Uggs vs Kirkland Boots: Which Is Better?

Uggs and Kirkland boots are similar kinds of shoes and one can comfortably replace the other.

But, with all their similarities, there are differences between them. In this article, we will take a look at the first glance of these shoes, the stitching, and the leather used in making them.

The major difference is that, for Uggs, you will notice the wool fabric they are made of. There is also the rubber sole and the synthetic material used for the sole. Kirkland is made with shearling leather, the pure one.

Uggs vs Kirkland Boots

It is also lightweight and the sole is made with the popular EVA outsole.

We will also look at the price average, the build of the shoes, the insole, the outsole, the sizing, the style, the pros and cons of the shoes and finally we’ll give an overall verdict on which is better.

Overview/First Glance


Let’s take a look at the overview of these shoes and the things you will notice about them at first glance.

There is a cushioned footbed in the insoles of Ugg shoes. At first glance, Uggs are designed with faux fur and that adds to the look and uniqueness of Ugg shoes. Uggs may not have very attractive colors but, they sure do look comfortable.


Kirkland started in 2008, long after Uggs. Kirkland came majorly as alternative comfy shoes to Uggs.

At first glance, you will notice the comfy nature of Kirkland. Kirkland is made more comfortable with the comfort foam insole.

Uggs and Kirkland are almost alike and the very difference between the two is that Kirkland is more warmer than Uggs. Also, Kirkland is very much affordable compared to Uggs.

Uggs vs Kirkland Boots: Let’s get to the comparison

Uggs vs Kirkland Boots: Stitching

The stitching of a shoe either keeps the shoe durable or makes it get loose shortly. When a shoe is not well stitched, we cannot vouch for its durability of such shoe.

For Uggs, they are well stitched. When Uggs began, they were good-quality comfy shoes. Just that, they are so many fake or bad Uggs out there today.

In general, Uggs are well stitched and they are nicely stitched, and that makes the shoes strong, durable, and nice.

Kirkland boots, on the other hand, are also well stitched. For Kirkland shoes to be a better replacement for Uggs, just as they are currently, they need to offer more than what Uggs offer. This starts from the stitching.

Kirkland shoes are stitched to stay durable and to look nice. Although there are complaints of some of the shoes loosening out, they are generally well-stitched shoes.

Uggs vs Kirkland Boots: Leather

The leather used in making shoes is a very important factor to look out for when purchasing a pair of shoes.

Because that will determine how long that shoe will last and how water resistant it can be.

Uggs make use of wool and lyocell for the making of their shoes. In some cases, they use suede for the shoes.

Also, Uggs make use of dyed sheep fur for the outer part of their shoes. This explains why Uggs shoes always look wooly.

Kirkland on the other hand uses shearling for its shoes. Kirkland makes use of Australian sheepskin that is 100%.

That is to say, Kirkland shoes are 100% sheepskin. This also explains why they look wooly.

Following the leather materials these two brands use, Uggs seems to be investing more in the outer leather of its shoes. But, the fact that Kirkland uses 100% sheepskin makes it better.

Uggs vs Kirkland Boots: Price

After considering all the factors you desire in a shoe, the price of that shoe will make you finally decide to purchase it.

Before the end of this article, you will be able to decide which one you should buy for yourself.

Uggs prices are quite expensive. The Uggs shoes are found within the price range of $59 to $129.

To many others, this is not expensive. But, in comparison to Kirkland, this pricing is expensive. But not to worry, they worth the price.

For Kirkland, its shoes are quite affordable. Kirkland offers great and affordable shoes for all persons to purchase. You can find Kirkland shoes in the price range of $39 to $69.

This is so affordable for everyone. Kirkland is not just less expensive, its shoes still feel the same way as Uggs and even more.

Uggs vs Kirkland Boots: Build Quality

The build quality of a shoe constitutes the entire makeup of that shoe. For Uggs, they are designed mainly from sheepskin.

They are also designed with faux fur and that gives them a smooth feel. There is also the insertion of a sockliner for comfort. Uggs are built to be worn mainly around the house.

There are not built for the winter and any swampy areas. They are just built to make you feel comfortable at home and around the house.

Kirkland shoes are of great quality too. Due to the materials used for the shoes, they can be a bit stretchy. And this is good, as they conform to your feet over time.

Kirkland boots are made to be comfortable and warm. The warm part of Kirkland is one unique thing about its shoes. They feel so warm, warmer than Uggs on the feet. This is due to the next thing I’ll be talking about.

Uggs vs Kirkland Boots: Insole

Insole basically makes up for the comfortability of shoes. For Uggs, the shoes are inserted with a cushioned insole which contributes to the comfort of these shoes.

Uggs shoes are comfortable and comfy. This is why people feel comfortable using them again and again at home. It is great for the cold season, as your feet won’t feel the cold of the season.

Kirkland insoles are done better than Uggs. Kirkland shoes are embedded with Comfort foam insole and this adds greatly to the comfortability of Kirkland shoes.

Kirkland shoes are comfortable, comfy, and warm, very warm as a result of the insole used. You would probably feel more comfortable in Kirkland shoes than Uggs.

