stand to get from Vintage foundry shoe is something that is certain and is sure.

But with regard to defects in the manufacturing process of any Vintage foundry shoe, Vintage foundry as a brand is doing all they can to eliminate any of that and the occurrence of any defect is very much low.

But if in any way you order a shoe with a manufacturing defect or one the is not your size (maybe it doesn’t just fit well to your feet)

Well, you don’t have to worry about that because Vintage foundry has got you covered with their free return policy within the US.

Vintage foundry has a return/exchange policy that allows you to return/exchange any shoe you are not comfortable with back within 30 days of purchase as long as the shoe is still on good other.

Do you want to know much more about the return/exchange policy then click here.

So you have nothing to lose. I would advise you now to go for the quality shoes Vintage foundry has made just for you and head-on with a quality experience.

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