Uggs vs Kirkland Boots: Outsole

As you may know, the outsole keeps the shoe in one piece and the kind of outsole used determines how long the shoe will last.

Uggs uses a synthetic rubber outsole for most of its shoes. This way, Uggs shoes are durable and do not easily give in. This doesn’t mean that they can withstand water for a long time.

As much as you want your boots to last, avoid wearing them in water. In general, Uggs boots are durable.

Kirkland boots are made with the famous EVA outsole. Some Kirkland shoes are made with polyurethane material.

Moreso, Kirkland boots’ soles are lightweight. Knowing how good EVA outsole can be, we trust Kirkland boots to be durable and lasting.

Also, Kirkland boots should not be used in water, they may not last that long. Kirkland is also durable, but Uggs, especially the old Uggs last longer.

Uggs vs Kirkland Boots: Fit & Sizing

Apart from the price, what will eventually make you settle for a particular pair of boots is how fitting it is for you.

Uggs have a great sizing system. There are sizes available for all feet. And, they are true to size.

They may be snug at first wear, but they conform to size. For better sizing, you are advised to size up. Since Uggs are snug, sizing up will give you the best fit.

Kirkland boots, on the other hand, are also true to size. They have a sizing chart available that contains every size.

Because of the stretchy nature of Kirkland, they sometimes run big when you purchase your original size.

To avoid this, you should size down in order to get the best fit. For sizing, both shoes are true to size, but I think Uggs does it better.

Uggs vs Kirkland Boots: Style

Talking about style, this is when a brand is in line with what you want. Both shoes are quite stylish.

But, they are both normal looking and not very fashionable. They are just good enough to be worn at home.

Uggs shoes are mainly available in about four colors and are mostly available for women. The style of the shoe is modern and comfy.

The boots are quite stylish for modern women who love to look different and who are fashionable. Some Uggs shoes are made with a high shaft and some are without shafts. The shaft added gives them a peculiar style entirely.

Kirkland boots are stylish as well. There are Kirkland boots available in more fashionable colors. The style of Kirkland shoes is similar to that of Uggs.

Some Kirkland shoes are made with high shafts for beauty and style. If you are satisfied with Uggs’ style, you should also be satisfied with that of Kirkland.

When it comes to style, both shoes are similar, but Kirkland shoes are more colorful.

Ugg Boots Pros

Uggs have a lot of advantages. For one, they are very comfortable. They have become one of the most comfortable footwear to wear at home for decades.

They are made with wool and dyed sheep fur. These give them the wooly and comfy feel they have when touched. They have cushioned insoles and rubber outsoles.

This brings both comfort and durability. They are designed with faux fur and sockliners. Uggs shoes are comfy and stylish as a whole.

Uggs Boots Cons

The first disadvantage of Uggs over Kirkland is the price. Uggs are more expensive than Kirkland. Also, Uggs are not waterproofed.

They can easily be damaged when used in a watery area. This restricts the usage of Uggs to the house and a few dry places that may not be far away from the house.

Another disadvantage of Uggs is the snug nature of the boots. It can be very annoying to stress yourself just for putting on a boot. And, not everyone will be that patient to wait until it conforms to size.

Kirkland Boots Pros

Just like Uggs, Kirkland shoes are quite advantageous. One very noticeable advantage of Kirkland boots is that they are very affordable.

Compared to Uggs, Kirkland is very much affordable for everyone. Also, they are very warm. This is another advantage they have over Uggs

Kirkland boots are comfortable as well. They are also inserted with a Comfort foam insole for more comfort.

They are made with 100% sheepskin and shearling. This sheepskin is Australian wool. Kirkland shoes are lightweight being made with an EVA outsole.

Kirkland Boots Cons

The downside to Kirkland boots is the uncertainty in the durability of the shoes. They may be durable, but not as durable as Uggs.

Also, the stretchy nature of the fabric makes them run big and this might serve as a disappointment to customers who do not know how to order the right size for them.

The only solution to this is to size down when purchasing. Regardless of all these disadvantages, Kirkland boots are a great replacement for Uggs.

They have proven to be over the few years they’ve been in existence.

Overall Verdict

In conclusion, both boot brands are of great quality. When it comes at the first glance, both are similar.

For stitching, both are well stitched and nicely stitched. For the leather used on them, Kirkland boots happen to be better as they use 100% Australian sheepskin.

When it comes to pricing, Kirkland is better as it is more affordable. Both Uggs and Kirkland are of great build quality. Kirkland insoles are better as they are warmer and more comfortable than Uggs.

Uggs outsoles are better than Kirkland.

Both brands are true to size and you have to size up for Uggs and size down for Kirkland in order to get your true size.

When it comes to style, Kirkland is more stylish than Uggs as they are available in more colors.

Both brands have great advantages and they also have disadvantages. It now depends on what you want. For me, I will say that Kirkland is better than Uggs.

This is so because the quality of Uggs shoes today is dwindling and we can only rely on Kirkland to provide comfy boots for us to wear. Also, why spend more when you can spend less and get the same thing and even more?


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